Filling Her Up

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It had been another 8 long weeks of Matt and Christina being apart. She had moved 8 hours to Northern California for college, while he stayed to work the horse property and ranches in Norco. They were never a couple, let alone worlds apart. They were best friends that were in love, and had the most amazing intimate relationship and both knew that they’d never have anyone better. Through boyfriends and girlfriends over 5 years, they still couldn’t stay away from each other. Now she was back again, their phone conversations full of longing and desire.

He waited on his doorstep, smoking a cigarette and staring out onto the road as he watched her black sports car pull up. As Christina pulled into the drive way, she noticed the tiny smirk on Matt’s face that he always used to mask his excitement. She slammed the car door shut and stayed standing near the vehicle with her arms out as Matt approached her. His tough, reserved presence melted away as he pulled her in and held her tight against his chest. Christina buried her face in Matt’s neck and he took in the scent of her dark hair. They stayed that way for a long moment, Matt’s strong biceps locking in her short frame.

“My Christina-Marie…,” Matt murmured in his deep, soft-spoken tone. At the sound of his voice Christina pulled back to stare into his usually hazel eyes, now a fiery emerald green. She smiled slightly, always of few words when they would first come into contact. Matt took burdur escort her face into both hands as their lips met.

“God he feels good,” Christina thought as her body surrendered to Matt’s touch so easily like every time before. Their kissing turned desperate and fierce. Matt’s hands slid down the side of her body and into the back of her jeans. He gripped her ass and pulled her tighter against his crotch. Christina’s arms fell around his neck as she whimpered into his mouth. She could feel his bulge hardening right below her belly. The two stayed entangled in themselves and simultaneously made a clumsy effort to move toward the front door to make it to his bedroom.

They finally found their way against the foot of the bed, tongues still pressed against each other’s as Matt’s hands slid back up her sides. Christina’s arms unlocked from around Matt’s neck only long enough to go into the air as he pulled her shirt off her. She missed how much he was loving and dominant at the same time. And right now was feeling like their first time, like every time was. She in turn removed his shirt and ran her hands down his tan, sun-worked skin over his perfect toned abs. Matt gently cupped her full, perky tits and felt her small nipples immediately harden beneath the sheer black lace of her bra. He heard her light gasp and his hands trailed down her tummy, gently swirled his fingers around the sparkly belly ring that contrasted against bursa escort her dark skin. He undid the front of her jeans and pushed aside her matching lace long to feel her soaking against two of his large fingers. Christina couldn’t take it anymore and gripped his large, rock hard cock through his jeans.

They had explored every inch of each other – fucked in every position and every location anyone could think of – but right now they both knew that there was no time for foreplay, and Matt needed to be buried inside her right then. They managed to kick their bottoms off, and Matt lifted Christina onto the bed, pressing his weight on top of her as her curvy thighs spread apart for him submissively. Matt gripped right below her ass, and squeezed those thighs he loved so much, while he tangled his other hand into the back of her hair and placed his fat, purple head – shiny with pre cum against her slick opening. Christina pressed her hips against his and felt him slowly stretching her tight cunt. He pushed in harder now. She could feel his veins on his thick cock as he finally pushed his 9-inches balls deep into her.

“Fuckkk…,” Christina moaned. Matt could feel her juices coat his throbbing dick and felt her pussy walls clench around him. His teeth sunk into her neck and began pumping harder, now drawing whimpers and screams from Christina. He loved how raw their fucking was. They never used condoms and she wasn’t on birth çanakkale escort control. Her tiny fertile pussy was perfect for his pulsing horse cock and big loads. He began slamming into her, and she could feel his large head hitting her cervix. It made her wetter and she loved how much it hurt. Christina reached down to feel his large ball sack tightening and knew it was full of cum just waiting to be drained into her little cunt. Her eyes began to roll into the back of her head as she was so close, and desperate to feel him fill her even more.

“Baby I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum. I need to feel you shoot it up in me,” she begged. Her tight pussy and desperation for his dick always sent him over the edge.

“I’m gonna make you pregnant, baby,” Matt growled into her ear.

“Yes Matthew, please, I wanna have your baby,” she cried again.

“You’re gonna have my baby. I’m going to make you have my baby.” This sent Christina over the edge and she dragged her nails down his back, surely drawing blood. She saw white and screamed into his neck as she completely gave all of herself into him. Matt could feel her pussy spasm and clenched him like a vice-grip and he couldn’t hold himself anymore. He grabbed her hips forced his cock as deep as it would go, his tight balls pressing against her asshole. He held himself as spurt after spurt of thick cum flooded her pussy walls and coated her cervix. Christina could feel him shake against her as he wanted to make sure every bit of his sperm filled her unprotected vagina. He collapsed on top of her, not yet pulling out. She sighed in relief, slowly clenching her pussy and enjoying the feel of his softening dick and sperm slowly drip out of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32