First Time

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Laying there in the bed beside you, I can feel the smile creep across my lips from just looking at your handsome face. Enjoying the warmth of your naked body next to mine; I think to myself how glad I am that I had decided to make this trip to meet you. After all the months of endless e-mail, chats and phone calls here we are finally together.

Tracing the line of your jaw with my fingertips, I see the smile on your face even as you sleep. Trying my best to be quiet I softly and tenderly place a kiss on your cheek and slide from between the sheets of the king-sized bed. Grabbing the silky white chemise you had given me as a gift when you first brought me to the hotel room, I slip it on and relish in the cool feel of the material against my skin.

I stand there for a few minutes and watch you sleeping; and even though I feel can the excitement building in me I don’t want to wake you just yet. Instead, I step out the sliding glass doors onto the balcony and breathe in the cool crisp night air. Looking up toward the moonlit sky I see the stars dancing high above, the sight of them makes me think of diamonds on velvet. But I can smell the rain in the air and see the dark clouds as they roll across the moon.

Leaning against the railing, taking in all that the city has to offer, my mind begins to wander. For months upon months we had talked about creating our own world; one full of desire, lust and eroticism. A world where we could lose all our sense of decency and morality. To have the chance if only for a few days, to live the life we both want so badly.

I feel my nipples harden, but I’m not sure if it’s the cool air or the visions drifting through my head. The tingle of excitement runs up my spine when I think of how you had me stand in front of the mirror and watch as you brought me to orgasm using only your hands. You had wanted me to see what I looked like in the grip of horny pleasure.

Thanks to you I saw for the first time, the way my eyes would half close as your tongue ran along the nape of my neck and I heard you whisper all sorts of naughty things in my ear. But when your hands moved over my tits, playing with my nipples that were so hard I saw how my eyes rolled back into my head as the first orgasm gripped me.

In your hands I had become nothing more than a plaything for you; your own personal toy.

The way your hands slid down over my belly to my hips, going even lower to my thighs, easing my legs apart caused my knees to go weak from your touch. With you arms wrapped around my waist supporting me, I saw my chest heaving with each breath from the fire you had ignited in me. With just one finger running along my wet slit, each time dipping a little further between my puffy pussy lips, searching out my swollen clit. As I lick my red lips you teasingly pull at the little triangle of pussy hair bringing more moans of ecstasy from me; and yet your eyes never left the reflection of us in the mirror.

Suddenly you let your fingers slide deep in my pussy and I knew then that I couldn’t hold out any longer. With my body thrashing against yours; you bring me off for the first time all just to let me see what I look like in the throes of an orgasm.

Goosebumps cover my body from that memory and I wrap my arms tight across my chest to warm up. But what you had me do later was what turned me on beyond belief. Even now just thinking about it causes my pussy to tingle and my inner thighs to get wet.

Realizing that we had had been to excited to eat before we had met we both decided to have dinner brought in instead of leaving our little paradise. So you had called room service; nothing elaborate or heavy, just plates of fruit and chilled white wine. I had completely forgotten about telling you the effect white wine had always had on me; but you never forget anything.

I had wanted to at least put my robe on, but you held me close and kissed me; telling me one of your fantasies was too see a woman walk naked in front of a stranger, wearing nothing but her high heels. At first I was shocked by such an Mardin Escort idea, but the more you kissed me and whispered how erotic it would be for the three of us the more excited I became. I had become so turned on by the idea of it of exposing myself to a total stranger that I literally jumped to the answer the knock; all to please you.

Oh, the look on his face was priceless, a mixture of total shock and surprise; but that was soon replaced by a smile when I invitingly held the door open for him. He tried so hard to be a professional as he wheeled the little cart into the room; but we could both tell he was having trouble keeping his eyes on what he was doing and not on me as I stood there with my hands on my hips trying to look so innocent and sexy at the same time.

And then you carrying on a conversation with him as if a naked woman answering the door of the hotel room was something he saw everyday. Asking if he enjoyed his job at the hotel; questioning him about all the interesting people he met and how he must have seen everything at some point or other. Then idly commenting on how beautiful the scenery in the city was. But it was all I could not to cum then and there when he answered that the scenery inside the room was much better than anything around town.

