Fireworks on the 4th of July

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It was the weekend of July fourth. Jill had left that Friday to attend a heavy-duty, three day, fifteen hour a day counseling/therapy workshop. As usual, I was feeling randy and was looking forward to my friend, Kirke’s, party on Saturday evening. The possibility of finding a seducible woman was certainly part of my motivation for attending, but there would be a lot of people there, many of which I knew.

Now Jill and I have had an interesting relationship up to that time. We don’t live together but manage to spend a lot of time with one another even though she lives on the seacoast and I live about twenty miles inland. She’s a beautiful, blue-eyed babe with dark curly hair and nice firm, if small, tits. She’s sexually adventurous, a little passive and madly in love with me. So sure am I of her love for me, I know that I could hook up with another woman while she’s gone, tell her about it when she returns and she would be cool with it. In fact, it would probably turn her on.

Although I had planned on attending the party alone, I had previously made a date with Eliza to play tennis that morning. I’ve known Eliza for several years as she was once married to a good friend of mine. She’s about five foot one, very slim and athletic. She has long blonde hair, very pretty, great ass, but, by far, what sets her apart from all the other women I’ve known, are her magnificent breasts. Very large, firm, at least a thirty-eight or forty, their enormity seems almost unnatural on a woman of her small stature. You noticed I said “almost”. They were just beautiful and I’ve admired them for years. Large, brown nipples, blonde pubic hair and a healthy attitude towards sex, complete one desirable woman.

I hadn’t anticipated anything happening with her that day as we had just recently come to grips with her feelings of hurt and rejection when I informed her that Jill and I would be housemates in the Fall. Jill and Eliza are best friends and, by the way, it was during a planned seduction of Eliza that Jill first noticed and began pursuing me. Still, I had every intention of maintaining a relationship with Eliza, sexual or not. Eliza and I had had a couple of sexual episodes, but only in a friendly manner, always toying with, but never committing to, a serious relationship. We agreed that sex was just too difficult for us to handle at this time.

Eliza and I met in Pittsfield and played some less-than-inspired tennis for about an hour, when we decided to go for a swim at Big River. We went to the liquor store where we each bought a bottle of wine. Ostensibly, mine was for the party later, while her’s would be good for sipping at the river. Cheese and crackers were similarly purchased.

We got to the river and found it peacefully deserted. Now this river is really just a wide, deep spot in a small stream, but it has a small, sandy beach near a bridge where we left our cars. We drank and ate and talked and even went for a swim when the sun had sufficiently warmed us. As the afternoon wore down, both bottles of wine were nearly consumed and Eliza and I were getting looser and friendlier.

Kisses grup escort and hugs, which were so friendly at first, were fast becoming more sensual and sexual in a way in which were having trouble resisting. There was no resistance when my hand fell to her ample breast, firm stomach and soft thighs. There was no resistance, even encouragement, when the same breast occasionally exposed itself to the waning afternoon sun. Her large, brown nipple danced under the gentle prodding of my fingers and tongue. The kisses were deep, long and wet as my hand trailed along her belly to that space between her legs, still covered by her bathing suit bottom and I massaged her there gently.

Indeed, the sun was going down (but not my penis) and in our semi-inebriated condition, we concluded that Eliza’s warm bed and our two naked bodies would be party enough for both of us. We got into our cars and unerringly made the short drive to Eliza’s house.

After finishing off the wine, Eliza excused herself to take a shower. I waited patiently as I heard her in the bathroom. After I heard the door open, I got up and went to greet her. She was unbelievably sexy in a short bath towel. My dick was still hard from earlier and I couldn’t resist. I went right over to her and gave her a big, deep kiss. Our tongues met, sliding deliciously around one another and her towel slipped off.

Now I got to see her completely naked and so beautiful. Great tan skin, beautifully smooth and firm ass, tight blonde triangle exposing her puffy cunt lips and those marvelous, marvelous breasts. I was hard as a rock rubbing up against her in my shorts. She was getting hot as I let my hands roam all over her body from her ass cheeks, grabbing them gently in each hand, along her hips to her tiny waist and out to the sides of those humongous tits. I had to have her, right then.

We were next to a beanbag chair there in the hallway near the stairs, outside the bathroom, so I tenderly led her down there on her hands and knees with that beautiful ass staring me in the face. I quickly ripped off my shorts and knelt behind her. I took my dick in my hand and stroked it along her very accessible pussy. She was already wet and I easily put the head of my cock between her lips. It was such a turn on! Her fine blonde pubes fully exposed to view her pussy filled with my engorged prick. I pushed my entire seven inches into her in one motion. We were both so turned on and in just a few strokes I was deep within her with my hands on her tits and ass and groaning loudly as I came and came in delicious ecstasy deep inside her cunt. She collapsed onto her stomach with a knee-shaking orgasm of her own and we lay there for several minutes, me still buried, well spent, inside her.

After a few moments, we gathered ourselves and stumbled upstairs, naked and ready for more. She fell onto the bed on her back, her generous breasts going to either side of her small frame and her legs spread invitingly. I knelt between her legs and kissed her gently on the mouth. I covered her lips, her eyes, her forehead, her ears, iranlı escort her neck with my tongue and lips, kissing and licking her into oblivion. Her long blonde hair was splayed out, framing her face and I was completely knocked out by her beauty.

