First Time with a Man Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

As I lay there naked next to Andy forcing my imagination to believe it was her not him it’s a truly surreal moment when I first hear her voice again.

“Hello Boys, very nice show. You two look so good together.”

“Sarah, what are you doing here!, how!, when!, omg!. It’s not what you think!”

“Seriously!, from where I’m looking, and what I have seen it looks exactly what I think it is. I only followed you back to your room because I was worried about you, you looked so sick, I thought you might pass out.”

I had such a mixed feeling of elation, because Sarah was so concerned about me, and embarrassment at what she must be thinking.

“Good news and bad news hahaha. The good news, I fucking loved what I just saw, you guys are so cute together, so cute in fact I couldn’t help taking a few snaps to help me remember how hot you guys looked, especially you Andy with Tony’s cock in your mouth.”

Holy shit! A strange but oh so familiar feeling of “here we go again” sprang immediately to my mind.

Caught twice in one day doing something with my cock that’s now in graphic detail on someone’s smart phone. How can this be happening again?

“Eh, hold on, what’s the bad news Sarah?”

Andy stumbled over the words, more fear in his voice than I could ever of imagined.

“Bad news. I own you bitches now! And I have some very interesting ideas for the two of you.”

“look Sarah, I don’t know what you think you are going to do but remember this, I am the head of Creative Design in this company and I can make your life very uncomfortable at work if you go down this road.”

Great work Andy, I like it’s you who is taking on the fight not me. I can’t bear trying to get tough with the woman of my dreams, literally the woman of my dreams, as I was thinking about her while cumming in your mouth just 5 minutes ago.

“Oh really, you want to make MY life difficult, what do you think I could do to you with a picture of Tony’s cock, balls deep in your mouth, cum dripping out the side”

As Sarah shows Andy the picture I see him almost physically getting smashed like an avocado hit with a sledge hammer, his outward response was so strong to the image.

“OK Sarah, OK sorry, I get it. Please Please Please don’t ever show anybody that picture.”

“Damn right you get it Andy! let me say again, I own you guys now, and here is what is going to happen.”

“I want you both back here tomorrow night after dinner, I have a few ideas I would like your helpful participation with.”

The look on Sarah’s face was something I have never seen before a mixture of evil lust, desire and menace. What did she have in mind. I could only hope it would involve the opportunity for me to be with her again in some way, see her naked again, touch and feel her beautiful Asian skin.

We had a brief romantic relationship a while ago and it was something I have never been able to forget. Her creativity and imagination at work was certainly matched in the bedroom. After being with her once it was clear I would gauge every other woman against her, she was that good! And I learnt the true meaning of “yellow fever” I only ever wanted her from now on, again and again.

Ever since that first time all my thoughts, and my secret searches for porn, involved looking for an Asian woman who would make my memories of her come flooding back to mind. She was the most amazing sexual partner I have ever had and no doubt ever will have.

The next day was filled with further meetings as we considered the creative and strategic directions of the company for the next 3 years. I tried to talk with her several times but each was meet with the same evil grin and brush off, and the intent was clear. I’m in control now you will do whatever I say, no choice. I so hoped she wanted me.

As dinner ended my anticipation was growing to the point of explosion, I had thought through so many different scenarios so many ways I would fuck her and make her orgasm over and over, but what about Andy?

I was fearful it was him she really wanted, not me. The thought was driving me wild, maybe she would even make me watch her fuck him as some pay back for what we had done together.

I didn’t have long to wait, as dinner ended she grabbed us both and said.

“Right you two, 20 minutes you better be fucking ready, and I mean ready for anything, you got it?”

OMG! She was really getting into our heads, Andy was so pale, like he was going to throw up or something.”

As she left I took the chance to talk to Andy as we walked back to our rooms.

“Look Andy, Sarah and I have some history, intimate history, so I don’t think we need to worry too much. I think she just wants to go on a kinda power fantasy and make us mess around a little perhaps, I’m sure there will not be anything to weird or crazy.”

“I hope not Tony, and I hope she doesn’t want me to do anything with her, I haven’t been with a woman in years, don’t have any urge to be with one again either, especially after being with you. You helped me see I only want to be with kocaeli escort a man from now on.”

I felt for Andy, he had just had the most massive high from being with me, exploring his sexuality, something he had dreamt about for so long, only now to be brought crashing back down to earth with double fears.

