First New Year

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Dave drove home a little slower than usual. The first snow to actually stick had begun that morning as he headed to work. And the accumulation was astounding for even New York. Might even set a new record. “I’m thankful for the weekend, but two days in heaven just ain’t gonna do. Yes, it’s gonna take forever, Girl, I just got started Loving You…” he sang along with his radio, thinking of Stephanie. *Damn it, Man! She isn’t yours and you can’t have her! She made her decision back before Thanksgiving when she cut you out of her life. She was too young anyways. She is better off with her husband, they are the same age…can grow old together…she is happy now…* The voice on the radio penetrates his thoughts singing “What’s the point in fightin’; we both know we’re not gonna win. Ain’t this what we’re missing? Let’s just stop all this resisting, and give in.” *That was what we did for a year-fought it, giving in, and then fighting it again.

Now she is gone for good. She is happy without this old man in her life.* Tired of the memories the song was triggering, Dave changed the station. “Sexy, Sexy, Sex-Y, Naughty, naughty, Naugh-TY” *DAMN IT! I can’t escape her today! DAMN WOMAN!* He had had his fair share of internet “lovers” but the last two had played hard on his heart. He lost the last one just as he had gained his freedom from his real life wife. And Stephanie, well she had been there constantly through all the ups and downs he & Terry had suffered as well as after she left him. He had met Steph before he met Terry, in fact, was with Steph secretly and they had invited Terry to join them in playing. The women soon found that they didn’t like sharing him as each wanted her share of time. Stephanie had decided to step away, being happily married, and let Terry have him, but they had continued talking off and on. They messed around every once in a while, but they really had just been there for each other through struggles and difficult times. The friendship had been valued as much as the fringe benefits. “She’s got LEGS! And she knows how to use them.” Of all the songs to come on after Tata Young’s Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Me, it just had to be ZZ Tops Legs- of course- as it was another of Steph’s “signature” songs.

Dave parks his truck in the driveway, now tired from not just work but the mental battle to keep memories out of his head. She was a sexy young mother living in the south, married to perhaps the luckiest son of a bitch he could think of, though he wasn’t convinced her husband knew just how lucky he was. He pulls his many layers of clothing tighter as he heads past his brother’s door to the steps leading to his upstairs apartment. The smell of Mexican food dances on the wind around him. *Rhonda and Mike must have worked something out for the night and be eating over here tonight. Mike deserves to be happy. I’ll head upstairs and let them be. He’ll know where to find me later when he wants to talk about what is going on.* Despite being tired, he climbed the steps quickly, encouraged by the snow and freezing wind.

Dave walked in the door and froze for a moment. “Mike? What the hell are you doing up here? And cooking? What is the occasion? Christmas was last week, Little Bro!” Laughing he silently thanks his brother for the fact that the cranky furnace is on and the apartment is warm enough to begin removing the layers of clothes he wears at work. Now down to only one pair of jeans and a t-shirt, Dave heads to the bathroom calling out, “Be there in a minute, Mike.” As he exits the bathroom he notices something he missed when he entered-a woman’s leather coat on the floor behind the door. “Nicole? Hun, is that you? Did Uncle Mike let you-” He stopped in his tracks still in the hallway leading to the dining room and kitchen. The woman he saw in the kitchen was NOT his daughter. “STEPHANIE?!?! WHAT THE HELL?”

“Dave, Darling, I simply couldn’t stand it any longer. I cut you out of my life completely- thinking I would be fine and you would stop consuming my thoughts eventually. I figured time would clear my head of the confusion and help me to realize that you were a really bad man and I was wrong to let you in my life in the first place. The truth is I didn’t start really living until a little over a year ago, when you entered my life. You taught me things and opened my heart in ways I can’t begin to explain. Yes, I do still love him, and I will miss my old life a good deal at times, but if you’ll have me…” She refused to look at him the entire time she spoke, until she got to the very end, paying close attention to the meal she was preparing. As she spoke the beginnings of this last sentence, she pulled the last pan off the stove and set it on a cool burner, turned and looked him in the eyes.

