Filipina Persuasion Pt. 02

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This is a follow-up story to “Filipina Persuasion”. For more updates on this series and other stories, please check my profile.


I woke up in the morning in Maricar’s arms, my head resting on her chest. I could feel it heaving with every breath she took. I was still a bit groggy from the previous night of passion and still coming to term with how my life had so suddenly changed. Maricar was unlike any of the boyfriends I had had before. She was passionate and knew how to press my buttons to give me mind blowing orgasms. She was confident, possessive and dominant, but not in the rough and self-centred way of some of my previous boyfriends. And yet at the same time she could also be tender and caring. Her touch could easily turn from strong and painful to tender and soothing, her hands delicate and smooth in a way no man’s hands could be.

I looked at the silver ring she had placed on my finger the night before, symbolising both her ownership of me and her commitment to me. It made me feel special in a way I had never experienced before. I felt so safe and looked after and almost instinctively I snuggled my head against her breasts, so as to feel her closer.

This woke Maricar up. She hugged me tight, pressing my head against her breasts, then started caressing my hair.

“How’s my girlfriend this morning?” she asked.


Maricar smiled and kissed me on the lips.

“We should get up, sweetie. Now that you are my girlfriend, we need to get you a whole new wardrobe.”

I got up and collected my clothes but before I could put them on, Maricar stopped me and said, “No. Don’t put those one. I will give you some of mines.”

She then went to her wardrobe and grabbed a pop up collared long-sleeve shirt, a pair of blue jeans and a brown belt.

“These should fit you. Try them on.”

I put on my bra and panties and then Maricar’s clothes on top. I look at myself in a mirror. I had never looked so tomboyish in my life. The shirt and jeans covered my figures and gave me a distinct androgynous look. As I was staring, Maricar hugged me around the waist from behind, put her head on my right shoulder and while looking in the mirror said, “There you go. All covered up and hidden. When you go out in public, I don’t want any pesky man looking at you. I want them to know you are not available by looking butch. And when we are out together, we will wear matching clothes, so everyone knows you belong to me.”

“But don’t worry,” she continued, “you will still wear sexy, feminine clothes, but only for me in private or on special occasions in public.”

She then kissed my cheek and started caressing my hair.

“However, such smooth, long, blonde hair is likely to attract attention.”

She then collected my hair in a pony tail with her left hand.

“Don’t worry. I don’t wanna cut it.” She then pulled my hair back and forced my face up.

“After all, I want your hair long for when I ride you with my big strapon”, she said with a wicked smile, “and I like blonde hair, so I’m not gonna dye it either.”

“But I should definitely give you a more conservative and less attention-attracting hairstyle in public. Mmm, I think a tight top knot bun would be a good solution. Let’s try it.”

She made me sit on the bed and then proceeded to tie my hair in a bun. After a few minutes, she stepped bad and looked at me with a satisfied smile.

“Yes, I think that should do it. Now, let me just remove all your make up and lipstick as well.”

She then led me to the bathroom and cleaned my face. She then led me back to the bedroom and made me stand in front of the mirror.

“Well, what do you think?”

I stared in the mirror. I had never worn a bun since I was 6 years old and my face was now rather pale without make-up and lipstick. I did look a bit like an austere school teacher in fact. Combined with the casual man’s clothes Maricar had given me, I had a distinct butch look now. I could barely recognize myself.

“I…I look so different…”

“Yes. Because you are a different person now, Daphne. You are no longer a blonde bimbo trying to please men. You are my forever girlfriend. And I want everyone to know that.”

“Now put your shoes on and let’s go. We have many things to buy!”


We first hit a shoe orhangazi escort store, where Maricar bought me two pairs of lace up boots, as well as two pairs of sexy high heel shoes.

She then led me to a clothes shop. She bought several shirts, hoodies and trousers at first. Then she grabbed several sexy dresses and lingerie and took me to a changing booth. Once inside she undid my bun and then told me to try the clothes in front of her. She particularly seemed to like a rather revealing underwear set consisting of a white bra with red heart-shaped cups and white panties with a heart on the crotch. When I tried it on, I could not help feeling rather self-conscious at looking like a cheap stripper. Maricar seemed to notice that and asked me to turn around and bend over, then walk as if on a catwalk and finally asked me to strike some sexy poses. As I did so, she took some pictures with her phone, commenting that I made her really horny.

She finally picked the items she liked the most, redid my bun and once I was dressed in her clothes again, took me to the checkout to pay for the clothes. We left the store and on the way home we stopped at a cafe and sat in front of each other at a table. A waitress came to attend to us.

“Hello. Have you already decided what you’d like to order?”

Maricar placed her right hand on my left hand and gently squeezed it before saying, “Yes. We would like two large coffees and a slice of chocolate cake please.”

After the waitress left, Maricar intertwined the fingers of her hand with mines, while her left hand gently caressed my cheek.

