Finding A Special Photographic Model

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Crazy as this story sounds it is interesting because it seemed so difficult at the start and proved to be quite easy in the end. What am I talking about? I have a photographic studio where I work with my wife making an excellent living doing portrait photographs of budding young women in all sorts of poses. My lovely wife Gina takes care of the models by dressing them and making up their faces and bodies so they will look wonderful when the finished photographs are taken.

Most of my subjects are young women probably aged from 25 up to 40 who want a special photograph of themselves in all stages of undress to present to their husbands and lovers. Occasionally I will get a much younger girl in who wants to impress her boyfriend but these are rare. About 20% of my subject want nude or semi-nude photographs and we always oblige our customers. Another 30% would want undies type shots and most of the rest are simple glamour photographs. Of course a small part of our work includes children and men.

Gina and I made a pact when we first started our studio that I would never interfere in any way with our models. I could look at their lovely bodies but I could never touch except for the occasional hand on an arm to get it right for a pose but never actually feeling up any of the women. This was fair because it would have been wrong to do that and anyway I wouldn’t have had the chance at all because we always worked together. We both loved the work and we had no complaints at all working the long hours together to make sure we got the best results.

One evening I received a phone call at the studio from an old friend with whom I attended college. He had started up a business where he traded videos and photographs and was doing a very successful trade at his business. His call was to ask me if I could get any photographs of naked hairy women which he could use in his business. He hastened to tell me the photographs would be used in foreign countries and would never be seen locally. He also told me he would pay very well for the right sort of photographs and would cover all expenses incurred in making the photographs. I was completely stunned by his request and told him I would think about it but I had a lot of doubts how I would go about it. Every model I had had for photographs would never want their photographs distributed and I didn’t know where I could get hairy models. He increased his payment offer and told me he was desperate for photographs and would I please get back to him as soon as possible.

I talked this over with Gina and she laughed when I told her I didn’t know how to go about finding the hairy girls even if we did want to go ahead with the plan. When she learned how much we would be paid for the photographs she suggested we give it a try and if it didn’t work out then nothing much was lost. She agreed the biggest problem was to find models who were hairy and would be prepared to be photographed naked.

We pondered this over for several days but couldn’t find any ideas which could possibly work. We had a very slow afternoon on this particular day so I told Gina I was going out to see if I could find a hairy model! She laughed and wished me the best of luck.

Where could I possibly go to find a hairy girl! I knew my prospects were limited because the girl would have to be 18 or more (for legal reasons) and she would have to be reasonably attractive with a good figure. Anyway, how in the hell does one find a hairy girl when most of their hairy parts are always covered! This wasn’t going to be easy. I walked along several streets looking at every girl who fell into the over 18 group who was attractive and then couldn’t get up the nerve to ask her if she was hairy!

Eventually I ended up in a large shopping mall and whilst sitting down drinking another cup of coffee I watched as the girls went by again not having the slightest idea whether they were hairy or not. I had learned from my friend that the girls should have hairy pubic areas, hairy underarms and if possible hairy forearms. He didn’t think there was a market for girls with hairy legs but I could include them if I found them. What a joke – how would I ever find girls like that! Most of the girls who were passing me were very attractive and would never be likely to have hairy underarms and certainly wouldn’t want their photographs taken.

I was just about to give up when a group of college girls sat down at a table near me and started to drink their coffee and eat their donuts. There were four girls in the group and three of them jumped up and returned to the assistant to purchase more donuts. I looked over at the one remaining girl, who smiled at me, probably because I was staring at her. I decided I had to at least try one girl so I downed the last of my coffee, stood up and walked the short distance to where she was sitting.

Panic started to set in but I had started and had to continue with my project. I quickly took a $50 note from my wallet and handed ankara escort it to her. I then said with my best business like voice, “Please accept this money. I am not trying to make a pass at you or to ask you to do anything immoral but I do want to ask you a question and hope you will answer it for me. Here is my business card so you will see I am a genuine person and am not trying to do something terrible. I trust you to do the right thing for me and not rush off and report me as a dirty old man. The question I want to ask you is – I wonder if you know any women of any age over 18 who are hairy and wouldn’t mind being photographed naked! I know that seems like a silly question but I don’t know how to ask it any other way. Please do not be offended and please don’t make a fuss and start screaming – I don’t want to get into trouble talking to a nice young woman like you!”

This rather attractive college lass grinned at me and then began laughing but acted quite respectably perhaps due to her college background. She said she could understand why I am embarrassed and she could see why I would be worried she might make a fuss but she assured me she wouldn’t be doing anything like that.

She then said, “I presume any girl would be paid well to be photographed naked but how would she be assured the photographs wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands and be shown locally?” I quickly explained what my friend wanted and gave her a quick outline of the rewards for photographs but I also emphasized that the girl would have to be hairy to fill the requirement. I was also able to explain how the photographs would only be seen in overseas countries and never in this country.

