First Spanking

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We’ve met several times now to get to know each other, we’ve had dinner together and seen a couple of movies, but we’ve been very careful to skirt the issue of sex until our trust had been established. The last time we met, when I left, I told you that I felt I could trust you, and I was ready to take our relationship to the next level. We’ve been talking on the phone the past week and teasing each other with the promise of sex during our next meeting. I arrive at your house about a half hour late due to some construction traffic that I hadn’t anticipated. I’m never late and it makes me crazy that I haven’t arrived on time. I’m worried that we’ll miss our reservation and they’ll give our table away. I’m nervous about getting there late and how you will react, but you greet me with a very intense kiss. We break off reluctantly, passion very evident in both of our faces.

“We’ll have to save this for later, we have dinner reservations, and we’ll have to really move it to get to the restaurant before we lose our table.”

“I’m so sorry I’m late, I forgot about the road construction on the interstate.”

As we get in your car, I can see the set of your jaw and realize that I’m going to pay for this later tonight.

“I’m very surprised that you didn’t remember that, especially since you got caught in that the last time.”

I know exactly what you’re thinking, since we’ve talked about spanking, and since I’ve never had a real spanking as an adult, I’m nervous and try to explain.

“I guess I was so anxious to get here, that I wasn’t thinking clearly. I won’t forget about it the next time.”

We manage to get to the restaurant only fifteen minutes late, just as they’re about to give away our table. We make small talk through dinner, enjoying each other’s company and the good food. Several times through dinner, you take my hand and caress it, even bringing it up to your lips and kissing it once. I relax, thinking that since we didn’t lose our reservation and you seem to have forgotten my lateness, you have forgiven me and I won’t receive a spanking this time. I’m relieved because even though we’ve talked about it, and I’m turned on by the fantasy, when the fact of it actually happening is in front of me, I’m very nervous about it.

We leave the restaurant and as we get to the car, you pull me into your arms and kiss me, deep and long. When you finally pull away, I’m left breathless, my eyes still closed and weak in the knees. You open the car door for me and hold my hand while I get in, then you come around to your side of the car and we take off for your house again. I can barely think straight all the way back. Your right hand is on my breast, çankaya escort rubbing on my nipple and I want nothing more than to be in your bedroom, naked and having you inside me. The drive back seems to take forever, but that’s only because I can’t wait to get there.

Finally, we arrive at your house and you help me out of the car and lead me into the house and back to your bedroom. Once again, I find myself in your arms and you kiss me so well, that my knees start to buckle. You guide me to the side of your bed and I start to take off my shirt, but you put your hand over mine and stop me.

“No, not yet. First we have some unfinished business. You made us late tonight to the restaurant and we nearly lost our reservation and you have to be punished.”

Just those few words and I can feel the heat in my pussy. I don’t know whether to be afraid or excited.

“But . . .”

“No buts. You were very bad tonight, and I’m going to show you what happens to bad girls.”

You sit on the edge of the bed and take my hand and pull me down over your knees. My head is to your left and you stroke my hair with your left hand and raise up my skirt with your right. With your right hand, you rub my ass, anticipating the spanking and the feel of your palm striking my tender bottom. Your hand travels down between my legs and you can feel how wet I’ve become through my panties.

“Oh, you’re a very bad girl, I can see that you’re going to need a very thorough spanking.”

“I . . .”

“No, you don’t speak until I give you permission. You’ve got to learn to accept your punishment without making excuses. I will tell you when the spanking is over. You may cry if you need to, but if you ask me to stop, I will only spank you more. Do you understand?”


“Good girl. Now raise your hips, those panties have got to come down.”

I raise my hips and you pull my panties down to my knees. You rub my bare ass in anticipation. I can’t stand the waiting, I want to get this over with and you seem to understand that, so you make me wait longer. You run your fingertips down the crack of my ass and I instinctively open my legs for you. I want your hands on my pussy and I somehow hope that if you get started on my pussy, you’ll forget about my spanking. You spread my labia with your thumb and pinky, leaving three fingers for my clit. You tease my clit, flicking your fingers back and forth a few short times, then you pull your hand back to my ass again. As soon as you take your hand off my ass, I tense, knowing that you didn’t forget. When your hand connects with my ass the first time, I jump and squeal. You smile and çankırı escort pull back again with gusto. After only four swats, I’m crying and can’t help myself.

“No, please, I’ve learned my lesson, please stop.”