“Maricar, maybe we should not be doing this in public, you know…”

“Nonsense. We don’t live in the Middle Ages any more. And besides, I want the whole world to know you are my girlfriend. Hang on let me check something on my phone.”

Maricar took her phone out and checked some messages. With a smile she then said:

“Well, it seems you are already quite popular, Daphne!”

“What do you mean?”

“Remember those pictures of you I took inside the booth as you were trying the clothes one? I sent some to my lesbian friends. I just had to show you off. Well, it seems they are all very impressed and keen to meet you!”

“That was a rather weird thing to do Maricar…”

“Was it?” and as she said she bet over under the table to remove her right shoe.

“What are you doing?”

But before I could continue, she placed her right foot in front of my crotch and began rubbing her sole up and down against it.

“I bet you like the idea of other women admiring your body, don’t you? I bet it turns you on imagining what dirty thoughts go through their minds as they stare at your pictures and touch themselves, doesn’t it, your dirty little lesbian slut?”


But I could not think straight with her foot vigorously rubbing against my crotch.

“Shhh. If you behave like a good little girl I will introduce you to them. I bet we could have a lot of fun together! But for now you will have to show me you deserve it. So start by holding it together while I play with your pussy until the waitress comes back.”

Maricar kept rubbing my crotch and I had to fight hard not to close my eyes and let out any moans. Only when the waitress reappeared with our orders, did she stop and I could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Maricar took a fork, cut a piece of the cake and ate it.

“Mmm, that’s a delicious cake. Would you like to try some?”

“Yeah, I sure would.” and took a for in my hand. But before I could cut a piece of cake, Maricar slapped my hand and stared me in the eyes with steely determination.

“Did I give you permission to grab some cake?”

“I…n-no, you didn’t…”

“Indeed I did not. From now on, you have to wait until I give you permission to do anything. Is that understood?”


“Good girl.”

She then grabbed my chin and pulled me closer to her.

“Now open your mouth and stay there.”

She then took a piece of cake with her fork and put it in her mouth. She chewed it a few times, then leaned toward me, put a hand to the back of my neck and pulled me to her. She pressed her lips on mines, opened her mouth and then pressed the chewed cake into my mouth with her tongue.

“Swirl it around nilüfer escort your mouth for a bit. I want you to taste my saliva. Yes, just like that…you may swallow now.”

I was feeling a bit embarrassed to have done something like this in public. But Maricar’s assertiveness was so strong and almost hypnotic that I could not refuse.

“From now on, unless I tell you otherwise, that’s how you will eat. You will wait for me to chew the food and pass it into your mouth with a kiss. Understood?”


“Well, aren’t you a good, obedient, little girl? Yes, I definitely think I wanna keep you forever. Let’s finish coffee and head home. I really want you to try some of the underwear we just bought before I fuck your brains out tonight…”


Back at Maricar’s place, she told me to undo my hair and get changed into the heart-shaped lingerie she had just bought. I went to the bedroom and did as instructed. When I came back to the living room, Maricar was sitting on the couch, legs akimbo, with a beer in her right hand.

“Mmm, you look so yummy in that lingerie, Daphne! Just like the little lesbian slut you are!”

I blushed at her words, feeling rather self-conscious. Maricar then turned on her stereo and put on some dance music.

“Come on, girl. Show me your moves. Do a little sexy dance for me, like you used to do for your boyfriend!”

“You mean right now?”

Maricar stood up, walked to me, grabbed my mouth with her right hand and stared me in the eyes, saying, “When I tell you to do something, you never question me. Is that understood?”


“Good. Now dance. Very sensually.”

I started dancing and tried my best to be as sexy as I could. Although feeling rather self-conscious, I also liked how Maricar could be so assertive and almost feral with her desires. It did turn me on to feel how much she desired me and that her passion would soon lead her to grab me and possess me in the wildest and roughest of ways. As I was dancing, I noticed Maricar filming me with her mobile phone.

“That’s it, baby. Mmm, you are a dirty little slut, aren’t you?”

None of my boyfriends had ever talked to me like that and I could not help but feel turned on by how raw and animalistic she was in her passion and desire for my body.

“That’s a good. Now tun around and twerk that butt for me. Right in front of my face.”

I started twerking for her, doing my best to be as passionate and sensual as I could. I could feel her eyes all over my body and after a few minutes I could hear her heavy breathing in a brief pause in the music. Eventually, she could not contain herself any more, grabbed my hips and forced me to sit down between her legs. She then grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and then whispered in my ear, “I’m gonna fuck you so hard tonight, you little bitch. I’m gonna make you love being my submissive lesbian girlfriend. You’ll live to worship me…”

She then started rubbing my crotch with her right hand palm. She then placed her hand under my panties and kept rubbing my clit while sticking two fingers up my pussy and pumping them in and out. At the same time she grabbed a hold of my left breast with her left hand and started kneading and squeezing it hard.