He seemed in a hurry though to finish the task at hand and we both knew why; the poor dear had quite a noticeable bulge in his slacks when he took his tip and quickly left with a smile on his face. When he was gone we both broke into giggles like school kids after I closed the door and I could tell how turned on you were from your fantasy coming to life by the way your cock pushed against my hips as you held me close.

Turning around I see you stir in your sleep, but you don’t wake up. So I decide to stay out on the balcony a little longer and enjoy the night; just then I notice a light come on in one of the apartments across the street. Standing there watching the man move around in his kitchen I felt a strange stirring deep in my pussy.

Leaning on the railing, watching this man fix himself a sandwich my body begins to ache as I remember the dinner you and I had shared. After the waiter had left we both realized how incredibly horny we were after the little show I had given him at your request. I had wanted so badly to sink to my knees and devour your cock with my hungry mouth. But your empty stomach got the better of you.

“Patience baby, we have all the time in the world,” you cooed in my ear. “For right now though I’m starved, let’s eat.”

Reluctantly I agreed, even though I was more than a little disappointed. I had wanted so much to please you; to give you the same pleasure you had given me. You could tell I wasn’t very happy by the pout on my face and the look in my eyes.

“Oh, baby girl don’t pout. Come sit on daddy’s lap and let him make you feel all better.”

You know I can never resist that sexy voice of yours. So when you held your hand out to me; I took it and did as I was told. Again you had asked me to not put anything on so there we were; me sitting in your lap with wearing nothing but the high heels.

The way you were holding mixed with the situation we had created for ourselves was so erotic, that I could feel my pussy growing wet almost as soon as you sat me on your lap. I had never had anyone treat me with such care wanting not only to please yourself but also to please me. Dipping the strawberries in the whipped cream and teasing me with them before bringing them to my eager lips.

But the situation soon got the better of you and strawberries just wouldn’t do any longer. Suddenly without warning I saw you push all the dishes to one side, and with one arm you lifted me onto the table. My mouth opened to ask you what’s going on but instead of answering you kiss me quickly and tell me.

“SShh baby, I know exactly what I want to eat.”

Slowly but forcefully you push me back until I’m laying flat on the table. You put your hands around my ankles and push my legs up until my heels are against Mardin Escort Bayan my ass and I’m right on the edge of the table. Leaning over me you slowly start kissing your way down my body. Starting with my lips, down over my shoulders to my tits, then over my stomach to the little triangle of pussy hair I had left just especially for you.

Your hands roam over my tits as you let your face rest on that triangle; with your warm breath blowing on my most sensitive spots I could feel the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand on end as you rub your face all over my pussy. I feel you as you breath in my musky scent, and follow the tiny triangle that points directly toward my pleasure point. Patiently taking your time; ever so slowly looking at the swollen puffy outer lips of my pussy, feeling them slowly with your fingers, kissing them, licking them even pulling them into your mouth and nibbling on them.

Then you ever so slowly spreading them apart to get to the soft pink inner lips. Running your tongue along the wet slit with just the right mix of gentle but steady licks, finding my swollen clit at the very top. As I find myself going over the edge, screaming your name over and over again begging you to never stop I can barely keep from jumping off the table.

You never missed a beat though, as you licked all my juices, letting your face get wet from my excitement. I could feel the insides of my thighs trembling as your hands ran to my ass, caressing and rubbing the cheeks. As I tried to catch my breath though you caught me by surprise again when you lifted my legs high until they were resting on your shoulders.

I can remember pushing myself up until I was resting on my hands, just so I could see everything that you were doing. The sight of you between my thighs eating me was such a turn on for me, as was looking into your eyes when you raised them to look into my face. At that point you weren’t just licking my clit it was if you were fucking the tiny button with your tongue.

Your strong hands pulled me even closer and I felt you sucking me into your mouth, not only the clit but the lips too. Eagerly moving against me before pushing your tongue deep into pussy. I had never been in such ecstasy as you continued to fuck me with your mouth. Even more orgasms grip me, thank goodness you had such a hold on my hips or I would’ve fallen off the table from the force of my explosion.

And yet you never released your hold on me, all the time continuing to lick and suck and nibble until I could feel tears building in my eyes from the force of the pleasure. When finally you had your fill of me you pulled me to you and cuddled me like a child; before picking me up and laying me in the bed.

Standing there lost in my erotic thoughts and memories; watching the clouds roll across the sky I never heard the door slide open or you step outside onto the balcony with me. But I knew you were there behind me when I felt your strong hands on my shoulders and your hard cock rubbing against the cheeks of my ass.

