First Day on the Job

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A hot summers day out led me to go to the swimming pool to cool down. There was a great place you could sit and check out all the hot moms and usually used for local hook ups at night. After getting changed into my swimming shorts I made my way up to the swimming pool. I noticed a new lifeguard was working. she had long wavy brown hair and beautiful brown eyes that I couldn’t look away from. She gave me a cute smile as I walked past.

My first day on the job and I had to do a lot of paperwork. Being by the pool was a nice change of pace. While watching over the pool, I saw this guy walking up to the pool. He had short brown hair and was a bigger built man. He looked cute though and had nice brown eyes. I felt a smile grow on my face. He smiled back. I kept watching as he walked by I wondered if he had a nice ass and I wasn’t disappointed. I looked back up to see him looking at me smiling.

She was cute and as I looked over my shoulder and saw her checking me out, I couldn’t help but smile at her as I walked away. I got into the pool and started swimming doing a few lengths of the pool. I managed to get a glimpse of the new lifeguard. She was watching me go past, I would give her a little wink, and she would start laughing. “She is cute” I thought. After a little while I decided to watch everyone swimming. I caught her at the corner of my eye coming my way.

Whenever he swam past I couldn’t help but smile whenever he winked I got a little hot between my legs. I don’t know why but the way he looked at me. I circled round the swimming pool a couple of times and see him sitting there watching. “What is he doing?” I wondered. I keep walking over to him my heart starts racing. “Why is it racing? he’s another guy.”

“Damn she is so hot” I think Kültür Escort to myself. Bet she looks sexy with a bikini on. Then I’m under water, I can’t move, Shit I’m going to drown. Somethings grabbing me, everything goes dark. I opened my eyes. and I’m in a room there is a group of people around me talking. I can’t make out what they are saying. Some leave. The one sitting on me stays. It’s her. Why is she on top of me? Her lips look so good, her eyes why can’t I take my eyes away. She started to move a little and I could feel my cock getting hard.

I blew my whistle and dived into the pool. Swimming towards him I grabbed his hand and started pulling him up out the water. The other lifeguards came to help. Bringing with the wheeled stretcher once they had lifted him on, we went to the first aid room. I jumped on top of him and started performing CPR. He coughed up water and started to breathe, the colour came back to his cheeks. Then our eyes locked. Why was he staring at me? What am I feeling against my pussy? I shift a little a look down to see his huge bulge. I start feeling horny. We look at each other. He seems embarrassed. I start to climb off him. “This is unprofessional, Isn’t it?” I ask myself.

She started to climb off. “No, don’t” I say and grab her by the arm, pulling her back on top. I sit up and kiss her. Her lips are so soft. My cock keeps getting harder, she moans a little when moving position.

He grabs my arm and pulls me back on top. He’s kissing me. “Why? Why am I kissing him back?” I give out a little moan as I’m moving position. He spanks me hard. I start to move my hips rubbing my pussy against his cock. It feels so good. I can feel my pants getting wet. He seems to be enjoying this too. Escort Kültür He’s kissing me harder. I keep grinding on top of him, I want his cock in me, I need it in me.

The way she moves against my cock it feels great. I want to fuck her. I want to put it deep in her pussy. Wait! What if someone comes in? She stops kissing me and starts to take off her top, her boobs bounce in her bra, her tits are small but firm. I move my hands and undo her bra. I pull her in and start sucking on her nipple. She gave out a little moan, I suck harder. Her moan gets louder. I hope no one comes in.

While he sucks on my nipple. I move my hand down and start taking off his shorts. His cock pings out and slaps against my pussy. I start to stroke his hard cock teasing him. He stops sucking on my nipple and looks at me. I start moving down his body, sucking on his nipple then move down towards his cock. I go right down to his balls taking in his whole cock and start to gag on it. He groans. I look up at him and see the enjoyment in his eyes. I lower my shorts and pants. I reposition on top of him. He now has a full view of my pussy and ass.

Her pussy is right in front of me. I start to tease her pussy with my tongue, and she makes a muffled moan and starts sucking my cock harder. I start to go faster and push my tongue against her clit. she starts playing with the tip of my cock, she starts sucking my balls. We seem to be in a competition to make each other cum first. I wish I could fuck her already!!

His cock is amazing. I’m so wet it’s unreal, I’ve never felt like this before. I want him to fuck me. My pussy needs it. I need to feel him deep inside me. I stop sucking his cock and balls. I reposition myself and turn to face Kültür Escort Bayan him. I lower myself onto his hard cock the tip feels great going in and I moan. I keep going down. I can feel it stretch my pussy, it’s amazing! I start to fuck his cock bouncing up and down. He smacks my ass with one hand and cups my tit with the other, squeezing my erect nipple between his fingers.

Her pussy feels great as I’m fucking her. Her moans tell me she is enjoying this. Our breathing gets faster, and we both start to moan. It’s almost time I can’t hold on any longer, I’m going to cum inside her, I want to fill her pussy with my cum. My cock starts pulsating as I’m getting ready to cum and at the same time I can feel her pussy tightening up around my cock.

I can feel his cock deep inside me, I’m going to cum. Between his moaning he says he is about to cum. “Me too” I moan into his ear as I say that my pussy tightens up around his cock and I feel him cum inside me. I keep moving, and my pussy is milking his cock, I want it all inside me. I get off his cock. I start sucking his cock making sure I get every last drop of cum. I can taste my pussy on his cock, I start to finger my pussy it’s so sensitive that it doesn’t take me long to cum again. “I can’t believe he is still hard.”

She keeps sucking on my cock and looking up at me. I lose myself in those eyes, her moaning is sending me crazy I want to cum again. She starts licking the tip of my cock while wanking me off. “Cum on my face.” she moans. Those eye’s begging for it. My mind goes blank as I start to cum.

His cum is hot as it rolls down my face, I start licking my lips. His cum tastes amazing. I swallow it all, and gave his cock one last kiss. We get dressed, and I slip my pants into his pocket while giving him a kiss on his cheek, the door opens. The paramedics have arrived to check him over. As I’m leaving I look back and wink. “He will be alright, Since you took so long I gave him some special treatment.” The last thing I saw was his smile as the door closed behind me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32