First Blush Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

For a few seconds my eyes were the only things that could move. I drank him in. Greg stood at the side of the bed watching me. I wondered what I looked like, splayed on the pillows, a boneless jellyfish of satisfaction.

“Hi,” I said.

He laughed. “Yeah. Hi.”

Then his gaze got sexy and intense again. He slowly started unbuttoning his shirt. I didn’t think I’d be able to get turned on again so soon but the moment he looked at me like that the room got hotter.

Greg took off his shirt. His skin looked naturally tan in the fading light coming in through the window. His shoulders looked even wider without the shirt on. He had just the tiniest beginning curve of a belly. I thought I saw a smattering of light brown hair on his chest, but in the dimming light I couldn’t be sure.

He kept looking at me while he undid his belt and fly, and took off his pants. He was wearing black boxer briefs. His thighs were bigger, more muscular than I’d expected. My mouth went dry and my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth.

Suddenly I could move.

I crawled to him. When I reached the edge of the bed I got up on my knees and opened my arms. He stepped into him, and I hugged him, pressing every part of my body that I could up against his. I tucked my face into his neck and nuzzled my nose against him, breathing him in.

My heart bloomed open. I know a lot of people don’t believe in love at first sight, or maybe love at first fuck, but I knew what I felt. I didn’t ever want to be with anyone else.

“I’ll never know how to thank you,” I mumbled into his neck.

He barked out one loud burst of laughter.

“You? You’ll never know how to thank me ?

When he put it like that it did sound kind of silly.

I kissed down his chest. I had to get off the bed to be able to continue my descent. No more slow. I had to hurry. I kissed down his stomach. I kissed his hip through his underwear. I breathed warm air onto the fabric over his cock.

I pulled his underwear down and his cock sprang free, standing up large and prominent just inches from my face.

God yes.

“You’re so beautiful,” I said.

I went to put him in my mouth.

“No,” he said.


Greg shook his head and offered me his hand to help me up, but I just knelt there staring at him.


He shook his head again. “The next few minutes are all about you.”

“Minutes?” I asked teasingly.

“Yeah,” he said, his voice got low and husky. “After that it’s all about us.”

I licked my lips, which were suddenly dry.

“Come on baby, lie down on the bed,” he said.

I got up and laid down on the bed, face up. Greg made a motion with his hand for me to roll over and I did. I grabbed a pillow and put it under my head and turned my face toward the window. Greg moved my arms and settled them near my head.

I heard him open a drawer in the bedside table.

What was he doing?

I thought I heard his hands rub together.

He rubbed my shoulders for a minute. Oh, yum.

“God that’s great.”

“The body oil?”

“No, you.”

“Years of practice all designed to entrap unsuspecting redheaded mathematicians.”

“Yeah. Well, it’s working. It’s worked.”

He did that for a minute more and then said, “Okay, this is a tantra thing.”


He put both his hands on one of my ankles and glided his hands up my leg, over the muscles on one cheek of my ass, diagonally over my back, around one shoulder, and back down again without stopping in one long stroke. It was like he splayed his hands and closed them like the movements of a butterfly.

Then he did the other side, the same long, long stroke. It was the most sensual thing I’d ever Göztepe travesti experienced. He was putting me in some sort of trance.

It felt too good for words. How could this be possible?

“Stupor,” I managed to say.

Bombs exploded. I jerked. Firecrackers. Oh. It was Memorial Day. I forgot.

He rubbed a small circle at the very base of my spine, then an even smaller circle at the small of my back, and a few more circles up at calculated intervals.


Greg did the long strokes again I went back into the incredible erotic daze. Greg traced his fingers down the crack of my ass.

Oh fuck yeah.

I felt something cold and gel-like squirt onto my asshole. Lube? Holy crap, was that lube? I tightened up.

“Eli? Say no, and we can stop right now. Say no, and we can stop at any time.”

My heart was squeezed in a giant fist. I forced it to unconstrict.

“I don’t want to stop,” I whispered.

Greg very gently inserted one finger into me.

“Oh fuck,” I whispered.

He moved his finger slightly, and I pushed back against him.

“Greg!” I yelled.

It was utterly foreign. My eyeballs rolled up into my head. I rotated my hips and my ass and squeezed my hands into fists and grit my teeth.

“More, Greg, more. Please. More.”

He chuckled, and it was the best sound I’d ever heard in my life. “Okay baby, whatever you want.”

