Fitting In

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“Wonderful! Stellar! Spectacular!” exclaimed a rather irate person. “You have got to be kitting me?!”

“A-are you all right?” a rather small voice squeaked towards the concerned individual.

Climbing to his feet, having been blasted just moments before, Jynx checked for any signs of wounds or damage. His lab coat was rather disconcertingly clean and clear of anything denoting what he suffered moments before.

“I’m not sure…” he mentioned more calmly than before.

“What happened?” the small female near him asked in concern.

Her name was… Gina Addams, if he remembered correctly. She too wore a similar lab coat to himself, though her tail wasn’t accounted for in the making of hers. Then again, she was a fennec fox-girl, much smaller than he was as a wolf hybrid.

Technically, everyone around was of a human origin, but an event changed all of that for humans nearly a hundred years before, with the current year being 2167. It wasn’t entirely clear whether it was the work of a disease, a supernatural phenomena, or some other strange event that couldn’t be imagined, but the fact remained that all of humanity was imbued with something that changed humans over the course of a year or so.

DNA was changed and whatever it was stopped upon completing it’s work. By the time the event, commonly called “The Regression”, stopped, nearly 97 percent of humanity was irreparably changed into an animal form of themselves. It only changed humans into a mammalian form, so no one changed into fish, avian, or reptile hybrids. As such, the intensity of the change gave most a layer of fur reminiscent of the animal they emulated, but with the upright posture of a human. Some became more bestial, with digitigrade legs and stature, while the range did go towards a more furless plantigrade position too.

While a few were quite happy, many were displaced or thrown into a psychological quandary, with many becoming violent or potentially suicidal due to it. Even those left as full humans were in a ‘threatening’ position. It started a whole new slew of wars and such that ended up reducing the population of Earth greatly. Civilization as a whole was set back quite a bit, taking decades to recover.

By then, some nations got it together well enough to make accomodations for the new status quo. Much of Europe, Africa, and Western Asia was decimated by the conflicts, though that still continued to this day. Africa and Southeast Asia had quite the cooling off period, with views equally split on the predicament. The United States was one of the more brutal conflicts, though also one of the quickest. Many chalked it up to the estranged ability of Americans to adapt to the oddest circumstances after freaking out.

Jynx Okam was an Arctic Wolf anthro digitigrade hybrid, a scientist for a breakthrough technological endeavor, and currently reeling from the problematic event. Gina was his co-worker and colleague, a Fennec fox hybrid with fur covering her whole body as much as he.

“I was doing work on the line when someone decided to run said line!” the wolf male vented.

Looking over at the aforementioned line, Gina could see the warning signs all over it.

Warning: High Voltage. Warning: Biohazard. Warning: Radioactive.

“Uh… what’s in that line?” she dared to ask. Jynx might have shouted at her, but he put a paw to his muzzle, remembering her expertise was along another specialized field he couldn’t remember.

“It’s a particle accelerator, to be simplistic about it,” he detailed. “The more confusing answer is that it is a line used to funnel what we have deemed ‘space folding particles and energy’.”

He worked in a facility on the border of the United States and Canada, in what used to be Michigan. There was a waterway separating them, but current construction technology allowed for a community to be built over the water, like a suspended cityscape.

Under the supervision of a new government between both nations, active since the Regression, this facility was conducting tests on a new piece of tech that would make space travel much easier. It was a common occurence now, with travel to Mars or moons of Jupiter and Saturn being relatively simple, but the cost was still high.

The Star Seed facility had a goal to induct a new engine that could potential fold space upon itself. Most might think of wormholes or instantaneous travel, but the reality of the concept was just as strange, though incorrect.

By using a space folding engine on a space vessel, one could create a much smaller craft with the storage space of a much large vessel inside. It supposedly only used a lot of energy upon activation but required little to no energy to sustain the effect once space was folded within the equipped craft.

To put it in simple terms that they would tell the public, a craft could be built the size of a delivery truck and house a folded space within that would emulate anything from the size of a warehouse to a small city. In such a space, one could store all the food and supplies it would Ataşehir Escort take to transit to a new planet. Equally important, it would be so easy to launch such a small craft and quick to travel through space.

