First Time, Second Time

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Charles invited me around to his place for dinner. He was going to cook it himself. When I asked why him and not his father he laughed.

“Dad’s out of town and won’t be back until tomorrow. That makes me the cook. Are you coming?”

There was a lot more in that simple question than there seemed. Charles was my boyfriend and while, up until now, we’d gone so far and no further, I would be alone with him at his place with his father not expected home. He might expect things to progress a little further than normal. Or a lot further. Thinking about it I realised that I might be thinking about permitting things to progress further. After all, I couldn’t stay a virgin for ever and I was curious and tempted.

“Yes, I’ll be over,” I told him, “but I expect you to provide a decent meal. Not a warmed up frozen dinner.”

“Hey, I’m a good cook. My father’s taught me heaps and you know how good a chef he is. Shall we say six?”

So I fronted up at six. I even had a change of undies with me, just in case I needed them. I wasn’t intending on seducing Charles nor was I intending to be seduced, but proximity and seclusion bring their own results. One never knew what might happen.

Charles was older than me, being nearly twenty, and I very much doubted that he was a blushing virgin. It actually surprised me that I was still an unblushing virgin when I was only a month short of nineteen. Charles had introduced me to various ways of petting that I’d found quite enjoyable, just not quite enjoyable enough to throw caution to the winds. I was now getting just a little antsy and caution was starting to feel more like an anchor than a lifebuoy.

Charles was busy in the kitchen and I sort of hung around, observing and chatting, not trying to help as I knew I’d probably stuff up what he was doing. I did set the table for the two of us, Charles being just a little busy.

Dinner, when it was served, was a very tasty chicken cacciatore, with a non-alcoholic apple cider for a drink. (I suspected that the reason for the non-alcoholic cider was twofold. I wouldn’t be able to accuse him of getting me tipsy and if he couldn’t persuade me to stay I wouldn’t be over the limit to drive.) Charles had also found the time to make a lemon meringue pie. Those things are tricky but he’d nailed it neatly. I only had a single slice but I could easily have eaten the whole pie. I was certainly getting another slice before I left.

After we finished dinner and the dishes were done (yes, I helped with the dishes) we moved into the front room to watch some movies. We each picked one. Charles swore that if we watched his first he would stay awake and watch the one I chose. We then settled down to watch, sitting on the couch, me snuggled up against him.

That first movie was a typical testosterone driven man’s movie. Good if you like that sort of thing, passable if you didn’t. It had a couple of mandatory sex scenes but they were more innuendo than anything else, easily ignored. (By me, anyway.)

We started my choice and I settled back to watch. It was a romantic comedy, more romance than comedy, but I intended to enjoy it. Apparently so did Charles. Every time the heroine got kissed, so did I. For that matter, when the villainess got kissed, so did I. I swear that if two dogs had rubbed muzzles Charles would have claimed it was a kiss and used that as an excuse to kiss me.

What I hadn’t counted on was that when the heroine’s bra became unfastened, so did mine. Okay, maybe I had sort of expected that to happen sooner or later. I didn’t object as we’d been that far before and I quite enjoyed the feel of his hands stroking my breasts. I could feel them swelling slightly under his touch, my nipples hardening, with him teasing them.

What I hadn’t expected was that when the villainess lost her panties, so did I. Not the heroine. She ankara escort was a good girl and wouldn’t dream of losing her panties. Unfortunately Charles seemed to be identifying me with the villainess for this purpose.

Naturally I did object to this, even if it was a little late as my panties were pooled around my ankles. Charles spoke all the right soothing words. We were only going so far and no further and I could call a halt at any stage. He had touched me rather intimately before, after all.

“Maybe, but that was through my panties,” I pointed out.

“True, but you’ll find it’s more fun this way.”

Oh, I would, would I?

(As a matter of fact I did, not that I was going to admit it.)

Eventually Charles moved my hand to his lap. I initially though that he’d want me to unzip and play with him a bit more intimately as it wouldn’t be the first time for that, either. My mistake. He’d already unzipped and loosened his trousers and I found myself holding his cock, which was well and truly erect.

We kept on kissing and fondling and I was getting way excited. At some stage my bra and blouse went by the wayside and Charles was kissing and suckling on my breasts. It was slowly dawning on me that things were getting a little too advanced for my peace of mind but I was able to console myself with the facts that I still had my skirt on and Charles his trousers.

