Finding Her True Self

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Dawn Carson sat at the neatly laid table at the back of the restaurant feeling worried, yet with some excitement. Why mixed emotions? Partly because she had never done anything like this before. Thirty-four years old, separated from her husband for nine months, and here she was waiting to meet a man she did not know, who could be bedding her by the end of the evening. And she had set it up herself.

Her simple black cocktail dress with two narrow straps that left her tanned shoulders bare was worn with seduction in mind. The waiter’s eyes had bulged as he’d stared at her cleavage, which was deliberately revealing. But acting like this was all so new, so out of character. She still doubted whether she could go through with it.

A nervous second sip of the dry white wine as she allowed her mind to play over the circumstances which had led her to this point.

Regan’s parting words as he’d walked out on her, they had been the catalyst. “Goodbye, you frigid bitch.” He had said it before, but as a parting shot it had really struck home. Was he justified? It wasn’t just because she had refused anal sex, was it? Or because she had always ducked out of giving him a full blow-job?

Truth was she had always been left with a sense of disappointment as his hard, little cock went limp inside her. Listening to her closest friend Ella, talking enthusiastically about,”the wild night Dan and I had last night,” or” he gave me one of my best orgasms ever,” such moments had left Dawn, nodding her head, as though she understood. But she had no real comprehension of the experiences that Ella so joyfully outlined.

Seeing women on screen in the throes of a passionate encounter, she knew that those squeals of wild delight had never been her experience. She was sure that Regan was screwing around, because his demands on her body grew limited, and she really didn’t care. When he did walk out, there was a sense of release, with only that damning word ‘frigid’ hanging over her head.

Ella couldn’t believe it when Dawn told her, and Ella’s suggestion of a casual affair with someone was rejected. Dawn didn’t think that would help her understand this apparent shortcoming. Then Ella had suggested that she could try the Peter Casson Escort Agency.

Dawn had immediately protested at the very idea at being involved with a gigolo, Ella had told her, “It’s not what you think. I have an acquaintance who used them. Apparently very discreet, very aware of relationship difficulties. You spend the evening with a man and whether there is sex or not is entirely up to you.”

Dawn wasn’t too certain, but eventually she contacted the agency, and had a tactful interview with a surprisingly vivacious young woman. The lady wanted to know nothing about her problem, and told Dawn that intimate details could be disclosed to her escort, but only if she wished. Dawn was then told that her escort would be Jack, and the restaurant they recommended was the Vichois, where the cost of the meal was covered in her fee. Dates and times were agreed, and now, somewhat uncomfortably, here she was.

Eyes on the entrance, further doubts assailed her. How much of her intimate details could she reveal to a strange man? Dawn had just taken another sip at her wine, when a tall man in a light fawn sports jacket entered and spoke to the head waiter. Dawn was struck by his height and build, and as they came nearer, what a handsome face he had under, darkly waving hair. As he was led across the restaurant Dawn saw the heads of a group of ladies at one table turn with widened hungry eyes. Too good to be true that he might be heading towards her table. But, that was exactly what was happening, and an unexpected wave of heat coursed through her body.

The waiter gestured to the table and Dawn half rose, as this eye-catching man treated her to a warm smile. Desperate to avoid showing her nervousness, Dawn managed the opening, “You must be Jack.”

He held up a hand and said, “Please, don’t get up, and may I say, I’m very pleased to meet you, Dawn.” God, she was so aware of his eyes treating her cleavage and bare shoulders to an appreciative stare.

As he sat down opposite her, she could not stop herself from admitting, “I’m just a little nervous. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Blue eyes were regarding her kindly, “Just relax. I’m sure you must have had a meal with a man before.” His smile told her he was half joking and she laughed as she replied, “Of course.”

“Now, that is all we are doing.”

His manner, his looks were so calming that she was able to say, “I hope you like steak because I have ordered the steak Diane for both of us.”

“I love steak.”

While they awaited the meal and during it, they talked small talk about the books and films they had seen, and she told him of the small fashion outlet she owned. The fact that they appeared to have similar tastes helped ease Dawn’s mind, and looking across the table at him settled her even more. That, and the excellent meal, which had Jack telling her it was the best steak he could remember, gaziantep escortları had Dawn gulping happily and thoughtlessly, at the wine.