After several minutes of this, I licked my way down her neck and came face to face with those glorious tits. I licked around them, holding as much as I could in my hands and bringing them together. The nipples were large and erect and pointing at me needingly. I licked one and then the other and then back again, before taking one deep in my mouth and sucking hungrily like a baby nursing. Eliza moaned as I moved from one nipple to the other, sucking and licking.

I held her breasts, one in each hand, firmly like handles as I moved down her body to kiss her belly and around her navel. Just below her belly button began the soft, fine trail of blonde hairs, leading to her sweet pussy. I licked my way down this path until I was facing her blonde framed cunt lips, puffy and inviting. I gave her a quick lick along the length of her slit before I explored her clitoral area with the tip of my wet tongue. I licked and sucked and kissed and swirled my tongue around her lovely clit until she was moaning loudly and grabbing my head with her hands in an attempt to force my tongue deeper in her pussy. I let go of her massive breasts and used my finger to spread the lips of her pussy and felt overwhelmed by the sight and smell (somewhat like baby powder).

Again I licked along the length of her slit and plunged my tongue deep in as far as it would go within her moist love tunnel. I penetrated in and out using my tongue as a dick (albeit, a small one). Eliza loved every moment as I settled in between her legs for some serious cunnilingus. I kissed her pussy like they were a second set of lips, deeply and with lots of tongue action, alternating that with giving her cunt wide licks with the breadth of my tongue and sucking her labia into my eager mouth.

I continued my frenzied ministrations for fifteen or twenty minutes, leaving her limp and almost passed out from orgasmic ecstasy. Although she was slightly limp, I was anything but. My dick screamed for attention, standing out from my body, hard and ready. I moved myself up the bed until my hard-on was poised near her face as she reached out and gently fondled its rigidness. Her hand moved smoothly up and down my stiff shaft as she pulled it down toward her mouth.

I was on my knees with her face between my legs and she ran her wet tongue from the purple head of my dick along the underside to my tight balls. She gave my sack a kiss and a lick before coming up and taking the head into her mouth with a slight sucking action. I rolled over onto my back as she went up and down on my massive hard-on. Her mouth was sweet and wet and left my cock soaked in her saliva.

Then she slid onto her knees, moved her body up and with my rigid dick in her hand, set herself down on top of me. All the way. I gasped as I watched my full seven inches disappear in her until my keçiören escort red pubes were intimately intermingled with her blonde ones. Now some guys may be intimidated when the woman is on top, but I find it wonderful. Sure, it may seem that the woman is in control, but I like to reach out and grab the woman’s ass cheeks and guide her to move the way I want. Also I can slow down her movements and give my cock a chance to relax and prolong my orgasm.

So I held her ass with my dick buried all the way inside her wet cunt and enjoyed the view. Our pubic hairs are entwined as she grinds her hips ever so slightly into my crotch…her breasts swaying with a physics all their own…her blonde hair falling down into my face and her breath coming in short bursts above me. She was beautiful and I was in heaven!

I loosened my grip on her ass and started to move her in a slow grinding motion. Her breasts begged to be touched so I reached my eager hands out for them, taking one in each hand. As I released her ass, she moved faster, lifting her pussy off of my lap and impaling herself back down upon my hardness. I coarsely caressed her tits while I watched her cunt move up and down my slick dick. I brought my mouth up to Eliza’s hard nipples and sucked on one until it grew another inch. I moved to the other one and got another fine taste of tit, before I relaxed, my head falling back on the pillow. I reached up to her face and gently pulled her lips down onto mine until she was lying prone on top of me. Her legs were on top of mine, her breasts pushed into my chest, her sweet cunt enveloping my swollen cock. I held her face and gave her gentle kisses on her lips, eyes and cheeks. I reached down again with both hands and grabbed her ass rotating her around my organ for a few strokes.

After I let go of her, she sat up again (here favorite position, I was to learn) and began moving with a purpose. It was all I could do to hold one as I watched and felt her pussy moving rapidly along my rigid shaft. I held lightly to her hips just to keep her balanced as her movements became more animated. Her head leaned back and her eyes were closed and those little gasps were coming from within her each time she sat back down on my penis. She was moving and panting. My eyes were focused now on her nipples, hard and pointy, heaving with her breasts in time with her motions.

I knew she was close. I knew I was close, but determined to follow her or join her on that orgasmic trip. The pressure was building in my balls and I could feel that she was about there. Her breathing became short, her breasts heaved, her pussy contracted around my turgid dick and with a long sigh on her part, I knew that she was cumming. Her movements became quicker and then slower and finally eased and I could take it no more. I regrettably pulled out of her cunt (I knew that wasn’t using any birth control) and released a tremendous load of cum of her ass. Again and again I shot my load and I could feel the warm cum dripping off of her and back down on me. By this time, she was collapsed on my chest and I hugged her for all I was worth.

After our orgasms subsided, I reached own and held her ass, feeling my sticky cum covering her cheeks. We slept that night wrapped around one another, my hands gently caressing her breasts, her bottom shoved up against my dick, my face in her hair. It was heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32