Greg moved his finger in and out. My eyelids fluttered. The sound of my panting was so loud. It was like my panting was a roar; it was all I could hear. My brain threw curses at me one after another, but there was no way my mouth could form words.

The whole world was Greg.

He paused for a millisecond, and it felt like an eternity. He slowly stretched me apart, then waiting. I couldn’t even tell what he was doing, all I could tell was that everything felt good. Maybe he was moving his fingers in different patterns?

I couldn’t think.

He withdrew his fingers. More cold lube. His cock poised at my entrance. Pause.

Oh God, Greg. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.

It was like all my senses, were concentrated right there. Very slowly, very gently, Greg pushed his way in. The head of his cock pushed past, and then inch by inch he slid further in.

It was pleasure and pain in the best possible way.


I made myself relax and experience it all the nth degree knowing I’d never have a first time again.

The sense of stretching and accommodation and fullness was so strange.

And so right.

I let out a huge groan.

Greg was completely still.

God he was huge.

And he felt fucking fantastic.

“Baby? Are you all right?”

I laughed. Hysterical laughter. I squeezed my ass muscles around him, hard.

He groaned.

I was flooded with power.

I had to try twice before I could speak. “What are you waiting for, Mr. Astrophysicist? A shooting star with your name emblazed across it?”

He pulled me up to my hands and knees and started to move.


Nothing had ever felt so good in my life.

My hands kept slipping on the silky sheets. I braced with all I had, but I couldn’t keep my palms under me. I landed face down, ass up, and the pumping, oh God, the pumping. I was burning up all over. Wave after wave of light and heat were pouring through me, and I felt like Greg was going to fuck me through the headboard.

I think I was screaming.

Then Greg pulled out.

Oh my God, he’s gone.


I couldn’t catch my breath. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t move. I must be red everywhere; I felt like blood was pounding through my entire body.

Need, need, need.

One thought cut through the overwhelming feeling I was going to explode.

Like a bucket of ice water on the burn.


“Uh, Greg?” It came out like a squeak.

“Babe?” He was still there, Küçükyalı travesti close behind me. He rubbed one big hand down my back and I calmed.

“Uh…” I felt my cheeks redden again for a different reason. “Did you use a condom?” My voice was high and unsure.

He flopped down beside me. I glanced down at him. Big, and hard, and totally sheathed in a condom.

“Come here, Eli.” He gathered me into his side. Greg kissed me, his tongue licking into me like I was the most precious thing in the world. He broke off the kiss and brushed the back of his knuckles across my cheek. “I will take care of you.” He rolled on top of me. “Trust me, love. Please. Trust me to take care of you.”

I groaned.

He kissed me again.

“You all right?”

“Will you please stop asking that? I’m better than all right. I’ve never been so all right.” Even if I never see you again in my life, I’ll never be so right as I am right now.

“I’ll always ask you if you’re all right.”

Always? But I realized it was just a turn of phrase. He didn’t necessarily mean it the way I wanted him to mean it.

He lifted up a little and reached between us and stroked me. I bit my lip hard in an effort not to come.

He chuckled.

“More?” he asked.

I didn’t trust myself to speak. I nodded.

He stilled his hand.

“You sure?”

I still didn’t trust myself to speak or stop biting my lip but I let my eyes convey my thought. ‘Don’t make me hurt you.’

“So be it,” he said.

I exhaled a huge gust of air and my nostrils flared. I laughed.

God help me, I loved him.

I started laughing again.

He reached over for more lube. I stopped laughing abruptly.

I never thought about the mechanics of doing it face to face. Greg put a pillow under my ass. I felt scared, vulnerable again. It must have showed on my face.

“Hey Eli, look at me. Look at me.” He did that thing again where he tapped the bottom of his eyelid, and I zeroed in on his right eye.

“Baby,” he said softly. He entwined one hand in mine.

He kissed me and just like that I was filled with need, back in the game.

Oh God, fuck me. But of course I couldn’t speak.

He stopped kissing me for a second, unknotted our hands. I growled. Actually growled.

He chuckled.

The fucker.

But I think he was going for lube, so I should shut my brain up.

Greg kissed me again so he took care of that for me. Suddenly I was desperate to have him. I kissed him harder, tried to spur him on.

Then he was inside me.

“Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes.” Pretty soon I was screaming again.

My eyes closed. He sped up, the in and out, absolutely perfect.

