First Time, At Last!

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First some background info. (all true) I am a happily (mostly) married, middle-aged white male. College education, two kids, a mortgage, a dog and a cat. I am reasonably good looking and have a great job that pays fairly well. Being middle-aged, I felt the need to get back into shape. Also, being long past the weight-lifting stage, and wanting to start with my cardio-vascular health, I thought that beginning with swimming would be the best way to get back into it …………

After about a week of swimming laps at the club (always on my lunch hour) I began to get into it and develop the habit of going. One day I was swamped at work and had to work through lunch and into the evening. I called home and told my wife to go ahead and eat without me, and probably get the kids to bed too.

I worked ’til about 8:00 PM and then tore myself away to go to the club, despite the temptation to just go home and have a beer. By the time I got to the club it was nearly deserted. As I entered the pool there was only one other person using it, a trim tall guy who looked as though he swam a lot. He was just finishing up as I dove in. We exchanged a nod as he grabbed his towel and made for the locker room. We made some small talk about the water temp. and how it was good to have the pool to one’s self.

I began my laps but for whatever reason, I just wasn’t into it. maybe I was tired from working all day, or just couldn’t muster the reserves, having had a Snapple and an apple for lunch. Whatever the case, I gave in and decided to try and get home before my kids went to sleep.

I exited the pool and wiped myself down, heading for the locker room. Upon entering the locker room I noticed that it was really quiet. I rounded the corner and found the other guy standing nude in front of his open locker. Now that is not any Earth-stopping event, to find a nude man in a locker room, but what was different was that I actually took note of his lean, trim body. Especially his ass, which for some reason looked to me like a woman’s ass. Only this guy was tall and that accented his long, quite frankly, shapely legs and his ass ………….. he had a slim waste and a well-toned back, nicely tapered as it rose to his shoulders …….. I caught myself actually thinking of this stranger, and a man, no less, as a sexual object. I tried to purge the thought and headed to my locker, which was down the row from his ……..

As I was mostly dry, I hung my towel on my now open locker door and began to strip off my suit. As I did so I realized that my cock had swollen a bit so that the veins along its length were plainly visible and it was hanging more than it should have been, having just exited the pool. At first I was a bit self-conscious of this, thinking the other guy might see this and be put off. At once I realized this was silly and figured he wouldn’t look, and if he did he wouldn’t know if this was how it appeared normally anyway ……… I shed my suit and cast a quick glance to my right, just to be sure ………

Well, what I saw was something I both completely unexpected and have been secretly fantasizing for years. There, standing before the open locker was the most impressive hunk of man-meat I had ever beheld. What’s more, and as I had always secretly envisioned, this huge cock was completely shaved, balls and all. It hung there, lewdly swaying back and forth and was easily as long and thick, hanging there, as mine was when it was erect! His balls were not hanging as mine do, but were definitely large, tight, and snug up beneath that incredible cock.

I know I must have been paralyzed, fixed on what I could not believe was real. Not only was he hung like the proverbial horse, and shaved clean, he seemed to be displaying his trophy, as if he was proud of it and wanted me to see it! I must have been staring noticeably because I happened to look up to see he was looking right at me. I tried to avert my gaze, to show some discretion, fearful he might think I was gay or, at the very least, be offended gorukle escort bayan by my gawking. Instead he simply gave a subtle smile and asked how the swim went.

At first I was unable to answer, afraid I might stammer or simply blurt out my desire to touch his incredible cock . Ultimately I was able to say something about being too tired to finish my routine. However, unconsciously I had returned my gaze to his awesome cock, which had by now grown even larger and had begun its upward rise. He replied that I mustn’t be too tired, based on appearances …….. I looked back up at his face and he was staring directly at my cock now. I glanced down and was both embarrassed and horrified to see that my dick was almost halfway hard now and it was obvious I was getting harder.

I tried to turn away and hide my condition from him to which he said, “Don’t worry, I don’t mind, I think you have a nice cock.” Well, I was flushed with several conflicting emotions. While I was still a bit embarrassed, I was at the same time relieved. What’s more, it occurred to me that now I must respond to him.

“Uh, thanks,”, I said, “but I can’t compare to what you have going on there.” I was both embarrassed and thrilled to be talking so candidly to another man about our dicks. Especially as we both stood there watching each other’s dicks getting hard …….. Instinctively I quickly glanced around to see if anyone else was around or approaching. It was still quiet as a tomb.