He saw uncertainty in the depths of her blue eyes. Her snug jeans and low cut blouse were descent enough to go out in but figure revealing and very sexy. “DAMN WOMAN, when you didn’t answer my calls or texts, closed all the email accounts I knew of, well escort bayan gaziantep I thought you had finally managed to break free of the spell you said I had cast. What the HELL are you doing here? How did you get in?” As he asked the questions he slowly stepped toward her and then stopped directly in front of her. “Damn you are a sight and I want to just eat you alive, but WHAT THE HELL are you doing here?”

Stephanie bit her lower lip, trying to control the tears threatening to start, and looked at the floor fearing Dave was about to tell her he didn’t want her after all. *I knew this would happen. I knew that if he saw me he would be disappointed and not want me.* “What happened? What happened was that I let you into my heart and then tried to cut my heart out in an attempt to remove you from my life so I could return to the life I know I am supposed to be living-the one that is supposed to bring that fairy tale “happily ever after” ending. But I couldn’t. I was no longer happy and I was making everyone else miserable. He asked me to leave and settle whatever it was I was trying to settle when I told him I was still thinking about you. But I guess since you don’t want me after all I’ll start heading back-“

“Damn you and your jumping to conclusions and hasty reactions! When will you learn to slow down and chill out a bit? Do I need to throw you out in the snow for a few minutes? Will that help?” With that said, Dave scooped her into his arms grabbing her ass as he planted a brain draining kiss on her lips. His tongue explored her mouth fully and apparently the kiss worked its magic. He felt her relaxing and then returning his kiss, as she slid her arms around his waist and then down to his ass surprising him. “Well now, I thought you were a good little girl…” He grinned down at her as she massaged his butt cheeks through his jeans for a moment. She then began to withdraw from his embrace resting her hands on the front of his jeans. “And you’re definitely not going to convince me of that with your hands where they are now.” He grinned down at her as she began to unbuckle his belt.

“Is that what You want?” Stephanie’s eyes sparkled with mischief as she began to unbutton his jeans. “You want me to be Lil’ Miss Goody-Goody? You see I thought I was Your little bitch.” She pulls Dave’s pants and the underwear down to his ankles and begins to kiss a path up his thighs, pausing as he shivers, groaning. “Too cold? Shall I stop?” He looks her in the eyes and shakes his head, not trusting his voice. She restarts her assault on his legs, kissing first one thigh then the other slowly ascending toward his manhood. She peers up at him with the look of a schoolgirl just given her most prized toy. He watches her closely relishing every touch; her soft, wet lips on his thighs, her smooth warm hand, pressing into the backs of his legs. She looks him in the eyes again then as she pauses at the head of his erection. “May i?” At his nod, she licks him from base to tip, and then returns to the base to repeat this again and again until he thinks he’ll scream he wants in her mouth so badly. Almost reading his mind she slams him as fully and completely as she can into her mouth and nearly chokes trying to swallow him. She continues to ram his hard cock in and out faster and faster.

*Damn I think she WANTS this as much as I do. And GOD she is good! HELLFIRE this is-* “OH DAMN, Baby! OH!” He erupted in her mouth, seeming a bit surprised at the speed with which she brought his arousal to completion.

She watches his face and knows he was fully pleased on every possible level and that she has surprised him in more than one way today. She rocks back onto her feet, and begins to pull his clothes back up. As she finishes fastening his jeans, Dave takes her in his arms and plants a deep, tender kiss on her quivering lips.

“You ok? You’re shaking, Sweetheart.” Dave looks down at her face and she appears a little paler than he thought she had been when he had first seen her. He takes her hands in his and begins pulling her toward the table and its one chair but she resists.

“I just stood up too quickly. I’ll be fine in a minute. STOP pulling me. I need to get supper on the table. Could you PLEASE go get another chair for at the table? Or were you planning to eat in front of the TV?” Stephanie had managed to wrangle free of Dave’s hands, but not for long. She managed to make it to the cabinets before he was there behind her. “Umm, Dave, Hun, I can’t set the table, fix plates, or DO anything with you attached to my backside. I PROMISE after supper if you REALLY want to you can stand at my backside as long as you want. Ok?”

“Turn around and let me look at you and then I’ll help set the table or whatever you need me to do to help. I am starved but you were awful pale.”

