First Meeting

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Big Tits

We meet for the first time, after having many chats on-line and getting to know quite a bit about one another. You’ve mixed margaritas for us, and we sit and have a real get acquainted talk. From our on-line “chats”, we know a lot about what turns each other on. You know, for instance, that I just love a woman with a nice curvy ass who wears tight jeans, shorts, skirts, spandex, swimwear, and silk/satin panties (not thongs, but the older kind that encase her ASSets. I find a lady in bra and panties very, very sexy!

Anyway, honey, your wearing tight shorts which leave no doubt as to your curvaceous derriere, and a tank top that hugs your tits, to the point that I can see the nipples projecting. After two margaritas, I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. When I re-enter the room, I’m shocked to find you standing by the window, facing away from me, in only beautiful white panties and bra on. I slowly walk up behind you and put my arms around your body cupping a soft tit in each hand, and pulling you gently back against me, to where you can feel my hard cock pressing against the crack of your ass.

You reach behind you, for my belt buckle, and I help you undo it… unzip my trousers… letting them fall to the floor. Then I pull you back against my hardness again and nuzzle the whiteness of your neck that’s beneath the shiny tresses of your luxurious hair. My tongue darts out and licks your neck, moving slowly around to your ears, where I stop to lick your lobes in between my whispered comments about how fantastically sexy I think you are. My dick is throbbing against your ass, as I slowly rub it back and forth against your crack, while fondling and squeezing your tits, I reach back and undue the bra, so that I may feel your eager breasts without the fabric encumbrance. I roll your nipples between my fingers and pinch each one lightly.

Then I drop to my knees and put my arms around your hips, while I rub my face against the shininess of your panties. My tongue begins to lick your ass cheeks through the material. But, I must have more, so putting my fingers into the top of the garment, I very slowly ease them downward, kissing and licking every inch of skin as it’s revealed. Once the panties are on the floor, I bathe your buttocks in the moistness of my wet tongue…. spending much time kissing, nibbling, and licking each cheek, ’til finally I begin to lick the crack. Meanwhile, one hand has reached around to stroke the lips of your pussy.

Oh, baby, how I’m enjoying licking the crack of your ass, squeezing a cheek with one hand and rubbing your clit with the other. Your ass jams back into my face hard as you moan and I can already feel the dampness of your pussy, as my finger teases your clit, rubbing it slowly, back and forth, back and forth, up and down, back and forth. My other had is pulling one cheek to the side so I can lick deeper into your crack. I find your rosebud with my tongue and begin to tease it by licking all around it. I enjoy taking my time with such a glorious ass, getting the outside of your asshole good and wet from the saliva off my tongue. I lick it, and lick it, and lick it. My fingers, meanwhile are still busy with your exquisite pussy, tantalizing your clit, flicking back and forth across yenimahalle escort it, then rubbing it harder and harder.

THEN, at the exact same moment, my finger plunges deep into your love canal and my tongue dives forward into your asshole. It’s such a delicious sensation, my face buried in the crack of your ass, my tongue driving as deep as it can, pulling it back a little, then driving in deep again, at the same time my finger is pistoning in your pussy. I can feel my tongue with my finger through the tissue. By this time you’re moaning louder and louder while your hips are bucking wildly. You sink slowly to the floor with my face still buried in your ass and I feel the sphincter muscles of your asshole squeezing my tongue. I want to swing my body around to bring my throbbing cock closer to your face. Its soooo eager to be grasped and loved.

As I turn you over on your back my body assumes the sixty-nine position and I immediately begin to bathe your stomach with kisses, licking around your navel, then licking the inside. My hands are under your ass hugging you to me, and squeezing your superb ass cheeks. My mouth continues to be working overtime on your stomach area, before starting to move downward toward the point of the ultimate pleasure. Licking and kissing, licking and kissing, inching farther downward, licking and kissing, almost to it, almost, almost. But then, I start licking your right thigh, and kissing my slowly, ever so slowly, toward your knee, not stopping there, but continuing down your right leg, licking, licking, and kissing, my hands and fingers are still kneading your ass from underneath. When I reach your toes I take each one, individually, into my mouth and suck it.

My wet tongue begins the journey up the inside of your leg, slowly, slowly, licking upward, ’til I reach your knee, where I begin kissing and licking the underside of that knee. Upward, the licking continues, on the inside of your thigh. God! I love the aroma of your pussy as my tongue draws nearer and nearer to the promised land. I adore licking your vibrant body, because there is so much pleasure I can give it, and to draw pleasure from. My licking tongue is almost to the lips that can offer so much enjoyment, then I move over to the left leg and start the saliva bathing trip down that leg. When, finally I’ve kissed and licked my way back up the inside of your left thigh. Neither of us can wait much longer, as your moaning is increasing in volume, intensity, and rapidity. Without further teasing, I begin to alternate between, lightly nibbling, kissing, and licking your outer lips. Your hips are arching up to my mouth, as my hands are toying with the cheeks of your ass, with the fingers of one hand inching into your crack, inching ever closer to your rosebud.

My exploring tongue discovers your clit, and upon first contact your mouth loosens it’s hold on my pulsing cock so that a low scream escapes from your throat. My lips massage your hungry lit, and my tongue play with it, in much the same way a virtuoso plays the violin. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, harder, and harder, my tongue rubs across it. I savor the taste of your flowing juices, swallow, and yearn for more. Damn! You ankara escort are a sweet one. I must concentrate on controlling my own fluids that boiling deep inside my crotch, straining, and threatening to burst the dam and flood through the passage-way, wanting to explode from the poker-hot head of my cock.

