Fine Dining

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The private dining room was exquisite. Dark, red and sensuous with mahogany wood, deep rich velvet and hard sparkling glass. This was a man’s world, a gentleman’s club where women knew their place and the pervading scent of rich, hard testosterone made sure they stayed there.

She was here for another client dinner. Bored and restless, the tedious conversation was sapping her spirit. This was going to be a long night.

She was pinned between two fat bankers. Wobbling jowls and braying voices squawking across her chest. The loose spit from their flaccid lips spraying over her face with every roaring laugh. She shivered with revulsion. But despite herself, the feeling of that fat warm flesh under those expensive Savile Row suits pressing against her was starting a slow deep pulsing right down inside her cunt.

She closed her eyes for a moment letting the noise, heat and rich expensive aftershave wash over her senses. The big fat thighs kept pushing against her body, punctuating the conversation.

A light wool suit was bristling against her naked arm. As the wine flowed and banter increased the men became bolder and more intimate, leaning across her and pressing hard against the outer curve of her firm, round breasts.

She glanced down. The deep slashed V of the dark, red silk was framing her tits beautifully. The honey coloured globes soared up from their red silk bra, rising gently up and down as she breathed and being forced up still further as the fat bankers leaned across her squashing each tit together brutally. The sight of her own beautiful breasts made her pussy open and begin to moisten. They were exquisite and looking down at them made her so horny.

Natural, soft and perfectly rounded. She smiled to herself and, glancing to each side, she began to picture those fat sausage-like fingers ripping down the front of her dress and exposing her magnificent tits to the whole table. Two fat bankers with those juicy, dribbling lips would begin sucking on her dark pink nipples. Slurping and dribbling noisily all over her tits, biting, pulling and teasing her nipples brutally and mercilessly. The fantasy was driving electric shocks of pleasure up and down her body pulsing between her rosy pink nipples and her wet and pulsing clit.

The first course arrived. Velvet green asparagus spears dripping in hot and shining melted butter. With the butter lubricating each spear, she raised one to her full red lips and caressed the tip with her tongue. Hot and earthy, she savoured the texture and opened her mouth to suck the firm, flexible shaft into her soft waiting mouth, letting the juices run luxuriously down her chin. She swallowed the remainder and carefully and deliberately sucked each long butter covered finger in Maraş Escort turn and licked her lips in anticipation of the next one.

Suddenly aware of a lull around the table she refocused her attention away from the sexy asparagus. Seven pairs of gimlet eyes were staring at her and her butter-covered mouth. Staring with animal lust and open-mouthed joy at her unabashed antics with the asparagus. She smiled demurely and glancing down at her tits and languorously wiped away a drip of butter from her cleavage.

Looking up she stared at the Chairman and, without a flicker, she opened her mouth and pushed her elegant index finger right inside, up to the second knuckle. Sucking it hard she allowed it to slip slowly out of her mouth and reached for another piece of asparagus. Smiling, she continued making small talk with her fat banker companion and felt the searing gaze of the Chairman burning onto her naked cleavage. The evening was beginning to look distinctly more interesting…

She resumed her poise and concentrated on not wriggling around on the dark brown leather banquette. Her pussy was on fire and the lust was building up around the table after she had raised the stakes with the asparagus display. She had to get away for a moment and recover her composure. She was playing a dangerous game and she’d soon have to put her cunt where her mouth was if she was going to impress these boys. They were jaded and rich and had any willing nubile silicon-titted Barbie doll at their daily beck and call. But she was going to make this a night to remember and let them see how a real woman played.

Putting her napkin aside, she rose from her seat, the table forcing her to lean forward and display her warm, sexy tits to the assembled group. Nobody was rushing to let her out and she knew she would have to squeeze over the lap of the fattest banker on her left. The table was silent as her breasts surged up out of her dress as she began to edge over. She was in no rush. She wiggled her full, round bottom past the face of the banker, pausing as she felt him trap her between his legs, big soft fingers brushing up and down her outer thighs.

She fought herself not to arch back into his face, pushing her arse up and into him as her pussy burned with desire. Her cunt was now dripping wet and itching with need. She stepped over the Loake leather shoe allowing her legs to splay apart, opening her sex to the cool night air with just a tiny barrier of lace between the banker’s knee and relief. She wiggled across him, smiling graciously at the rich expensive suits. With a shimmy she lowered her body and for a second ground her swollen clit against his leg feeling the rough, sexy feel of the pure new wool. And then she gasped, Maraş Escort Bayan her teasing had pushed him over the edge. A rough hand grabbed her hip preventing her exit and without warning, stubby hard fingers were rammed up between her legs, ripping her fragile lace panties and ploughing hard, fast and ruthlessly into her sopping, eager cunt. She arched up and gasped – the power of his thrust was breathtaking. His rough skin against her velvet, wet pussy was incredible – she wanted to shout and grind down, opening herself up until her could ram his whole fist inside her and relieve her throbbing desire. But she was playing by their rules and as quickly as the invasion had begun it was over – he ripped his hand away brutally leaving her empty and unsatisfied – round one to the boys and their laughter was ringing in her ears as she strode towards the ladies room.

