First Shave

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I slowly wake up from a deep sleep, warm and safe in bed. Josh’s arms are wrapped around me; his body is spooning mine, making me feel protected and cherished. He gently kisses the back of my neck. I quiver in response, my body coming instantly awake, before my mind has a chance to catch up.

“Awake now, baby?” he whispers. His lips brush against my ear, sending tangible shivers coursing through my body.

My eyes still closed, I smile. I want to take my time this morning and enjoy every moment before I face the day ahead. I curl my head low against the pillow, snug in the crook of his shoulder, and mumble a wordless response.

“Time to get up. I have big plans for the day,” he laughs. Josh knows my games, and has seen my morning grumpiness more than once. He slides his arm out from under me and with one last lingering kiss to the back of my neck, pushes me towards the edge of the bed.

I pout, but I obey, swallowing a yawn and a bitter reply as I stumble into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. His hand reaches down, lightly caressing my ass as I leave, and trailing down towards my thighs. I look back at him in consternation. He tries to look innocent, but his face is the last place that innocence belongs right now.

As I lean forward to rinse my face off, I hear Josh’s feet shuffling behind me, and the sound of water running as he turns the shower on. I look up at him in the reflection of the mirror, and his eyes are riveted on my bare ass. When he realizes I’ve stopped moving, his eyes slowly slide up my back to meet mine in the mirror.

“Join me in the shower?” He cocks an eyebrow at me, trying to look innocent again, and making me grin despite myself in response.

“Sure baby, that sounds great,” I smile back at his boyish look, and shake my head bemusedly. He grabs my arm, and pulls me towards the shower, holding the curtain aside for me as I step under the massaging cascade.

Josh steps in behind me, and brings his hands to the back of my neck. He starts to gently rub me as I stand underneath the hot water. I moan in pleasure at the combination of the beating water and the motion of his hands. Josh rubs some shampoo between his hands and works it into my long hair. Then he grabs some soap and rubs it up and down my back, over my arms, soaping me up all over, and turning me to let the water rinse the shampoo from my hair and work the lather from my dripping body. My eyes close. I let the languor of sleep wash from my body, and roll my neck from side to side. His hands are working their magic upon my body, awakening nerve-endings that seem to only respond to his touch. The ones I never knew existed before I met him. There has always been something about his touch, about him, that commands a response from my body no matter time or location, and he not only knows this, he is quick to take advantage.

Josh starts soaping my belly and thighs. I feel his hand slide up to my pussy. A finger slowly eases its way inside my folds. My eyes fly open, and I gasp. His brown eyes connect with mine, intensely locking my gaze as he slides a finger up and down my slit. I bite down on my lip and try to stifle a moan.

“I need to make sure you’re clean HERE too,” he states, emphasizing his words by thrusting his finger inside my hole.

I moan, my eyes still held by his gaze as I press down against his hand. My juices start flowing, mingling with the soapy bubbles lathered into the stubble on my mound. He responds by curling his finger inside me, stroking my snatch from the inside, and pendik escort a whimper escapes my throat. Sliding one hand around my back to support my shaking legs, he works my pussy with his hand, pumping me until I am on the edge of orgasm, making me moan in pleasure.

Abruptly, Josh withdraws his hand. I cry out in disappointment and let my eyes plead with him to touch me again.

“Here baby, it’s your turn,” he says as he hands me the bar of soap.

I narrow my flashing eyes at him, as he smiles and presents his back for me to wash. It is entirely too early in the morning for him to be teasing me like this, and he has to know that I want to make him pay for abandoning my pussy after he made it ache. I rub the soap over his broad shoulders, sliding my hands down his back, rubbing the bubbles into his muscles. My right hand slide down to his ass. My fingers caress him lightly as the soap drips down his body. Quickly, I dart my hand to the front of his body, sliding down to brush his balls before pulling back. I hear him chuckle, and reach my hand upwards to grip his shaft. The soapy lather forms its own lubrication as I stroke him.

Josh spins around, grabs my hand, and presses my palm against his hardening cock. I try to back away, but his grip on my wrist holds me in place. I tentatively look up into his eyes, hoping I haven’t taken this game too far.

