First Day on Campus

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It was my first day at college. My parents had drove me here, moved my stuff into my room, gotten lunch with me, then headed home. I moved in early to do fraternity rush, so I had the room to myself for the first two nights. My roommate was going through rush also, but only informal rush, so he wouldn’t be here until Friday.

I went to a small school that was really tough on academics. All of my buddies from high school went to big party schools. I only knew 2 other people going here, my roommate, and a girl I went to middle school with.

I had decided to go for a run on campus. I was running along a pre-marked path on the sidewalk, and slowly catching up to a girl running in front of me. From behind her, I could tell she was tall, thin, toned, with hair that wasn’t a natural shade of red, and pale white skin. I sped up to get next to her.

“Hey,” I said.

She looked over at me a little surprised and smiled. “Hey, have we met?”

“No,” I replied, “first day here, so I would doubt it.”

“Ooh, a freshman. You know most freshman don’t have the guts to talk to random girls here on their first day.”

I smiled and shrugged as we rounded the next turn, running past the baseball stadium. We were about to loop back around to the point where I had started.

“So you are here early, you going through rush?”

“Yep,” I replied. “And I’m on the soccer team. What about you? In a sorority?”

“Yeah actually, I’m Elisha by the way.”

“I’m Ben,” I said as I took a step farther in front of her, and shook her hand and introduced myself while running backwards in pace with her, trying to show off just a little. Elisha turned out to be a junior. A 5’8″ athletic junior, with long slender legs, a sharp, defined, but pretty face, and bright red hair that fit her perfectly even though it wasn’t a natural color. She was wearing a baggy t shirt with no sleeves over a sport’s bra, but I could still tell she had fairly large breasts. We got back in front of my dorm and I announced it was my stop.

She stopped with me “Well it was great meeting you, hope you have fun here”.

“Sure I will. Hey, you wouldn’t mind showing me around later, maybe giving me some tips about campus, rush, stuff like that?”

“Maybe, I need to shower off and get dinner at some point later,” she said. I saw my opening.

“Well if you show me around later I’ll pay for dinner tonight”

“Awesome.” She was smiling at me, “I’ll meet you back here at five.”

I had been at college all of 3 and a half hours and I had a date.

I had showered and put on a polo shirt and some shorts. I wanted to look casual, since we were just taking a campus tour. Elisha showed up a few minutes before five and we started walking. She had cleaned up a lot after her run. She was wearing a blue jean miniskirt, an orange top with a low cut between her breasts, and she had put a very light yellow eyeshadow on, which accented her bright green eyes. The shoes she had on had a small heel to them, which toned up her legs even more, and the shirt revealed that her breasts were incredibly perky, despite not being in a bra…

She showed me a couple buildings, but we hardly talked about campus or campus life.

She asked what I did in high school, and I asked what she did in college. We talked about music, and our majors and just random musings. Soon we were at her sorority house getting into her car. Most freshman didn’t get to have cars on campus, so she had to drive. We made it to a pizza place close to campus and kept on talking. Elisha was a lot of fun, different from girls I had hung out with in high school. I could tell she wasn’t easy, but I was almost certain we we’re going to be sleeping together tonight.

“So do you know many people on campus?”

“Not really, my high school is a few hours from here, and most of the kids just go to big party schools,” I explained, “My roommate is gonna be here in a tomorrow, and I met him at our summer soccer practice camp. He’s the Mardin Escort only other pre-law freshman on the team.”

“Uh-oh, so all alone your first night away from home,” she teased. “So do you drink?”

I told her I did, and a few of the things I liked. She decided to swing by a liquor store and buy a fifth of Jack Daniels, and a two liter of Coke for me. A very freshman drink in hindsight. We parked back at her sorority house, then she walked with me to my dorm. She explained it was so I didn’t get caught carrying liquor my first night here.

The dorm had two beds, desks, dressers, and 2 small stand up closets. I had brought a futon and a rug and my roommate was bringing a TV. We sat on the futon and had a few drinks while we kept talking. I don’t remember exactly what led to it, but eventually Elisha was resting her head in my lap with me stroking her hair.

“You know, I was a good girl freshman year.” I had to smile at Elisha’s musing. “I never fooled around in the dorms once.”

I laid down spooning with her. “I’m not sure I’m gonna make it very long without christening the room.”

She turned around to face me and leaned in toward me, “No, you’re not.”

