Finding out The Truth

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Kathy and I had been married about a year, and if truth be told it was a marriage built on sex, not love. We never really talked about the past, preferring to explore and discover each other through sex. Either one could have had dozens of partners in the past but neither one of us knew or cared.

One thing I did know about her was she was bisexual. She had a girlfriend whose name was Linda. They never admitted sleeping together, but I had found them in bed naked together many times while Kathy and I were dating. They would just laugh and play it off. I was of course turned on, and Kathy knew it. We always ended up in bed soon after, the picture of the two of them running through my head giving me a hard on from hell.

We loved to watch porno’s, and often tried to imitate what was on the screen. Kathy also had her toys she would use while I was at work. Sometimes I would come home and find her in bed with a dildo deep inside her. It didn’t take long before my clothes came off and we were at it again.

One day we decided to run into town. We needed some groceries and it was just payday so we had the money to spend. We got what we needed and stopped at a nice restaurant to get a bite to eat. It was an enjoyable day, but was starting to get dark so we decided to head home.

As we were about to get on the highway, Kathy saw the adult bookstore there and suggested we stop and get a new porno. I readily agreed as we hadn’t bought a new one in about a month, and it is always fun looking through all the selections. I was into anything and Kathy knew that. We always split up and looked at different things, sometimes we would surprise the other by something we had found.

She glanced at me as I was in the lesbian and gay section, and she smiled knowing what I was thinking. She came over to me and started rubbing my cock through my jeans. She told me that she wanted something different, something she had never seen before. I said told her you know I will watch anything and she said good because she wanted a gay video. She picked up one she obviously had to have looked at earlier and bought it.

By this time it was dark and as is normal, not a lot of traffic on the road. My head started hammering as I thought about her choice of videos. She didn’t know that before we had met I was in a relationship with one of my friends named Mike. oni thunder gods tale izle He and I had slept together for almost a year before I moved away. I could feel my cock growing hard at the memory.

Kathy turned on the map light as she looked at the porno she bought. She told me about how she has wanting to see one forever, it was one of her greatest fantasies. She saw the bulge in my shorts and reached over to feel it. She wondered why I already had such a big erection.

My head was pounding with excitement, and I undid and pulled down my shorts and started to drive nude. All I could think about was Mike, and wondering if I told her would she be okay with it. Finally I couldn’t stand it and knew I had to tell her or I was gonna bust open and die.

I told I was excited by her choice because it brought back memories of a relationship I had with a guy a few years ago. It started with is wrestling around in his apartment until we discovered each of us hard massive erection and how it went from wrestling to blow jobs. I told her of the times I would walk to his apartment from mine, about 5 doors down, wearing nothing but a robe and wake him up by sucking him hard. How we would take turns riding each others cocks. He loved to take every bit of my cum and suck it down, how I loved to feel his cock pulse and throb when he came deep in my ass. I loved how his cum covered my ass and dripped onto his stomach.

By the time we got home, Kathy was also naked and fingering herself as she listened to me tell my story. We pulled into the driveway and neither one of us bothered to get dressed, we carried everything into the house and I fucked her hard right there on the couch. We never did watch the movie that night, the images in our heads was more than enough.

I had forgotten all about the video we bought until Saturday night. In our house we were always naked, we didn’t wear clothes until we had to go out. Part of this was because we just enjoyed being nude, but part of it was the freedom to always touch yourself, or each other, anytime you wanted. We were used to seeing each other playing with ourselves, so when I had jumped in the shower she took that time to get out her toys and put in the gay video we had bought to surprise me.

I toweled off and walked into the living room and oussekine izle saw her sitting on a stool against the wall next to the TV. I could see she had her box of toys next to her as she reached over and pressed play on the DVD player.

The screen filled with two guys having sex and she told me she couldn’t get me and Mike off her mind. It turned her on so bad, she wanted to know all the details. So we started to watch the videos and I would tell her when me or Mike would do what was on the screen. We watched as one guy fucked the other doggy style and I told her that was Mike’s favorite position. She asked what mine was and I told her I liked to be on top, I liked to control the motion. I could go as fast or slow or deep as I wanted. I loved teasing the head of Mike’s dick by riding up and down on it, letting it just slip out of my ass before sliding it back in. It drove him crazy.

My hand was stroking my cock as I was telling her this, and she had taken one of her vibrating dildos and was working her pussy with it.

I told her my favorite though was long slow deep strokes-all the way up, hold it right on the edge, then slowly all the way down, taking every bit deep inside me. His cock was 8 inches long I told her, and I wanted every bit and more. I would grind my ass trying to get even more, the lust just getting stronger and stronger.

I had closed my eyes as I recalled one of many times we and Mike had enjoyed each other, my hand stroking my shaft. Kathy had come up next to me and I was started when she started sucking on me. She looked up at me and smiled, telling me my stories made her so hot, she was very happy she finally got the nerve to tell me she wanted to watch that video. Then she said the fun doesn’t end with just the movie, she had gone back to the store yesterday and got me something else. She pulled me onto the floor and then I saw what she meant.

Kathy was wearing a strap on dildo. She said she knows she isn’t Mike but this will have to do for now. We would work on getting me a boy toy, she would love to watch me actually fuck another guy.

She pushed my head down and told me to suck her dick. Latex doesn’t taste like flesh but it still felt good in my mouth. I sucked and liked it like there was no tomorrow, and even showed her how I could deep-throat it.

Finally she paper girls izle said that’s enough, turn around. I could feel her squirting KY on my ass, and I looked back to see her guiding it into my ass. She fucked me doggy style while playing with her nipples. She would occasionally reach under me and give tug to my hard cock that was hanging there, swinging with the rocking motion she made as she went in and out of me.

I couldn’t stand it anymore and moved away from her. I turned around and pushed her onto her back on the floor. I must have had that look in my eye because she didn’t argue. I mounted her, grabbed the dildo, and slid it hungrily into my ass. I rode up and down on her as I watched the guys on TV. I stroked my aching cock as I rode it, pounding it deep and fast in my ass. As I watched one guy cum into another guys mouth, I came all over her stomach.

Kathy couldn’t hardly believe how hot the cum was, and how much of it there was. She reached over, grabbed one of her toys and started to push into her pussy. She pushed it all in and started pounding herself. Her arm flying up and down, around like a jackhammer out of control. Her ass bounced off the floor when she finally reached orgasm.

We collapsed next to each other, hot and sweaty. We smiled at each other and she said she was so glad she knew I loved cock. She said she loves watching it, and would love to find another couple that is bisexual, so they could all have fun together. In the meantime thought she had one more thing for me.

She reached over and handled me another dildo. She said this one was all mine, for me to use whenever I wanted. It had a suction cup base, so I could use it anywhere. She said she wanted to see me use it once in a while, but it was there whenever I wanted it, even if she wasn’t there.

The thought of it made me hard again, so I told her to go ahead and put it in my ass. She did then I climbed on top of her and started to fuck her, keeping my ass clenched so it wouldn’t slide out. I then rolled onto my back and she climbed on top of me, taking my cock and guiding it into her pussy. As she rode me I let my body relax. I let the suction of her sliding up my cock help lift my ass off the floor. I could feel the dildo deep inside me, sliding in and out of me as it suctioned itself to the floor. I could hear the squishing suction of her wet pussy sliding up and down me. I came like a volcano, the cum flowing up my cock and erupting deep inside her, filling her with my own version of lava.

The day the truth was discovered turned out to be one of best things to happen ever, Take the chance, tell the truth. You never know where it might lead.

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