Until we didn’t. I wasn’t really sure how that came about but I found myself naked, lying on the couch, Charles looming above me. His fingers were holding my lips apart and the head of his cock was resting against me. It was time to put up or shut up, as they say, although in this case I think you could say it was time to put out or start talking very fast.

I, in my ineffable wisdom, didn’t say a word, just waited and watched. He pressed a little more firmly against me, removing his hand, and I saw my lips close around him. He started pressing more firmly, moving slightly deeper, and after a moment or two I felt something inside me give. It was just a twinge but something gave way and I could only suppose that that meant I was no longer a virgin.

All I could do was look at him as I felt his cock slowly forcing its way into me, and I do mean forcing. It seemed to me that he was having a bit of a struggle as he advanced. I knew it for a fact when he winked at me.

“You’re a virgin and very tight,” he said. “I have to be careful not to hurt you. The extra time is worth it.”

I just blushed and didn’t say anything. He knew what he was doing. I knew in theory but it was a lot different having that cock making its way into me. It was feeling really strange and just a little painful, but in an exciting way if you know what I mean.

Once he was fully inside me he paused and then started moving. I just lay there, letting it happen, contemplating the way it made me feel. He was talking softly to me, saying the sweetest things, urging me to move in time with him. Slowly I started to do so.

We finished up moving together, just gently rocking against each other. As far as I was concerned it was something wonderful, and Charles didn’t seem to be finding it any great hardship. We just kept on moving, Charles kissing me at the same time, his hands caressing my breasts, and I just let it all happen, swept away by these new and exciting feelings.

At the end Charles started to move a little more firmly and then this climax just swept over me, making me lose all sense of what was going on, just relishing the feel of what was happening. I was vaguely aware that Charles had also climaxed but, truth to tell, that hadn’t particularly worried me.

“Stay the night,” Charles urged.

I felt a little ambivalent. I guess he sensed how I felt because he smiled.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to make you do it again tonight. We’ll just snuggle çankaya escort and sleep. Come the morning, well we’ll see what happens then.”

I was content to go along with that. I happily snuggled up to him in his beg, leaving tomorrow until tomorrow. Maybe we’d have a repeat and maybe we wouldn’t, although the way I currently felt I suspected that we would. I slept.

I woke very early the next morning because Charles was getting out of bed.

“Go back to sleep,” he told me. “I’ve got an emergency call in. It shouldn’t take long and I’ll probably be back before you wake up.”

Being tired I promptly closed my eyes and fell asleep, only idly wondering what had caused him to be called out.

“Wakey, wakey,” a loud voice called and I snapped awake.

I blinked a couple of times, trying to remember where I was, and then I did. I turned my head and found I was looking at Mr Jender, Charles’ father.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him. “Charles said you’d gone away until… oh.”

“Until today? That’s right. I just happen to be back a little sooner than expected. No problems. Ah, Charles left a note for Diana on the kitchen table. I assume that’s you?”

At my nod he continued.

“He got called out for an emergency. Big storm hit the far side of town and there’s a lot of damage. I took the liberty of giving him a call and he’ll be tied up for several hours at a minimum.”

I sighed. There went any chance of seeing what would happen in the morning. Nothing was what was going to happen.

“Anyway, daylight is wasting. Time for you to rise and shine.”

With that the great oaf took hold of the covers and flicked them off the bed. This resulted with a stunned me lying on the bed starkers in front of a man. Not a stitch on and he was looking at me. I mean really looking. His hot gaze travelled over me and I could almost feel where his eyes were.

“Oops, sorry,” he apologised, but there wasn’t a scrap of sincerity in his voice. Neither did he politely look the other way, or grab the covers and put them back over me. He simply continued looking at me. I could feel my breasts swell and my nipples tighten under that look and as his gaze moved down a pool of heat started to gather between my legs. The heat on my face suggested that I was bright red, too.

“If you don’t mind?” I gasped out, and he smiled.

“No, I have to admit that I don’t mind at all. You are quite lovely, especially the way you’re dressed.”

With that comment the sarcastic swine reached down and stroked my breasts, teasing the nipples when he did so.

