First time dominating

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I wrote this for a friend

Tuesday 18th June 2013
Dear Diary
Well the day is almost here… This is the first time I have done something like this and to be honest I’m quite nervous about it. What if it doesn’t go to plan or he doesn’t enjoy it? I mean don’t get me wrong I’ve imagined doing it fantasied about it if you will but to actually do it is another thing. He mentioned he liked a dominating woman and being a submissive myself I aim to please so here I am writing this down in my diary hoping to get some of my nerves off my chest lol…
So I have the handcuffs ready and a whip just in case but I’m not sure if I’ll use that. I went out and bought some expensive candles Jenny told me not to use cheap high street ones because they could really burn the skin. I got the Champagne, strawberries, cream and the sour apple popping candy in the fridge and Ice cubes in the freezer. so that’s the hot and cold, sweet and sour sorted, I brought some jasmine oils so that will be good for smell and the lady in the shop said that is also an Aphrodisiac so that should be good lol and I still got that red and black satin blindfold that I got from Ann summers but never had the chance to use so everything is sorted well bye for now xx

Saturday 22nd June 2013

Dear Diary
Today’s the day. The plan is I’m going to meet Mark in Lewisham and we’re going to go for a drink before coming back here. I think I might need more than one lol. I’ve put out my black dress out to wear when I meet him…. I better start getting ready I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow lol. Bye for now xx

Saturday 22nd June cont….

Dear Diary
Right I’m going now to meet him my stomach is fluttering all over the place. I’m wearing my black and mint green corset with my black dress over it, suspenders and stockings and my favourite gem tanzanite earrings ring and necklace. Speak to you later. Xx

As I leave the house the warm breeze gently lifts my hair off my neck like its kissing me to help me relax. The thought makes me laugh; I wonder if he will do that later always makes me super horny having my neck kissed. Walking to the bus stop doesn’t take me long and luckily the bus arrives just as I get there. When I get to Lewisham I take a deep breath, and walk into the pub. I see him straight away and smile “wow” I whisper to myself “so much better than I expected.” He stands up and kisses me on the cheek. I can see his smile widen as his eyes travel down my neck to my cleavage, over my dress and down my legs. Clearly he likes what he sees. He takes my hand and pulls out my seat; I can feel myself getting excited as I look up and him and sit down. I get wet easily so that’s not shocking but it’s like I can feel it making my thongs wet too ‘I might have to remove them soon’ I think as he sits down opposite me and orders us a drink.
We end up having 3 drinks each so as we leave I’m feeling more confident and ready for what I’ve planned for later. We chat about ourselves and I feel more comfortable with him, like I’ve known him years I guess it helps that we have been talking on taggalicious for the past 3 months.

As we arrive back at mine I smile and push him against the hallway wall kissing him softly and sucking his lower lip into my mouth

“time for the fun to start” I whisper in his ear

“about time I been wondering what you had planned all week” He says as I lift his top and kiss my way down his neck to his chest and tugging on his nipple hard enough to hurt but not enough to cause real pain. His hands start to circle my waist and I step back

“No you don’t” I say as I lift his hands off of me and lift them above his head. “Keep them there like a good boy or I will stop”

I see him smile he knows this isn’t easy for me but can see that part of me is enjoying being in charge. I get to my knees and unbutton his jeans and pull them down noticing he isn’t wearing anything under them. His already semi hard as I run my nail over his shaft and grip it firmly. Looking up at him I trail my tongue over his balls up his shaft pressing harder just below the head and up to the tip running my tongue over his little slit. I see his head fall back and his hands start to drop as he moans

“Shit Debbie that feels good”

I laugh as I run my hand up and down his shaft moving my hair to one side as I tell him he better keep his arms up If he wants more, moving back down to lick my tongue over his balls again I suck them into my mouth and move my hand over his cock, using my thumb to massage firmly against the underside, my thumb moves up to the head and spreading his precum I flatten my tongue and lick up his shaft again before swirling it round the tip and sucking it into my mouth. I hear his moans getting louder as he breathlessly says my name mixed with a lot of swear words making me smile. Well least I know I’m doing a good job lol. It’s not long before I feel his cock start to pulse and hear his moans getting louder I don’t know if I should let him cum in my mouth or stop him either way I don’t have much time to decide… at the last minute I decide to stop him so I firmly squeeze the base of his cock by his balls as he moans and shouts my name.

“Damn baby that was amazing, but why did you stop me?”

I smile back at him standing up “well that was just the beginning” I reply as I take his hand and lead him into my room.