He asked, “Would you like to touch it?” I was shocked and thrilled. For years I had secretly and desperately desired to have the opportunity to play with another cock, but even in my wildest dreams I had never thought it could be such an impressive specimen as this. I heard myself saying, “Well, I don’t know …… ” He said, “C’mon into the bathroom area so we can hear anyone coming and pretend like we’re both peeing if someone comes.”

We both wrapped our white towels around us, his with an obscenely huge lump in the front of his and we both padded off toward the toilets. I followed him as if in a dream. On entering the toilet area he unwrapped his towel and turned to face me as I approached. Now his dick was about half way erect and it was huge! The warmth of the locker room and the damp towel around his waist had apparently warmed his crotch because his balls were now plainly hanging and were sized to match his incredibly big cock. I was amazed.

My hand noticeably trembled as I reached out to touch another man’s cock. I was driven by my curiosity and the secret lust which had whispered to me for years. As my hand drew nearer to his dick I saw it twitch in anticipation of my caress. It wobbled and I saw a clear drop of precum ooze from the tip of his swollen cock head.

My first inclination was to wrap my hands around his shaft and tug on it. But for some reason I was drawn to his now-hanging balls. They were enormous and quite distinguishable in their shaved skin sack. His balls looked like two eggs hanging like a school boy’s marble sack. I gently placed my hand beneath his nuts and lightly hefted them, taking in their mass. They were warm and heavy. From my own experience I just knew they could and would produce a lot of cum.

His cock swelled and rose further as I reached out with my other hand, wrapping my thumb around the underside of his dick and began to pull up toward that wide mushroom head. As I did this I instinctively fondled his large balls and squeezed them ever so gently. I milked his thick dick and was rewarded with a large blob of syrupy precum erupting from his piss hole. It sat poised on the tip of his dick for a moment and then began to cascade down the front of his thick shaft.

Having sampled my own precum during my many homo-erotic jack-off sessions I knew this nectar was sweet and how it would be a shame to “waste” such a generous portion such as this. As I leaned forward with every intention of fulfilling my longtime desire to suck cock, I found myself wondering nilüfer escort bayan if his precum would taste like my own .

My first thought was to try and take that big cock head in my mouth. It would have been marvelous to just dive onto that meat pole and stuff my face with it. But I hoped (knew) there would be plenty of time for that. So instead I bent down, pulling him and that wonderful dick to my face and stuck my tongue out. I licked from just below where I knew that dribble of dick-honey was and I licked up his now completely hard pole.

I was thrilled with the sensation of my tongue running up his warm and hard shaft. The precum was sweet and velvety, just like mine. I absolutely loved it and I knew at this moment that this would not be my last time sucking cock.

As my mouth reached the tip of his very hard and thick cock I simultaneously fell the rest of the way to my knees, pulling his dick to a horizontal plane and closed my entire mouth over the big head of his incredibly big cock. It was exquisite! I continued to lick the under-shaft of his cock and slightly opened my mouth wider. I began to move my head forward as I jacked his fleshy pole into my mouth. I was rewarded with more sweet precum across my tongue. Now I leaned all the way into his big dick, stretching my lips around the shaft and taking its length to the very back of my throat.

I lingered there for a moment, taking the time to gently fondle his big hanging balls and nudging his dick against the back of my throat. I felt like such a nasty little cocksucker, there on my knees in a men’s locker room, in public, sucking on the the dick of a total stranger. I turned my head and eyes upward to see him looking down a me, a lewd and wanton look upon his face. he looked at me approvingly and grinned, then rolled his eyes and head backward.

For a few moments we continued there, him standing, me kneeling, with him rocking back and forth, fucking my face and my eagerly taking as much of that magnificent cock in my throat as possible. I was surprised at how I could accept it and more if I relaxed my jaw and throat muscles. I fought the gag reflex on a couple of occasions and soon we developed a good rhythm.

Unconsciously I had begun stroking my own dick with my left hand, my right still alternating between his hanging balls and the rest of his big thick dick which I could not manage to swallow. My own precum was now flowing copiously as I knelt there, fulfilling a longtime desire and taking to it like a duck to water. I felt both completely depraved and nasty and right at home.

Suddenly he pulled back and away from me. I was surprised and disappointed until I realized what he was doing. He motioned me to rise and follow him. We grabbed our towels and he led me to the steam room. There was still no one else around but this warm, misty damp room did offer a bit more privacy for the continuation of our encounter. I followed him into the steam and he gently pushed me back onto the upper white tile bench. I fell back with my own swollen cock waving out before me like a flag pole.

