Finally They Meet

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Monday morning came and John got himself washed and dressed. He told Hillary that he was going to work, she grunted, rolled over and wrapped herself up in the duvet.

Sasha woke up at nine a.m. She showered, dressed and had breakfast in anticipation of John’s arrival. She had put on a short denim skirt, a tight black t-shirt and fishnet tights. She wanted to impress John, she wanted him to ravish her body, she wanted to bask in the sexual energy that had built up between them.

John pulled onto Sasha’s driveway. He checked himself in the rear view mirror, ran his hand through his hair and got out. He walked to the door, each step getting more and more excited, and more nervous. He didn’t understand the nerves, he had been cheating on Hillary for months now and, not since the first time with Rachel, he hadn’t felt anything other than pleasure from the experiences. When he got to the door he hesitated before pressing the door bell. His hand hovered over it for thirty seconds, it felt like an age to him. Finally John plucked up the courage to press the button, and then he waited.

Sasha looked up from her book as she heard the doorbell. She put her book down on the coffee table, stood up, brushed herself down and breathed a heavy sigh. This is it, she thought. A million thoughts went through her head — will he want me, what if i’m no good, what if, what if… She put the thoughts to the back of her mind and walked to the door. “Hi, come in” she said as she opened taksim rus escort the door.

“Thanks, you look amazing.”

Sasha led John into the kitchen. “Would you like a drink?”

“Please, tea?”

“Sure.” Sasha switched the kettle on. John walked up behind her and put his arms around her, Sasha flinched slightly and then turned to face him. “I’m so nervous.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll take things at your speed.”

Sasha put her head against John’s chest and put her arms around him. They stood there until the kettle had boiled. As Sasha began to release her grip, John kissed her on the top of the head. Sasha looked up at him, he was smiling at her. She went in to kiss him on the lips. John reciprocated. Their lips locked and the softness of the kiss soon began to increase in intensity as the passion between them rose. John picked Sasha up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, her skirt riding up. John broke the kiss and moved his head down to kiss her neck, Sasha put her head back, she was breathing loudly, sighing as John’s mouth worked around her neck and chin. John reached his arms down and gripped Sasha’s arse, Sasha leant back and John began to kiss and bite at her breasts through her t-shirt. “I want you so bad,” she panted.

“I want you too.” John said as he put Sasha down. He dropped to his knees, ran his hands up her legs. Once he reached the crotch of her tights, he ripped them open. He put his mouth taksim türbanlı escort against her pussy through her tiny knickers. Sasha reached down and put her hands on his head, rubbing away as he continued to lick her. John pulled the knickers down and put his tongue against her clit, his hands massaging her arse.

“Fuck me,” Sasha panted, “fuck me now.”

John stood up, Sasha opend the fly on his jeans, pulled his cock out, rubbed it a few times and then bent over. John took his cock in his hand and pushed it against Sasha’s cunt. He slid inside, reached around her with one hand working her clit and one on playing with her breasts, tweaking, pulling and rubbing her nippled. He thrust in and out of her, she panted loudly, he said some oh gods, “Harder, harder,” she shouted, “fuck me with your big cock.”

John increased the speed at which he was thrusting, he grimaced, felt himself about to cum, pulled out, dropped to his knees and started to eat her pussy and arse. He licked her cunt, then licked her arsehole, he brought his hands down to finger her, he put one in her cunt and one in her arse, pushed them in and out as fast as he could. With his other hand he rubbed her clit. Sasha began to scream, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

John took his cock and pushed it back inside her, he fucked her with everything he had, faster and faster until he felt himself about to cum again, Sasha began to buck back on him hard, she taksim ucuz escort grunted and then let out one long scream. As Sasha’s scream started John let himself cum, waves of pleasure covering his body.

Sasha was the first to speak. “Oh, god, that… that was amazing.”

“You’re telling me.”

“Cup of tea?”

“I believe that is what we were doing.”

Sasha reboiled the kettle and made the tea. John lit two cigarettes and handed her one. They sat on the sofa, wrapped in each other. Once the tea was drank, Sasha nuzzled down into John’s lap. “I’ve not felt like that in so long.”

“I can’t believe we’ve finally done it, it was definitly worth the wait.”

“Hell yes! Your cock felt so good inside me. I want it again, and again and again.” She undid John’s jeans and pulled them right off. His cock was beginning to harden again when she sucked it into her mouth. Sasha licked John’s cock up and down and then put her mouth all the way over it, licking and sucking as she did so. John threw his head back. He moved to lay down on the sofa, pulled Sasha around so that she was sat on his face and began to ate her pussy, remenents of his cum from earlier dripping out into his mouth, John lapped them up then Sasha climbed off, and stradled him, guiding his cock inside her. As she rode him, she suddenly thought, and spoke, “Do you feel guilty?”

“For what?”

“For being with me.”

“How could I feel guilty when your cunt feels this good on my cock, when your mouth feels so good and you look so fucking hot sat there riding me.”

Sasha smiled and continued to fuck him.

John and Sasha stayed together until three p.m. They fucked three more times, then dressed. John had to get to work. They kissed then John left to get into his car and drive to work.

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