The problem he now faced was that he had the line opened and was performing maintenance when some genius decided to flood the line with the space folding energy in an unwarranted test. For several seconds, Jynx was saturated in the energy, unsure how it would affect him and to what severity.

He didn’t feel different though.

Seeing he hadn’t addressed the fox girl’s concern, he quickly replied, “It’s something very unstable. I’m just glad it didn’t vaporize me…”

“Do you need the medical staff on call?” she inquired.

He shook his head in the negative and waved her off.

“I’ll let anyone know if I happen to feel anything odd, but all that happened was I got pushed back by the outflow.”

Her concerned looked began to annoy him, but he rode with it and let her walk away slowly,

Taking a moment to seal the line once more, Jynx ended up feeling a strange rush to his head.

His mind was swirling with thoughts and predictions of what could happen to him.

There were no recorded cases of this energy’s effects on biological matter. It had only been tested on inanimate objects and prototype crafts. The results were lackluster thus far, but evidence proved the concept was usable with needed tweaks.

Would space within him fold on itself? What would that mean? He couldn’t begin to wonder. Would he be able to eat infinitely. Would his body implode upon itself?

The wolf male sighed heavily. There wasn’t much he could do about it.

Dusting himself off, he proceeded to find a locker room, feeling a tightness in his chest as something settled in. The young scientist found a stall in the back and closed the door, giving himself privacy.

He wasn’t sure about the passage of time, but it felt like it was quite slow. His breathing was a dull echo off the walls and heartbeat being a slow thump in his ears.

Clutching his chest, Jynx felt a shift in himself, resulting in a strange heat emanating from between his legs. It confused him to no end as he tried to contemplate the sudden shift in what ailed him.

He hadn’t time to think too long, as the locker stall door creaked open, Gina stepping through. She looked around, as if to find help for him.

Under the force of something he couldn’t quite comprehend yet, Jynx grabbed her by the hips and pulled the fennec fox girl into his lap.

“Jynx! What the…” she began to complain, the wolf releasing her immediately.

“Sorry…,” he mumbled.

Kneeling down in front of him, paws on his thighs and looking up at him in concern, she huffed, “It took me by surprise, but are you sure you’re ok?”

The wolf was about to turn away her worries with a few lies, but a growing discomfort in his groin area made him bite down in pain.

Gina, in the meanwhile, was about to stand back up and go find medics in the facility to aid her colleague, but stopped when something reached her nose.

It was suddenly there and overpowering, having been something she couldn’t detect before.

Looking down, she realized his pants were quite tight, drawing a few thoughts of worry from her. She’d known about gifted mammals… but this seemed almost ridiculous by even the standards of an animal twice his size.

With a whine of pain from Jynx, Gina decided to release the pressure and undid his belt, tearing the pants open by the button and zipper.

A rather prodigious member exploded out, landing with a soft thump on her shoulder and pulsing heavily. Her extra large ears could hear the rush of blood filling the appendage, each pounding heartbeat adding thickness and length to it. If she had to guess, it was about 12 inches long now at least. The wolf male barely seemed aware of her actions to relieve him, but his head fell back and long tongue lolled as he panted in need.

Deciding this sudden need might have been a side effect, Gina made what she felt was a stupid decision to help him. It would be quite humiliating if he was forced to be examined in this state, especially with the rapid growth he appeared to be subject to.

“Uh… is it always this big…?” she tried to ask him through his foggy mental state.

“I uh… No… it’s…” he tried desperately to answer her. “What’s happening to me…”

His next few words were cut off by a groaning whine, the fox seeing his already sizable shaft stretch out several inches longer and gain just as much girth.

Gina’s next concern came when Jynx was wiggling his hips uncomfortably, to which she saw a twin bulge underneath of what she could only guess were his swollen testicles. Taking the chance to pull down his pants when he lifted his hips in one of his wiggles, she was greeted by the warmth of his sack. Even having had to lean in but not touch them, she could feel the corona of heat from them.

Jynx’s thighs spread to Acıbadem Escort make room for their growth, panting and whimpering in slight pain.

The fox girl decided to help him feel less pained, gently grasping onto his fluffy balls and manipulating them with care. He sighed in some form or relief, each of his testicles swelling in her soft caress faster.

