First Time Lesbian

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A/N: This is today’s daydream. I hope you Enjoy.


Ally’s hands were soft as they ran across my body. Her fingertips cupped the curve of my ass and tightened as she pulled me closer to her body. She rolled me so my back was against the bed, her form stretched across mine. My stomach was a mess of knots as the heat filled my entire body, thrumming like electricity through my veins.

I’d only done this once before, and even then we’d stopped at kissing when my father came home from work. This time he was in his room, fast asleep. Our little sleepover party had taken a serious turn when she leaned over, mid movie, and brushed her lips against mine. She tasted sweet and after one taste, I’d been hooked.

The movie still played in the background as I parted my legs and left my best friend rest her hips between my thighs. It was a rush, knowing I was doing something this dirty. I’d never been with another woman but I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing here. Ally lowered her lips down my neck as her fingers worked to unhook the front latch, lace bra I’d been wearing. I turned my head to the side to look down at her and I watched her palm cup my breast as she started to devour the other with her mouth. My nipple went from hot and wet when her lips were on it, to cold and hard the second she pulled away, the cool air making the pink skin hard on contact.

I trembled and pulled my fingers through her blond hair. Her green eyes rolled up to look into mine as she started to move lower along my body. I feel two fingers curl at the waist band of my pajama pants and that tightness in my stomach grows. “Ally..” I whisper her name, afraid orhangazi escort that anything louder would wake my father.

She stops only for a moment and looks at me, gazing into my blue eyes, watching as I lay in a nest of my dark brown hair. She smiles and for a second, it calms me. I think for just a moment that she’ll move back up my body and kiss me again. I liked kissing her. “It’s okay, Georgia.” She assures me as she starts to lower the pants down my legs.

I don’t stop her. Sitting up on my elbows, I bit down on my bottom lip and watch my lace panties reveal to her. I watch her move down the bed to pull them aside and leaves them piled on the floor. “I’ve never.. done this before.” I stutter, while she climbs halfway up the bed. Her hands touch my thighs and start to rub gently, like she’s trying to calm me down.

Smiling, she walks her fingers my body until she’s stretched along me once more. I feel her bare breasts brush against mine and it makes my pulse race. Her knee is between my legs and it brings heat flowing from within me. She doesn’t say a word. I just watch her, falling into those eyes as she kisses her lips. Her tongue slides into my mouth and I instantly react to it. I kiss her back with the same intensity, completely unaware of the sounds of footsteps coming from the hallway. My fingers mat in her hair and my body reacts to her, lifting my knees at her hips to tighten around her.

A moan comes from low in my throat, that is quickly replaced with what sounds like a plea when she moves away from me. It’s my turn to say nothing. With her taste on my lips, I watch her move down my nilüfer escort body, kissing my skin with every inch she goes lower.

Her palm presses to my thigh and pushes my legs open so she can lay between my legs. I put my hand on my stomach as she curls her fingers around the crotch of my panties and pulls them to the side. She looks at me once before lowering herself to the wetness between my legs. My body trembles when she moves her slippery tongue across my slit. I move my other hand to the bed and fist my fingers into the sheets below me.

My thighs try to close but she pushes them open again and started flicking her tongue along my clit. I’m used to touching it myself. I’m used to the heat that gradually builds as I rock my own body to climax but this is a new feeling altogether. My eyes roll into the back of my head and my body starts to arch. Then her lips close atop my clit and I feel her start sucking, gently at first but it steals my breath. “Oh my God..” I moaned, toes curling at either side of her.

It’s harder for me to catch my breath.

Without missing a beat, her tongue goes back to flicking over me and she moves her hand to my warmth. I can feel her eyes watching my reaction as she gently slides one finger inside of me. My body shakes once with the new intrusion. She pulls out her finger and then when she slides it in again, she adds a second. I can feel the pads of her fingers rolling just on top of a spot inside that makes my head pound. I cry her name as quietly as I can while moving my hand from my stomach to the back of her head, almost as if I’m holding her in place. “Yes, yes..” I moan.

She türbanlı escort starts to thrust her fingers in and out of my wetness faster, hooking them so they bump against that incredible spot again and again. Her tongue is relentless and I really don’t want it to stop. My fingers shake, my body quivering as the feel the heat build inside of me like a cup of steaming hot coffee about to spill over. I rock my hips, pushing them forward to meet her mouth. I can hear the squish every time her hand bangs as deeply as it can manage.

My fingers tighten in her hair and my head falls back, from left to right, like I’m trying to find an escape. “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” I begged. “Please don’t stop.. Oh God..” Every lick pushes me closer, I gasp with each thrust and suddenly it just takes me. My whole body is filled with this heat that has no ending. My eyes snap shut and my back arches off the bed. I try to move away from her but her hand keeps me pressed against her mouth.

As I shake, I feel my insides becoming all the more sensitive. I say her name but she isn’t stopping. “Ally… wait, Ally..” My feet push into the bed and I manage to move back a little but she comes right with me. I realize then her hand has moved between her own legs as she rubs herself in circles.

My body jerks and her fingers curl inside me, hitting that spot again and again. I hadn’t even caught my breath when the heat takes me again. I rock against her, my hips thrusting up and my mind completely blank. I feel her move her mouth from between my legs and rest her forehead against my thigh. The bed moves and I hear her coming just as hard as I’m sure I just did.

I feel myself randomly spasm as I work down from this climax, stars still in my eyes. I throw the back of my hand over my eyes and I lay back against the cool pillows. “My God.” I said as I felt her climb up the bed and lay beside me.

She lazily smiles, “I knew you’d like it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32