Fifty Shades of Silver Ch. 08

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Silver and Gabriel enjoy the fantastic room service


Light tapping wakes us from our slumber. “Room service!” rumbles from behind the closed door.

Still under the influence of weed, sex and sleep, I call out in a sleepy voice, “Hold on a sec!”

Silver looks over at me, eyes bright, “Did you order anything?”

“No,” I reply, still trying to clear the cobwebs from my mind.

“Huh, well damn! Don’t move, be right back” slipping out of bed and donning her satin and lace robe. Tying a loose bow, she puts her eye to the peep hole and utters a grunt.

“What?” I question.

Turning back to me, “All I see is a cart with stuff on it. Silver covered plates, napkins, juice, a carafe. It looks somebody’s afternoon snack.” Her face lights up with a look of realization, “Oh shit, I hope the room service guy hasn’t left!” she exclaims, quickly turning around and jerking the door open.

“AAAHHH!” she screams, jumping back.

I jolt up in bed, adrenaline pumping, “What?!?”

I look to the door and see Chris standing in the hall, clearly surprised himself.

“Chris! You scared the crap out of me!” stepping out, smacking him smartly on the arm.

“Ouch!!” he yelps, stepping out of reach, rubbing the red spot. “What the hell was that for? You’re the one who opened the door.” his voice trailing off as he focuses on Silver. She must have forgotten that she is adorned with the intricate glitter patterns on her face and body; his eyes travel up and down her frame.

“You surprised me!” Silver replies indignantly, returning to an ‘inside’ voice. “I looked through the…” gesturing toward the door, “thingie, and all I saw was the tray, but WE haven’t ordered anything. I thought the guy, YOU apparently, was heading back downstairs, so I wanted to catch him. You, I mean, but I didn’t know it then, so it startled me when he, dammit, You! magically appeared in the doorway.” Stopping abruptly to inhale and lean her back against the open door, she places a hand over, what I assume is, her racing heart. The poorly tied bow has allowed her robe to gap, revealing the soft curve of her heaving breasts sporting the glittering kürt porno spirals.

Chris and I watch her for the moment when a lightbulb seems to appear above her head. “Waaaiiittt a minute here,” turning a suspicious eye to me, “DID you order room service?”

Completely confused, I say, “No… when in the world would I have had time?” She thinks for a minute, contemplating. Switching her gaze to the guy in the hall who is currently doing his best to maintain positive control, “Is this tray really for us?”

He nods, eyes wide.

Crossing her arms under her breasts, she turns to him, “This could be very sweet, or very weird; which is it?” clearly expecting an explanation.

I watch the drama unfolding in front of me… does he have popcorn on that tray?

Nothing intelligible comes out as his mouth as he works to form syllables. Silver’s glittering eyes and slightly open robe apparently strike Chris completely dumb.

Finally, he manages, “Ahh, I um, well, you see…” making the mistake of glancing over her shoulder at me with a beseeching look. Her head slowly turns toward me, the suspicious look returning.

Raising her eyebrows in an unspoken question, I respond with the universal “I have no idea” look, effectively tossing him under the bus.

Eyes drilling into Chris’, she steps toward the cart, her robe fluttering open slightly as she reaches for the nearest lid. Chris is unable to maintain eye contact and looks down at her exposed flesh of her breasts, mesmerized by the swirls. Looking down to the widening gap, she slowly closes the robe, looking up at Chris as she reties bow. Reaching down, she uncovers each plate, gently placing the lids aside while never breaking eye contact. I notice his normally healthy tan is turning somewhat pale in the hallway light, although, from the twitching in his pocket one might think he was hiding a ferret in there.

After what seems to be an eternity, she looks down and assesses the contents of the tray. I have a feeling that I know exactly what it contains and, like Silver said, this could go two completely different directions.

Completing her preview of the tray contents, Silver steps over to Chris and grabs his elbow. “Come with me.” Clearly it wasn’t a request. He moves as if enthrall; “grab the cart”, his hand is on the handle immediately, dragging it as she leads him across the room, depositing him at the end of the bed.

