First Erotic Massage

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I have been a follower of for 5 years now. I have been very fortunate in my sex life and have had a lot of unique experiences. I have always wanted to submit a story of one of my encounters but composition has never been my strong suit as I was a numbers type of guy instead. I submitted a story called “My Mothers Cousin” and it was published. There was some criticisms on my writing style so I am taking that as constructive criticism and try another story about another experience I had in my life. This was inspired from a reading in the “First Time” section about a guy who got his first erotic massage.

I had a new customer and I went to his office to meet with him. He was the owner of the building. It was 4 stories. The first two levels was a bar he owned. On the 4th level was his office. From the outside of the building I could see a sign in the 3rd floor window saying “Massages”.

I met with my customer and at the end of the meeting I asked him about the massage studio. He said, “I have never used them, but they always pay their rent on time.”

I got on the elevator and on a whim I decided to check out the massage studio as I do enjoy a good massage. Sitting at a table was a young girl about 23 years old which was half my age, with long wavy black hair and pale complexion. She was wearing a tight black shirt and black stretch pants. I asked her how much for a massage.

She replied, “$60 for an hour”. That seemed about the right going rate. She then said, “I am available now if you are interested.”

I said, “Sure, let’s go”.

I followed her back to a room where there was a bed mattress on the floor. She said her name was Nancy. I thought this is not normal. She quickly put new linen on the bed. She said, “Remove all your clothes and lay face down and I will be back in a couple of minutes.” That is when if realized this was not going to be a normal massage as she never gave me a towel to cover my butt up. I figured to see where this was going to go.

A few minutes later she came back in. She said, “For $20 more dollars I will give you a massage in my bra and panties.”

I said, “That would be interesting, but I gave you all my cash I have on me.”

She said, “That’s ok, maybe next time when you come back.”

The massage started with her rubbing my back with some oil. It wasn’t the best, but ok. She moved down and did my calves and thighs. There was some very very light touching of my scrotum. Then she started to massage my butt. I started to get aroused and could feel my cock growing hard. It was pointed down between my legs and I wondered if she could see the tip of my cock growing.

She then said, “Spread your legs a bit more for me” I did so, and now I was sure she could see everything. She then began to rub the spot between my balls and asshole. I guess this is a way to massage the prostate. I began to moan slightly and I felt like my cock was about to explode. She asked me, “Does that feel good?”

I told her, “It feels amazing!”

After a few minutes of her rubbing me there she told me it was time to flip over. I was excited to see what was coming next, yet embarrassed as she would now see me fully erect. I am not bonus veren siteler one to brag and sometimes it is not a good thing, but my cock is definitely longer than average and very thick.

When I rolled over she said, “Oh my God you are fucking huge! You are like King Kong!” I didn’t know what to say and left it at that.

She then massaged my thighs for a bit then moved back to the prostate massage. She then said, “You can jerk off if you want.”

I told her, “I would rather you do it for me.”

She replied, “I would love to, but we the law is there is to be no touching of sexual organs. But I enjoy watching a man jerk off.” She then said, “Would you like a little massage oil on your cock?” I have never used and lube before when I would masturbate so I figured let’s try it.

She held the bottle over my hard cock and let in run all over my cock. She then snuggled up next to me with her head on my shoulder and said, “Now I get to watch the show, and if you want I can rub you here if it will help” When she said that touched the prostate area.

I said, “God yes, that feels so good”

I slowly began to stroke my cock as she rubbed my new sexually found area. Pre cum was already oozing out of me and I added it to the oil mixture. She began to encouraging me by saying, ” God that is so sexy, I love your King Kong cock. I want to see you cum baby. Stroke it faster and harder. I want to see you come all over the place.”

With this encouragement I started to jerk off faster and harder. My hips started to pump slightly and with her rubbing my spot I don’t know if it was by accident or not but her finger would go about an inch into my asshole every time my hips went up. I was surprised that I liked it.

I couldn’t hold back any more and I exploded my cum all over. She pressed her index finger hard into my new spot then put her middle finger about an inch or so in my ass. This felt so good that I kept on stroking. Before I knew it I could feel the pressure starting to build up again. Nancy said, “Oh baby can you cum again?”

I said, “I think so, don’t stop what you’re doing”.

She then switched her thumb to my P spot and slid her middle finger a bit deeper. It wasn’t much longer before I shot a second load much bigger than the first. I didn’t think that was even possible.

She looked over the at the clock and said, “Your hour is over, I will get you a warm wash cloth to clean up with.” In the room was a unit that kept wet warm wash clothes. While she came back I saw her wiping some of my cum off her face. She also had some on her black shirt. She tried to wipe it off but it still showed a white stain.

I said, “You probably shouldn’t wear black when doing this”.

To which she replied, “Normally I sit back and watch or they aim it away from me when they are ready to cum. I guess I was tied up in the heat of the moment!”

She wiped me clean then said, “You can get dressed now and I will wait for you out-front”

I got dressed and went out front. She was sitting at the desk. I looked at her and I saw about a 2 inch strand of my cum on the side of her hair. I whispered to her, “You missed some bedava bahis of my cum on the side of your hair.” She pulled out her mirror from her purse and looked at herself. She saw it and giggled then wiped it off with her two fingers and put her two fingers in her mouth and swallowed my cum.

