First Pt. 02 of 03

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Thanks to Iris_Untangled for editing. You’re amazing!


That Friday night, Amber picked me up at my place. As soon as I laid eyes on her, I was a goner; my cock was an iron bar before I had even said hello. She wore a short, black dress, sleeveless with a sultry open back, and black suede lace-up heels. My god, she looked hot!

Although she was a bit early, she insisted on leaving immediately.

“I’ve made arrangements for everything on your wish list except for one thing,” she said as we drove off. “But since we’ve got some time to spare, there might be a way yet…”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I admitted, squirming in my seat. I pressed down on my crotch, trying to calm my raging hard-on, but it was no use. Amber noticed my predicament and offered a sympathetic smile.

“You can take it out and jack it for a while if you need to,” she said.

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Sure, just don’t cum, okay?” she giggled.

Needing no further words of encouragement, I whipped out my throbbing cock and stroked, off and on, until we arrived at our destination: a parking complex on the outskirts of the city. Amber parked the car, killed the engine, and opened the door. Stunned that she would leave me hanging like that, I stuffed my dick back in my pants and followed her out of the garage and toward the shabbier part of town. We walked for about five minutes until we arrived at a crowded local nightclub, but instead of going in, Amber led me into the dark alley out back.

“Maybe we’ll get lucky,” she whispered as she fearlessly headed down the gloomy backstreet.

“Amber, what the fuck?” I hissed, trailing behind her.

“We still have half an hour before our time slot,” she replied. “Maybe I can complete your list.”

“Once again, I have no idea what you’re going on about, but if it’s just one thing, we can-“

“Stay here,” she interrupted.

She walked over to a girl smoking a cigarette and checking something on her phone. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but after a few seconds, the girl shot Amber a dirty look and shook her head, obviously turning down whatever request my girl had made.

Unfazed by this rejection, Amber continued down the alley until she noticed a pair of girls talking and laughing. Their outfits, or lack thereof, indicated they’d had a rather good time in the club – their dresses, one red, the other black, barely covered their asses and were completely backless. I wasn’t sure they weren’t actually lingerie, not really dresses at all, but before I could finish my analysis, Amber had walked up and started a conversation with the girls.

After listening for a few seconds, they glanced at me and giggled. A few moments later, the look on their faces turned to shock. I couldn’t tell what they were saying, and honestly, I wasn’t sure I wanted to know, but I’ll admit I was growing very curious as I watched them talk and laugh amongst themselves. Amber glanced over at me and shrugged her shoulders, uncertain if the girls would take her up on her offer.

What the fuck had she said to them? What the fuck were we doing in this alley? I just wanted to fuck my girlfriend and stop these stupid games, but I knew I was at her mercy, and if I ever wanted to slide my fat cock in her lovely, sopping cunt, I knew I had to play.

Snapping out of my reverie, I realized the girl in the black dress must have agreed to Amber’s proposal, because the next thing I knew, she leaned toward the girl in the red and softly kissed her lips. It was a bit awkward at first, but they seemed to get in the spirit of things pretty fast, their kissing becoming more passionate and their hands touching each other all over.

Just as it seemed they were really getting into it, the girl in the black dress stopped cold, handed her purse to her friend, and squatted down against the wall, looking up at my girlfriend expectantly. Amber turned to me and smirked, and it occurred to me the debauchery had only just begun. I watched in disbelief as she slipped her hands under her dress, hooked her thumbs into the sides of her black satin panties, and pulled them all the way down, exposing her dripping cunt to this complete stranger. She stepped towards the wall, put one leg on each side of the squatting girl, and lowered her snatch within an inch of her face.

Without taking her eyes off mine, Amber pushed her crotch into the girl’s face, which began moving in earnest. I didn’t have the best view, and my head was positively swimming trying to process the scene in front of me, but it appeared she was licking my girlfriend’s pussy. She must have been doing a decent job, because Amber started moaning and gyrating her hips, riding the girl’s face harder and harder. I couldn’t believe my eyes – what a slut! Both of them!

Remembering we weren’t alone, I turned my gaze to the girl in the red dress, who seemed just as baffled, and probably as aroused, as I was. There was no sign of laughter left on her face, just excitement kocaeli escort as she watched her friend feast on a perfect stranger in that disgusting alley. Three hot and horny twats and zero chance of getting any action!