I leaned the rest of the way toward her and kissed her. It started softly, a little tentatively, but soon our tongues were dancing in each others mouths. I slid her shirt up just enough to place my hands on her sides. She did the same to me, but then continued to left my shirt off. I helped her, then took her’s off as well. Her breast popped out of her shirt, and they were perfect, fake, but perfect. Round, perky, large (34D I later learned) with perfectly round very light nipples. I let my hands wander up and start to squeeze and massage them. This was my first time with a woman with implants, and I decided I was a fan.

I rolled over on top of her as we continued to make out. I moved down kissing her neck, then down her collarbone, then I traced the bottom curve of her right breast with my tongue, and slid her nipple into my mouth. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. I moved over to her other nipple and flicked on it with my tongue. Her nipples were hard, pointed up at me. She spread her thighs apart and hooked one leg around me.

I moved back up to kiss her, and slid up her skirt. She moaned again as I started to rub the front of her panties. They were already wet so I moved them to the side and traced the lines of her pussy lips with my middle finger.

Elisha’s head fell back as I let my finger enter her wet pussy. I licked and kissed her where her neck and shoulder met. Her skin was soft, and the smell of her perfume was intoxicating. I took a deep breath of her scent in, and she took the opportunity to slide onto her side.

She pushed me onto my back and ran her tongue down the center of my chest. She kissed on my abs while she took off my belt. I helped her to take off my pants. Her face was hovering just below my waste, smiling up ad me as she pulled down my boxers. Her eyebrows raised when my cock came out.

“Looks like I’m in a treat for tonight.” I’m about 8 inches when fully erect, and fairly thick. Her smile turned me on just as much as the body that was sitting over me. Elisha was as cute as she was hot.

My cock wasn’t completely erect, but it was hard enough for her to grab a hold of it and start to stroke it. I watched her face lower down then felt her hot breath on my balls. Then I felt the warmth of her mouth, and the wet of her tongue, as she reached it out to pull one of my nuts into her mouth. She moaned slightly louder than I did when she started to suck on my balls.

In high school it had usually taken convincing to get a girl to suck on my nuts, but Elisha went for it as soon as she saw them. It felt amazing, I loved college already. My first night and I had decided that girls here must know we enjoy foreplay just as much as they do.

I reached down and brushed the side of her face with my fingers. She looked up Mardin Escort Bayan at me, her eyes sending messages of seduction. Her tongue slid up the bottom of my shaft, and she gently kissed on the head of my cock. I leaned back and closed my eyes as my cock was enveloped in her mouth. I listened to the sounds of her sucking and moaning, felt her hand and mouth moving up and down my shaft.

As my cock swelled up in her mouth, I looked down to watch her. Her eyes were closed as she moved up and down my cock. I could feel her tongue rubbing against the head of my dick. Her cheeks sucked in as she slid down, pressing the inside of her cheeks against my cock. She was using one hand to stroke on me, and the other was cradling my balls.

I let Elisha’s name escape from my mouth, “That feels so good.”

She looked up at me, “You like me sucking your cock?” Her eyes screaming at me to just grab her and throw her onto her back and take her. She pressed the flat of her tongue on my balls and ran all the way up to the head of my dick, before taking as much of it as she could into her mouth.

I was so hard she barely made it over halfway down, bet she was working her hand in perfect timing with her mouth. She opened her mouth a little wider, slid her tongue down and forced her face farther down my cock. After holding it there for a second, she pulled off and gasped. She wiped away a string of saliva that was running from her mouth down to my cock.

“It’s too big for me to deepthroat it all.” She was grinning, and still stroking on me. “You ready to cum for me?” I nodded and reached up to put my hand under her face, cradling it.

She leaned up and kissed me, then went back down to finish me off. I had both of my hands on the back of her head. Running my fingers through her hair and holding it back so I could see her working my cock.

She was only sucking just past the tip, but the rest of my shaft was soaked with her spit, and she was using her hands on it. I could hear a loud sucking sound as the edges of my head escaped her mouth at the end of each stroke. It felt great, sounded hot, and Elisha looked amazing doing it.

Without realizing it I had started to thrust up a small bit with each stroke. I knew I was about to cum, and my grip on her hair tightened. She went deeper down on my cock one last time right as I started to cum. My cock was throbbing as I blew my load, and I could her Elisha moan each time another spurt shot into her mouth.

She slid my dick out of her mouth, sucking all the way up to make sure she had gotten all of the cum. The she came up and straddled me. She was still grinning, and she opened her mouth a little, it was full of my cum. She closed her mouth, gulped all of it down, then opened her mouth again to show me it was gone.