The first thing he notices is the bed restraints on each of the four posts of my metal bed frame, he laughs as I push him onto the bed and remove my dress leaning over him in my corset and stockings

“God I’m going to love this” he says as his hands skim up my waist brushing against the sides of my boobs as he moves them up to my neck and pulls my lips gaziantep escort kızlar down to his, kissing me hard he leaves me breathless and I pull back and smack him firmly but not hard across his face

“Hey” I pant “stop distracting me”

he laughs again as he mumbles his “sorry”

I start to lift his left hand up to the post above his head and tie the restraint around his wrist turning to his right hand his mouth pulls down my corset with his teeth releasing my right breast from its confinement and sucking my nipple into his mouth, I moan as I finish tying his arm up I pull back look into his eyes and smile

“Behave” I say as I kiss his lips softly,

I move my body down the bed to reach his feet so I can restrain them before straddling his chest and taking the blindfold to tie it round his head. I look down at him for a while I know he can’t see anything and how it’s time to stimulate his senses I lean over and pick up the taper lighter that I have on my bedside draw and light the candles, the smell of jasmine and vanilla fills the room, I take a deep breath breathing in the smell before standing up and going to the kitchen, I go to the fridge taking out the champagne, cream sour apple and the strawberries before walking back to the bedroom. I stand in the doorway for a few seconds looking at the beautiful view on my bed I can see he’s starting to get confused wondering where I have gone and what I’m doing it makes me giggle which actually ruins the view cause he hears me and smiles before laying his head back on my pillow. I sigh and walk back to him. I put the stuff on the bedside table and straddle his waist again picking up the jasmine oil that’s waiting in my draw and putting little drops behind my ears and between my breasts. As I put it back I say

“Well Mark I find myself with a little problem! I’ve been wet since I saw you in the pub and it’s only got worse. Now you made me drip with the taste of you cock. I need some help, so here’s what’s going to happen… I’m going to slide these wet thongs off my legs and sit on your face! you’re going to eat my pussy until I cum, now I know that might be hard as you know that’s not something I have ever experienced so I’m going to untie your left hand to help you out a bit. I will tell you that nothing is going to continue until you make me cum do you understand?”

I see Mark nod as I climb back off him and slide my thongs over my arse and down my legs before straddling his face and leaning over to unite his left hand. I feel his tongue seek out my clit as soon as he feels my pussy move down to his mouth, his left hand slides up my thigh as his fingers circle my clit gently and his tongue moves up and down my slit. My breathing quickens as his arm reaches round my legs and pulls me closer to his mouth and he sucks one of my lips into his mouth, gently scraping it with his teeth. His tongue pushes deeper inside me thrusting into my pussy as his fingers move back to my clit gently moving in circular movements, I realise this might be the first time I cum on a man’s tongue and the thought makes me more excited as I start to grind myself on his face. It isn’t long before I feel myself coming, moaning and screaming loudly as he continues to thrust his tongue into me. it’s not long before I slide of him and lay next to him trying to catch my breath while watching him lick the remainders of my juices from his lips and fingers I roll on to my stomach and tie his hand back into the restraint,

“Very good Mark and you can wipe that smirk off your face, yes you’re the first man to never make me come by licking my pussy but we aren’t finished yet!” I’m smiling as I say this and I know he can hear it in my voice,

his smile spreads wider over his handsome face but soon disappears as I lift the candle and drip the wax onto his chest

“FUCK” he screams “FUCKING HELL DEBBIE” I start giggling as I gently blow on the wax and watch it harden against his skin

“Shhhhh baby ill make it better” I whisper as I kiss my way down his chest over the now warm wax moving down to his stomach.

I lift my eyes to his face as I reach out and take the top ice cube from the bowl. I slide the ice up this thigh and watch him jump; before he can speak I lick my tongue up his balls and up his shaft making him forget the cold. I continue to lick and suck his cock as I trail the ice over his nipples and his stomach. I begin to blow gently on his nipples and lick along the trail the ice has left on his stomach. I can hear him moaning beneath me his arms now straining against the restraint. I bring the ice down to his cock and slide it up his shaft following closely behind with my tongue. I sit up and straddle his waist his hard cock rubbing against my pussy and sliding between my lips putting another ice cube into my mouth I bend down towards his face

“open your mouth” I breath inches from his lips he slowly does as I say finally getting wide enough to drop the cube from my mouth into his. “Now run it round your mouth for a bit then I want you to hold it between your lips but don’t drop it!”

