Fight Night: Round 01

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Anal Fucking

*This is my first story so please leave comments and let me know how I can improve. Thanks and Part two is on the way.*


How the hell did it come to this!? Why am I enjoying it so much!?

Face down in a pillow I ponder these questions as the man I hated pushes his fat dick into me.

“So tight.” I hear him growl. “This must really be your first time huh?”

He pulls my head up by my hair and I reply yes through gritted teeth.

“Good, good, I’m glad you saved yourself for me.” He whispers into my ear as he strokes my head.

“You put up a good fight you know.” He says. “But I’ve been wanting this ass since the first day I saw you.” His dick pushes farther into me while I try to relax and accept my fate. “I’m going to make such good love to you baby, I’m going to make you mine.” He growls as he bites on my ear.

I regret joining that fight club. Yeah, I made some good money but it wasn’t worth this. I made a bet I knew I couldn’t live up to if I lost and look what happened! If I knew stuff like this happened I would have never joined.

“Don’t play dumb Emilio.” My conscious says. “You’ve heard what happens to guys who can’t pay their debts. Some lost all they had, get put in the hospital, hell you even heard about that one guy who disappeared. You knew this was dangerous!” my mind screams at me.

I was foolish. The red flags were all there. I didn’t care I was making bank off these fights. I’ve been boxing since I was a kid, took up judo and I’ve trained with navy seals in hand to hand combat. I’m not all that tall, 5’11”, but I’m solid muscle, not lean I have a little padding but not somebody you want to fuck with. At 24 I’m in my prime. I was the undefeated, undisputed champ in this little fight club until he showed up.

-The Other Day-

I had seen him around the arena before. Hard to miss since he would turn heads where ever he went. My friend Angela, who introduced me to the fight club, would go on about his looks. She would say how he has the face of a movie star and the body of a god. He’s 26, tall, about 6’4″. Wavy shoulder length black hair, dark brown eyes, short stubbly beard showing off his angular features, and his full pink lips. Not that I care about he looks! All the girls who came to watch the fights fell for him. What’s a “movie star” like him doing at a fight club like this anyway?

“Heeey Augustine!” They would squeal at him whenever he came to watch a fight.

It made me sick! I’m the champ around here why does he get all the bitches!? I always wondered what his pretty little face would look like all black and blue. Bet the girls wouldn’t bother with him then. I would have my chance soon because the man has decided to fight himself.

“Sorry Emilio.” I can’t let you fight Augustine he’s put up a lot of money for his first fight and I’ve heard you’re having money troubles.” Says the fight broker. “You barely have enough for the fight fee and if you can’t match his Fatih Escort bet or come up with an agreement then no fight.”

Shit. I just paid of my new car with my fight money and my job doesn’t pay until next week. I really want to be the first one to knock that arrogant Augustine on his ass though! Speaking of the devil, here comes Augustine now. He walks with so much confidence as he enters the broker’s office. Asshole!

“Augustine, just the man I want to see have you decided on who you want to fight?” The broker asks.

“Yeah. Him.” He says as he points at me.

“Sorry man Emilio can’t match your bet unless you too come up with an agreement there will be no fight.” The broker states.

“That’s fine I was looking to make a little money but I really want to take on the best fighter here even if it’s my first fight, see how I measure you know?” He says with a smile showing off his perfect teeth.”

“Yeah bring it asshole!” I think. “I’m going to rip you apart and you won’t dare show your face around here again.”

“So what’s the deal?” The broker asks.

“Since you don’t have the money you can work it off.” Augustine says to me. I see this weird look in his eye but I don’t care. “We can go over the details later.”

“Fine by me, I’m ready to go whenever you are!” I say to him.

“Fuck yeah, it’s time to put him in his place!” I think.

“The fight will be tonight at 8.” Says the broker. “Put on a good show.”

-Fight Night-

I’m pumped! As I enter the arena the crowd cheers for me! The place is packed. When Augustine comes in the crowd cheers for him. Louder than they did for me! What the fuck I’m the champion here! Why is he the favorite!?

The referee calls us to the middle and we bump gloves. These may be illegal fights but they have use wear padded gloves and foot wear with holes for the fingers and toes so we don’t do too much damage to each other but can still grapple. Most fights are won by submission but I plan on making him suffer a bit before I force him to tap out.

The bell rings and the fight starts. Augustine is quicker than I thought but I keep up. We trade a few blows and we look about even at the end of the first round.

“How is he keeping up with me!? He’s just a rookie!” I scream internally. We go back and forth for several more rounds and he’s still not showing any signs of weakening. It’s a great fight so far and the crowd is loving it but I’ve never had a fight last this long. I usually take guys out before the 4th round. I push through trying to wear him down so I can end this. I can feel the blood flowing out of my nose and my left eye feels sore, I’ve let him get some good shots in damn! I can see some bruises popping up on Augustine as well but he looks unfazed overall. I need to end this fight and I need to do it now! It it all comes to an end in the 8th round. I go for a risky tackle but Augustine counters me and takes me down instead and I land on Fatih Escort Bayan my back. He’s larger than me his weight on my body and my exhaustion make it difficult to move. I manage to flip myself over trying to get him off my stomach and stand but he expects this. He catches me in an arm-triangle choke from behind preventing me from moving my left arm. I try to fight it but he’s too strong.