He looked at me and said; “You’re a natural, but let me show a few of the finer points of cock sucking.” And with that he cupped my balls with his left hand and began to slowly jack my dick with his right. Each time he stroked his hand to the tip of my cock he bent down and licked the tip of my cock. The feeling was incredible

He continued on like that for the next few minutes, jacking and licking my cock, meanwhile fondling my balls until I think I was harder than I had ever been. Then he took the head of my cock in his mouth, and slowly slid his mouth down along its length. I swear it felt like I was entering a pussy. He continued all the way down ’til his nose was nuzzled against my pubic hair and his lower lip was touching my hanging balls. He then began to bob up and down along the length of my cock, with no hands, sucking the length of my cock while fucking his own face.

I bursa otele gelen escort bayan realized why he was using no hands when I saw him steadying himself with his left hand while stroking his incredible dick with his right. he continured to slide his mouth up and down along the length of my rock-hard cock. I had NEVER experienced a blow job like this in my life, from anyone!

As he continued, I could tell I was going to shoot my load in very short order. I tried to concetrate and my gaze was fixed on his own stroking of that swollen hunk of meat in his hand. I was stiil in awe of its dimensions and beauty. I began to to feel my orgasm rising and muttered something to the effect. He sped his motions and began to deep throat me as he had at the outset. Just as I was sure I could not contain myself any longer he began to squeeze and tug on my balls in a manner which was just short of painful. It sent me over the edge and I began to pump massive loads of sperm directly into his throat. he sensed my cumming and immediately pulled halfway off my dick so he could actually taste my cum. I watched as his cheeks puffed, filling and subsiding as he relished the big load of cum he had worked so hard at. It was amazing as I came in at least ten ot twelve massive spurts of thick cum.

I was lost in a fog of wanton sexuality and sheer bliss. I’m not sure at what point he released my still-hard cock from his mouth but the next thing I recall is him standing before me with his enormous dick staring me in the face ……….

Now, being lost in a fog of lust and beyond questioning my actions, I knew what to do. But I wanted to enjoy the moment. I continued sitting there while he stood before me, his massive and very hard dick inches from my face.

I leaned forward and instead of simply taking his cock in my mouth, I began to rub my face all over it. With the heat of the room and our sexual activity his cock had begun to take on that manly scent that each man knows as his own masculine aroma. It smelled so sexual and lured me into his manhood. I rubbed his cock and balls all over my face taking time to alternatively lick it and suck on it. I teasingly pulled at his cock and jerked it into my mouth, now and then sucking on its head. I was teasing him and he knew it.

Then he leaned forward signalling to me that it was time to produce. Infact, it was time for him to produce. I took my lead from his earlier marvelous efforts but could not manage to get anymore than half his huge dick in my throat. I tried several times to get it past my tonsils to no avail. Ultimately, I contented myself to sucking on the end of it and working the bottom half, and his balls with my right hand, as I had seen so many other cock-sucking whores (like me now) do in the porno movies I watched.

His dick was rock hard and he assisted me by fucking into my mouth as I worked it. I also played with his swaying balls but I am sure it was not with the same skill with which he had performed. Up, down, up, down I worked his thick shaft until I thought I would give out before he did. Suddenly he began to breathe in short gasps. His body tensed and his balls pulled up into his crotch. I knew was about to cum and I wanted it all.

I reached around and grabbed his cute tight ass with both hands and began to pull him into me. I did not have to wait long before he began to twitch and buck. He grabbed my head and began to thrust his hips forward. And then it happened ……..

My mouth and throat were suddenly and violently filled with warm thick cum. It was as if I was throwing up, but in reverse. My initial reaction was to expell the gooey fluid from my mouth but I was so horny and wanton, wanting to swallow cum like a good little slut, that I put my mind to handling it. I bgan to swallow and suck like crazy. The texture and flavor were incredible and gratifying. I was actually doing it! I was sucking cock and swallowing cum from an absolutley massive and beautiful shaved cock! It was heavenly!

My partner’s climax subsided and he withdrew from my mouth, making me both proud of what I had achieved and sorry that it was over. And I felt like a crack addict because I knew at that moment I wanted more. I wanted to suck more cock and continue with my experimentation of this new thrilling thing I had found……………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32