She fell down on her side, resting her head on my shoulder. “So had you not gotten off in a few days or are you secretly a pornstar?” she asked laughing. I had to laugh a little too.

“Neither,” I said. she was looking up at me, her eyes had gone from screaming sex to a cuter softer look, “That’s just me I guess.”

I rolled her onto her back and began to kiss her. I moved down her body, kissing her neck, then her breasts, and started sucking on her nipples. They were already excited before I started playing with them. I buried my face in her breasts, kissing licking and feeling all over them.

Elisha’s hands were running through my hair and over my back as I slid further down her body. I undid the two buttons on the side of her skirt and slid it off. She had on a pair of orange cotton panties which matched the shirt she had been wearing. The bottom of her panties was soaked making it a darker color than the rest of them.

She lifted her thighs a little and raised her legs up so I could slide her panties down. After I got them completely off I held up her legs and began to kiss all the way back toward her pussy.

“Oh my God, quit teasing me!” She had a huge Escort Mardin smile as I was moving closer to where she wanted me.

I got down and gave on small peck of a kiss to each lip of her pussy. They were really soft, she looked amazing. There was a small tuft of natural red hair shaved into a triangle a few inches above her clit, but other than that she was completely bald.

I put the flat of my tongue on her ass cheek then slid it all the way up one side of her pussy, then down the other. She let out a soft sigh and gripped my hair, she put a little pressure trying to me push me to her clit, so I quit with the teasing and went in.

I turned my head sideways and put her hood between my lips. I gave it a kiss taking it into my mouth and sucked on it as I pulled away from it. This got the reaction I was expecting as Elisha let out a fluttering moan and tried to push my head into her. I started to rub my tongue in small circles over her clit.

“Oh yeah, that’s it.”

I glanced up while eating her out. Her eyes were closed and her chest was moving up and down as she was panting. The taste of her and the sights of her tits heaving up and down had gotten me erect again and I was playing with myself while licking her clit. My face was completely wet with her juices and I knew she was getting close.

I started to move my hands all over her body while I ate her out. I rubbed the outside of her thigh, traced her sides, then squeezed on her breasts. She had started to grind her pussy on my face so I grabbed her hips. I was licking her clit up and down as she rocked her hips to the motion. She was panting louder and louder and I could see all of her abs tightening up.

She grabbed the back of my head and I felt her body move. I looked up to see she had lifted her shoulder and head off the bead and was looking down at me. Her mouth was wide open, one eye was shut and the other almost was. I knew it had started, then she suddenly screamed out and fell back. Her juices were flowing and her hips bucking as she came. I kept working her clit all through her orgasm.

By the time she finished I was completely hard. I slid up her kissing all the way up.

“That was amazing, For a freshman you know what you are doing,” she said with a wink.

I just smiled knowing I wasn’t done with her yet. I was gently kissing on her face and letting my tongue play on her lips. Then I moved in and gave her a deep kiss. She moaned as I did, then I plunged my cock into her. All that escaped her mouth was “Mmphh!” My cock had gone in easily with how wet she was from her orgasm.

I opened my eyes to see that hers were wide open with surprise, then they rolled back and her eyelids fluttered close. I started to gently thrust myself in and out of her gorgeous body. She wrapped her legs around me, hooking one over my waist and entwining the other around one of my legs.

Her pussy felt amazing; warm, tight, and absolutely soaking. I was rolling my hips in small circles as I slid in and out of her. I moved my head to kiss on her collarbone while I fucked her. With her mouth free the dirty talk started.

“Oh yeah! Roll around in my like that! Fuck me with that big dick!”

I thrust hard and deep into her, eliciting another loud “Fuck!” from her. Her nails had started to dig into my skin where she was gripping my back and ass. I moved one of my hands from her back to grab her ass cheek, and moved the other one to one of her breasts. I squeezed on both while fucking her.

She started to tense up again and I knew she was about to cum a second time. Her pussy got even wetter as she did. She buried her face in my chest and screamed into it as she came. It was so hot and felt so good I knew I was about to cum also. I gave her a few last thrusts, then pulled out and shot my load all over her abs. I looked down to see her laying on her back, her breasts rising and falling with each breath she took. Some of my cum had gotten on the underside of her tits, and the rest formed several long lines down to her waist.

I fell onto my back, and she used my boxers to wipe her stomach off. She rolled over and laid her head on my chest and we fell asleep. In that moment I knew college was going to be awesome, but I didn’t yet know quite how awesome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32