She knew it was dangerous leaving them plotting in the dining room but she had to get away to clear her head and ease her desire or she was going to go crazy. Animal lust had overtaken her and she had to get immediate relief. Dimly aware of the longing glances as she marched towards the Maitre D’, she dismissed them with a flick of the shining red hair. She had one thing on her mind and he was French. A head taller than her, she stood directly in front of Stefan, the dark headed Gallic master of this particular universe and thrusting her body towards him she whispered urgently in his ear, “Baise-moi. Maintenant.”

He surveyed the shimmering red head up and down, slowly and without a flicker of emotion in his eyes. Red silk dress, incredible tits and eyes that were on fire. She was ripe and luscious and always needed fucking. As a true professional, it was his duty to satisfy the needs of his clientele and if he got to blast this voluptuous, sexy Irlandaise that was simply a perk of the metier. He took her elbow gently and whispering lips against her velvet skin said, “Madame, it will be my pleasure to fuck you until you bleed.”

Steering her away from the main restaurant and into the dark corridors of the club he stood behind her and ripped down the red silk sheath of her dress exposing those luscious full tits. Heavy and soft, with rock hard nipples, he smiled with pleasure and began kneading and pinching her tits, driving her into a frenzy of pleasure and pain. He bit down onto her neck hard, savouring the firm pliable flesh and inhaling the wanton scent of her musky juice and expensive perfume.

She yelped in pain as his hard, white teeth bit her soft delicate flesh and strong hands mauled her tits. But this was not resistance – this was the sound of sheer pleasure. She rammed back hard against him signalling her willingness to be taken Escort Maraş and impaled on his fine, hard cock. His balls were burning – she was like a bitch in heat, panting hard and thrusting those fantastic buttocks back against his throbbing hard-on. The horny bitch was going to get it – he shoved her forwards and over an empty cheese trolley. Reaching down, he yanked the silken red dress high above her head muffling her panting cries.

The lacy panties framed her arse beautifully, round and full like a thoroughbred race horse. The sight of her rich, expensive flesh inflamed him – his cock was pulsing with a burning anticipation he hadn’t experienced for months. He ripped the panties off and slapped her quivering arse over and over again – loving the sight of that reddening vanilla flesh as blood rushed to the surface of her skin in direct response to his brutality. With his other hand he spread her wide and with a single finger teased her swollen cunt.

She was writhing beneath him, trying to thrust down hard against his fingers and gain relief from her burning desire. Her cunt was flowing freely, dripping down onto his hand like a rich, honeyed Sauternes. He jammed his wet, dripping fingers into her mouth and she feverishly sucked her own juices in a frenzy of her desire. She was ready – he slapped her arse again, hard, ramming her face down against the trolley to signal he was in control. She quietened but he could feel her body tensed and ready to explode. He pulled his cock from his smooth black trousers. It felt like it was made of burning steel such was her effect on him. He was so hard he could have rammed through wood. With one hand he grasped a handful of that shining red hair and with the other he shoved her arse up high in to the air opening her up to take in his steel-hard cock. The heat and the juice was incredible – he pounded into her, revelling in the sight of her quivering arse and full tits squashed brutally down against the trolley.

The silken friction and tight, rippling muscles of her cunt felt incredible and, pounding into her over and over again, his burning cock felt like he could split her in two. Ramming harder and harder and harder into that magnificent body he began fucking her deeper and deeper in response to her urging gasps. His cock was tensing and contracting, tensing and building until the pressure in his balls was searing through his body like liquid fire and then weightlessness as his thick juicy cum powered into her hot, wet cunt in stream after stream after stream.

A final thrust and release and he was spent. He pulled out of her with a final triumphant smack on her gorgeous arse. With a, “Delicieux Madame, adieu.” he spun around zipping up his fly and marching back to rule his kingdom of mahogany wood, candlelight and glass.

She lay across the trolley with her bare arse pointing up, smiling luxuriously to herself. That was so good. So raw, so hard, so brutal and so fast. But it had only taken the edge off her pounding desire and she needed more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32