I MUST, MUST hold back, although it’s a very difficult thing to do while your mouth is doing things to my penis, that it has never had done before. Finally, through a lot of mental control, the urge is temporarily beaten back, so that I can, once again, pay homage to the honey-pot between your legs. My fingers are toying with your rosebud, still somewhat moistened from the tongue bathing earlier, then my finger creeps slowly, slowly up your anal tube, then moves ever so slowly back and forth in your ashore, just as my tongue is doing with your pussy. This is just the reverse of what I was experience just a short time ago.. when my tongue was in your ass, and my finger in your pussy. My tongue and finger work in rhythm with each other, in and out, in and out, in and out, as your hips writhe, squirm, and buck as you are experience so much ecstasy. Your cum begins to pour from deep within, and I suck as much of your hot liquid as my mouth can hold, then swallowing, and sucking some more of your delicious cum. After, bucking your hips as high as my body would permit, you relax and fall limp, weak from the sexual spasms. I withdraw my head, still licking my lips, and pull my finger slowly from your rosebud. I’m getting ready to turn slowly around, and concentrate on your succulent nipples.

In one way it’s pure agony, withdrawing my burning-hot cock from your mouth, so that I can turn from the sixty-nine position. However, had I not, in another moment the boiling cum within my body would have spewed forth. That was CLOSE!

My tongue, still wet from the delicious juice from your pussy commences to lick from you navel upward, while my fingers are softly caressing each marvelous tit. While I’m kissing and licking the silky-smooth flesh below your breasts, my fingers are teasing your nipples, alternating between lightly pinching and pulling them, so that they will be fully hardened and erect for my approaching tongue and lips. The moaning continues from deep within you as my mouth and tongue work their magic, kissing and licking each tit in it’s entirety. The taste of your flesh is indescribably wonderful as I completely cover it with my saliva. I lick around your left aureole, circling it again, again, and again, not allowing my tongue to contact your nipple until it’s practically screaming for my mouth’s attention. At last I flick across it ever so lightly. Then, I open my mouth, and take as much of your breast as will fit in it. I’m fondling, caressing, and squeezing the right tit, while deeply sucking your left one, sucking, sucking, sucking, and gently take the hard nipple between my teeth and nibbling. I want one of your hands to reach down and grasp my pulsating, hot cock. I have one of my hands playing your right tit and nipple, readying it for my mouth, while my other hand reaches behind you, and downward, so that I may grip your excellent plump ass cheeks. I want to feel them and squeeze them.

My mouth slowly ceases it’s manipulation of your left nipple, and licks and kisses slowly across to the right one, where it begins anew the teasing, nibbling and sucking. I think we are very near the ULTIMATE moment. I know that I MUST concentrate on not releasing the gobs of cum that have been building up within me, for just a little while longer. Releasing your succulent breast, my hungry mouth moves ever so slowly upward, lavishing kisses on your chest, licking my way toward your neck. Your breathing grows more and more rapid. I hear the ecstatic moans rising from your throat as I am kissing it, kissing and kissing around the side of your neck to your left ear, nibbling your lobe, licking your entire ear.

My cock is nestled in the fuzziness of your nether region, eagerly throbbing, silently begging to penetrate the land of honey. The pre-cum is oozing from the head, adding to the moisture left from my lips and tongue. Your hips are straining upward pressing very hard against my throbbing member, grinding against it, anticipating the moment to cum.

Our bodies are glistening in sweat as I move my lips around to your lovely face where I very lightly, plant tiny kisses on your forehead, your brows, each eye, your nose, your cheeks, and finally.. your full lips. Our tongues dart forward to meet, tasting each other, battling each other for full penetration.

Your thighs part wider, allowing my cock to nudge your labia lips and slither into your snug chamber, creeping centimeter, by centimeter. Deeper, and deeper, and deeper, ’til, while our mouths are hungrily devouring each other, I have plunged inward to the fullest extent. Our bodies, locked together as one, are violently bucking, arching, bumping. Then, we settle into the rhythm of moving in unison, my cock moving slowly in and out, in and out, in and out, withdrawing almost to the point of removal, in order for it to tantalize your aching clit. In and out, in and out, side to side, side to side, in and out, in and out, gaining momentum. Our juices have built up to the overflowing point. Faster and faster, in and out, in and out, in and out, faster and faster. My hips are pounding you, as you’ve grasped both cheeks of my ass, pulling me to you, in and out, like a jackhammer. I’m pounding into the sweetest and hungriest pussy I’ve ever known. In and out, faster and faster, ’til I can hold it no longer. I feel the dam burst, the flood is cumming, and I freeze. My cock is buried as far as can go in you as I feel the torrent being released into you to be mixed with your own juices that have been freed at the exact same moment.

No words, ever put on paper, can describe the feeling of our moment of total mutual fulfillment. It seems as if I’ve poured forth enough to fill a tank car. We slowly begin to relax, both of us bathed in sweat and completely satiated, our bodies still locked, lips and genitals. Our breathing, which had run so rampant, begins to subside. I lift my lips and gaze at the dazed look on your face, knowing that it will be only a matter of minutes, before a fondling hand will start on the journey again. As I caress your bountful and beautiful ass, I know that I must have it. I want to bury my cock in that ass, Will you allow me? We’ll know shortly, won’t we?

Even though I’m not Clint Eastwood, darlin’, you’ve really made my day!


I wrote this back in May of ’96. If you want more, let me know. Wally

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