First Meeting

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School Clerk by day, Erotic Writer by night. That was one of the first ways he used to describe me. I found some humor in that, it brought a smile to my face. I had shared with him my first story.

But there was also so much more, and he wanted to get to know that part of me. I found him tempting too… his voice, his gentleness, his fantasies. We hadn’t known each other long. We met sometime around the holidays while playing online Backgammon. The usual questions and answers, and then the realization that we lived in the same county.

It reached the point where we wanted to hear each other, and try a new way of communicating more intimately. And that we did. On a Friday afternoon we chatted to each other over the phone. We were both home alone, both comfortably naked in our beds. Our hands sweeping our bodies as we spoke of our wants and desires, our minds becoming flooded with passion and fervor.

He wanted to meet. I was hesitant. We both had spouses, and children. But there was a definite attraction for us both, that fact could not be hidden. He had a suggestion, I was open. What if we were to meet in a dark hotel room, arrive separately and never see each other’s faces? Only our bodies would meet, leaving our minds free of any intimacy or guilt. Would it work? We decided to go for it.

He picked the hotel, something nice, but discreet, out of the way where we most likely wouldn’t run into anyone we knew. I was to arrive first, pick up a key and let myself in. That morning and the night before, I had been a bundle of nerves. The anticipation, the excitement of what was to come, I was definitely getting caught up in it. I packed a bag with some of my favorite scents, I knew I’d want to shower once I got there. I also tossed in a few necessities, but I was so unsure of what I’d need, especially since it was going to be dark, and of course, no clothing. I threw in my new little travel candle.

I arrived at the hotel, picked up the key, and let myself into the room. It was the typical hotel room… queen bed, two chairs, a small table, dresser, television. But on the table was an arrangement of flowers, a chilled bottle of wine, two wineglasses and a small basket of treats. There was also an envelope. I reached for the envelope as I set down my purse and bag. I sat on the edge of the bed and opened it. Inside was a card. The front was simple, an embossed flower. Inside was a note from you. It read:

“Dear Rachel, If you’re holding this note, then I guess you’ve come. I’m happy you’re here. I’ve set up the wine for you, and the goodies, please help yourself. If you’re nervous, I hope this will help. Take your time to get ready, I’ll be there at 1:00pm. I can hardly wait Rachel, I’ve wanted this for so long.”

I held it in my hands and looked at the clock. I had 45 minutes. I ankara rus escort placed it back on the table, smelled the intoxicating flowers, and opened the wine bottle. I poured myself a glass, slipped off my sandals, picked up my bag, and carried it to the bath with me.

Once there, I ran the water and slipped off my clothes. The water felt relaxing against my tense body. I needed to relax. I soaped the sponge and started to lather myself. The lovely scent drifted around me. My thoughts began to change from nervousness to anticipation. I smoothed the sponge up along my legs, my thoughts imagining how your touch would feel on them. Then caressing my neck, chest, and then my breasts with it. I could feel myself growing more aroused with each stroke.

As I patted myself dry, I continued to sip at my wine. I gathered my clothes together and placed them near my bag. I walked around the room naked, over to the closed curtains, and stood looking at the bed. I wondered how dark the room would be with no lights on. I flicked the switch. It was dark; the curtains apparently were lined. I switched the light back on and took my travel candle from my bag. I set it on the table and lit it, then again switched the light off. That was better. Still dark, but a faint glow to warm the room. I poured you a glass of wine, set it on the nightstand, crawled under the covers, and scooted to the center of the bed.

I was thinking how quiet it was, wondering if I should maybe turn the radio on when I heard someone at the door. I froze. As the door opened the light from the hall flooded the entrance, then turned dark again as the door closed. “Rachel?”

“Yes?” was all I could manage. I could hear your walking closer; I could hear you breathing. In the faint light of the candle, I could see your image. You were undressing, first slipping off your shoes, then your pants. I couldn’t move, I lay so still. Then your shorts, and last lifting your shirt over your head. You stood there for a minute, your eyes adjusting to the dim light of the candle. Light enough to see outlines, but not light enough to see detail. You slipped into the bed.

Your hands found me fast. I felt them encircle my waist, pulling me closer to you. Our bodies now close enough to almost touch, but not quite. “I want to kiss you Rachel,” you said. And at once our mouths are together, our tongues feeling, tasting, and lingering. I feel one of your hands sliding down my side, resting upon the back of my thigh, then pulling me against you. My body molds itself against yours. Then comes this desire within me, I feel myself wanting only to be yours. Your kisses are so deep, your hands feeling me, wanting to know me.