A young couple passed by and gawked at the lewd scene before them, then quickly disappeared into the night. I couldn’t blame them – it didn’t make sense to me either. A few minutes later, Amber stood up and stepped back, allowing her temporary lover to stand up, too. She pulled her dress back into place, covering up her glistening twat, and leaned in to speak to the girl.

I wished I could hear the question, but I didn’t have to wonder long, because the girl swiftly nodded her head in agreement to the utter surprise of her friend. As she leaned against the wall and reached under her dress to take her panties off, I understood what was going on. She handed them to her friend, lifted her dress, and revealed her hairless pussy.

“You mind?” Amber asked me rhetorically – she could hardly turn back now.

“Not at all,” I smiled. I couldn’t believe my luck! Finally something in this arrangement for me. Amber got down on her knees and eagerly began returning the favor. My cock was rock hard, straining in my pants, and grew even harder watching my girlfriend snack on this stranger’s pussy. I pushed it down several times to ease my discomfort, which caught the eye of Amber’s new lover.

She grinned at me devilishly before raising her right leg higher, encouraging Amber to dive deeper into her snatch. It must have worked, because the girl immediately started moaning, panting continuously with her mouth agape.

God, this was hot. I wanted to whip out my cock right there, it would only take a few strokes before I’d be adding my spunk to the cesspool of this alley. But then the girl lowered her leg and Amber crawled back to her feet, sensually wiping her cum-smeared mouth with her thumb and index finger. It was over. Amber turned and headed back toward me while the other girl righted her clothes – she took her wadded up panties from her friend’s outstretched hand, stepped into them carefully so as not to lose her balance, and pulled her wrinkled dress back down, whispering and giggling amongst themselves the whole time.

As I handed Amber her purse – I knew there probably was no use giving her the panties, she probably wouldn’t be wearing them much tonight – she whispered, “Bye, thank you!”

The girls looked up and smiled, Amber’s temporary lover saying, “Bye…you too!”

“That was fucking hot!” I exclaimed, eager to share my excitement. It had been one of the most exciting events of my life, no question.

“Yeah, I bet you liked that..” Amber grinned, adding “…don’t get used to it though. This was a one-time thing, just something to scratch off the list.”

“You’re a little lesbian slut, aren’t you,” I whispered, my enthusiasm getting the better of me.

Amber looked over, amused, but replied with a stern warning. “Down boy,” she cautioned. “The rest of the evening won’t be as pleasant.”

“Oh crap,” I thought. What was next on her list?

We walked over to an adult theater, where she talked to the doorman for a few moments and showed him a golden card. He nodded and asked one of the bouncers to escort us inside, where he led us through a small maze of corridors and staircases until we arrived in some sort of cellar. “Booth 5B,” the guy said tersely as he looked Amber up and down.

I followed Amber towards our designated booth and she locked the door behind us.

“Amber, what the fuck are we doing here?” I asked, rightly confused.

“Working through that list of yours,” she replied. “What else?”

“This is a fucking gloryhole booth! Are you seriously planning on sucking a cock through that?” I pointed at the gaping hole in the wall to our right, stunned.

It was way too big, even for the most well-endowed amongst us, but then I remembered a few porn clips I’d seen and realized not only their cock and balls had to fit through the hole, but also their entire arm, to jack-off their cock and feel up the slut on the other side of the wall. Holy fuck. This was really happening.

“One? Oh, I think I am going to have to suck more than one, Matthew,” she smiled as she threw her purse in the corner. “There were quite a few requests on your list.”

“Stop calling it my list! This is your perversion, remember?” I hissed the words angrily, taking a step away from her, away from the well-used hole in the wall.

“Are you backing out of our deal, Matthew?” she asked seductively. “If you’d like, we can leave and forget about your list, or my perversion… just don’t expect me to suck your cock any time soon, or take your cum anywhere.” I didn’t reply.

“Well?” she asked, hands on her hips. I exhaled sharply. I had to say something.

“Look, I’m just nervous, okay? I didn’t expect this…it’s so…nasty and vile!” I finally sputtered.

“Just think of the rewards,” Amber replied softly, reaching kocaeli escort bayan for the zipper on her dress.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Stripping, what does it look like?” she laughed, stepping out of her dress and tossing it on the sticky floor with her purse.