Your hand momentarily stops.

“I believe I was very clear when I told you this kind of behavior would only result in more punishment. Did you not understand me?”

“Y-y-es, but it hurts so much.”

“It’s supposed to hurt – that way you’ll remember it and not be a bad girl again. Now your spanking is going to be worse.”

Your hand returns to my ass, but even harder this time. I start squirming on your knees and after several more smacks, I start to pull away from you.

“Oh no, this will never do. You don’t seem to be very good at learning from your mistakes. Stand up.”

You lead me to the corner of the room and turn me to face the corner.

“Hold your skirt up and stand there for a few minutes while you think about what you’ve done wrong. Don’t move until I tell you to.”

You move away from me and I stand with my head against the corner, my panties still down around my knees and skirt hiked up at my waist. The air feels cool against the heat of my ass. I can’t imagine what is coming next, but I am beginning to learn to do what you tell me, and no matter how embarrassing this position is, at least it’s not painful, except for the way my ass stings from the spanking I’ve gotten so far. As I stand there, afraid to turn around to see what you are doing, I realize with some surprise that my pussy is very wet and nearly as hot as my ass is. Several minutes later, I can feel you standing behind me, your body pressed against me and I can feel your stiff cock through your jeans, straining to be released. You reach up and tie something around my eyes and pull me out of the corner and over to the bed.You reach down and pull my panties off but leave the rest of my clothes on me.

“Lay down on the bed on your stomach and spread your arms and legs out. I know that you’re having difficulty restraining your mouth, but I’m going to give you one last chance to show me that you can behave. If you can’t, then I’m going to have to gag you. Do you understand me.”


“Good girl. Now lay down and keep quiet.”

I lay on the bed and spread my arms and legs as you told me. I feel the rope being placed around my left wrist and my first inclination is to protest, but I bite my lip. I can almost feel your approval and it helps to calm me. You secure the rope to the post on the headboard and move to my right wrist and do the same thing. Then each of my ankles are tied to the legs of your bed. I can çayyolu escort feel your weight on the foot of the bed between my legs, but I don’t know what’s going to happen next. You are kneeling on the bed and place one hand on each of my legs, just above the ropes on my ankles, and slowly move your hands up my legs until you reach my ass, your hands are under my skirt, caressing my ass lovingly and tenderly. I moan, and raise my hips to you.

“Is my poor little girl horny?”

“Yes, very horny.”

“Well, I may have to do something about that.”

You raise my skirt up to my waist and bring your face down to my ass and place kisses on the red marks you left all over my bottom. After a few minutes you stop and get off the bed.

“It’s time to finish your punishment now.”

I whimper, but manage to hold my tongue. That is, until I hear the belt being pulled out of your belt loops. I start crying before you even start, knowing what’s coming next. My ass is clenched tightly, in anticipation of the first strike. You stand at the side of the bed with the belt doubled up in your hand, making me wait, enjoying the anticipation and my discomfort. Finally, you pull back your arm and let go with a resounding wallop. I cry out and this only serves to inflame your passion and you let fly with another blow. It doesn’t take long for me start screaming and begging again.

“Please stop, oh god that hurts, please don’t, I can’t take it!”

You don’t speak, but you do stop and I shudder in relief, thinking that it’s over. But a few moments later, the belt connects with my ass again. This time when I scream, you shove my wadded up panties in my mouth.

“Now, perhaps, you will learn to listen. If the belt is not to your liking, I will try something else.”

I have no idea what you’re doing now, but I know that it can’t be good, and I whimper and moan in pain. My ass stings so badly that I can’t stand it, but the heat in my pussy is almost worse. I don’t have long to wonder about the next phase of my punishment. The paddle you’ve retrieved from its storage place makes a terrifying sound as it swings through the air, and the sound on my skin is even worse. Nothing you’ve done so far tonight has brought me this much pain and if not for the panties in my mouth, my screams would probably wake the neighbors. You take pity on me after five hefty swats and lay down the paddle to tend to my bruised flesh. You kneel between my legs once again and kiss me where you punished me. My crying finally turns to moans and you get up and take the panties out of my mouth.

“Have you learned your lessen?”

“Yes, I won’t be late again.”

“Good girl.”

You stroke my hair and release the blindfold, and the ropes from my ankles and wrists. You help me to my feet and we kiss again. The need burning intensely in us both. We quickly shed our clothes and spend the rest of the night kissing and pleasing each other over and over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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