She could feel the surging rush of cum to fill them, increasing them from the size of apples when released… to the size of grapefruits. If she wasn’t already turned on and dripping before then, this would have caused her instantaneous arousal.

Unable to hold herself back anymore, Gina dipped her muzzle into the swelling seed carriers, kissing and fondling them with great care. The shaft resting on her shoulder, next to a very sensitive ear, throbbed at her caressing touch to his balls, further increasing in size. It had to be nearing 18 inches by now, though it was still lying limply on her, only appearing half hard. The mast began to finally lift up, becoming harder now.

Resuming her ministrations, the fox girl opened her maw to suckle on a testicle, tilting his mostly hard shaft to the side to stare up and gauge how Jynx was feeling. His gaze locked with her own, his blue eyes staring into her own amber ones. He began to pet her head, paw pads rubbing her ears gently.

“I’m sorry…” he cooed to her. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me…”

“Just let me help you…” she supplied, pulling away with a heated breath to allay his fears. Before going back to tending his swollen balls, she ran a paw up his thick member, giving the girthy beast a few soft kisses and licking the head, a few drops of precum tainting her taste buds. “Do you need to cum?”

He nodded in a fevered passion, the shaft swelling another inch, pressing into her lips, as if to insist she help with that.

Having reach what had to be full hardness, Gina surmised his length just shy of two feet, with a thickness across that could rival both her paws being able to wrap around it. The knot near the base was just as affected by the size increase as everything else, looking to be swollen to the size of a small melon.

Raking her tongue over the tip, she teased another inch of growth from the monster, choosing to release him from whatever pain he seemed to be in. Opening her mouth, the fox girl took a few inches in, before clasping her lips around it and using her now flattened tongue to try stimulating him.

The results were quite cute to her, with Jynx gripping her head by the ears, but straining not to give into lust filled motions. Instead, his eyes stared lazily down at her, mouth parted in a rapid pant, thighs flexing powerfully around her body.

While a bit freaked out at the enormity of the appendage he had grown, Gina knew it was likely even more confusing and frightening for him, lust driven or not.

She tilted her head around and let him feel her mouth twist on his huge shaft. He let out a whimper of pleasure, his hips jerking slightly, but not forcefully into her. Using the small stuttered movements, the fennec dipped her head lower, taking more inches in.

She had honestly never really done this beyond practicing with a far inferior and poor manufactured substitute, but the wolf appeared pleased nonetheless.

After minutes of wet slurps that reached both their ears, and subsequent blushes as they stared in embarrassment at one another, Gina was noting it was getting easier to take him in. Having pulled him to a squatting position, she was able to get a better angle on deepthroating the massive beast.

With him being near six feet tall, and her barely pushing the four foot mark, it was easy enough for her to suck him off and have him finger her pussy at the same time from overhead. It didn’t take him any convincing really as he simply grabbed her rump and began massaging it until he smelled her arousal. From there it became a falling cycle of her getting scratched inside and moaning around his monstrous shaft, which made him feel better and stimulate her more intensely.

Finally… she felt the knot of his member come flush with her nose, a thick musk poisoning her senses and causing her throat to tighten as he reached a new nerve of pleasure with his paws inside her.

Feeling the more sporadic twitching of his legs, hips, and the thick length inside her throat, Gina knew he had to be close. Her large ears picked up a pumping sound, like water from a spigot into a balloon.

Reaching up with a free paw, the other having to hold her up, she felt the heavy and very sizeable pair of furry balls beneath him, strained with their load and swollen to what she felt had to be bowling ball sized.

Under her paw pads, the fox girl felt them plump up a little more, with Jynx letting out a heaving breath.

“Gina… Stop. I’m… it’s coming out,” he whimpered. She might have felt afraid in most other circumstances, but this wolf male was being so considerate, despite whatever force was driving him and his body to these new limits.

She İstanbul Escort balanced herself, lifting her other paw to let both of hers give his sack attention, gently kneading and coaxing the generous amount of cum she knew they had to hold.

Besides, she knew they couldn’t leave a mess for the staff to find. Lust or not, want or not, she was pretty sure the safest bet was for her to swallow as much as she could.