“I wondered where you had went.” you whispered in my ear.

Leaning back against your chest, enjoying the feel of your body and your hands as they roamed over my skin, I quietly answer.

“Just thought I’d let you rest up after dinner.”

“Yeah, dinner was incredible, you spread out on the table looking so delectable just for me. My own personal buffet.” Pulling my hair to the side and starting to kiss my neck, you massage my tits harder. “But now I’m ready for some dessert.”

You didn’t even have to tell me what you had in that mind of yours. I could tell when you slipped your fingers under the straps of the chemise and pulled them down over my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. My body shivered from your touch on me and I knew that you were going to fuck me. The thought of finally feeling your cock in me caused me to moan softly with anticipation.

Your hands found the hard nipples of my tits and you went to work, rolling them between your fingers making me whimper. Escort Mardin But every time I would try to touch you; you would grab my hands and hold me still. I wanted you to know how badly I wanted you, how badly I needed you though, so I ground my hips against your cock feeling you twitch and jerk. I knew that one of your strongest fantasies was to fuck out in the open where anyone walking beneath would see you fucking me. Now standing here locked in your arms, all I could think was how much I want that too.

With your hands roaming lower over my body, you grab my hips and slow my movements. Now you guide us together as if partners in an erotic dance. Pushing yourself hard against me, until I feel my hips hitting the railing of the balcony, my hot pussy rubbing on the cool wrought iron.

My body shivers when your fingers first invade my pussy, searching out my magic button. You find it so hard and swollen, like your cock. Your fingers moving slowly up and down my slit; all the while your thumb rubbing my clit harder and harder with each tiny circle you make. Feeling myself building towards another incredible orgasm, I scream again when two fingers slip into the folds of my wet pussy .

That was when we felt the first drops of rain begin to fall, but we were beyond caring. Lightning streaked across the sky and thunder rumbled as you worked your fingers deeper into my pussy, probing me bringing even more screams ripping from my throat. Our bodies are drenched with a mixture of sweat and rain, but we don’t care. All I can do is pant; begging you to make me cum.

“Be patient little girl,” was all you could say as I felt myself on the verge of exploding.

Just as quickly as your fingers had entered me, you pulled them out. Slowly you spread my legs apart and I feel your cock slide along my slit where only a few minutes before you fingers had been. You cock is so hard and so big as our bodies naturally melt together like lovers that had been together for years instead of only a few hours. Neither of us had to guide your cock into my pussy, it simply slid in.

Holding me tight around the waist, you hold me there impaled on your cock for what seemed like an eternity. Lifting me higher onto your hips up you begin to move inside of me slowly at first, then with harder and faster thrusts. With my hands I gripped the railing and felt my muscles grip you as we fucked for the first time. That was when we noticed that the man across the way had come back and was watching us from his office window.

You whispered in my ear to let me know about him; to let me know how turned on you were by the thought of a stranger watching us fuck. Knowing that we were living out a fantasy made us both even hornier. You began to fuck me with a renewed urgency as we saw our audience unzip his jeans and begin to slowly stroke his hard dick.

Here we were a triangle of people aroused beyond belief; two being watched and one watching. You fuck me with even deeper, harder strokes as I thrust back to meet every one. My fists clenched on the railing, your arms clamped around my waist, I rode your cock like a wild woman the whole time never looking away from the stranger.

The orgasm that gripped me seemed never ending as one wave after another took hold of me. I could feel your cock jerking inside of me and I knew that you were also close to exploding. Grinding my hips on your cock even harder trying to get every inch inside me, I saw the stranger in the window as he matched us stroke for stroke.

The urgency we both felt increased as I pressed my back to your chest and let my juice flow over you. I could hear you moaning and grunting as I felt your cock swell and erupt inside of me emptying your load, as the two of our juices mixed together. And yet you kept fucking me, enjoying the sound of my screaming and begging. And yet all the while we’re caught in the throes of ecstasy, my eyes are locked on the stranger as I saw him tense up and his load shoot high in the air.

As I lean back against you, our bodies trying to relax from the incredible time we just had, I can hear both of us fighting for our breath. With your arms holding me close I see the stranger throw us a wave before turning off his lights I can hear myself say……..

“Can it get any better than this?”

“Just wait until tomorrow baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32