She then stunned me by asking if the photographs would be taken in my studio. I quickly told her how I operated the studio with my wife and she would be present at every photographic shoot. Her next statement amazed me. She said, “Well, you wouldn’t realize it just looking at me but I am quite hairy and I would be willing to have my photograph taken if all you have said it true!” I immediately told her to ring my wife at the studio whenever she felt like it and she could come and see how we worked. She already had my money and my card stowed safely in her purse and told me she would contact me soon. I could see the other girls were ready to return to the table but just before I moved away she undid the button on the sleeve of her blouse and pulled it up past her elbow showing me a lovely growth of forearm hair. It wasn’t too thick nor long but it was certainly just what I imagined my friend wanted. I thanked her and then left hoping like mad she would do as she had said and call our studio.

Elated with my success I headed back to the studio busting to tell Gina all about my success. Once I explained how I had approached the girl and what had happened she congratulated me and gave me a big hug and kiss. She then admitted she was rather turned on by hairy girls – she had seen some in a magazine – and told me she hoped this girl would ring the studio. She wasn’t hoping as much as I was – I felt completely exhausted with my efforts.

A whole week passed and we heard nothing from this girl. I told Gina I had now given up hope of ever hearing from her and decided I would ring my friend Steve and tell him I had no success. It would be best to ring Steve in the evening and so I made a mental note for that night.

During the afternoon about 4.30pm our front door opened and in walked the young girl I had been hoping to see. She had a great grin on her face and came straight over to me and told me she had called in to have a look around the premises. I tried to introduce her to my wife but of course I didn’t know her name. She helped me by telling me she was called Dianne and she greeted Gina in a very friendly manner. Gina was quite impressed with Dianne and of course so was I. Anyway we chatted about nothing in particular and then we both showed her around our studio. We could both see she was quite impressed with our setup and I felt she was quite comfortable with us. When the tour was finished we returned to my office and Gina went about some of her work.

Dianne asked me again what the chances were of the photographs ever being displayed locally. Not only did I explain what Steve had told me but I rang him right there and then and told him I had a lassie what might be interested in posing for me but she wanted an assurance about the distribution of the finished photographs. Steve, ever the businessman, explained how his system worked to her and assured her there was no possibility of photographs being shown locally. He must have convinced her because she thanked him and then hung up the phone.

Next Dianne asked me if I thought she would be a suitable model. I hastened to assure her she would be excellent but that I didn’t know how hairy she was. She grinned at me and told me she was reasonably hairy but I would have to judge that for myself. With çankaya escort that she unbuttoned her shirt, pulled it out from her skirt and then slipped it down her shoulders until it was completely off her body. She was wearing a very frilly lacy bra which hardly covered her breasts but she wasn’t really very shy about undressing. She lifted both of her arms up above her head and there was a lovely picture – she had two wonderful hairy armpits which probably had never been shaved! She looked very exciting to me.

Once I had looked at her armpits and told her they were just what I wanted she asked me if I would like to look at her breasts. I could hardly contain myself and mumbled “Yes!” With that she reached behind her, again exposing her hairy armpits, and unsnapped the clasp on her bra. When she allowed it to fall with her shirt I was amazed. She had beautiful breasts which were very well shaped and had rather large areolas and large nipples but what amazed me was the array of dark hairs which surrounded her areolas! They were quite sparse but were quite long – perhaps 1/2″ to 1″ long and seemed to curl around her breasts. I had an erection in my pants I couldn’t believe and had some difficulty hiding it.

Dianne asked if I wanted to see more and of course I told her yes! She then reached under her reasonably long skirt and grasped the top of her panties and pulled them down her legs. When she had these very skimpy panties completely off and on the floor with her other clothes, she smiled and me and lifted the hem of her skirt gradually lifting it until it was bunched around her waist. She was very hairy! She had a lovely black (or at least very dark) bush which extended from near her navel right down between her legs as far as I could see. The bush also followed the insides of her thighs for a couple of inches. She was just what I wanted as a model. The hair near her navel was quite sparse and in fact the hairy bush ended about 4″ below her navel but the hair between the top of the bush and her navel was really a thin hairy line about 1″ wide but nowhere as dense as below. I couldn’t believe my luck – now all I needed was her permission to photograph her like that.

I was quite disappointed when she dropped the hem of her skirt but she was still naked from the waist up and I couldn’t help but admire her beautiful breasts and also the hairs growing around her nipples. I am sure she was comfortable with me because she just sat down on a chair without attempting to cover up her breasts. She then discussed money in detail and seemed very satisfied with my fees. Suddenly the whole tone of the interview changed. She asked. “How much would you be prepared to pay to have me photographed holding and sucking a man’s cock and also how much for photographs of his cock in my cunt!” I didn’t know what to say but quickly assured her the fees paid would be very attractive to her. We finally discussed a price which was at the top of Steve’s offer to me and Dianne accepted this without hesitation. She asked me when we would start shooting the photographs and what should she do to prepare herself.

I told her we could begin immediately if she wanted and today we would take the very tame photographs but would continue the sessions later when we had more time. I told her the only requirements for her preparation for the later shots would be for her to have a shower and wear some perfume – nothing else would be necessary. I told her Gina would provide the make-up but it would be best if she had her shower at least an hour before she arrived at the studio and not to wear any underwear as we didn’t want marks on her body. She asked me if we could start right away and I said, “Of course!”