Slowly, Steph turns around and smiles at him. She feels her insides melting at the concern she sees shining in his eyes. It had been a while since she had seen that in anyone’s eyes when it came to her and she loved it. She kisses him lightly on the lips and says, “Thank you. I need to know where the plates and silverware are. I found the pots and pans ok, but forget which cabinets the plates were in. I don’t know id starved means the same to Yankees, but I know I am and my stomach is about to yell load enough for you to hear if I don’t get something in it soon.” Grinning, she walks to the cabinet he points to and pulls a couple of plates out. He walks to a drawer and pulls a couple of forks out. “What is there to drink, I mean aside from water?” she asks as she scoops the fajita fixings onto the tortillas. I’ve had nothing but water since I talked Mike into letting me in. OH, I guess that answers one of your questions. I talked Mike into letting me in. He figured I had to be legit to know SO much about your family and so many names. My only problem was when I couldn’t tell him the name of his band. I just could remember that. Where are we eating, Hun? Table or living room?”

“Living room suits me fine. I’ll have to go outside and grab another chair in a little bit, but for now we can sit in there listening to the music and just chill out for a little bit.”

“Sure thing, Darlin’, the living room it is then. Will you bring the drinks, please?”

“Got it, Babe”

Sitting in the living room they ate in relative silence; Dave refilling his plate three times. “THAT was the BEST meal I have had in AGES!” he exclaimed as he stretched his arms over his head.

Stephanie was sitting in the floor in front of the couch looking up at him. “Dave? Will you take me for a walk around the neighborhood? I know it is snowing, but I feel like a kid, I have only seen snow a handful of times in my life PLEASE, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE???? ” She had crawled over to the front the couch and was now running her hands up his thighs in a way that pushed her breasts closer together and almost up and out the low cut front of her snap up blouse.

He couldn’t tell her no; she was too cute like that, and when he told her yes, she shrieked with joy, straddled his lap and hugged his neck. Sitting up, she kissed his cheek lightly and started to stand, only to find he wasn’t so willing to let her up. She wiggles a little in his lap and rubs her almost bared breasts on his chest and up his neck as high as she can.

“Can we go for a walk right now, please? I don’t want to be out too long after dark cause I know it will really get cold then. And I don’t have anything more than the jacket I have behind the door. PLEASE?” she had her mouth right next to his ear as she whispered the plea, wiggling and rubbing everything she could, knowing that he was enjoying the tease almost as much as she was.

“OK, if you insist.”

“I figure we will come home and need a good way to warm up, Baby. And I have a plan that includes a nice HOT shower when we get back.” She kissed his cheek and he let her slide from his lap and help him to his feet.

They bundle up and head out into the snow. The sun hits the snow and reflects back a blinding white light. “OH! It wasn’t like this when I went inside earlier. Another several inches have fallen. WOW! It is beautiful.”

He was watching closely, feeling her excitement growing and bubbling over so that he was beginning to feel it as well. “Yes, beautiful.”

She notices he wasn’t looking at the snow like she was and decides to simply head down the steps without saying anything. He follows her down the steps, pulling his coat closer. He reaches over and grabs her hand as they begin to walk. He leads them along the snowy paths he knows so well but she wouldn’t have found as easily being new to the area. They enter a small park and continue to walk along quietly enjoying each others presence and the noise the river is making. They pass several large rocks all covered in snow. Stephanie asks if he minds letting her rest on a rock she sees just inside a cluster of trees. He says no, but they shouldn’t stand still too long as it is VERY windy and there is still snow falling. She sits down after wiping the snow from the rock and looks around at the secluded clearing just a few steps further in. Snow topped rocks blocked the entire side the wind was blasting in from. The ground had some snow on it but the trees had blocked a good bit from actually landing on the ground. She stood and started walking toward the area, a plan forming in her mind.

“Babe, the trail is this way.”

“I know, but I want to look at something over here for a sec. Is that ok?”

“Sweetheart it is cold,” he starts but then sees her ducking behind a cluster of rocks on the river’s edge and hurries to make sure she is safe.

