Florida Heat!

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Cindy seemed to enjoy her evening as explained in the “Who is That?” story here. She still hasn’t figured out what occurred but seems content to remain oblivious as to what actually happened. I suspect she enjoyed it so much that she fears if she mentioned anything about it something like that would never happen again. She chose silence.

The warmth of Florida is almost literally the flame to us moths. Nothing like a warm beach in February to make you forget the cold back home.

This particular trip Cindy was feeling a bit frisky. Previously, Cindy had allowed me to take pictures and video of her. Her only request was “No Faces”! I figured as long as I am consistent with this rule to conceal her identity, I could expand on it.

Judging by the way she was putting down drinks (2 before dinner, she’s a lightweight) I thought the night might get interesting. When she went to get ready to go out, I took advantage of her bathroom time for some set up. Suddenly I was glad I reserved some space in my suitcase for her favorite ropes.

I didn’t realize til we were seated at a beach side restaurant giving our order that Cindy was not wearing underwear under her short little black skirt. Holding hands in her lap made it easy for her to maneuver my hand onto her pussy. She was wet and the distraction made me unsure of what I had ordered when the waitress finally left. A quick slip in and out of that wonderful pussy was all I needed to be assured that the night was going to get fun.

I stirred my margarita with that finger as I stared into her eyes.

She was hot. By the time dinner was over. Escort bayan She was ready.

Our 5th floor hotel room had a great view of the beach and the door was on the other side with a window to the balcony walkway. hmmm

Cindy started removing clothes before we even got to the door. By the time I got the door open she was already half naked.

I plopped her down on the bed kissing all over that beautiful face and body. Very little effort was needed to tie her up. I tied her sideways, though, so her pussy was facing the window by the door. The curtains were closed.

I admired my work, as I had many times before, of her tied spread eagle on the bed. That luscious tanned body. Breasts proudly in the air with her dark nipples and perfect pussy with just a dusting of hair that matches the jet black hair on her head.

After putting a hood over her head (which only had one hole for the mouth) I then said, “Man, I need a beer. I’ll be right back.”

I heard her protesting as the door closed behind me.

I knew I had to be quick so as not to let her cool down.

It did not take long to find what I was looking for. Two men sitting together.

I quickly struck up a conversation with them and found out they were there on a business trip with no one else accompanying them.

After the drinks I bought them arrived I asked them if they wanted a show. They quickly agreed. I explained to them that they should go to the outside of room 515 and the curtain will open and they can enjoy the show. I insisted that they should not record the show and if I saw any phones Bayan escort or cameras I would shut the curtain. Show over. And, of course, they shouldn’t try to enter the room as it will be locked. As stated in the previous story, I share my wife with no one.

Cindy works in the corporate world and I wasn’t willing to gamble her or my reputation. Figuring I wouldn’t be able to police their recording devices, we would wear hoods.

Got back to the room and Cindy, although a bit miffed from being left alone, was still fairly ready to go. A couple licks put her almost to her previous level of ecstasy. Since I came in quietly, she wasn’t sure it was me but I think she was pretty sure. Double locked the door, put on my hood (which had eye and mouth holes) and turned up the radio to cover the noise of opening the curtain.

Opening the curtain found the 2 men standing there already. The two stared at Cindy’s spread eagle body with her pussy right there for the world to see. I let the soak it in for a bit. What an awesome sight they had, a spread pussy 6 feet away staring right back at them.

I soon moved to the other side of the bed. Adjusted her hood so the hole lined up with her mouth and stuffed my cock into her mouth. Cindy gladly accepted the intrusion and I was soon pumping her with a steady rhythm.

I looked up at the men, frozen like statues and instead of two, there was now three men. A newcomer had joined the audience.

Seconds later I heard some noise from the audience. Looked up to see the two men pushing down the third mans cell phone and the muffled talk must Escort have been them explaining the rules to him. They apparently knew a good thing when they saw it and didn’t want it ruined. Great!

I then moved into a pre 69 position. I spread her pussy even further exposing her open pussy and now hardened clit.

Looking up I saw 2 of the men now had their hands down their pants.

I began licking, she squirmed and rocked with my darting tongue.

That great, long legged, tanned body bucking and grinding into my face.

I teased her for several minutes, bringing her to the edge then backing off. Not sure who, of the 4 felt teased the most. All I knew was I was the only one in control.

I finally gave in to her begging and licked her to orgasm. I’m sure the men heard her screaming.

At this point I believe one of the men tried the door only to find it locked which meant, yes, I was serious, you are not allowed to touch my wife. Only look…

I then untied Cindy leaving the hood in place. She made no effort to remove it.

I put her hands up against the window, bent her over and entered her from behind.

Now her hooded face was only about a foot from theirs and as I was pounding that pussy I saw the two men now stroking their cocks.

Oh, they wanted her, they wanted her bad but she is mine and only mine.

It wasn’t long before I filled her with cum as the men were working on their own.

I put her back on the bed, closed the curtains and turned the radio back down.

Cindy suspected nothing. She had no idea she had just put on a show for three men (well 4 if you count me) who obviously enjoyed it very much.

The next morning I spotted the two original men at the hotel restaurant having breakfast.

They could not keep their eyes off Cindy.

Cindy had no idea…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32