“Give it up baby it’s over.” He whispers into my ear.

“Did he just call me baby?” I ask myself. But I don’t have time to process this I feel myself getting light headed and it’s getting harder to breath. I have no choice. I tap out. He releases me and I fall to the floor as he stands over me. I turn over and see he’s not looking at the crowd cheering for his victory but at me. He has that weird look in his eye that I saw back in the office and this smile that sends a chill down my spine. The ref pulls him to the middle of the stage and we break eye contact as he lifts his arm up declaring him the winner.

I leave the arena and go to the locker room trying to avoid as many people as possible. I get some pats on the back and words of encouragement on the way but I don’t want to hear any of that I just want to be alone. My privacy is short lived. I see Augustine enter and approach me as I sit on the bench removing my fight gear. I force myself to look him in the eye and he’s smiling at me.

“Stand up.” His voice deep and commanding. “We have a deal to work out remember?”

I nod and stand with my head down.

“Seeing as you didn’t have the money you’re going to have to pay me back another way. I feel his hands snake their way around me as he pulls me close to him. We’re both still sweaty from the fight and the heat we’re giving off doesn’t make the situation any better. I feel a long hard lump on my lower stomach and I look to see he has an erection. My eyes go wide and I try to push him off me.

“No way dude I’ll find a way to pay you back or something but I’m no cocksucker alright!?” I yell. I can’t believe this! He wants me to do that!? I’m not gay!? Is he gay!? These questions flood my mind.

“You’re right you’re going to be so much more than that.” He says in a low voice as he closes the gap between us backing me up against the lockers.

What does he mean by that? I know I can’t fight my way out of this, I’m still too exhausted and he’s the guy who kicked my ass.

“You know what happens to those that don’t pay their debts around here right?” He whispers inches from my face. “You either do what I say or I let them know their ex-champ is trying to run out on me.”

I feel the blood drain from my face.

“So here’s how you’re going to work off your debt. I put 5 grand on this fight so for every day you “work” you pay off 1,000$ understand?”

I nod.

“Good, give me your phone so we can exchange numbers. Be at my place at 8 a.m. not a minute later and lastly I need a preview of what I’m Escort Fatih going to get tomorrow. Go take a shower for me.”

I drop my head in defeat. This man stripped me of my title, my ego, and now this. What else does he want from me? I strip in front of him as he stares at me. He sits on the bench rubbing his crotch through his gym shorts. My soft 4 inch penis and my average sized balls are out for his viewing. I hear him let out a sigh and when I turn to head to the showers I look back to see him leering at my ass. I walk into a shower while he sits outside watching me.

“How did it come to this? You’ve got to find a way out of this!?” My mind screams.

I begin to bathe and after a few minutes I feel him wrap his arms around me. I turn my head to see him naked. He was wearing a shirt during the fight but now I get to see his body. The man truly does have the body of a god. His chest and abs are well defined. His pecs are covered in curly black hair while a thick trail goes down the center of his abdomen to his waist. His legs are well defined and sparsely covered in dark hair as well. What catches my eye is his dick. I can tell it’s just semi-erect and it’s already larger than my 6 inches fully hard!

“Can’t I beat this guy at anything?” I ask myself.

He notices me staring and lets out a small laugh as he pulls me closer to him. I feel his dick rub against my ass and I jump at the touch. His hands move over my pecs and abs. I let out an unintended moan as his fingers drag across my nipples.

“You like what you see baby? I’m going to make you feel so good.” He whispers as he darts his tongue into my ear.

This can’t be feeling this good. I shouldn’t be getting aroused by this. His hands move down my body and reach my cock.

“See I knew you’d like it.” He tells me.

I squeak out that I don’t like this but he just laughs and starts kissing down my neck. I look down and see I’m sporting a full on erection. I squirm under his touch. I move closer and closer to a climax as he strokes me harder.

“That’s it baby boy let it happen.” He whispers.

“I can’t believe this is happening! I’m straight right!? So why am I enjoying this so much!?” My mind screams.

It all feels so good. The kisses on my neck, the touching, the loss of control, where is it all coming from? I stop thinking about these things as I feel Augustine’s hand leave my dick.

“You don’t have permission to cum yet.” He tells me as he pushes me off him.

I let out a groan of protest but he doesn’t care. We rinse off and leave the showers. I get ready to leave the locker room without giving him another look. I’m too embarrassed over what just happened. As I walk towards the door he pulls back me into him and a rough kiss.

“I can’t believe this!?” I scream internally. I feel another erection shooting up. What is happening to me?

“I can’t wait to see you again, now go get some rest. We’ve got a long day tomorrow.” He reaches around me to squeeze my ass before he leaves. I stand confused in the locker room while my erection falls.

I go home and immediately get into bed. I rack my brain over what happened these past couple of hours but the exhaustion takes over and I fall asleep.

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