I stared at her, nearly buck naked and absolutely beautiful. God, she was perfect. Perfect tits, perfect pussy, perfect ass. It made my head a little fuzzy to see her gorgeous body contrasted with this dingy room, but somehow, I managed to squeak out a question.

“Why?” I asked.

“What do you mean why? If I’m going to be a gloryhole slut, I need to be naked!” she said, unclasping her green satin bra and adding it to the pile.

“No you don’t!” I exclaimed, knowing fully well how a gloryhole worked while simultaneously ogling her stunning naked body.

“Fine. It’s just nastier this way, is that what you wanted to hear?” she replied. I could hear the annoyance in her voice, which both disappointed me and, if we’re being completely honest, turned me on. I could feel the heat spreading to my cock, my frustration and arousal both edging higher.

“I take back what I said earlier, you’re not a slut…you’re a whore!” I sighed.

“Sticks and stones,” she whispered with a smile as she gave her cunt a few hard slaps, sank to her knees in front of the hole, and said, “I may be a whore, but I’ll be a whore for other guys first.” I blinked in amazement.

“You ready?” she smiled up at me.

“No! I -”

“Me too,” she interrupted enthusiastically, completely ignoring me as she impatiently knocked on the wall. Nothing happened for a few moments, time Amber used to play with her nipples, but then a big, hard cock slowly pushed its way through the hole. It had been played with quite a lot from the looks of things, and was positively throbbing.

She smiled up at me as she wrapped her hand around the stranger’s thick pole and slowly moved towards it. I gawked at her, shaking my head, my eyes begging her not to do it, but I knew it was no use. She jacked the cock ever so slightly and opened her mouth, engulfing the shaft inch by pulsating inch. When she reached the base, she closed her lips around his meat and held it still in her velvety mouth, teasing the cock’s owner and tormenting me at the same time.

I silently wondered if he was enjoying the torture as much as I was, but it was short lived as I watched Amber look away and start bobbing her head up and down, faster and faster, until she abruptly stopped and slid all the way off his slimy cock. It bounced up and down in the hole, hard as steel and drooling precum – I’m sure if she’d sucked it for another couple of seconds, the guy would have blown his load all over my girlfriend’s slut face. But Amber had no intention of making this go quickly, she wanted to enjoy it, and torment me.

After watching it bounce a few more times, she enveloped the fat shaft again in her warm, slutty mouth and moved up and down, over and over, probably driving the guy on the other side of the wall crazy with anticipation. She started kneading her tits, one at a time, really tugging her nipples hard, which I assumed was as much for her own pleasure as it was for my further humiliation.

It didn’t seem to do the trick, because it was quickly apparent Amber had had enough foreplay and wanted some cum. Once again, she started sucking like there was no tomorrow, but this time she didn’t rudely pull off just as the guy was about to blow his load. She kept going, her speed and pressure increasing more and more until suddenly I heard a loud moan from the other side of the wall. The guy’s hand shot through the hole and Amber popped off with a slurp as he clutched his raging boner and started pumping.

Realizing the guy preferred to finish things himself, Amber raised up slightly and used both hands to push her tits into his line of fire. After another loud moan, he blasted an impressive load onto her neck and right shoulder, missing her heaving rack entirely. By the time Amber realized her tits were spared and readjusted herself, it was too late. The last remaining drops in his fuck tube dripped unceremoniously onto her knee, then he pulled out and vanished.

Amber’s face clearly showed her disappointment, but she also knew she would get another chance. In the time it took the first guy to zip up, rearrange his clothes, and leave the cubicle, another guy would take his place. Amber looked at me and whispered, “Whip it out. I wanna see you jack off to this.”

“Why?” I asked, disheartened. “I’m not getting any action anytime soon anyway.”

“That’s exactly why…” she smiled cruelly. “I want you to cum to the sight of me sucking another cock, and swallowing someone else’s sperm.”

“You fucking slut,” I replied angrily, unbuttoning my pants. I knew I wouldn’t have been able to resist stroking while I watched her suck another cock even if she hadn’t asked me, and I hated myself for it.