“Explain” holding a palm up to my face.

The door clicking closed seems to wake him up. Dude… are you sweating?

“Your husband…”

“Wait a min…” I start. There’s that palm again; now I’M sweating.


He talks so fast, I can barely keep up.

“..I uh. We were talking, the Mr. and me,” wow he must be close to losing it, referring to me as Mr., “and he happened to mention that you liked tea and stuff,” gesturing at the tray, “I figured you guys needed a couple of hours” glancing at me, “for … you know…” giving her a look, “and might like a snack afterward, I know I always do. I didn’t mean to say that… Plus I wanted to thank you somehow for the amazing kiss earlier, it was awesome. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a beautiful woman kiss me like you did. Shit, I didn’t mean to say that either. Can I stop talking now?”

Silver stands at the foot of the bed, glancing back and forth between our faces, trying to sift through our thoughts to determine the exact truth.

Raising her eyebrows to me, “Well?”

“The part about the tea is definitely true, was it bad of me to tell him you like hot tea? I mean, I also knew he enjoyed your kiss, but I didn’t know about any of the rest, although,” looking at Chris with sympathy, “sorry it’s been so long, bro.”

Silver is still giving us the eye, trying to decide if we are up to anything. I mean, I did pass the info to him, but he’s the one who decided act on it. It’s actually pretty nice gesture, when I think about it. He does seem to be a good guy. Coming to some sort of conclusion, Silver exhales, “Fine. But I’m keeping my eyes on you two. No funny stuff” pointing two spread fingers at her eyes then back and forth between me and Chris.

Stepping in front of Chris, she extends her hand. “C’mon, time for you to go.”

She leads him to the door latin porno while he mouths to me over his shoulder, “Sorry, bro.”

Opening the door, she turns to him, “You are a sweet man, thank you for the afternoon tea. It’s perfect.” Standing on her tiptoes, she kisses him full on the mouth.

“I’m sorry it’s been so long too. Now go, please.”

He just nods and heads out, the door clicking behind him. Silver stares at the closed door for a split second and turns to me, “You really had no idea he was going to bring the tray?”

“Nope”, comes my reply, adding, “but he got what he wanted, methinks.”

“Huh. He IS a sweet guy, I guess…albeit a bit horny. I probably didn’t help by kissing him” glancing at me with a wry look.

“I can’t believe he saw me covered in this glitter”, rolling her eyes and looking at the ceiling, “I can’t even imagine what he is thinking now!”

“Although, he sure seemed to like it, didn’t he?” turning to me with a naughty grin.

“He’d be a sweet, horny fool if he didn’t, lover.”

“HA!” she barks. “Is that my ‘type’ honey? ‘Horny But Sweet’? It definitely describes YOU to a ‘T’, but”, pausing as a thought crosses her face, “it’s missing the ‘love’ part… And that’s ok with me…because” looking in my eyes, “you are the only man I love…you know, right?”

The question remaining on her face for a flicker longer than expected, prompting my reply, “Who’s rings are you wearing?”

Glancing down at her hands absently slipping the robe belt through her fingers, “Yours.” Raising my left hand, the heavy titanium band the only ring I ever wear, she looks at me and smiles possessively, “Mine.”

“Yep, always” enjoying our moment of that personal closeness we cherish.

“Chris reminds me of myself in some ways… he called me a crazy man earlier” I confessed. “Am I a crazy man? Would a sane man want his wife to kiss another guy and not be mad or upset. Instead” flipping the covers back, “I’ve got this.” My member is semi-hard, flat against my belly.

“Oh no you don’t, mister. Little Silver is sore and Big Silver is hungry. Put that thing away and let’s eat something” her tone brooking no argument.

I doubt seriously I’d be able to go again anyway.

She looks me over, “It does makes me happy to make you happy, darling, I guess I’m pretty good at it.”

Planting a wet kiss on my mouth, she leads me to the bed where we can enjoy out afternoon tea.

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