First Impressions

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Thunder roared and lightening flashed on the road before Beth’s car, the rain was falling in sheets across her windshield her wipers barely able to keep up even on high. “Damn, she shouted, I could not have missed the turn. Not even in this weather could she have missed that garishly painted house that stood on the corner of the road that her vacation home stood waiting for her.

“Finally, she sighed, as the pink and purple house came into view, the sight of it still makes her shudder 5 years later. “I swear I do not know what possessed someone to do that to such a beautiful place.”

“Just a few more minutes and we will be home, sweetie” Beth crooned to her carsick pooch. Poor Jacob was never much of a traveler but thunder and lightening was more than he could stand. The panting lab mix gave a sigh as if he too saw the house and was happy to be getting out of the car.

“Can you believe we are finally here” Beth spoke excitedly to her dog. Since he was more than happy in their small city condo he could not understand why she insisted on dragging them up to this cottage in the woods whenever she had 2 days off in a row. At least that is what his confused lopsided look seemed to be saying to her.

Pulling up in front of her dark and lonely house she was glad to have old Jacob around to keep her company. That is until another rumble of thunder crashed in the sky above them followed quickly by a bolt of lightening that struck the small lake her humble abode looked over. The noise happened as soon as she opened the car door and poor Jacob being the sweet little scaredy-cat that he was ran from the car and into the woods.

“Great” she yelled “just great, how am I suppose to find you in this mess” Hoping that her crazy dog would come to his senses and return to her Beth began unpacking her car. Opening the front door Beth placed her stuff in her room and went back to the car to retrieve the food she had brought along. Humming to her self she did not notice she had company. A dark figure suddenly appeared in front of her as she turned and practically running right into him she screams.

“What is your problem lady, do you make a habit of letting your dog loose and making enough noise to wake the dead” Matt had had enough of hysterical women to last a lifetime the last thing he wanted now was one living two houses down. “I knew I should have asked the realtor more about my neighbors before I bought” Matt muttered under his breath .

Beth stood there with her mouth half open, she was escort bayan gaziantep at a loss for words. “Who the hell are you” she finally said.

“Nice mouth” was Matt’s reply.

“If you don’t answer my question and take your hands off my dog you gonna be hearing a lot worse” Beth retorted.

“My name is Matt, I bought that ridiculous doll house at the end of the road” handing her Jacob by the collar, now that this beast is with it’s owner I will be leaving”

Realizing how obnoxious she sounded Beth drew in her breath and sighed. “Sorry, its been a long night. I don’t usually make this kind of racket.” Rain poured down on them as she introduced herself. “Please come in and dry off, would you like some coffee”

“Thanks but I think I’ll just head back” shaking his head Matt turned and walked away.

“Fine, I am sure I will see you around. I plan on staying here for the next week at least” and as she said it she wasn’t sure why she had. Then with one last look at his departing figure she knew why. “You should need a license to wear pants that tight” she mumbled under breath as she dragged her soaked dog into her house.

As they walked in she glanced at herself in the entry mirror and laughed out loud at what she saw. “I wouldn’t have coffee with you either looking like you do” Her shoulder length blond curls were plastered to her head in a bizarre cascade where the hair clips had long since abandoned their post.

Further down the street Matt is still shaking his head this time to shake the image of the petite curly haired woman with incredible breasts standing in the rain wearing a wet white t-shirt. It was going to be a long night.

Standing in the shower feeling the warm spray caress his naked form wasn’t taken the edge off of his desire. His manhood stood straight up against his firm stomach. “We are not interested, don’t you remember what the last one did to us” he said to his hard cock. “Don’t you ever learn.”

Beth rang the bell again. “What are you doing here” she muttered to herself. Thankfully, she thought as she turned her back to the door, the storm had passed and the sky was filling with stars as the clouds drifted away. “He obviously isn’t home or doesn’t want company or he would have answered by now” she continued, not noticing that the door had opened and Matt was standing there staring at her.

“Or he could be in the shower and it took this long for him to hear the bell.” Matt answered. Beth turned rapidly swinging her hands as she turned her class ring snagging the edge of his towel. And as she looked at him she noticed the towel slip from his lean hips and land in the puddle at his feet.