“Gina…” Jynx whined, huffing and panting harder, arms quivering as he grabbed her tail and thighs. “I can’t stop it… I’m cumming.”

She moaned out, the feeling of his paw around her tail being a rather sensitive trigger for her when aroused. Holding to her determination to let him release, she summoned what will she could in her legs, pushing against his groin, but not to get him deeper inside.

It didn’t take much doing to have him step backwards on shaky legs, his rear connecting with the wall behind him and Gina using that leverage to keep him from bucking too much.

And then it came.

Jynx let out a howling whine, the twin orbs in Gina’s paws bucking and pumping very noisily. Feeling the heat pouring off of the beast within her mouth, the fox girl noted it swelled with seed before ejecting it directly into her stomach. With how deep it was, she was hard pressed to be able to taste it.

Another surprise came when the first shot didn’t seem to stop… at least not for several seconds.

Putting a paw down to her belly, the fox girl felt her abdomen stretch beneath her, swelling with the gallon or so cum from his unrelenting member.

Hearing his pained whimpers, she knew it was far from over, another pulsating pump joining the first to confirm it to her.

She needed to make him feel less pained. Her mouth was pretty well locked in place, but both her paws began kneading and massaging his over productive balls, drawing out a few relieved sounding breaths from Jynx.

The fox girl wasn’t sure how long it had been since he started his orgasm, but by now, her middle was so full that she could have looked pregnant with a whole litter. Her mind was barely capable of raising the question to herself of how even his sizeable testicles could pump out this much cum. Even with their prodigious volume, they were pouring our quantities that told her they should have looked as big as medicine balls by now… and they were still pumping out his seed in ever growing spurts.

Not only that, but his balls were still increasing in size, at least from what she could feel.

Suddenly, an orgasm wracked her body, making her legs shiver and body try to fall. Her belly was so swollen with cum at this point that it was basically supporting her, catching her from truly falling.

Forget how he’s able to pump this much out, she now wanted to know how she was able to hold all of this in herself.

“Gina… I’m almost finished…” Jynx rasped out in a hoarse tone. With a stifled grunt, he humped once into her face, a ‘final’ spurt forcing his protrusive phallus to thicken just a little more than she was already used to, forcing a massive deluge of cum to fill her further.

It seemed that his last spurt appeared to equal the entirety of his orgasm up that point, doubling the size of her belly in seconds as it stretched her body with its volume.

Sliding down the wall, his beast of a member slowly pulled out of the fox’s throat, a wet pop accompanying her lip’s reflex desire to grip around it and try to keep it inside her.

Now that it was in front of her once more, she couldn’t believe how savage that thing had gotten. It was still about the two foot mark in length, though the thickness and hue of it were simply beastly in appearance. A sporadic lattice of veins and arteries criss-crossed over the scarlet colored flesh, throbbing and pulsing as it were filled to bursting with blood.

Even though he had cum, and quite voluminously too, the girthful length appeared unsatisfied.

Looking down at herself, the fox girl realized, though it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, that her clothes were rather effectively destroyed by her ‘filling’.

“How… how did… you like… it?” Gina asked between gasping breaths, dribbles of cum leaking from her muzzle. “Did it help?”

“Y-yes…” Jynx murmured, averting his gaze from her in mild shame. “Is there anything I can do to help you though? I feel bad putting you in… this.” On the last word, he gestured from his shaft to her belly. She giggled, though the sound became watery with the seed still in her mouth. Thankfully, her belly held it all without trying to forcefully expunge it the way it went in.

Thinking it couldn’t hurt to have the guilty mess of a wolf treat her with care, she acquiesced to saying, “I wouldn’t mind a little rubdown… after dealing with all of… that… my whole body feels a bit stiff.”

“Oh… okay,” he relented, leaning in to begin softly rubbing her belly, working paw pads into the flesh and letting her coo in relieving pleasure.

He noticed a strange corona of energy surging from his paws, to which he wasn’t sure was the cause or what effect it would have. Choosing to ignore it, against his better judgement, he resumed trying to make the small fox girl he felt was forced to ‘bear his burden’ feel better in her predicament.

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