His grin turns hungry, and he slowly rubs soap all over his fingers before gripping my hip and turning me again. I feel him palm my ass, before he spreads my cheeks and thrusts his finger inside. I cry out, as he rubs it back and forth.

“Clean here too now, baby,” he whispers to me. “Now go dry off, I’ll be out in a second, and we can finish what we started.”

The water cascades over my body as I let it rinse off the evidence of his ministrations one last time. I climb from the stall, and wrap a warm towel around myself, letting the terry cloth soak up the excess water. While he finishes, I work lotion into my legs, over my ass, stomach and breasts. God, I wish it were his hands on me. I could scream in frustration, as I start walking into the bedroom.

“Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t you go lie down on the bed, close your eyes, and I’ll bring you a surprise,” he says from within the shower.

“Promise? You know how I love your surprises,” I respond. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

I smile, and eagerly jump onto the unmade bed. I push my dripping hair away from my face, close my eyes and wait for him to join me. My body tingles, and I can’t help rubbing my thighs together while I think about what he might be planning. The water turns off. I hear him moving around the bathroom, opening cabinets, and humming to himself. The sound of his steps starts to move closer to me.

The bed shifts as he sits down next to my prone form. I feel him moving my legs, spreading them apart. My wet pussy is open to him. He cups my mound with his hand and squeezes lightly before running his fingers over my labia. I cry out and twitch at every movement of his hand. Quickly, my mind loses itself in the pleasure. I no longer have any sense of self, my world is defined by the sensations. I’m so ensnared, it takes me a moment to realize that I’m no longer being touched.

“There’s something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while.” My lover’s voice is raspy with emotion and restrained passion. “I want to shave your little pussy for you. I have everything ready, so just lie there.”

I smile, and spread my legs even further in acquiescence. pendik escort This is something we’ve joked about, and he’s certainly seen me shave myself often enough that I have no doubts about his ability to do it correctly. I just never realized that his joking comments hid serious intentions.

I gasp when he presses the hot towel into my lower lips. His hand holds it firmly against my willing body. He reaches his other hand up to my chest, and starts to tease my nipples. I bite my lip, trying to hold my moans inside, and squirm against his hands.

After a few minutes, he slides the towel away from me, and I hear him squirting shaving cream into his palm. He rubs his hands together, and coats my vulnerable pussy with the rich cream.

“Now we’ll just let that sit for a while,” he whispers, and lowers his mouth to my breast. He starts licking lightly around my nipple before trailing the end of his tongue to its tip. I arch towards him in an attempt to intensify his touch. He laughs, and slowly licks a circle around my aureole before lowering his mouth to me and sucking in earnest. His lips surround my nipple while his tongue teases it.

With one last lingering oral caress, Josh backs away from me. I feel his hand holding my pussy open as he scrapes the razor blade along my skin. He slides one finger over my clit, letting it rest there, and I gasp. Over and over again, the blade runs over my flesh as he rhythmically strokes me, rinses, and returns to my moist cleft. The desire to move against him is constant, and I fight to lie still. My pussy is dripping, my juices mixing with the rich cream. Finally, he stops. A moist towel wipes me clean.

“All done, baby. Open your eyes and see what you think.”

My green eyes slowly open, reluctantly adjusting to the morning light. Josh is gazing at me hopefully. I look down at my pussy, and smile. He takes my hand and places it over my swollen labia, pressing it in. I rub myself, feeling the smooth texture, feeling my own dampness coating my hands. While he watches, I part my pussy lips, holding my cunt open with one hand, while I slide the fingers of my other hand over my exposed clit, and masturbate for him. He lets me continue for a moment, and then slaps my hands away.

“Did I say you could play with yourself?” he asks.

“No…. but it feels so good! I need it so bad, look how wet you made me,” I plead.

“You’re always that wet, and you know it. What you need is good pounding… right HERE.” He emphasizes his words by sliding three fingers into my tight fuck hole, and curling them up towards my belly button. I’m moaning now, my pussy is tightening around his fingers. He knows how responsive I am to him; he has to know that he’s going to make me cum.

