Flavored Ch. 01-02

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Chapter 1

“Mmm…” she said as he fondled her, they’d been waiting so long to be alone like this. They started kissing with the passion of a newlywed couple and noticing the lump in his pants, she gently stroked his erection up and down with her fingertips eliciting a moan from his lips. She grinned thinking of the pleasure she’d give him and he looked into her eyes telling her what she already knew he wanted and just from that her already pooling wetness grew. He lifted her to stand in front of him and rid her of her bottoms then when he stroked her through her panties he felt her warm wet spot, and she shivered in response. She leaned forward and kissed on his neck tenderly and with her hand she traced the outline of his ears before moving to his pants… She undid them looking him straight into his eyes then he let her pull them off along with his boxers. He looked to her for her reaction at seeing him for the first time; but there was none, her eyes were just filled with passion and nerves. He slowly slid her panties off and pulled her atop him; she pushed him back after taking off his shirt and he released her of hers.

They began kissing with fever and then she suddenly pulled back whispering “condom” and he nodded, slowly reaching for the needed protection opening it and putting it on… Then laying back down he tight opening and she began working on him until he was snuggly filling her. Then grabbing his hands she reached above his head, where she held them, and she proceeded to ride him with all the pent up passion that she was holding for years.

More than a half hour later their moans were in each other’s ear and he didn’t know how much more he could take as he knew this was one of the wettest and tightest pussies he’s had, but he knew he wouldn’t be much longer after hearing her tell him “play with my clit.” He obliged küçükçekmece escort and when he felt his orgasm coming he stroked her faster to try and make her cum along with him and soon they couldn’t conceal themselves as she was convulsing and he shaking and groaning as he came into the condom.

Once they came down from their high and were able to move they cleaned up and rested spooning each other in their underwear. They were sleep in no time…

Chapter 2

She awoke in his arms and as she let the previous night’s events replay in her mind she wondered how the hell she came so hard, she never had experienced an orgasm that powerful before. Having already been awake for an hour he was having the same thoughts but didn’t move even when he felt her stir. But when she tried to get up he grabbed her closer to him and she turned around to meet his lips in a kiss, “As much as I would love to stay and continue this, I really have to pee;” they both giggled and with that she was on her way to the bathroom. He admired her curves as well as her chocolate skin and wondered why he hadn’t done this long ago. In comparison to his current girlfriend who was a powdered beauty she had the upper hand as she was a natural beauty and even in her night clothes with her hair wrapped she was still bad as hell by all means!

Though they had broken up while they both were still in high school a few years ago, she had always made sure to keep in touch loving the conversation and out of genuine kindness. He knew that she was his baby he was only her Cookies that she made clear after he was joking around saying he would use that as his stripper name saying “You can strip and whatever but ain’t nobody calling you that but me… You’re my Cookies&Cream.”

He laughed just at the thought küçükyalı escort of her seriousness and then turned his attention to the bathroom, his expression changing “Emani, I know you not about to take a shower without me?” he yelled.

He got up and went into the adjoining bathroom, he looked in to see her trying to select a playlist to listen to while she showered; then she finally answered “Sure am… What should I listen to?!”

“Stop yelling, I’m right here” he said with a chuckle. He walked over to her as she turned around and started looking over the options as pulled her closer to embrace her from behind, “Let’s see what we got here, this one looks interesting.” After choosing he looked down at their embrace and the two lovely skin tones beside each other and he just had to taste her.

He kissed her neck and she shuddered then turned around to face him as he backed her into the wall “Sugar you are not taking a shower with me” she smiled. He just ignored her and went on kissing her body and taking off her underwear then went for her lips and she moved with a sharp “Jamir, you haven’t brushed your teeth yet.”

Then that lovely petite yet curvy body that loved so much disappeared behind the curtain and she started singing ‘Make Love’ by Chris Brown. He reluctantly turned around saying “Right…” with a sigh and headed over to the sink to see that she had placed a red towel set and toothbrush on the counter for him; he smiled noting that she remembered his favorite color. He went about his business and was about to leave the room when ‘Grub On’ by Trey Songz and knew she’d be too into the song to pay attention and decided to take the opportunity to get his grub on.

He quietly went back over to the shower, took off his boxers and slipped in the back maltepe escort of the shower behind her “Jamir!” she gasped.

“I was leaving, but I just have to taste you. Please baby, can I taste you?”

She looked back at his beautiful hazel eyes, they were almost haunting, and when she need there she decided to tease him a little; and with a smile she said “I don’t know if the chocolate’s still melted.” Then she reached down to her pussy and let her fingers mingle in the juices were still there as she had just started washing, she watched his hungry eyes follow her fingers as she moved them closer to his mouth. Instead of letting him taste her she put one of the fingers in her mouth and sucked the tasty juices, when she saw his eyes get big in surprise she just giggled and said “Mhm… still melted. You want some?”

“Hell yea… Damn bay, I ain’t know it was like that. Bring that ass over here!” he laughed, grabbed her by her waist and sucked her finger into his mouth. Once he started he had to finish, he continued down her body first stopping at her succulent breast, sucking each one into his mouth and moved lower and kissed her belly button. He looked up at her and smiled at the lust in her eyes “So I guess I’ll get out now since I’m not supposed to be here, Right?” then he flicked his tongue against her clit and she had to grab hold of the curtain rod so she wouldn’t fall, “Right?” She just shook her head because the words just would not come out; his only reaction was to push into wall, place her hand on the curtain rod and her foot on the side of the tub then he went back on his knees and this time approached her pussy with an eager mouth and she could do nothing but take the pleasure that she was receiving. It wasn’t long before he had her calling out obscenities and those delicious were filling his mouth, he drank her up like she was a chocolate fountain, enjoying every drop.

Once he got her cleaned up and washed himself they got out, dressed and as soon as they got settled into the day the phones started going off and they realized that they weren’t going to get this day together. Jamir left to meet with his girlfriend while Emani was meeting her man for a spur of the moment lunch date…

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