I watch him move the cube around his mouth for a bit and wait for him to hold it between his lips. Finally I see him bring the cube up to his lips slightly closing his teeth so it doesn’t fall back into his mouth or slip out. I move up to his waist and tell him to rub the cube over my nipple, I lower my right breast to his mouth so he can reach. As the ice hits my nipple I shudder the cold is shocking in the warm air and the even warmer air of his breath. he continues to rub the cube around my nipple for a bit before I say

“good not hold it in your mouth again” I sit up and lean over to the table picking up the sour apple popping candy taking a bit into my palm before pressing them to my cold nipple, as soon as they hit the coldness and damp of my nipple I feel them start to pop, it feels strange kind of tingly and kind of painful too but not in a bad way I lean over to get the cream and squirt it on to my left breast. Bending over being careful not to knock any of the candy from my right nipple I tell him to give me back the cube, he carefully pushes the ice with his tongue into my mouth brushing his tongue against mine causing me to moan. I crunch the ice in my mouth before swallowing it and kissing Mark on the lips,

“Right now open your mouth and suck my nipple” I say kissing him again as I pull away I feel his tongue caress mine. He lays there with his mouth open as I guide my right nipple into it. His mouth closes around me and I immediately see the taste of the sour apple explode over his tongue. The sound of the candy popping loud enough for me to hear it as well as feel it. I try hard not to laugh as his face squints up at the sharp tang he wasn’t expecting before the slight sweetness of the apple comes through. His tongue begins working my nipple for more than just the taste makes my juices pool between my legs again as my hand randomly strokes his cock and his hips pump beneath me. I pull away from his mouth with a wet plopping sound then move my other nipple and the cream into his awaiting mouth. This time I hear him moan, he likes the sweet taste better it doesn’t explode or shock him. As he sucks on my nipple I rub myself against his cock moving my hips back and forth. Mark starts to push his hips up and against me as he continues to suck on my nipple. Lifting my hips up I let him slide his cock into me for the first time. It feels amazing, so full making me want to come again. There is a slight pain as he thrusts his 8″ deeper into me until his balls slap against my arse. I pull my nipple from his mouth and kiss him hard.

“Jesus baby you’re so tight it feels amazing.” He grunts “you feel amazing. I would love to be touching your now”

“Soon” I whisper as I kiss him again before sitting up and riding my hips and pussy back and forth on his cock. My hands rest on his chest as I throw my head back and really start to move. I can feel his cock getting bigger and harder inside me, he’s not far. This time I think I will let him cum instead of stopping him. As I continue to ride his cock and he thrusts up into me with each of my downward strokes I feel myself getting closer, my stomach tensing and pure pleasure spreading through my body, my head rolls back and a loud moan escapes my open mouth, my nails trail down his chest as my inner muscles start to squeeze and contact around his cock milking him. Mark grunts and moans gripping my metal head post as I feel his cum shooting deep inside me. the intense feeling is getting too much as I scream, cumin again over his cock I feel I could easily collapse and black out but I don’t want to forget this experience or the pleasure he is giving me. After we both cum I continue to gently stroke myself on his cock for a moment before leaning over and untying the restraints around his wrists.

“That was amazing,” he whispers as his arms circle around my back pinning me to his chest. Not that I have any intention of moving for a while as I try to control my breathing

“Mmmm” is all I can say back.

I hear him giggling at my response his right hand moving up and stroking my hair as he kisses my forehead and tells me he’s not finished with me yet. I smile and let him know I have no intention of stopping. He lifts me up and leans over me to untie his feet before throwing me on the bed turning me onto my stomach, pulling my hips up to his cock and quickly kneeling behind me.

Laughing he says “well while you get yourself under control I think I’ll remove this corset so I can have a go at this pussy of yours again… Or maybe this sexy little arse” he quickly pulls off my corset and I feel him slide his cock between my two holes not sure which one he will take as he gently pushes against each hole before moving to the other. He pushes harder against my arse, enough to open it slightly but not enough to slide in I hold my breath my heart beating fast and my pussy getting wetter as I wait for him to slide in.

“Soon” he says as he slides his cock back to my pussy and pushes deep and hard till his balls hit my arse. The sounds of his hips and balls slapping against me as he pumps in and out of my pussy fill the room and only make me wetter which seems to please him as he grabs my hips digging his fingers into them and pulling me back hard with every forward thrust. I never knew I could swear as much as I am now over and over as he gets deeper I didn’t think that was possible

“Oh fuck baby I love your pussy, it’s so tight.” I hear him pant making me smile I decide to make it tighter by squeezing my muscles around his cock.

“SHIT, oh fuck” I hear him moan

“What’s the matter baby” I giggle breathlessly

“You little fucking tease” he smiles “now you’re going to get it” he thrusts so hard into me I almost lose balance and have to grab the back of my bed post for support no longer giggling all I can do is moan with the pleasure he’s giving my body.

After a while he pulls back out of my pussy and lines his cock with my arse. Using my pussy juices to make it easier to slide in. I hold my breath waiting for it to hurt it’s been years since I’ve had a man in my arse but this isn’t like last time this is about my pleasure too, He leans down and places little kisses over my back and down my spine holding still inside me as I get used to his size and the feeling of being full. Slowly at first he slides his cock in and out of my arse I know he has never done this before so he’s experiencing the pleasure for the first time and most likely finding it very hard to go so slow. I look over my shoulder, his face is strained with his concentration I think it’s sweet that he’s trying to make it more about me than him, men from my experiences usually only care about their own pleasure, all promises about lasting all night and what they can do but always a disappointment when it comes to doing it,

“Mmm Mark you feel so good,” I pant “go faster.” I see the relief on his sexy face as he starts to pound into my arse. I feel the sweat from his tanned stomach drip on my back as he pushes deeper inside me

“Oh Jesus Christ Debbie I’m going to cum.”