When, over the coffee, Jack cautiously asked, “Could you be able to advise me how you want the evening to proceed.” Dawn tried to read in his face what he might be expecting. All she saw in his eyes was deep interest.

“I thought I knew but—”

“You’re not married, I assume.”

Here came the truths. “My husband left me nine months ago.”

“He must have been mad,” Jack declared.

His tone was so positive that, although she felt herself redden slightly, she could not resist reaching across the table to touch his hand as she said, “That is kind of you, Jack. You want to know why he left me?”

“Only if you want to tell me.”

Dawn knew that the wine was opening her out, and now she had no difficulty in admitting, “He said I was frigid.”

She looked at his broad face for reaction, but there was none, although he appeared to be framing the question before he asked it, “Did you think you were?”

Not many minutes ago she might have found that difficult to answer, but now it felt so easy to tell him, “I always wanted to enjoy it—but only occasionally was I anywhere near. I’ve watched films and those scenes where the lady looks so ecstatic–I couldn’t imagine that.”

“How long were you married?”

“I was a twenty year old virgin when I married Regan. I’m thirty two now.”

“You don’t look it.”

His words gave extra worth to the warmth she was feeling. Was it just the wine? But he was looking very puzzled as he went on, “Married all that time, and he’s just finding you frigid now?”

“Oh, no, he had said it a number of times.”

Jack looked pensive, before saying, “You needn’t answer this if you think it too personal, but did he never give you an orgasm?”

Dawn felt her face redden, but then she leaned over the table fixing her eyes on his, as she shook her head. It was time to set the situation to quell her demons. Keeping her voice low but determined she said, “I need to find out whether I have some shortcoming.”

Jack’s face remained impassive as he said, “You want to share a physical experience?”

An intake of breath, liking the way he put it, before she nodded her head and said, “It’s the only way I’ll be certain.”

Jack stood and moved around the table to pull out her chair. With him just behind her as she found her feet, she caught a heady aroma of his aftershave. “We chose this restaurant because my apartment is just around the corner. Is that going to be all right?”

Invited to a strange man’s apartment. What had she expected? To do it in a back street? Dawn tried to remain calm, yet her legs were strangely wobbly. Again, blame the wine. Was that also the reason for the tremors deep down inside her?

It turned out to be a very short walk to his apartment block, and on the way Jack advised her, “At any time from this point on, if you want to stop, just say so. There’ll be no hard feelings.”

Reaching a glass fronted building, Jack punched some numbers into a keypad to open the doors. Then they took the lift to the second floor. At no time did they touch and when she looked at him in the lift, he gave her what she took to be a reassuring smile.

The apartment spoke of money. Thick carpets, lavish furnishings and that air of expensive taste in all the fittings. An open plan kitchen lay to the left, and a partly open door which revealed a dimly lit bedroom. There was another door further along that wall which Dawn could not decide upon. But this was obviously a business that did very well, and Dawn couldn’t help thinking about the fee she had paid.

Jack had slipped out of his jacket, and Dawn could see how well- proportioned he was. He had spotted the way she looked around the main room, “I only have this place as long as I’m working for the agency.”

“It’s very imposing,” Dawn said, letting her own jacket slide off and fall onto a chair.

Jack gently placed his hands on her bare upper arms which sent a tingling over her skin. Drawing her close he whispered,” May I kiss you? I’ve been wanting to ever since I saw you.”

Were these the practiced words of a full-time gigolo? No matter she wanted to be kissed by this charming man. She held her face up to him and let her hands stroke over muscular arms as their lips came together in a warm kiss. Briefly she felt his tongue test her lips but, for some reason, she did not respond, but the kiss lasted a pleasant while. Jack drew her closer, and she felt the subtle nudge of something against her belly. So he was ready, but was she?

Breaking the kiss, Jack looked down at her and said, with a nod in that direction, “The bedroom is there. Are you okay with that?”

Without a word, she nodded, as he led her into a bedroom decorated in green, bed cover, curtains, carpet and walls. “My favourite colour,” he said. He put his arms around her and kissed her gently on the lips, before murmuring, “Do you wish to undress yourself?”

Dawn had only a moment’s hesitation. Was the idea of a strange man removing her clothes exciting or worrying? “I’ll do it myself. All right?”