“You love that, don’t you? You crave my touch so much, it drives you crazy. But I know you need more…”

She bit my neck, leaving a red mark and making me briefly scream in pain and pleasure. She stopped pumping and stood up. She then pulled me up by my hair and dragged me roughly by it to her bedroom. Once there, she pushed me on the bed and ordered me to remove my underwear. At the same time she stripped naked and then rummaged through a drawer, taking out her big black strap-on. She quickly donned it, ordered me to sit on the bed and then stood in front of me, her strap-on dangling a few inches from my face. She started stroking it while looking me in the eyes.

“You want it so badly in you, don’t you? You know that the way I fucked you with it last night, no man ever could. But first you have show me you deserve it. Suck my strap-on. I want to see it glistening with your saliva!”

I started licking and sucking her black strap-on, making sure I would cover it all in my saliva.

“Don’t be shy…I know you can do better than that…”

She türbanlı escort then grabbed my hair right at the base of my neck and started pushing my head against her cock, pushing it all the way down my mouth and almost making me choke on it. She then pulled my hair back and kept pushing and pulling my head until she was satisfied that her plastic cock was all covered in my saliva.

Maricar then smiled and said, “Such a pliable, submissive, young girl. Get on all four. I wanna fuck you doggy style.”

I eagerly got on all four. Maricar knelt behind me and started slapping her strap-on against my butt and then against my clit, turning me on. She then grabbed my hair again, pulled my head back and said, “Tell me you want me to fuck you hard, slut!”

Her tone felt so assertive, intense and passionate. I felt myself almost hypnotised with anticipation and lust and could not deny my arousal.

“I…yes, I want you to fuck me hard…please, Maricar…”

Maricar grabbed me by the waist and then slammed her strapon all the way into my pussy, causing me to yelp in surprise. She then began pumping her strapon in and out with sharp and deep movements, slamming her pelvis hard against my butt with each thrust. With her right hand she grabbed hold of my hair and used them like reins, pulling my head back hard each few thrusts. She would occasionally hold me in that position and give my hard a few sharp slaps with her left hand, then release her grip and fuck me furiously for a few thrusts. The way she alternated slow and deep thrusts with the fast and furious movements was driving me crazy with pleasure and I was soon moaning and panting heavily.

“Yeah, you like being my little lesbian bitch, don’t you?”

I was getting to carried away to reply. Suddenly, Maricar stopped her thrusting movement and yanked my head back hard.

“I asked you a question. Do you like being my lesbian bitch?”

“Ouch… I… I do…please don’t stop now…”

“I stop when I want. But don’t worry, I intend to fuck you hard until you can’t take no more.”

She then slapped my ass and went back to pumping her strap-on in me with renewed vigour. It did not take long for me to finally come with a loud moan. I collapsed on the bed, sweating profusely and panting heavily. But instead of pulling out, Maricar pulled my head back by the hair and said, “What are you doing? I am not finished yet! Get back on all four!”

I did as she told me, and soon I was having her strap-on slammed hard in me, my hair pulled and my butt slapped again. Maricar seemed insatiable and indefatigable. I was soon again in the throes of an orgasm. And then another. And yet another, until, I collapsed exhaustedly on the bed and could not get up again.

But rather than stopping, Maricar simply turned me over and then began fucking me in the missionary position. This time, she was more gentle, not slamming her strapon in me but rather sliding gently in and out. She also pressed her naked body against mine. I could feel her body rubbing against mine, spreading her sweat all over me. I could feel her hardened nipples poking against mines, her breasts squeezing mines, as she passionately kissed me with deep, wet French kisses. I could feel her saliva trickling in my mouth and over my face. Her sweaty smell filled my nostrils and left me intoxicated and wanting more. I instinctively wrapped my legs around her hips to give her more access to my pussy, as she kept pumping her strapon in and out of me. I came with a muffled moan in her mouth, but that did not stop her. It was only after my third orgasm in the missionary position that she finally came as well, both of us moaning in a tight embrace as we were kissing each other’s mouths.

Maricar crashed on top of me and we stayed like that for a few minutes, panting heavily. Finally, she turned over and rested on my side. She pulled my head on her chest and caressed my hair with her fingers.

“Your are such a precious little girl Daphne. So docile. So eager to explore your new lesbian life. I just need to teach you how to please a woman, but I think you will learn quickly.”

She hugged me tight and then continued, “And then you will finally get to meet my lesbian friends. I bet your clit is already tingling at the thought. Mine is too…I’ve got so many games in mind for us to play… But don’t worry, you will always be mine and mine only.”

She then kissed my forehead and said, “Let’s go and take a shower together. And then you need to get a good night sleep. Tomorrow will be another busy day for my little lesbian slut…”

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