“That’s it, little one, show me how much you want it,” he orders.

“Please, please…. I need to cum. Please don’t stop!” I’m crying and screaming, trying to arch up against his hand, but he pins me down and holds me still, forcing me to accept the pleasure that he is offering. With one last cry, I scream out my orgasm, flooding his fingers with my juices. He continues to stroke me for a few moments, bringing me down slowly.

“Now say thank you, baby.” He holds his fingers to my mouth, sliding them back in forth along my lips until I open them. As he presses them into my mouth, I start licking them clean. My mouth greedily envelopes his fingers and I start sucking harder upon them.

“That’s a good girl, baby. Would you like something bigger to suck on now?”

I pendik escort nod around my mouthful, and he withdraws his fingers, trailing them down my body. He straddles my stomach and slides up my body, and I open my mouth eagerly to take his hard cock. Instead of thrusting into my mouth, he slides the tip over my lips, making me strain my head forward. He paints my mouth with the pre-cum gathering on the head of his cock, and then presses his cock inside my mouth.

I suck the head of his cock, teasing the ridge underneath with the tip of my tongue. He brushes my hair out of my face, and starts breathing heavier. My hand grasps the base of his shaft and I start sliding it up and down in a twisting motion, in time with the sucking motion of my mouth. I form my lips into a tight circle, and my saliva lubricates the motion of my hand, as I close the eyes and savor the taste of my lover. His hands tightly twist in my hair as he groans loudly.

“Enough, baby. I don’t want to cum in your mouth this time.” I open my eyes, and see him looking down at me. He withdraws from my mouth regretfully, and gets up to stand at the side of the bed. I lie there, watching him. He surveys me, clearly considering his options. Josh knows that my body is his toy, and that I will deny him nothing.

He grabs my legs, and pulls me to the edge of the bed, still on my back. Propping my legs on his shoulders, he grabs my hips, and slams his hard cock inside my juicy pussy. I loudly scream out my pleasure.

“Does my little girl like that? Do you like when I fuck this pussy?”

I nod. The ability to form words is lost. He loves this, loves the control he has over my body, and more than anything, loves that I want him to have that control. My pussy is creaming so badly around his shaft that I can feel my juices on my thighs and belly. Every thrust drives the tip of his cock against my g-spot.

“Oh, yes, yes… yes, please,” I plead as my head rolls from side to side. “Please, baby… please, let me… I need…..”

“What, little one? What do you need? Does my girl want to cum?”

I am panting now, my moans rapidly becoming a low keen. “Please, I need to… need to… cum, please!” I manage to get the words out.

He starts pounding into my pussy faster, holding my hips still in his hands. I am screaming now, my eyes squeeze shut in frustration and in my struggle to hold back my orgasm.

“CUM NOW,” he shouts, as he slams into me. “Cum, little one, show me how much you love this cock!”

“AHHHHH!” I scream. My pussy clamps down on his cock, as I squeeze it tightly in my pleasure. I can feel the inner walls pulsing as I orgasm. My stomach and thigh muscles are completely rigid. He holds my body up and continues to pound me throughout. My scream becomes a wailing shriek.

“That’s a good girl,” he moans. “Now, I’m gonna cum for you.” He leans forward, pressing me down against the bed, as he pumps me rhythmically. I arch my pelvis up against him, the quivers of my orgasm still rolling through my body. He twines one hand in my hair, pulling my head to the side, and exposing my neck. Falling forward, his body holding mine down, he bites down on my vulnerable neck, and moans his orgasm out loud. His cum shoots into my hole.

His thrusts slow, as he starts to come down. Careful not to crush me, Josh rolls onto his side and pulls me against him. We lie there, sweaty and disheveled, catching our breath.

After a few minutes, Josh nibbles on my ear.

“So, did I do a good job shaving you?”

I smile and nod, and wiggle my body back against his.

He slides his arm around me, and presses my head down into the crook of his shoulder.

“You are such a good girl,” he mumbles sleepily.

“Only because you make me want to be,” I whisper back, relaxing against him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32