Jack smiled understandingly, and said “As you wish.”

Slipping the straps of her dress off her shoulders, Dawn turned her back to him. Was she being shy or simply tantalizing? She had to admit that she was unsure of anything. Behind her she heard the rustling of his clothing, but as the dress slipped down, she wondered whether she imagined the laser of his eyes on her bare back. Quickly, she discarded her bra, and on some sudden impulse she turned.

Face to face, looking each other up and down, they each had a quick chuckle, seeing they were both down to the last piece of strategic underwear. Dawn’s breath caught in her throat as she viewed the broad muscular chest and shoulders, before spotting the bulge in his boxer shorts. Jack was everything she could have hoped for in her quest for peace of mind.

She was very aware of his gaze moving slowly down over her breasts, belly and thighs. It was like a remote caress, and it thrilled her so much that she questioned whether there had been a moistening down there. That sort of response had been so rare.

She couldn’t tell herself why, with constant doubts remaining about whether this experience would help her or only make her worse.

“You are so lovely,” Jack said warmly, and then, with a wry smile he suggested, “Should we finish the job together?” As he said it, his fingers slipped inside the waistband of his boxers, in demonstration.

Dawn liked the idea, and slipped her own fingers, inside her panties, as Jack hissed, “Ready? One, two and three. Off.”

Their movements were well timed, and completely naked, Dawn found herself looking at the biggest erection she had ever seen. But then, she was telling herself, there wasn’t much competition.

Jack held out a hand and quietly asked, “Would you like to lie back on the bed?”

In an instant, they were side by side on top of the green duvet. Dawn, filled with that strange mix of worry and excitement felt her skin tingle as his hand rested on the swell of her hip. She didn’t want to repeat herself but couldn’t resist looking up into his wondrous blue eyes as she said, “I needed a stranger for this. You will be kind, won’t you?”

“As kind as you want me to be,” he said, and Dawn closed her eyes as he kissed her gently.

Dawn was more at ease because of his gentility. He seemed to be accepting that, with her, there was something to prove. Encouraged by his warmth, Dawn was pleased to deepen the kiss so that, unlike the first time, she parted her lips, and her tongue slid along Jack’s. Soon two tongues were tangled with gradual increase in heat and passion.

While their lips mingled, Dawn became very aware of Jack’s hand tracing from her hip up to the side of her breast, and then back again, over and over. The sheer sensuality of that tender movement which felt as though it was telling her that she had a curvaceous figure, left no doubt that there had been a moistening between her thighs. Was he really going to prove something? Something vital to her? Certainly, the touch of his hand over her skin was shooting sparks down to her lower regions.

When his hand slid over the smooth mound of her breast, she couldn’t stop a little grunt of pleasure escaping through her occupied lips. Teasing around the nipple without touching it, had Dawn squirming in anticipation. All she could do in return was stroke the smooth skin along his back, while her tongue became even more aggressive in wrestling with his.

At last, one finger did rest on her nipple, circling gently, delicate as a bee on a flower. Dawn had never known such erotic gentility.

She broke the kiss to gasp, “He was never like that.”

“Like what?”

“Caring like you. He handled my breasts as though he was unscrewing the lid off a jar.”

Jack chuckled before kissing down the side of her neck, trailing his lips along the arc of her shoulders, repeating the action a couple of times, before moving down to her breast. Oh, God, Dawn thought this is only getting better and better. She was sure her whole body was responding in a way which, because of poor previous experience, she could not recall.

When Jack sucked at the softness of her breast and then licked around the dark areola, Dawn found her breath catching in her throat. His tongue touched on her nipple, and, at first, Dawn wasn’t sure that she had felt it swell. Next instant, she was positive as Jack carefully took it between his lips, the tip of his tongue lapping over it, while he began a gentle sucking. With that action the sensations weren’t all in her nipples as Dawn was sure she could feel the hot blood coursing through her whole body, yet centring low down, bringing on pulsing that she had never experienced.

His attention to her breasts was only occasionally broken by him rising to kiss her lips and Dawn tried to reveal her rising passion through the searching of her tongue. Oh, yes, there was rising passion, and all worry was gone. She began to feel sure that she was on course for renewal.

