First Time Meeting

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I wrote this story for “Star” we haven’t met yet but I am hoping.


Star is lovely and this is what I fantasize could happen. Yes she is over 50 and a mother but she is pretty and passionate. We had met as friends on line. We spent a lot of time talking and she was always willing to listen to me and sympathize with my problems. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other but she was a little less open about her own life than I was so it took some time.

I was growing more and more disappointed with my marriage. Slowly the intimacy had been drained out of our relationship. I still loved my wife but I was feeling like I had to scream inside because there was so much missing in my life. Maybe Star was feeling the same way. I think that is why we connected. She wouldn’t talk about it much but I had the sense she was also frustrated in her marriage but committed to her husband regardless.

We started talking about relationships we had before our current marriages. Somehow that seemed easier for both of us. I told her about the first real love of my life. I was maybe 20 years old and the girl was about a year younger. We went out for about two years. She was slim with soft brown hair and a great smile. She was really too young to be ready for a long term relationship and ours was long distance a lot of the time. That was a big part of doing us in. Star and I talked a lot and got very close.

There was a conference coming up in her city which was 100 miles away from where I was living. I asked her to meet me for lunch the first day of meeting and to my surprise and delight she agreed. The first day was kind of uneventful. I went to the meeting and saw a few friends and then went to where we agreed to meet. I had seen a picture of her wearing a red bra and I could tell she had nice shapely breasts and she was pretty. Yes her breasts were certainly great assets. I guess I was something of a frustrated breast guy as my wife had nice but small ones and she didn’t like having escort bayan gaziantep them licked or sucked. This girl reminded me of my first girlfriend but we were too young and inexperienced to really get as much sexually out of that relationship as I could have.

We met in the restaurant and I gave her a gentle hug and a kiss on the cheek. I had a huge smile because she was as good looking as her picture. As lunch went on I started flirting with her. To my delight she was flirting also and we went back and forth. At one point she leaned forward to laugh. I caught my breath because as she leaned forward I saw she was wearing the red bra Things went well and we were drinking just enough to loosen up. I am kind of a quiet guy until i get a few drinks in me and the booze was adding to my charm. Still not sure if it was the booze I was drinking or the booze she was drinking that added to my charm. Regardless, it worked out. By then we were holding hands and we seemed to know where this was heading.

We ended up leaving with and she came to my hotel room. I was starting to get hard in the restaurant and as we walked into the room I drew her into my arms and hugged her close. We started some gentle kissing that rapidly moved into very passionate deep kisses. Her kisses were wonderful her soft mouth and her lips against mine felt so good. Then she surprised me as she started stroking me on top of my pants and that completed the job of getting me rock hard. I guess I am at the 7 in average but I felt a lot bigger right then and I am pretty thick as that’s one of the problems with my wife. She has trouble with the girth.

Things started to go faster as I slipped her blouse off and got to see her breasts encased in the sexy red bra. I was mesmerized by the sight of her shapely breasts that I had long thought about stroking. They made my mouth water just looking. I was fondling them through the bra as I helped her out of her skirt. She had matching red sexy panties. I stated to stroke her pussy with my hand on top of her panties and I could feel them getting wet. I went back to kissing her lovely mouth as she and I collaborated on removing all my clothes. I soon had her on the bed and was licking her nipples and soaking her bra. Soon I slipped it off and was burying my face between her breasts and squeezing them around my head. She had great big nipples just like I love them. I loved sucking on on her nipples and getting her breasts slick. Lucky for me, she loved having her breasts played with and she started moaning and holding my head to her body. With her breasts slick my face could slide easily between them.

While I was sucking her I started stroking her thighs, spreading her legs, and slipping off her red panties. Lightly running my fingers closer and closer to her pussy. She started a load moan as my fingers moved across her. I could feel she was just getting wet. I brought those first few drops of her moisture up to my lips with my fingers and spread it on them. I moved up and we started kissing deeply, She knew i had just tasted her and our kisses were deep and almost frantic, I ran my hand down her stomach, and just across her pussy and clit, As I moved my palm down along her slit following my fingers I could feel it move over her clit. It had gotten hard and I was loving stroking it lightly as she moaned with the stimulation of her breasts and clit.

I repeated the movement of my palm and fingers across her pussy lips. I wanted her cum, I wanted her to drench my hands and face but I needed to get her ready. I started slipping one finger between her inner lips as I moved my hand back and forth across her clit. I could feel her getting wet and ready. She was burying her face in my neck and sucking on starting to moan louder and louder. She seemed to be have a religious experience as she started calling out to God. She took hold of my cock and moved her hand stroking me, making me harder. I could feel the precum starting to ooze out. As I I moved two fingers into her and pushed deep into her pussy . She kept getting louder and louder as I stroked repeatedly into her pussy.

I loved her reactions and touching her and hearing her was making me so hard and excited. She was starting to really get really. I locked my mouth down on hers and moved so my body was pressing against her. I had two fingers in her pussy and was pulling them harder and harder up into her as my palm moved against her clit. I must have found her g spot as I could feel her trembling and pulled my mouth off of hers. Then she moaned out “yes yes” over and over as I keep moving my fingers as deep into her as I could go. She told me to go harder and faster and I kept it up as she trembled under my hands and body. I thrust my fingers in one last time and she kept my hand in as her trembling subsided. I had succeeded. Her pussy was hot and soaking and ready for me to bury my face in it. I licked and sucked her clit, I drove my tongue deep into her and could feel her cum again. She moaned and begged me “take me,take me” . So I did just after i felt her cum and soak my face.

In a minute I was deep in her. She was so wet and hot it was an incredible feeling. As I went deep in her I paused just a second as we held each other. But she was so hot I could hold back and I started moving in her. At first it was slow, but she starting moaning and telling me to go faster and harder. I couldn’t resist so I started thrusting harder as she pulled me into her. She was so passionate and she was making me feel so I good. I wanted her to feel as good as I was and I was fondling and pulling on her nipples. I could feel her body start to tremble and as she did I could feel the cum boiling up in me. She started moaning “yes , fuck me, Yes, fuck me, fuck me!” and I knew she was close. I knew I couldn’t last much longer as she was draining me wild. Finally I could feel her pulse around my cock and she was cumming. Her pussy drove me over the edge and she was milking my cum out of my cock. I came over and over as she drained me with her pussy and seemed to tighten and pull me in as I could feel her cumming around my cock. It was an incredible experience. I felt so close to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32