Finding Ginger

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Big Tits

It has been a couple of months since my romp with Carol and her hubby, so I’m looking again. I will find what I need.

Sitting quietly in the local coffee shop I catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye. Tall, elegant, graceful and most of all belligerent. What a bitch, my kind of woman. I follow up the next few days. I figure out where she works and lives. I really needed to see her interact with her husband. I managed to get them invited to an art exhibit, a great opportunity to observe. No doubt she was a magnificent if arrogant woman.

Time to move. She was sitting in the coffee shop reading her morning paper as I sat next to her.

“Do I know you?” she asked indignantly.

“Not yet.” I answered.

I placed my hand on her leg she went to push it off “don’t.” I said in a low growl.

She blushed and let my hand remain “I have work to do now, but I will see you soon.” leaning over and giving her a deep kiss, she just gasped.

It was a couple of days later, as she was entering her apartment I said hello. She jumped and turned.

“Invite me in.” I demanded.

She held the door open for me, I took her in my arms and gave her a long lingering kiss, both hand on her ass. I slight moans escaped her lips. I handed her an invitation, squeezed her ass and left.

I had given her an invitation to join me for a weekend of boating at my Lake house. They were very prompt Her husband Eddy was impressed with the security of the compound. My lake house is located in the middle Şişli escort of a secure compound. I ushered them in, making it a point to guide Ginger in with a hand on her ass.

“Well,” I said, “let’s get into our bathing suits and head for the boat.”

Eddy started heading for his room looking back at Ginger, I was guiding her into another room. I had anticipated he would not object as I led her off. Once in the room I handed her a small bag, she reached in and pulled out a very skimpy very bright yellow bikini. I stood there staring at her then it registered she stripped naked in front of me, proudly showing off her body before putting on the bathing suit.

We met back up with Eddy in the living room, he looked like he was going to have a stroke. She just ignored him as did I. We headed down to the boat, a nice sleek 35 footer. After casting off I put Ginger on the helm and told Eddy to go sit aft. I moved up behind Ginger, my arms around her waist. I pushed her Bikini top up off her breasts. She could feel my erection pressed against her ass. I slid one hand down her flat hard belly into her swimsuit bottoms, my finger slid into to her wet pussy. I began to finger fuck her she moaned and after a few moments she orgasmed. I held her up against the wheel and made her cum again. I undid the top of her suit and threw it aside, enjoying the free access to her tits,

“Slut.” I whispered in her ear. She moaned.

“Lunchtime” I announced as I cut the engines and dropped Sultangazi escort bayan the anchor.

As Ginger and I walked aft, Eddy stared at his topless wife, he had never seen her like this. Ginger sat next to me as we ate, my hand on her thigh. The wet spot in the crotch of her bikini very evident.

As we headed back in I put Ginger at the wheel again. I slid her bikini bottoms down off her ass as I slid my trunks down pressing my erection against her bare ass. I had been playing with her long enough that my pre-cum was flowing freely.

“Ever been fucked in the ass.” I asked.

“Oh no please.” she whimpered.

I lubed her ass with my pre-cum, pressing her against the wheel as I entered her. She stifled a squeal of pain as I pushed deeper. I began slowly stroking going deeper and deeper, she began to moan. Impaled on my cock she shuddered as she had a series of orgasms. Her ass was so tight I couldn’t hold out for long as I pumped my load deep up her ass. My cock slid out of her ass, she was shaky. I backed off her letting her out from behind the wheel.

“Clean it up.” I told her.

She licked and sucked till my cock was clean. When we tied up, Ginger and I were both naked. We walked back up to the cabin I made some drinks, showed Eddy where everything was and went and sat next to his wife as he sat across from us.

“So did you enjoy being fucked in the ass?’ I asked her.

“Yes. I liked it in the ass.” she answered, looking Escort Taksim Eddy in the eye.

“So Eddy does Ginger know your Bi?” I asked him directly.” she does now.”

“Ginger suck me hard.” she immediately complied as Eddy watched.

Eddy had never seen her follow orders like that before. I lifted her across my lap, her back to me. I entered her pussy and spread her legs as wide as I could.

“Eddy. Get in here and make her cum like she never has before.” I ordered.

Eddy crawled over between our legs and began licking. Between me fucking and him licking she couldn’t take much more. I pumped a load deep up in her. She was like a rag doll. I placed her in an armchair with her legs over the arms, you could see the cum oozing from her pussy.

“Go get it.” I told Eddy

He quickly began cleaning he up with his tongue.

We hit the sack after that she slept with me, we had a nice long slow fuck. When Eddy came in for his morning coffee she was already on her knees sucking my cock. Eddy and I had a nice long talk as she continued to suck, the only interruption was when I came in her mouth. Whatever that woman’s shortcomings were, sucking cock wasn’t one of them.

We went on the boat till lunch. Then they had to pack to go. She was till naked, and we were getting it on I was on my back she was riding my cock.

“We need to DP her Eddy she needs to experience that at least once.” I told him.

Eddy got behind her and pushed in, she almost lost it, the stimulation almost too much.

Watching her get dressed was a heartbreaker, what a perfect body.

“Learn anything?” I asked.

“Yes honesty and that we need a DOM in our lives.”

I gave them the card of a close friend. She left a lot more humble, he walked a little taller.

Well on to the next ones.

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