Like clockwork, another dick slipped izmit escort through the hole and into place. It was smaller than the first one, but hard and ready nonetheless. Amber didn’t waste any time and started licking it up and down, glancing at me while I stripped down and got on my knees in the corner of our booth. I jacked my cock slowly, waiting to see what she would do next. This was how she wanted me, naked, on my knees, whacking my sad cock, and now she started sucking it for real, wrapping her hand around the shaft, jacking and sucking at the same time. This time she didn’t stop and just went straight for the finish.

Neither of us heard the guy cum, and because of Amber’s inexperience, she was slightly surprised when her mouth started filling up with his jizz. She moaned in surprise, but kept on sucking and jacking until she thought he was finished. He dumped everything he had in her waiting mouth, not missing a drop, and when his cock started to shrivel, he pulled out and disappeared.

Amber smiled as she kept her mouth closed, she hadn’t swallowed yet. I knew what she wanted. She leaned towards me, brought her face within inches of mine, and opened her mouth, showing me the white, gooey cum inside. Even if I assumed there was some of her own saliva in there as well, it was still a healthy load. I started jacking off faster, and Amber caught on. She smiled even wider and glanced down at my hard cock, then back at me, and swallowed everything ostentatiously.

Two cocks down and feeling pretty good about the results, we soon realized the third guy wasn’t going to be easy. Before Amber could get back into position for the next cock, an arm pushed through the gloryhole and slapped her hard on the ass.

“Oh!” Amber gasped as she glanced back, watching the muscled hand caress and slap her cheeks a few more times. They were pretty hard, but she didn’t seem to mind as she smiled and gasped and just let it happen. Suddenly, he put his hand over her butt crack and slipped a finger up her soaking twat, quickly followed by a second one.

“Fuck yeah,” Amber hissed, closing her eyes as she faced me again. The man violated Amber’s needy pussy for a few seconds, pulled out and slapped her ass sharply, then wriggled a single finger up her asshole. Amber’s eyes shot open, shock and surprise on her face, but she didn’t resist or try to break free. Soon the guy was knuckle-deep up her ass with his index finger, pumping it in and out slowly.

“Oh fuck, I like this one…what an asshole. I’m going to suck him extra hard,” Amber moaned, positively reveling in his abuse. She waited for him to pull back, then sat up, faced the hole and opened her mouth, slurping as much of his fingers as she could, including the ones that had been inside her two holes. He let her suck for a moment, then reached back and slapped her across her right cheek. Amber gasped, clearly aroused and eager for more, and sat like a good slut, waiting for more. Another slap, followed by another one, and another…

Amber, radiating lust, looked me dead in the face and mouthed, “Oh, fuck yeah!”

He caressed her cheek, her chin, and slid his hand down to her neck, where his fingers slowly tightened around her throat. She tilted her chin, giving him better access, and he tightened his grip. The pressure mounting, Amber opened her mouth and hung out her tongue, no doubt feeling pretty raunchy by now. She started to choke and gag, struggling to breathe under his squeezing fingers, when I noticed her right hand moving down in between her legs. She was getting off on his assault, and it was completely fucking hot!

When he finally released his grip, the guy struck her face again, hard, then grabbed her right tit roughly and jiggled it up and down in the degrading way she deserved. He gave the same nasty attention to the left one, flicking both nipples alternately, and started choking her again with no mercy. By the time he finally released her, Amber had two fingers lodged up her cunt and was fingering the shit of herself while gasping for air. He smacked her face a few more times, withdrew his hand, and shoved his enormous cock through the hole.

I barely caught a glimpse of it because Amber attacked it as soon as she laid eyes on it, wolfing it down, more than eager to suck him dry and reward him for his delicious abuse. I knew immediately this was the one – if Amber had any say in the matter, she would make sure he came on her face.

She wrapped her delicate hand around his shaft and lovingly nursed on the tip, something I had never seen her do before. With one hand around his cock and the other between her spread legs, she gave him all she had. For seven agonizing minutes (yes, I timed her), she bobbed her head up and down this brute’s cock, sucking and licking and making a complete mess of her pretty face. Without warning, he moaned and banged his fist on the wall, signaling he was about to cum.

Amber wrapped both hands around his throbbing cock and started milking it, aiming his engorged tip straight for the center of her face. It bumped against her nose and cheek, surely he knew what she was going to do? I watched in horror as his cock twitched and unloaded an obscene amount of gooey spunk on her face.

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