My hands reach for your head, my fingers lightly playing with your hair. It’s so soft. They travel ankara türbanlı escort towards your face and trace every angle, curve and feature. They try to read you. My mouth moves from your mouth to leave a trail of kisses along your cheek, close to your ear. It finds your ear and slowly laps at it, poking my tongue inside and sucking on your earlobe. I feel your breath on my neck, and I feel our bodies trying to touch wherever possible.

Then you lift me. I feel you move underneath me and scoot me so I’m resting on top of you. I straddle over you try to see your eyes, but it’s dark. You reach up and once again we kiss, this time your hands cupping my breasts and your thumbs tracing my erect nipples. You begin to lightly squeeze them, sending waves of pleasure through me. My hands rest on your chest and shoulders, feeling how broad and muscular they are. My eyes try so hard to see what it can’t. I think to myself the only way to ‘see’ this body is to use my other senses… taste, scent and touch.

I being to slink downwards, my mouth kissing down your throat. My tongue strokes you, tasting your flesh as if it were edible. Using deliberately slow movements, I travel downwards, kissing your sides, feeling your ribs and the flatness of your stomach. I feel your hands on my shoulders; I hear your breathing becoming heavier. My hands find yours and softly caress and stroke them as my mouth continues on its wanderings. I stop to linger at the area between your navel and the lower hair, my favorite part. My tongue swirls, and my lips press soft kisses into you. Was that a moan I heard?

As my hands leave yours, we make eye contact as you peek down to see what’s next. Our eyes search, trying to sense what is within. I break the gaze and turn my attention to your erect cock. There it is, at complete attention, demanding some of it’s own. It easily slips into my hand, and take a moment in admiration of it. Softly breathing against it, I invite you in my mouth, and begin embracing you, sucking you, pulling you into myself. I feel you hips rise as you are overcome with the sensation. Your hands take hold of my hair and the feel of your hands tempt me to pleasure you more. My hands cup around your balls and the base, softly kneading and petting.

You’re moaning and breathing are showing me how much you’re enjoying this. I feel your legs straighten and tighten with each flick of my tongue. I am also enjoying this, I can feel myself becoming more and more aroused and I begin a rhythm with my body movements, my body starting to yearn. You must sense this because you hold my head still and take a deep breath. You begin to sit up and take my shoulders in you hands and coax me to stop. I release you from my mouth and look up at you. Again our eyes meet in the dimness bahçelievler escort of the room, and you smile. I smile back. Some words are shared and we move about. Now it’s me lying on the bed, with you above.

Your kisses are so deep, so searching. The feel of your body on mine is so warm, I feel every nerve in my body awakening. Your hands find mine and you raise them up and out to the edges of the bed, continuing to kiss. Your knee easily pries my thighs open and you rest it pressing against the wetness. Then I’m lost in the sensation of your mouth moving and tasting me everywhere. First my face, neck, ears. Moving downwards to my shoulders, chest and arms. Your mouth feels so hot when it latches onto my breast, your tongue biting and teasing at my nipple. My body responds, my breathing becomes heavy, moans escaping unconsciously. My hands, still in yours, ache to reach around and hold you close.

After a time you continue, caressing and feeling, wanting to know my body, as I wanted to know yours. You feel my thighs, running your hands down my legs. Your touch sends shudders within me. Then you bring your hand back between my legs and your fingers slowly explore the wet opening. You tease me gently, my body aches for more, and the next sensation of your tongue probing is enough for me to almost lose control. I reach for you head with my hands as I try to press myself against you. I’m getting lost in the pleasure of it all. Moans filling the air, my body responds to your touch, and I feel about to explode. All of a sudden your touch is faster against me and you bring me to an amazing orgasm. I lay there breathless and spent, still feeling the waves of passion ride through me.

Then you’re on top of me, entering yourself into me. You fill me easily, holding still as you realize how close we now are. And then you begin a rhythm of movement, pushing yourself deep into me, pulling out, and returning for more. I grasp at you from within, wanting to keep you there, and this seems to make you grind harder against me. Before I know it, you’ve pulled yourself out and are rolling me onto my stomach. You kneel between my legs, grab my hips and pull them up to meet you. Again you slip yourself into me from behind. I lean down and love the feel of what you’re doing to me. One of your hands circles around to my front and as you thrust yourself into me, you finger my clit. Both of us are panting, moaning. Just as I cum again from your touch, you burst inside me and I feel your hot cum fill me.

We lay together holding each other and resting. No words are spoken, only quiet kisses are exchanged between us. After awhile, you’re the first to rise. I watch as you dress in the dimness of the room. You lean down to kiss me, it’s hard to say goodbye. My eyes follow your movement to the door, and lower as you walk out. I’m left alone with my mind already trying to remember each moment.

As I leave the hotel and drive away in my car, I glance at the flowers beside me. My mind searches to picture your face, but all that floods back are the feelings of touch. The sun is going down, and I’m wishing it hadn’t been dark.

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