First Coffee Ch. 03

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Michael took a few minutes to confine his raging hard cock in his pants once again. He knew it was hopeless to expect it to soften, so he picked up the newspaper from the table and held it between his crotch and rest of the café as he rose and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. Kate waited for him there, and he couldn’t get there fast enough.

He stopped outside the door and said in a firm but soft voice, “Let me in, Kate.”

“Yes, Michael,” Kate’s reply came as the door swung open. “I have never wanted so much to let anyone in.”

They were in each other’s arms before they even realized it; their mouths pressed together, and tongues dancing. Kate managed to release him from his pants without knowing how she did it. She only knew the pleasure and passion of their kiss. Michael unbuttoned her blouse and cupped her breasts in his hands before pulling gently on the hard nipples. His arms went around her and pulled her against him. He felt those nipples press deep into the skin of his chest, and he wanted her even closer.

Michael stepped out of the pants at his feet without ever breaking their kiss. His hands slid down her back and underneath her ass. His palms covered each cheek and the fingers gripped her there and pulled her to him. He lifted and her legs wrapped around his back before he let her hips slide lower; until he could feel her hot wetness just touch the tip of his cock. They moaned their need into their kiss as he let her slowly slide down onto the full length of him. Kate had her first small orgasm then, newcratos and she began riding the waves that their passion was creating inside her.

They both began moving their hips. It wasn’t awkward. They didn’t need to find the right rhythm. Their bodies quickly learned what their souls already knew.

Michael began thrusting harder into her; driving his need for her into a promise of shared passion that he would never let go of. He could feel every inch of contact between his cock and the possessive grip of her pussy. He escaped from that grip over and over, and each time, he willingly plunged back into the wet, silken embrace that seemed to want to hold him forever.

She put her arms around his neck and buried her face in the anchor of the hollow there. She could feel the muscles of his shoulder ripple as he moved in and out of her. It seemed that the place where their bodies joined below was at once far away and yet closer than her own heartbeat.

In the instant of that thought she listened for her heart, and heard so much more than she had expected. She heard not only her own heart beating, fast and steady; but also Michael’s heart, slower and stronger. The two beats were not the same, but they formed a kind of harmony; a song of life that seemed to flow along the rhythm formed by the caress of his cock sliding in and out of the wet folds of her pussy. Their passionate breaths were the only lyrics to this song, and the moans that they whispered to each other were the chorus.

She didn’t think that she newcratos giriş could possibly get him deep enough. In fact, she was sure of it, She wanted him inside her. Not just inside her pussy, swollen with lust and need; but inside her soul, swollen with love and desire. She wanted him now and forever, she wanted him, she needed him, she wanted to be part of him. It had been so long. It couldn’t end. She wouldn’t let it end.

She felt him move faster, thrusting harder into her. Another wave of contractions began to build inside her, and she opened her eyes and threw her head back. His thrusts were bouncing her up with each stroke. She could feel her erect nipples crease his chest as they moved up and down; as if they meant to etch her need into his skin. The pressure at her pelvis spread and moved up her spine, where it met the sharp pleasure generated by her nipples.

She pulled her head up level with his and looked directly into his eyes as the pressure of her orgasm suddenly expanded. Her eyes got bigger, the pupils dilating as her pussy was contracting. She had never felt anything like this. It wasn’t the release of her normal orgasm, or any orgasm she had ever had for that matter. It wasn’t an explosion. It was a spreading of her orgasm all over her body; and then farther, out of her and into his body. She saw it in his eyes. She saw the surprise when he felt her orgasm fill him. She felt it flow over him and into him…she felt it move through him and saw it through his eyes. It soaked into his soul and joined the male essence of his own orgasm. It moved back out through his body and down to his cock, where it exploded back into her.

They remained in each others arms…standing there in that small bathroom in the quiet cafe. At least part of them did. Part of them wasn’t there at all. Part of them was far away, living a happy life, taking care of each other and the children, sharing this song of passion, singing it to each other over and over until it became part of them, until they became part of each other.

He gently let her slide down from his embrace. Her legs unwrapped from him and once again her feet were back on the ground. They were still looking into each other’s eyes. They weren’t smiling, or crying, or experiencing any of the emotions that they had expected. They each had felt what had happened. They were both sure that they would always feel it.

“There are no words, love” Michael stated. He had to force his head to turn then, to break the eye contact, so that he could begin putting his clothes back in order; and allow her a chance to do the same.

She began buttoning her silk blouse, and smoothing her skirt back down over her hips. “No, hun, no words; just you – me – us. …Us.” She said the last word like it was made of pure gold; like it was precious and valuable; like it was incorruptible and eternal. She said it like she had never said it before. She said it like she would never say it any other way again.

Michael sat at the table of the quiet cafe and watched as the sight of Kate diminished in his view out the window. He held his mug tighter and looked into his heart, at Us. Kate was still there, where she would never have to walk away; where she would never diminish.

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