When I called Gina into the room she was startled to see Dianne sitting on the chair naked to the waist but she soon overcame that when she looked at Dianne’s breasts closely and saw the hairs around her nipples. She couldn’t help but go over to Dianne and have a close look apologizing for her rudeness. Dianne loved the attention and told Gina she was ready to have photographs taken right away. Gina looked over at me and told me she had better apply some makeup ready for the shots. It was easy to see Gina was very excited with Dianne!

I returned from locking the front door and putting up the closed sign and found Gina applying makeup to Dianne’s lovely face. She applied lipstick and some special powder which looks very good when photographed and also surprised me when she carefully applied some of the lipstick to Dianne’s nipples – not very much but just enough to highlight them.

The lights were soon adjusted and the backdrops ready when we moved Dianne onto a stool ready to be photographed. We first photographed Dianne’s underarms. The view through the viewfinder looked wonderful and I took dozens of photographs. When we had finished this I focussed on her breasts and took lots of shots of her, both breasts, single breasts and close-ups making demetevler escort sure the hairs on her breasts were completely visible. She really looked exciting in the view finder and better still in the bare flesh. Once we had taken many shots of her naked from the waist up I asked her if she wanted to continue or come back another day for the pubic hair shots. She said, “I am really in the mood to let you take my photographs so I would prefer it if you would continue!” With that she stood up, undid the catch on her long skirt and let it drop to the floor! Gina’s eyes just about popped out of her head – she hadn’t realized Dianne had already shown me her pubic bush and that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

We moved Dianne over to the couch where we set her up so she could open her legs widely and show her magnificent hairy bush. We took lots of photos of her in this sort of position before we asked her to lie back and then lift her legs up into the air and spread them wide for us. She did this without hesitation and really made every detail of her hairy pubic area available to us. Gina was getting so aroused she didn’t seem to be able to concentrate – I wondered what would happen if I left the room but decided I liked looking at Dianne’s naked body too much to leave them alone.

After about 80 photos where every detail of Dianne’s lovely body was captured on film I decided we had enough for now. I told Dianne that was sufficient for today but asked if she was sure she wanted to come back at a later date when we could photograph more erotic poses. Dianne didn’t hesitate and told us she would be back within the next couple of days for the next session. I could see Gina’s eyes light up when she heard this. Of course Gina didn’t know anything about the more explicit photographs we were talking about and assumed it was just more hairy photographs.

Dianne didn’t get dressed immediately but preferred to remain naked while we were talking. In fact she moved over and stood right alongside Gina and it certainly looked to me as though they were interested in each other. Eventually Dianne started dressing and once she started I raided our safe and found sufficient money to pay her in full for today’s shoot, in fact I gave her an extra $500 as a bonus! She really appreciated receiving the money at the end of the shoot and she told me she mightn’t have returned if I hadn’t paid her her money! Anyway Gina had gone out of the room getting ready for us to go home and I was alone with Dianne. Dianne then moved close to me reached up and placed her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply at the same time opening her mouth and allowing her tongue to enter my mouth. I got myself an immediate erection and was extremely embarrassed that my cock was jutting out and sticking into her belly. She grinned at me and then said, “I want you to be the one to model with me – to let me hold your cock and also to suck it and more important I want you to be the one who places your cock in my cunt! Will you do that for me? That will be a condition of me returning for the next batch of photographs.”

I was completely stunned by her request and my immediate thought was to say no way but I decided against that wondering how on earth I could persuade Gina to agree with Dianne’s proposition. As if reading my mind, Dianne said, “I have a boyfriend who would be prepared to come here with me and do to your wife every thing you do to me but he won’t be prepared to appear in any photographs. Would your lovely wife like to have a really well hung man fuck her while you fuck me?” I told Dianne I would have to work on that idea very seriously and would like her to ring me in a week to see if I had any success talking Gina into this exercise.

Dianne slowly finished dressing herself in front of me making sure I had a good look at her body again before it disappeared behind her clothes. I was so sorry to see her dressed but anxiously look forward to seeing more of her in a week or so if I could persuade Gina to join in.

When Dianne had gone out through the front door and I had locked it behind her I turned to Gina and took her in my arms and hugged her and kissed her. I then slipped my hand down to the hem of her quite short skirt and lifted it up until I could touch her panties. When I finally had my fingers inside her panties and against her cunt lips I just couldn’t believe how wet she was! She was literally dripping and her panties were very, very wet! I played with her cunt and kissed her deeply and in no time at all she had a huge orgasm which lasted for several minutes before she could calm herself down enough to stop shaking. I asked her if this was because of Dianne’s hairy body and she said yes! She told me she was so turned on by seeing Dianne she had almost cum on the spot.

I decided this was the right moment to hit her with the big question. I explained how we had discussed the more erotic pictures and Dianne was quite prepared to hold, suck and eventually have a cock in her cunt for the special photographs. Gina was very excited about this but when I quietly said, “Dianne has stipulated she will only have the photographs taken if it is my cock which appears in the photographs with her. How would you feel about that?”

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