Being caught with me, and the possibility of being forced into something he will find repulsive. He was so worried Sarah would demand he satisfy her, something he knew he could no longer do.

Andy and I showered and found ourselves waiting on the bed silent, each of us absorbed in our own hopes and fears of the evening to come.

What did she really want from us. What an opportunity for her to fulfil her wildest fantasies. She was right, she owned us now, we really are her Bitches!

She entered the room and I had to catch my breath, she looked incredible, so beautiful. Whenever I see her my heart leaps but tonight it was doing “double back somersaults.”

She is wearing a short grey coat with thigh length grey socks and patent marron loafers. I couldn’t believe how hot she looked, so fucking hot!

“Hello again Boys, you are most compliant waiting patiently for my arrival, I like your obedience and it will be rewarded.”

With that she removed her coat to stand in front of us in the most skimpy and sexy grey lace underwear I have ever seen, she was wearing nothing else under her coat.

Fuck! I thought I might cum right on the sight of seeing her. It brought back so many special memories of her, her body untwined with mine, her lips on mine, her mouth on mine, making love so passionately.

“I see you like what you see Tony, but Andy why so sad, don’t you fancy me?”

“look Sarah, you are a beautiful woman, no doubt but I don’t get turned on by women anymore, as you saw yesterday I want to be with a man, Tony really helped me understand that, I hope you understand.”

“Well that’s really good to know Andy I’m so happy for you, but part of the reason you are here tonight is going to make you happy and sad now.”

Sarah had that same evil grin on her face.

“You see there is two things I want tonight. I want to watch you two getting it on again, because it fucking turned me on so much, and then I want a hot fucking threesome, that’s MY fantasy. Do you fully understand what I want?”

“Look Sarah, I just don’t think I can.”

Andy looked like he was going to cry.

“Hmmmmm, interesting. You know I could make you Andy, you know the leverage I have over you both. I could make you fuck each other and then fuck me. You know, that right?”

“Yes, Yes I know, I know but please Sarah, I don’t think I can physically do that. Please I can do anything else but I don’t think I can do that, and please don’t take it personally. It’s not you, it’s me!”

“OK I understand Andy. But I think Tony will take it personally, because if you don’t fuck me guess what, neither does he.”

I can’t believe it, my chance of being with Sarah again hinges on Andy, who just proved the fact beyond doubt that he is gay, and the furthest thing from his mind right now is wanting to fuck a woman. How fucking ironic!

“Sarah, please let’s work something out, c’mon Sarah please”

I am pleading with her. My heart is sinking as the thought of finally being with this incredible woman again is evaporating before my eyes.

Sarah has always been the most creative and imaginative person I know and I can see the cogs in her brain kicking into overdrive.

She goes deep into thought for a few minutes and then says

“I have an idea which might help you both, ha-ha I’m so creative sometimes I amaze even myself.”

“Here is the deal. Tony, I will let you do to me whatever you do to Andy. But, and here is the Kardashian size Butt! whatever you do to Andy and then to me, Andy must must do to me as well. You got it? This should also get your creative juices flowing, and your art of negotiation. How are you going to get Andy to play along?”

Fuck! what an opportunity, but what a shit problem. Andy doesn’t want to be with a woman, and the only way I can be with her, is to get him to do exactly what he doesn’t want to do. Plus, I must do it to him first. I know he won’t mind that, but it’s not exactly what I want.

An idea forms in my mind, how was I able to let Andy suck my cock and let go enough to let him make me cum. It was by thinking about Sarah in the first place, filling my mind with the thought it was her not him, her not him. Maybe I can work the same magic on Andy.

“OK Sarah, challenge accepted!”

My new-found optimism takes Sarah by surprise.

“Wow Tony, OK I like your style. So, let’s begin shall we. Let’s see the show!”

“First just let me have a little word with Andy, OK?”

I had an idea and wanted to get Andy on-board, and help him through his fears, as soon as possible.

The thought of being with this amazing woman again was blowing my mind. I had to get him to help me, this might be my only ever opportunity to experience again the absolute kocaeli escort bayan love of my life and the best fuck I know I will ever have.

“Andy, I know this is going to be hard for you but I can help you. And I think I deserve your help after what I did for you yesterday right? I helped you as a friend and I want that same help now.”