Dawn had to respond, and the way he was lying meant she could feel his hardness nudging just below her hip. With only a little uncertainty she let her hand stray down to it. Her fingers wandered down its total solid length. It was so big, yet so tempting. Hitherto unknown desires were building in her mind.

While her fingers savoured the power of his shaft, Jack’s hand trailed his own fingers down over her belly, setting her muscles tensing as he touched and rustled her pubic bush. Dawn heard her own gasps of breath as she heralded the notion that a moment of truth was not far away. His mouth was continuing to lavish attention on her breasts, which felt to be glowing, but it was his fingers that now sought to dominate her passions.

Those fingers had played through her pubic hair for a while, but one deliberate finger, suddenly slid to touch at her ever-moistening crease, and at that moment Dawn was hit by the need to jerk sideways. Delightful notions were beginning to form in her mind.

Jack’s finger had not been dislodged by her sudden movement, and Dawn’s whole focus was on what it was doing now. It was softly probing at her magic spot, the spot that she could find easier than Regan ever had- her clit. Wow, such delight as his finger tip worked over it with delicate circling movements.

Dawn’s hand had gripped Jack’s erection, and given what he was doing to her clit, she was wondering whether it might be time to encourage him towards an entry into her ready wetness. But it was at that moment that Jack disengaged his lips from hers, and he tracked his face rapidly down over her curves until his mouth moved over her mound.

Already approaching some refreshing ecstasy, Dawn could not believe this step. “What are you doing?” she gasped. Without replying Jack removed his finger from its work and replaced it with the feather-light tip of his tongue. The sensation was beyond anything that Dawn had experienced, “What–oooh-” Was all she could manage.

Jack’s hand was moving up and down her inner thigh, but there were just too many reactions taking place between her thighs as his tongue circled and licked her swelling clit, sipping at it, sucking at it, driving her wild. Without any deliberate intention, but going along with the twitching of all her muscles, her thighs had parted, and parted wide. Oh, God, at last, she wanted it, needed it, demanded it. Breathing was a desperate activity as her hands pulled at his hard rod.

Just one more lapping of his tongue on her clit and the feel of his fingers ploughing into her wetness, and Dawn’s mind went; she became a mad woman, a stranger to herself, out of control as her body heaved, her thighs gaped in a convulsive spasm and she squealed out, “Oh, God. Do it. Do it, Jack.”

Jack’s immediate response to her cry was essential as she pulled on his erection. Dawn’s whole body was on fire in this sudden apocalypse that was gripping her. She was only vaguely aware of Jack’s mighty rod heaving up into her in one vigourous thrust. Yet all delight was concentrated on the rapturous domain she had entered. Bright colours of light flashed behind her eyelids, and vaguely she was aware that the weird vocalisations she could hear were her own.

It was only as she slowly came out of her rapture that she was aware of Jack’s face looking down at her, of his weight pressed down on her, but more than anything was the immensity of his hard rod bucking and withdrawing, before bucking again, deep inside her.

His voice was like a dream, as he grunted, while still ploughing into her, “Madam, you are definitely not frigid.” His words confirmed what she was beginning to realise. “Did—did I—Was that—an orgasm?”

“It seemed—” he grunted and thrust,-“like a very big one.”

“But you—” That massive man-thing inside her filled every portion of her lower body, and she found a delight in flexing her muscles around it. What was happening to her? If she had orgasmed–Oh, God, every slide of him inside her was lifting her to another plain. She never wanted this to stop. This luscious invasion of her interior was so new. What had her fourteen years of marriage kept her from? This solid thing throbbing inside her, she wanted so much more of it, for as long as Jack could maintain it.

Her hips lifted to meet each thrust from Jack. Her mind was lost in the wonder of the sensations that soared inside her from that–that—magnificent—cock, wasn’t it? Words that she rarely used seemed to be free in her head. A gorgeous iron hard cock was fucking her. This was what it was really like to be fucked. So solid, so deep, so hot, Dawn wanted to sense it in every orifice. That she was thinking in that way surprised and shocked her.

She just had to give it voice, “Oh, please, fuck me, Jack. Hard. Harder.” As she wriggled against his thrusting, and she knew her mind and body were going to explode once more, she saw Jack’s face appear over her, a surprised look on it. But as her consciousness left her, the immediate action she felt was his pace quickening, and, if it was possible, plunging deeper.

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