I move my hand down to my pussy and start to run my fingers over my clit gently but firmly in a circular motion, my breathing coming quicker as he thrusts into my arse. He notices my hand and moves his round stomach to thrust his fingers into my pussy

“Your so wet baby” he breaths as he moves two of his fingers deep inside me,

I can feel myself getting close again ‘what is it about this man’ I think to myself, Mark pushes into me faster as he starts to come screaming my name. I replace his fingers with mine and finger myself hard and fast as his thrust slow down and his hands relax a bit on my hips,

“Sit up on the pillows and face me I want to watch you”

I move to the head of the bed and face him, opening my legs wide I go back to what I was doing

“Slow down,” he says taking my hand away from my almost ready to come pussy “I want to enjoy the show, see what the videos showed me up close and personal”

I move my fingers back to my clit and rub myself with my right hand in a circular motion, imagining him bending down and licking my pussy again, his hand reaches to his cock, his eyes focused on my right hand that has move down and is now slowly circling my hole

“Well the videos I sent you Mark are only 45seconds worth” I giggle “what’s app won’t let you send longer than that”

“Well I want to see what I missed then”

I slide two of my fingers inside me and curl then up as I start pulling them out, my breathing now getting quicker as I use the palm of my hand to rub against my clit moving my hips and thrusting hard into my pussy. I feel my muscles clenching around my fingers and my juices begin running down my wrist. Mark looks at me as I bite my lower lip; I find it hard to keep my eyes open as I’m about to cum. When I finally open my eyes again I see him smiling down at me, he takes my hand and pulls me on top of him. Turning me so that my mouth is right above his cock.

“This is what I’ve wanted to do to you since I first saw your private pictures on taggalicious” He says before he slides his tongue between my lips in one long stroke from my arse to my clit. I moan around his cock, the vibrations moving down his shaft. My tongue swirls around his head as my hand caresses its way up and down his length, I feel his teeth gently scraping my lips before his tongue thrusts deep into my pussy. It’s not long before I feel myself ready to cum again and I push my hips down on to his mouth, I know he’s not far either, his cock swells in my mouth and he starts to thrust deeper into my throat. Soon I feel his cum shooting down my throat as I make myself swallow each shot, his salty warm taste send me over the edge as I cum in his mouth feeling his lap up my juices.

We lay in my bed my head is on his chest, his right arm stroking my back and his left hand entwined with my right his thumb gently stroking mine. I love the smell of a man it makes me feel safe and can really turn me on, breathing in his scent he kisses my head

“You know….” He starts “this wasn’t what I expected”

I look up at him not sure if this is going to be a good thing or not, he looks deep in my eyes untangling our hands and stroking the hair out of my face

“It’s so much better” he smiles “we talked for a long time and things always got in the way of us meeting. But now… I don’t know it’s better than I thought it would be”

“I know the feeling” I reply “how about a shower?” I smile up at him

As I step into the warm water his arms go round my waist pulling me towards him, I look up into his eyes just as lips descend on mine. Pulling away I smile and pick up the Nivea oil and water lily body wash from the shelf, squeezing some into my hand I lather it up and start to rub it all over his chest. he does the same thing but moves his hands up and down my back spreading my cheeks and cleaning me between my thighs, pulling me towards him and using the soap I’ve rubbed on his chest to clean mine. Moving my right hand over his cock and my left caresses his balls he turns me round so his now hard cock is pressing against my arse cheeks as his hands clean my chest and stomach. Stepping up on my toes I push against his cock letting it slowly slide into my warm wet pussy, he thrusts deep into me as his finger seeks my clit. He kisses me hard pulling my face round to reach my lips as the warm water gently caresses its way down and over our soapy bodies. It’s not long before I’m coming again and I feel his hot sperm shooting inside me. We finish cleaning ourselves and each other before climbing out and drying each other off.

We spend the rest of the day talking and kissing before he has to go back home to Brighton, we both have work tomorrow which I’m really wishing we could call in sick so we could spend more time together but I know we can’t. I walk with him to the station and watch him get on before heading home.

Monday 23rd June 2013

Dear Diary
Well Mark got home ok he called me from his bed lol; he said he wants to see me again and soon. The sex was so much better than I expected and I kind of enjoyed the dominating part although it didn’t last long lol. Well we will have to see how things go, Marks planning on coming down again next weekend and we talked about me going up there too.
Well take care and I’ll let you know how things pan out xx

The end

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32