“I’m so sorry Tony I want to help I just don’t know if physically I can, I haven’t been able to get hard for a woman for years now. How will I be able to now.”

“Look Andy I am going to help you every step of the way. I’m going to share a secret with you. You may not want to hear this but the whole time we were having sex yesterday my mind was filled with Sarah, I was imagining it was her not you doing all the things you were actually doing to me.”

“Well thanks for the honesty Tony, I really didn’t imagine you had suddenly started wanting me the way I wanted you, so that makes a lot of sense.”

“So look Andy, I am going to do things to you, things I think you will really enjoy, and then I will help you think it’s me doing them while its really Sarah you are doing it to. Just trust me, I think we got this, OK?”

“Will try Tony, I’ll try and I hope I don’t let you down, but fuck! you are going to do things to me! Again! That’s getting me so excited already, yesterday was so fucking good, I’ve been thinking about it over and over again all day. I can’t wait.”

“OK Sarah, we are ready. How would you like to start?”

“Well you know the rules Tony. You want to do it to me you gotta start on Andy. But first I think you guys gotta get way more comfortable, let’s see again what we will be working with here. Strip of your clothes and let me see your cocks again.”

Andy and I stripped and stood before Sarah, I was pleased to see her reaction with reacquainting herself with my big cock, I’m sure I saw her lick her lips a little as she stared at my growing member, perhaps she was even remembering the feeling of it filling her pussy as I fucked her from behind, her favourite position.

The excitement of seeing her reaction was making the blood flow and having the desired effect, I was hard as a rock.

I was also pleasantly surprised that Andy was getting semi-stiff himself. He was not even looking at Sarah just staring at my cock.

So, my little pep talk had worked. I whispered in his ear.

“That’s it Andy, just keep looking at me and my hard cock, it will be all yours in a moment.”

“Fuck yeah!, really really, you’re going to let me have it again?”

I just winked back at Andy and looked down as his cock started to get harder and harder. I think we really did have this in the bag.

“Wow boys, impressive. So, what do you want Tony, what do you really want to do to me. Remember, only, and I mean only, what you do to Andy you can do to me. Even the smallest things the way you touch me, even the way you want me to talk to you.”

She looked deep into my eyes when saying this, she knows one of the things that excited me so much during our love making was her dirty talk. So, I will even have to work on that if I want her to give it back to me in return.

So, I started thinking hard, playing out a “role-play” in my head I secretly wanted from Sarah.

Here goes.

“Andy, I want you so fucking much. I love your hot sexy body, I can’t wait to touch you, touch your thick cock, wank you slowly as I kiss you deeply on the mouth. I’m going to lick and suck on your stiff nipples and stroke your cock. Stroke your hard cock into my wet hungry mouth, my lips all over your shaft.”

Andy’s face was a picture, he couldn’t believe his luck. His worst nightmare was quickly becoming his best fantasy, again!

I kissed Andy passionately, again imagining I was kissing Sarah. It’s her not him, it’s her not him. This was now an easy mantra with Sarah in the room sitting in her thigh length socks and lace lingerie, she looked so hot.

I kept stealing glances at her while I was kissing Andy, my tongue in his mouth was really in hers.

“Fucking hell Tony, I didn’t think you would get into this so easily. Fuck this is really hot your turning me on so much, what a show! Exactly what I wanted.”

I enjoyed the encouragement, not only was I doing this so I could do it to her but she was really getting turned on by watching Andy and I make out.

I started moving down and sucking on Andy’s nipples one after the other. He loved the feeling and grabbed my head and held it tight onto his chest. He nearly screamed when I grabbed his cock and started to slowly pull the skin back and squeeze his cock as I pulled it back and forth.

“Hey Sarah, this is exactly how I’m going to play with you. Slow deep strokes into your pussy, and guess what I’m going to do while I have my fingers in your wet cunt. This!”

With that, while I am slowly wanking Andy’s cock, I get on my knees and lovingly start licking the tip. Long loving strokes of my tongue up and down his cock shaft as I stroke him off. I lock my eyes onto Sarah kocaeli escort as I do this, her eyes are wide staring at me, her mouth is open, did she really not think I was going to take this so seriously. She must know how much I want her! All of her!

But how could I not grab this amazing opportunity of doing all these things with her and fucking her again.