In the 5 steps it takes him to reach the rocks she was behind, Steph had removed her jacket and was waiting for his face to appear to start popping the snaps on her top. As soon as she saw him, she started unsnapping her top and then released her bra. Her breasts appeared to jump for joy at their release from their prison and they certainly had an arousing effect on Dave. He opened his mouth but then closed it not caring if he did got caught indecently exposed with this woman, though frost bite might be a more likely issue. She was removing her boots, and pants while he stood there watching. “I have never played in the snow like this and suddenly feel VERY naughty. I’m gonna make a nakie snow angel then I plan to do whatever you want me to, right here in this park. Unless you don’t want to stay …I mean…”

“OH NO! I am totally enjoying the show! PLEASE, carry on…I’ll let you know what I want you to do and when.”

Smiling, “Thankies, Sir.” She stretches out trying hard not to scream from the intense cold. Even this thin layer of snow was super cold to her. She made her first snow angel in years. She was shivering and her nipples were harder than the rocks she had undressed behind. She looked at Dave and suddenly felt exceptionally warm. Sitting up on her knees she looks up at him and asks, “What might be Your desire, Sir?”

He says her name in that tone of voice so that she knows exactly what he wants but since this was a once in a lifetime opportunity she asks if there was a certain position he wishes her to be in when she fucks herself for him. He saw a smaller rock that was still hidden and told her to stand with one foot on it. She crawls to the rock swaying her naked ass as sexily as she can. Then stands slowly positioning herself and looks at him waiting for his permission.

“Are you very wet?” He asks walking closer to her.

“Oh, Yes, Darling. I have been VERY wet since You began walking up the steps and then during your blowjob I thought I was going to explode with want. But I didn’t let myself. I am VERY wet for You right now, Darling. May I please cum now? I am starting to get very cold, and really don’t want to get sick, but the impulse hit me to do this, just this once-”


She immediately slips a finger in her very wet pussy and begins pulling it in and out. Then she slips in a second finger so she can reach that spot easier and soon is nearing her climax when she hears him say, “Stop, now.” She pulls the dripping fingers from inside herself and looks at him-want and desire plainly written on her face.

He is unfastening his pants. “I want your first cum in New York to be all over me.” He lowers his pants and drives his rock hard cock into her drippy pussy and she starts to moan. He covers her mouth with a hand and reminds her she must remain quiet, the noise of the river won’t cover their noises to anyone nearby. She nods so he returns his hand to her ass and pulls her into him thrusting him deeper into her. He watches as she bites her lip and tries hard not to scream out then she begins to whisper one phrase over and over, “Please? May I cum now? Please?” He can’t stand it any longer himself and says yes and they cum together trying desperately to remain quiet.

She is shivering and cold to the touch when he starts to pull away. “Wait, please?”

“What, Sweetheart?”

“I just wanted to burn this memory into my mind, all the little details, before it is gone forever.” She kisses him deeply and that is when they hear a dog baking and a child talking excitedly not to far away. He adjusts his pants, shakes out hers and when she is ready, he snaps her blouse shut and helps her back into her coat, slipping her bra into his coat pocket.

They wait for the dog and its owners to pass and then emerge from the trees. As they walk along, Dave wraps a possessive arm around Stephanie’s waist. “Thank you, Baby. You have no idea how much this afternoon means to me.”

“Thank YOU, Darlin’. I have never had sex in the snow. Only done it outside a small handful of times, but THAT, well I have been waiting for THAT to happen for around a year now.”

“And? Was it as good as you hoped?”

“Nope.” She paused to tease him a moment and she could see he was hoping there was more to come. “It was better!” She giggles at his sigh of relief, buries into his arm as best she can reliving all the afternoon in her mind as she was sure he was as well. Life with each other was certainly not going to be dull.

As they came back around the corner of the house, Dave’s younger brother Mike opened his door and waved them inside. “Hi again, Stephanie. I hope you aren’t pissed, Dave, but she was pretty convincing, so I let her in. I debated just having her stay down her, but she really wanted to have supper fixed and ready when you got home. I stayed up there for a little while, but when she seemed to know right where to go for certain rooms & shit, I figured you had either web cammed with her or told her A LOT about the apartment as well.”

“I wasn’t sure whether to kill ya or kiss ya for a few minute, but I think I’ll just say thanks for the time, and ask that if anything like this ever did happen again in the future you babysit them here til I get home,” Dave chuckles as he hugs his brother whispering very quietly, “But thanks-it was most definitely a pleasant surprise.”

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