First Time with Friend

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“What do you want to do tonight?” Joe asked, looking up at me from the couch as I walked back into the living room fresh from the shower, a towel draped around me.

He was a six foot two, muscular man, I was five ten, with a small build. We met in high school and rented an apartment together after graduation and construction jobs. I fantasized about him secretly, but I’d never have the guts to tell him.

“I’m very tired,” I smiled as I plopped down onto the opposite end of the couch, “How about a couple of beers and a pay per view?”

“I was thinking about some of the women down at Applebees,” he said, “you know, Donna with her big tits, Beverly with that tight ass.”

“Oh yeah,” I replied, feigning enthusiasm, what I was thinking about was him; tall and muscular, a very handsome face, and me, small, I was sure I would fit right into his embrace, I could look up into his eyes as he leaned down to kiss me…

“You’re ready,” he said, a smile on his face, I realized that my towel had tented as I thought of Joe, but it was okay, I’m sure he did not know what I was really thinking about.

“I’m excited too,” he said, and before I could react, he was reaching down Ankara escort into his pants, pulling as he looked at me, and I was only getting harder, my towel had fallen away, there was my shaved six inches, and he was undoing his belt, pulling down his pants, showing off a good eight inches, cut, just the way I imagined it.

There we were, cocks in hand, looking at each other, I was so surprised, so scared, but so ready for whatever happened next.

“Do you want to do it?” he asked, rubbing his cock up and down as he smiled at me, I knew that I must have looked like a doe eyed girl, ready to melt into his arms.

I raised up and threw the towel down, sliding over next to him as i quickly wrapped my tiny hand around his hardening cock.

“Yes, I wanna do it,” I purred as I opened my mouth and put it down onto his cockhead so quickly, automatically breathing threw my nose as I tasted and kissed my first cock, Joe’s hands were on my hair, gently stroking my head as I taught myself how to suck him as I played with his balls, first his cockhead in my hot, wet mouth, then moving my head up and down his shaft, oh god this tasted so good, and felt so right, I wanted to suck him Ankara escort bayan forever, but I needed to taste his cum.

“Oh, that feels so good,” he moaned as I sucked, making my own moans as I tasted his precum, my mouth up and down that cock getting harder and harder, my own cock hard as steel, and his hand was suddenly around it, as I sucked harder and harder, his other hand working my nipples.

He moaned, “I’m gonna cum,” as i felt his cock begin to spasm in my mouth, I did not care that I was about to gag, I needed it so bad, and as his cock exploded into my mouth, I knew that I had found what I needed, even as I gagged on my first hot load and it ran down my lips, cheek and dribbled onto our couch, as I sputtered and gasped, then went back down on it, tasting, sucking harder even as his load was spent, sucking all I could get.

He touched my chin, turning my face up to his, he leaned down and kissed me hard on my cum soaked mouth, laying me down, he kissed down my face, my neck, then sucked on my stiffening nipples, I held his head against my nipples as he sucked.

I felt like a lucky gal. Then, my cock was in his mouth, so hard as I looked down on my best Escort Ankara friend as he sucked me, it was awkward for him at first, but he kept at it, learning as I had just learned on him, then, his finger was inside of me, ohhh god I got even harder in his mouth, then he was suddenly moving my legs apart and pressing his hard cock to my ass crack, teasing it at first as he fumbled to find my opening, I knew it would hurt, but I wanted him in me so bad, I reached down as if to guide his hand into me, and there it was, his cockhead against my small opening. No lube, no lotions, just my sweaty manpussy. I looked up into his eyes and saw the animal lust in his eyes as he saw the burning desire in my own eyes.

It did hurt, incredibly as he pushed in, he asked if I was all right, I was crying as I begged him to fuck me harder, he pushed in, anxiously pumping faster and faster as tears ran down my face, as I painfully clenched my asscheeks around his cock he pumped faster and faster into me, then, ohhhh god then, he groaned as my asshole was flooded with hot gooey cum. He held me close to him, like true lovers, he kissed my mouth, looked into my eyes, we smiled at each other, his large fingers wiping away my wet tears as I laughed, “That was better than anything I’ve ever done,” I groaned.

“Me too,” he smiled in a very sexy way, as he pulled me closer, we fell asleep in each other’s arms, we would wake up in a new world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32