“Look at me.”

God no. That would be too intense.

But my eyes popped open like there was no way in the world I wouldn’t obey him.

Fuck, the way he was staring at me was hot.

It sounded like it came from far away I heard my own voice, raspy and low. “Faster. Harder.”

Now he was the one growling.

Yeah, this is where the ferocious came in.

Then he reached between us and grabbed hold of me. I bit my lip so hard I thought I’d draw blood.

His grunting sounds were delicious.

My chest was heaving, and I was sweating, and I wanted to come with him but there was no way I could last. “Can’t. Hold. Out.”

Words floated into my mind. ‘Trust me to take care of you.’

“Then don’t.” Greg said.

My toes were on fire. I came so hard my spine jacked off the bed. Bricks of white light smashed into me from every direction. The galaxy was exploding, and strangely I saw numbers flying in the air everywhere. I knew I must be making a mess between us. Greg was making the most amazing grunting noises. Then I felt his erection kicking hard inside me. Fuck, yes. I bit my lip, again.

He collapsed on top me. Yikes. I barely had time to get my legs out of the way.

“Off,” Avrupa yakası travesti I said.

He laughed.

Greg got off the bed. Hey wait! That’s not what I meant. Where’s he going? Fuck. I should follow him, but I can’t move. My eyelids are like wet bags of cement; they weighed 1,000 pounds.

Something warm on my stomach. Washcloth?

“Mmmn,” I said.

Greg laughed. “Mmmn is right.”

“Drunk,” I said.

Greg laughed again.

“Great laugh,” I said.

He cuddled next to me. Oh, he felt so good.

“Are you okay?”

“Sooooo, tired.”

He laughed.

“Stop laughing.”



“Ready for round two?”

My eyes snapped open.


“I’d punch you in the arm, but that would require moving.”

He leaned over and brushed those velvety lips against mine. It was the consummate lover’s kiss, so soft. Yet I could feel a little bit of five o’clock shadow, why hadn’t I felt that before?

“Perfect,” I mumbled.

But then I was weeping.

What the…?

Big fat tears were rolling down my cheeks and onto Greg.

“Hey, hey, hey,” he said.

I sniffed and looked away.

“What’s going on?”

I’m a wuss, that’s what.

“Sweatheart. Love. Talk to me.”

I shook my head.

Greg rolled over on his back and gathered me to him until my head was resting on his chest.

I couldn’t stop the tears.

“Hush. Shush.” He squeezed me harder.

God, I was just so grateful. It was pathetic. And then I got the hiccups. Great. Then, if that wasn’t enough. I blushed. Freakin’ fair coloring.

“Want a glass of water?”

I nodded.

Except then he got up. And I missed his heat.

Boy, do I have it bad. When he leaves me I’m going to be devastated. Stupid virgin.

Greg came back and I drank the entire glass of water.

“I guess this sex stuff is dehydrating work.”

He smiled. Damn. He’s got the sexiest smile.

“If you do it right.”

Greg put the glass down and clasped my face in his palms. He kissed me softly.

“You all right?”

“You ask me that again….” I had no way to finish the sentence. “It’s just”—I stopped there for a moment—”You’re intense.”

“We’re intense.”

I nodded in his hands.

I wiped under my eyes. Now I’m probably splotchy too. Great. Next time I’m coming back as a black guy. This fair skin is for the birds.

“Sorry about chicking out on you like that,” I said pulling away.

He made a face. Greg laid down on his back and settled me into him until my face was cozied up onto his chest. I lazily darted out my tongue and flicked one nipple.

“Whatever you need is fine. You know that.”

Greg rubbed my back. He took my leg and placed it over him. We fit.

He pulled covers over us. “Stay the night?” he whispered.

“Of course,” I whispered back. I tilted my head up to look at him. “Besides, you drove me here. You’ve got me captive.”

Greg smiled that ‘cat ate the canary’ smile again. “Yeah. I’ve got you right where I want you. And don’t you forget it.”

We were silent for a minute, and I drifted off.

“I’m friends with one of the math professors,” Greg said. “I’m pretty sure she could use a teacher’s assistant.”

“Ummn,” I said. I think I was dreaming. In my dreams he wanted me to move out here. I hope I remembered this in the morning. Numbers floated in my head. They were the colors of his eyes. Then words floated among them. They too were goldens and browns, mahogany and whiskey, ‘Remember what he said. For next time.’

# # #

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