Finding A New Guy

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Janice’s love life has been suffering lately. Her husband of 25 years goes on business trips almost every week, and she suspected that he is cheating on her. Her proof came when she was doing his laundry after a trip, and she found a pair of panties that weren’t hers stuffed in the pocket. She took a sniff of them, and smelled the telltale scent of pussy juice. She also noticed a small cum stain on them. She pinned the panties to her husband’s pillow, and waited for him to come home. When he got back he saw the pillow, and Janice standing in the corner.

“Care to explain?” she asked to him.

“Uh..uh..shit. You weren’t supposed to find out,” he feebly came back with.

“Get out of this house you asshole! I never want to see you ever again! I’m divorcing you, and since I worked hard to help with this house, I’m keeping it!”

Her husband, Rich, left that night and never came back. He gave her the divorce, but fought for the house. Janice had a good lawyer, and she only had to pay Rich a small amount for her to keep the house. Janice was lonely now. She and Rich hadn’t had sex in 2 years, and she missed the touch of a man. Rich’s touch wasn’t much though. His cock was only about 4 inches at it’s full glory, and sessions only lasted 5 minutes. The only times she ever had an orgasm were when Rich was done and asleep, and Janice slipped her own fingers into her hot pussy. She had 2 lovers before she and Rich married, one was a high school fling, and one her freshman year of college. She married Rich in her sophomore year, only because she had gotten pregnant. They married in her third month of pregnancy, but she had a miscarriage a month later. She thought she loved him and that he loved her, but he must not have if he had some pussy on the side.

At 45, she was alone again. Janice decided that she no longer wanted to be alone, but felt she was too old to find anyone who’d want to be with her. She looked at herself in the mirror. She noted her frame: chubby, but not very fat, 42DD breasts encased in her white lacy bra, height gaziantep bayan escort about 5’4″, dirty blonde hair going all the way sown her back, and deep blue eyes. She slid her hand down her stomach, and over the top on her panties. She teased herself a little, rubbing the clit through the fabric. She could feel herself getting wet, and she decided it was time to fill herself up with a nice cock, but who did she want to be with? That’s when she remembered about David next door.

David was a junior in college, and spent the summers at home helping around the house. He was a moderately muscular guy, around 6 foot tall, 200lbs. Janice liked the way his brown hair was cut short and spiked; she thought it looked sexy to her. She decided to give him a call and see if he would be willing to help her with some housework. She gave him a call, and he said he’d be over the next day to help her hook up her new computer. She decided she would wear her sexy red dress that was a little too tight, mainly to accentuate her already massive breasts.

David came over, and hooked the thing up in about 5 minutes. He got her connected to the Internet, and showed her a couple of tricks. She offered him some coffee, and they went into the living room to drink it.

“David tell me,” Janice began, “do you have any girls back at college?”

“No, I don’t think the girls find me attractive. No one wants to date me. I’ve asked girls out, but I was rejected every time. I mean, I’m 21 years old and I’m still a virgin!”

“I’m sorry to hear that. The last two years Rich and I were married, we never had sex. I don’t think he was attracted to me anymore.”

“Well then, he was insane. You’re very beautiful.” He paused. “I’m sorry, I just let that out. I hope you don’t hate me.”

“Don’t worry David. I’m very flattered to find out that young men still find me beautiful.”

She could see the bulge forming in David’s pants. Her lust grew as she stared at it, she knew she gaziantep bayan escort ilanları wanted him right now. Janice bent forward to kiss David, and he kissed her back. The passion grew with that kiss, and Janice opened her mouth to allow David’s tongue to enter. That stayed kissing for about 15 minutes, when Janice suggested they move upstairs to her bedroom. David wasn’t gonna let this end, and he quickly followed her to the room.

She took him by the hand and led him onto her bed, where their deep kissing resumed. David grew braver and began massaging her left tit through her dress, she responded with a moan that gave him permission to continue his exploration. Janice reached down and started stroking the bulge in David’s pants. David started kissing down her neck, and down into her cleavage. Janice pushed him away slightly, so she could lift the dress over her head, and to unclasp her bra. David began pulling the straps down her arms, and kissing more of her tits as they became exposed. He pulled the cups off of her, and gazed in wonder at the beautiful breasts in front of him. She extended his tongue and began running it over the areola, glancing just over her nipple. He took the nipple in her mouth and sucked on it, bringing even louder moans from Janice. She managed to pull his shirt off, and started undoing his pants. David moved over to her other nipple, giving it the same attention the other one got. He moved down, and slid her soaked panties off of her legs. He was surprised by what he saw, a completely shaved mound, and no evidence of hair.

“David, go down on me!” Janice screamed.

“I’ve never done this before, but I’ll do my best to make you cum.”

David ran his tongue on her clit, sending shockwaves of pleasure through Janice. He managed to fit a finger into her very tight pussy. He thrust in and out, while still using his tongue on her love button. It was driving her mad, she hadn’t felt pleasure like this ever in her gaziantep bayan escort reklamları life. She wasn’t surprised David could only get one finger in her, Rich’s penis was so small; she could barely feel him in there. Janice was getting close, and David could somehow tell, because he began thrusting and licking faster. She finally exploded into an orgasm that nearly made her pass out.

“My god David, that was the best cum I’ve ever had. Now it’s your turn!”

She moved David onto his back, and freed his cock from the underwear it was begging to come out of. She was pleasantly surprised to see a 7″ cock come out at her. She took it in her hand, and pumped it slowly. She lowered her head to it, and took the head into her mouth. David let out a moan, which only gave encouragement to Janice. She bobbed up and down the head, and even took the entire shaft into her mouth as well. David was in heaven, he’d never felt like this. He didn’t manage to last long, and soon a giant burst of cum entered Janice’s mouth. She happily took it all in, and still sucked on his cock just to make sure she got it all. She released his dick form her mouth, and she kissed, sharing each other’s juices. David’s cock was still hard, so Janice told him he was ready to enter into manhood.

Janice got onto her back and spread her legs wide. David got in between them, and Janice positioned his cock over her begging cunt. She told him to push in slowly once he was ready. David went in slowly, remembering how tight she was around his finger. She was very wet, and going in was easier than he thought. He was in complete ecstasy. The warm moisture of her vagina felt wonderful wrapped around his cock. He got all of it onto her, and thrust slowly in and out. Janice was also in ecstasy. She’s never been this filled before. She told him to speed up, and he listened. David’s pumping became more furious, but he wanted to last, so he kept himself at a good pace.

Their kissing was interrupted by screams of ecstasy from both of them. David managed to last about twenty minutes until he felt the familiar stirring in his groin. He quickened his pace, which drove Janice over the edge. Her orgasm hit with more power than she could ever imagine. She couldn’t even form words, just moans. David finally reached his peak and blasted his hot cum into Janice’s excited snatch. They collapsed next to each other, kissing. Cum was leaking out of Janice’s pussy as they fell asleep together.

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