Turning her head rapidly Beth flushed three shades of red. “I am so sorry, I should just leave before something else happens.”

With his towel dropping so quickly Matt barely had time to register all that had happened in the 15 seconds that had passed since he opened the door. Even in the cool night air his cock was rock hard with desire for the little blond who had been disturbing him all night. All the blood that should have been in his brain was now in another location and that was the area that was making the decisions.

Matt stepped out onto the porch wrapped his arms around Beth’s slight frame. Swiftly quieting her halfhearted protest with a passionate kiss. Continuing their kiss they edge their way back into his home and close the door. By the time they reached the couch her shirt was off and he was working on her bra straps.

“Wait, this isn’t , I didn’t mean aw hell” Sputtered Beth as her traitorous body took over her rational mind. “It clasps in the front” she finally grunted as she noticed him fumbling with her bra.

His hands moved over her body as he slid her skirt and panties down her legs in one fluid motion. Guiding her body to lay on the comfy couch he kissed a trail from each breast and back again. Beth’s body responded with too long pent up passion and groaned a wanton sound into the back of her hand. A slight whimper passed her lips as Matt left her breasts and kissed his way down her body.

Positioning his head between her thighs his lips began kissing the edges of her triangle shaped mound. Slowly he worked his way to the moist center, pausing briefly to inhale her intoxicating scent. Slowly the tip of his tongue found her clit and began to tease and nibble.

“OHHHHH,” Beth moaned and felt a wave of heat flood her senses. Her blood pumped faster as she began to feel the first embers of her orgasm build deep with in her. Matt continued to take in her sweet nectar and began to work his tongue harder and faster over her sensitive nub. “OMIGOD, YES! Oh YES! I’m cumming” Beth screamed as her hips moved in time with his nimble tongue bringing her climax on faster and harder. In a moment her hips bucked and a spasm ripped through her body as her juice flooded out of her like a dam that had burst. Matt concentrated his efforts now on drinking in her nectar not wanting to waste a drop.

Beth reached between her legs and grabbed Matt’s hair and brought his lips to her mouth and kissed him deeply tasting herself on his lips. In a move that he didn’t think she was strong enough to have done Matt was on his back as she moved her mouth down his body. Grabbing his small pebble like nipple between her lips causing him to let our a gasp of his own.

Encouraged by his response she moved her mouth lower down his body and took just the head of his throbbing cock into her mouth. The intense heat brought another groan of pleasure from his lips as she began to lightly suck his head in and out of her mouth. Taking him off guard she then takes his whole length into his mouth and continues to suck it in and out.

“AW YEA that is soo good” Matt groans.

“I’m glad you like it” Beth replied “But now I am sorry but I cannot wait another moment to have that big cock in my aching pussy.” She said as she straddles his hips and poises the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Slowly she takes the head inside of her and moves it slightly in and out until she could accommodate his girth. Inch by excruciating inch she slid him deeper into herself. When he was finally in she began to ride his cock with wild abandon. Matt could not take his eyes off of her, it was a beautiful sight to see a woman having so much pleasure with his body. Taking in about as much as any man could be expected to take he quickly scoops her up and flips them over as one unit until he is on top and in control of his as well as her passion.

Barely missing a stroke he continued to drive his cock into her hot pussy at the same frenzied pace that she had started moments earlier. The new position must have been as good for her as for him since he could now feel her powerful surges of passion that flexed around his hard cock.

“YES” Beth cried out, “I am cumming again oh don’t stop please don’t stop.”

“I won’t stop yet but I am getting close” Matt replied as a little voice inside reminded him that this was unplanned and unprotected.

Another moan and Beth’s hips bucked wildly meeting his thrusts . Then she was overcome by her passion just as Matt pulled his cock out and came on her stomach. They collapse into a sweaty heaving pile unable to speak or move.

After a few moments had passed and they had a chance to catch their breath and realize what they had just done. Matt smiled and said “sorry about the mess but I didn’t know and I couldn’t ugh wasn’t there anyway to say this without sounding like an idiot.”

Beth giggled and said “say no more I understand, but do you have a tissue.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32