She smiled at me and said, “I hope to see you again”

I smiled and told her, “You probably will!”

I left there feeling very satisfied but feeling guilty that basically I paid for sex. I decided to chalk it up for experience and not do it again.

Two weeks later my customer decided to do another deal with me and asked me to come to his office with the paper work. The first thing I thought of was the massage and Nancy. She wasn’t super gorgeous or anything but she had a sexy look to her that I liked. I decided I was going to see her again and pay the extra $20 to see more of her body. I also wondered if more was available for more money. I decided I would bring a condom along just in case.

The next day I went to my customer’s office and got all the paper work signed. I got on the elevator and pushed the 3rd floor button. I go out and I was disappointed that Nancy was not at the desk. But it was a cute Asian girl. I got to the desk and I thought I caught a glimpse of Nancy in the break room. I asked the Asian girl if Nancy was available for a massage.

She said, “Yes she is, she is just playing a video game on her phone in the back room.” She got up and went to the room and Nancy came out.

Nancy was wearing all black again. I figured it must be her favorite color. She came out and said hello to me and had me follow her back to the room. Again she went through the same routine and said for me to get naked and lay down.

When she came back in I told her I wanted the upgrade of in the bra and panties.

She said, “Ok, but I need the money up front.” I purposely left my pants next to the bed and took the $20 from my pocket and gave it to her. I watched as she undressed. She had a very nice figure. Her skin was very white. I liked the contrast of it against her black hair. She wore matching bra and panties that were black with red trim. Very sexy.

She sat down on my butt and started to rub my back. She said, “You asked for me by name, have you seen me before?”

I said, Yes two weeks ago.”

She said, “Oh I am sorry, I don’t remember you. Maybe after a few more times I will.”

It was pretty much the same massage and when I turned over I was fully hard. She then started to laugh and said, “Oh my God now I remember you. You have the King Kong cock. I told all the other girls about how huge you were.”

With that she wasted no time and said, “Let’s get down to business and see if you can cum 3 times!” She put oil on my cock and started to rub my P spot as before with a little ass play.

I asked her if I could feel her breast.

She said, “No, you and I cannot touch any sexual organs or we would be breaking the law. But you can feel my ass if you want.”

I slid my hand down her panties and started to fondle her ass. She began to moan and started to rub her pussy against her leg. I had never put my finger deneme bonus in a woman’s ass before but I figured if it felt good on my she might like it. My finger entered a little into her ass. She moaned even louder and started humping my leg harder.

Nancy said,”Mmmm that feels so good. I wish I could feel that big cock just once with my hand.”

I took her hand and put over mine and said, “You can help me stroke it.”

After a bit on every up stroke she ran her index finger of the tip of my cock. I figured she was getting brave. I slid my hand further down and found her soaking wet pussy. She moved up so I could get a finger in her and rub her hard little clit.

We had broken the boundaries. We were both in the state of intoxication of lust. I took my hand off my cock and replaced it with hers. She continued to stroke me as hand went to her breast. I started to pull down her bra and she said, “No, we can’t do that, it’s against the rules.”

By the time she finished saying that I had her breast out and was fondling her already hard nipple. She was barley a B cup. Her nipple areola was about the size of a 50 cent piece and dark. Against her white skin it was a total turn on. I sucked on her nipple and fingered her wet pussy while she stroked me.

Her body quivered and I shot my load about the same time. She said, “That was amazing, can you go again?

I told her “Yes”. She switched to where she in cowgirl position and she started to grind her pussy against my cock. I reached up and pulled her bra off of her.

It got to where the fabric on her panties was more of an irritant than feeling good. I asked if she could take them off as it was starting to hurt.

Nancy said, “I will but you have to be careful to not put it inside me as I don’t need to get pregnant.”

She took them off and started to slide her wet pussy lips up and down my shaft. Occasionally she would take my cock and rub the tip against her hard clit.

Nancy looked me in the eye and said, “I really want to see what that would feel like inside me. Next time bring a rubber.”

I told her I did.

She said, “You are a naughty boy, but I like that.” I reached into my pocket and she took it from me and put it on.

It took several attempts for her to get me all the way in. She rode me hard and I could feel me hitting against her cervix which I think she liked. I rubbed her clit with one hand and rolled her hard nipple in my fingers with the other hand. I came before she did, but she wasn’t far behind me.

We were both dripping in sweat when she had finished. She got up and got several wash clothes and cleaned us both up. She got a bag out of her purse and told me to put the condom in the bag and bring it with me.

As she was about to leave I said, “Two more things. How much more do I owe you and can I kiss you?” She replied, “Nothing more, it was my pleasure and no, kissing is against the rules.”

I said, “What rules?” She came back over and gave me a deep passionate kiss, then left the room.

When I walked out I could see her back in the break room playing a video game on her phone.

The Asian lady said, “Thank you for coming, maybe next time you come see me.”

I returned two months later to see my customer and get another massage. My customer said he got a new tenant for the 3rd floor. I asked where the massage place went and he said he had no idea. I never got to see Nancy again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32