I felt a thrill of pleasure when he did that and it quite shocked me. I mean, he was a lot older than me. I wasn’t his girlfriend. He shouldn’t touch me like that. He shouldn’t even have been looking at me naked.

“You can’t do that,” I promptly told him and he laughed.

“Seeing that I just did it should be obvious that I can. See?”

With that he reached for me and stroked my breasts again, once again giving me that little thrill of pleasure.

“What I meant was that you have no right to do that,” I pointed out and he laughed again.

“What about if I do this?” he asked, and this time his hand reached between my legs and cupped my mound. I almost bounced off the bed when he did that. Unfortunately all that achieved was to press myself more firmly against his hand.

“Eager little thing, aren’t you,” he said, and I gave him an indignant look. It wasn’t my fault he’d touched me there. For that matter I could still feel his hand touching me there, probably because it was.

“Take your hand away,” I demanded.

He did so, putting it at one side of his waist and pushing. His free hand had apparently been undoing his trousers and they now slid down, revealing his erection. He was all primed and ready to go. I kızılay escort couldn’t help but notice that he was larger than Charles in that department.

“Hey, wait a minute,” I protested, or at least I meant it to be a protest.

“Why?” he asked, pushing my legs further apart and swinging onto the bed, positioning himself between my legs.

“But, but,..” I mumbled, not sure what I was supposed to say in this situation. He was going to do it, I just knew it. I wanted to say no but part of me was remembering the previous night and that wonderful gentle motion. I wanted that again, but with Charles, not Mr Jender.

Before I could explain this he pushed against me and I gave an amazed and somewhat strangled scream, as he pushed all the way into me with one hard thrust. Just like that I had a ginormous cock fully thrust into me and I could feel every bit of it.

I had time to gasp out, “What, what?”, and he’d pulled almost fully out of me and was driving back in again with the same urgency, charging fully into me with a fast thrust.

“Well, come on,” he rapped out as he thrust yet again, “move with me.”

There was a hell of a difference between moving with Charles’ gentle motions and moving with these wild thrusts. I was battered by several more strikes before I had my act together and started moving with him. It was also taking me a lot more energy to keep up with him. I was having to really work at it.

“That’s a girl,” he told me. “I knew you could do it.”

Damned if I know why that comment cheered me up but it did so. I was now moving with him, not undergoing gentle pleasure but experiencing wild excitement. There was also one other difference between my time with Charles and what was happening now.

With Charles I’d been quiet and smiling, just moving with him, Charles fully in command and doing all the running, and I was happy that it was so. This time I became aware that I was talking as we went at it. At first it was unconscious on my part but then an appalled part of me realised what was happening. I was cheering him on, urging him to go harder, faster, deeper, telling him to really give it to me, shouting yes, yes, yes. I couldn’t believe that was me speaking. I also found it hard to credit the fact that I had no intention of shutting up.

Quite frankly I had no control over what was going on. I was filled with that wild excitement that just kept growing and I wanted it and more. The more Mr Jender did to me the more I wanted and I wasn’t being backwards about letting him know. As far as I was concerned we were existing in a timeless moment of pleasure, and I wasn’t going to do anything to stop it.

Nature and our own passions did that. Suddenly I was climaxing, and it was far bigger and better than the previous night’s effort. The way Mr Jender was jerking against me I knew that he was climaxing as well, emptying his seed into me.

I sagged back against the mattress and Mr Jender rolled off me and onto his feet.

“Up and have a shower,” he told me. “Your clothes are on the dresser. I suspected that you wouldn’t want to wander around the house looking for them.”

Fortunately Charles had an en suite to his room and I had a quick shower and dressed, feeling amazingly alive and refreshed. I headed off to the kitchen for some breakfast. Opening the fridge I found, to my horror, that the lemon meringue pie was missing.

“Where’s my pie,” I demanded, when Mr Jender entered the kitchen. He simply smiled and pointed. The remains of the pie was on the bench next to the sink. I had no idea how I’d failed to see it. There was a solitary slice left and I promptly grabbed it.

“You’re lucky,” he told me as I hastily started eating. “I was going to have that slice too but I remembered that Charles had a guest who would probably want it.”

I didn’t say anything. If he wanted more pie he could cook one. He was an excellent chef. I was just going to finish this and wonder what I should say to Charles when next I saw him. Mention what his father did or not? Probably better not. Men can be so sensitive.

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