Fucking her! Holy shit, how am I going to get to fuck her! I don’t want to fuck Andy. I’ve never been into that even with a woman let alone a man.

Shit fuck Shit! Why didn’t I think of this before?

It’s as if the panic on my face has suddenly registered with Sarah. She knows I have just worked it out!

“Are you going to fuck Andy now Tony, I can’t wait to see that.”

Andy looks down at me with a strange look of hopefulness but also worry, I guess he also probably doesn’t want to get fucked.

And then an idea springs into my mind, this might just work. My smile returns as I think up my cunning plan.

Here goes. I think complete confidence will be everything to pull this off!

“I’m going to fuck Andy’s mouth like it’s your pussy Sarah and then I’m going to fuck you.”

I state it like a fact, a forgone conclusion. How could she disagree.

“Hey that’s not fair, not exactly an eye for an eye is it!”

Again some confidence is needed.

“But Sarah, you get to watch my cock pumping in and out of Andy’s mouth and that should be good enough to let it slide in and out of your wet little cunt.”

“Very creative Tony, but guess what? I think I have some extra creativity for you. If you can fuck Andy in the mouth for five full minutes without cumming you can fuck me. That’s a fair compromise, a fair challenge.”

“Fuck you In your pussy right?”

“Yes Tony, in my tight fucking little pussy. But here is another tiny twist, hahaha.”

“Andy, I know you don’t want to fuck me. If you can make Tony cum, you don’t have to.”

Shit, if I cum I don’t get to fuck her, and Andy doesn’t want to, so he will want to make me cum. What a horrible equation.

Andy looks so happy with the idea. But what can I do, what other choice do I have.

“Fuck! OK Sarah, challenge accepted, bring it on.”

I instruct Andy to get on his knees and I slowly push my swollen cock into his eager mouth.

Sarah starts the timer on her smart phone and says go!

I realise I must start very slowly as five minutes will be a challenge. Even with a man I don’t fancy, if I get to carried away.

This is one occasion when the “It’s not him it’s her” sound track in my head is turned completely off.

Watching myself fucking Andy’s mouth should provide the perfect killer for too much passion and arousal. So, I stare into his eyes while I gently fuck his open wet mouth.

After three minutes of this I’m doing really well, its feeling good but I’m not getting carried away at all with the sensation.

I see Sarah is getting so turned on and the slight sideways glance at her face looking so ardently at my big cock fucking Andy’s mouth, and loving it so much, suddenly starts to get me feeling something very familiar.

It’s a feeling of my orgasm approaching. Fuck why did I have to look at her. I look back at Andy to try and calm down the fire in my groan. It’s as if she knows everything in my mind, because as I look back at Andy she urges me to look back at her.

“Oh Tony, fuck you are doing so well. Look how wet you are making me.”

And with that urging she spreads her legs open wide and pulls the gusset of her lace underway to the side so I get to see the perfect picture of her dripping wet cunt.

It looks amazing. I can’t wait to sink myself into her and it’s those sudden thoughts that have me again approaching orgasm.

Fuck, if I cum I don’t get to fuck her, this is so bad, so bad!

“Tony, look at my open pussy, so wet and ready for you to fuck! I want you so much right now, your fingers, your tongue, but most of all your big cock!”

“Sarah please that’s not fair, not fair, your trying to make me cum, that’s cheating.”

“Oh, c’mon Tony! just imagine fucking me, and you can in one minute, just hold on and you can have this, all of this!”

As she says those words she puts both hands on her cunt lips and spreads them open for me to see. OMG how can I hold back.

As much as I want to look I must resist and look away. It’s not her its him, it’s not her its him, it’s NOT her its him!

I’m reversing the mantra and it starts to help. But now Andy is trying everything to make me cum in the forty seconds that remains. He grabs my balls and starts squeezing them as I fuck his mouth.


I shout.

“What the fuck!”

Andy is squeezing my balls and running his tongue all over my cock as I slide it in and out of his mouth. I can’t stop or I fail the challenge, I can’t cum or a fail the challenge.

And I have Sarah begging me to stare at her pussy telling me over and over how wet she is as she is now finger fucking herself like crazy.

Shit I’m going cum, I’m going to cum, I can’t stop.

And then I hear the most beautiful sound in the world, the sound of my salvation. The alarm rings out loud just in time for me to pull my aching cock out of Andy’s mouth seconds before I know I was going to cum.

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