First Gay Massage 2nd Meeting

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This story continues from “first gay massage.”


After my first experience having a gay massage I was eager to have another so a week later I called Greg who was happy to hear from me, even happier to give me another massage, telling me he could fit me in as his last appointment for the day at 7pm which I agreed on.

As I did last time, I showered well, again shaving my cock, balls and arse. This time though I finished off by sliding my 7″ dildo deep inside my arse and riding it slowly in and out, stroking my throbbing cock for what seemed like an hour until I shot my load against the shower wall, collapsing in the corner in a quivering heap.

Once I regained my strength and cleaned myself up, I dried off before dressing in only shorts and a singlet, knowing full well I didn’t need any underwear. I waited in eagerness for time to leave, pacing back and forth thinking how much better it will be this time because I knew how it would go.

Soon enough it was time to leave, quickly jumping in the car and driving the short distance to Greg’s. Barely out of my driveway and my cock started to grow, pressing into my stomach, making me desire Greg so bad. I gently rubbed my knob, pre-cum oozing from the tip as I worked it with my fingers around the tip.

I soon arrived at Greg’s, getting from my car with haste as I tried to pull the band of my shorts over my knob as I headed to the side door of his house. Almost like last time he met me at the door and invited me in. This time though I was delighted at having him open the door to me wearing only a silky g string, wrapping his arm around my waist and grabbing my arse as he pulled me in the door, leading me to the massage room.

As we entered the room, Greg pushed his lips hard to mine, working his tongue between my lips and without protest I opened my mouth to accept him, willingly returning the kiss as our tongues entwined, exploring each others Eyüp Escort mouths.

I quickly ran my hands down Greg’s back and under his g string, working it off his arse before bringing my hands back to his arse and gently caressing each cheek. Greg had worked his hands under my shirt, working it up my chest until he lifted it from me. Once he had my chest bare, he slid his hands down my chest, following them with his lips, kissing and sucking so erotically my cock was twitching with desire.

Eventually Greg was at the top of my shorts, pulling the band over my knob, letting them drop to my feet. As I stepped out of them, Greg lowered his head to my knob, sending a shiver up my spine as his warm lips slid onto me. As he slowly worked down my length, he gently pushed me back onto the table. As my head touched the pillow I felt his lips at the base of my shaft making me let out a loud moan, telling Greg how good his mouth felt around my cock.

Greg expertly slid his mouth up and down me for a short time, almost bringing me to orgasm which he must have sensed because he lifted his mouth from me, sliding his body up mine until our faces met, giving me a short kiss before asking me if I wanted to take this to a bed for more room. I gave a quick and eager response as Greg grabbed my hand and pulled me from the table, leading me to a bedroom.

As we entered the room, Greg turned and sat, telling me everything we needed should be on the side tables before running his hands around my waist until his fingers met on my arse crack, pressing two fingers on my hole then taking me in his mouth. Only working my knob on his tongue, he slowly slid his fingers in my arse, causing me to push back until he had as much inside me as he could. As he started to work them in and out of me, I said how good it felt but wanted his cock in me, pushing him back on the bed, his fingers sliding from me with a plop.

As Eyüp Escort Bayan Greg fell back onto the bed, I climbed over him, stopping with his cock in front of me where I grabbed the lube, squeezing a good amount onto it, working it up and down his length. Aching to have him in me, I moved further up him until I could feel his knob rubbing against my arse. With my hand still on him, I guided his knob against my hole, lowering myself until I felt it ready to enter me.

With Greg’s cock hard, slick and ready, I slowly lowered my arse down his shaft, working little by little inside me until I felt my arse come to rest on his hips. With him fully inside me, I let my body rest on his, bringing our faces together, letting him know how great he felt inside me, getting a similar response as he said how tight I was and how he had hoped I would let him enjoy me again as I pushed my tongue in his mouth.

As we started to kiss passionately, I felt Greg lift his hips below me, working himself even deeper inside me. I broke the kiss as I arched my back, letting out a lustful moan as began to slide myself up his length, almost off of him then slamming fully onto him again. I quickly eased into a fast pace, riding his length, loving every inch until Greg began to meet my thrusts, driving himself up to me, grabbing my hips until finally he began to slam into me harder as he told me he was ready to cum, begging me not to stop.

I kept riding him hard, feeling his cock bury itself deep inside me until I noticed his breathing quicken and his hands grip me hard, holding me tight on him. I dropped myself down, holding my arse tight on his cock as I felt his cock pulse with every load emptied inside me, holding myself there until finally his softening cock slid from me, his cum dribbling from my arse as I moved from him, laying by his side.

As I lay there beside him with my eyes closed and listening Escort Eyüp to our breathes slow down, I felt a hand slide down my still throbbing cock quickly followed by the sensation of lube being drizzled down it. Laying there enjoying having my cock stroked, I felt Greg move beside me, asking me if I want to slide my cock in his arse. Without replying, I opened my eyes to see Greg on all fours, his arse open and ready for me which I swiftly took advantage of, moving behind him, running my knob along his crack before finding his hole and pressing against it, easily sliding into him. Greg quickly pushed back, taking my length in one smooth motion, burying my cock deep inside his arse.

Grabbing his hips, I quickly slammed in and out of him, making Greg grunt loud, begging me to fuck his arse till I cum. I kept pounding him hard and fast for a short while when he began to shudder below me, telling me he was cumming, realizing I was making him orgasm without cumming made my head spin, making me also cum soon after, pulling his arse deep on my cock as I shot the hardest I ever had, unloading what seemed like cupful after cupful inside him.

Before I finished emptying my load inside him, I slid my shaft from his arse and fell in a heap beside him, pulling him down against me. We lay there in bliss, my arms wrapped around him and my cock between his cheeks as we drifted off to sleep.

I woke later with Greg leaning over me, waking me up. As I opened my eyes, Greg started telling me that he hadn’t fucked so good in a long time, hoping we could meet again sometime. I told him we would meet again for sure, but for now I had to head off, getting out of the bed and getting dressed. Before leaving, we had another passionate kiss, hands all over each other, dreaming of the next encounter as I left.

As I got home, Greg sent me a text message asking when I wanted to come back for more. I told him I could come back when his last appointment for the day was available again. He obviously enjoyed me immensely because he offered to cancel his entire next day if I was keen to come back for breakfast. I said I would be there for sure, heading to bed and dreaming of the morning.

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