Few Real Hours with My Online Wife

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First of all I’m sorry to be off the site for so long. The reason is that there was no spark since last many years. The spark has been provided by my online wife Priya (name changed to protect privacy).

It was a normal day and I was a bit down emotionally and was desperate to find a new friend in life. I logged on to my FB account and started browsing for friends. A cute pic clicked me and I had a gut feeling that yes…she’s the one I’m looking for. The name is Priya from Bihar, married, yet to be blessed with kids.

I sent a friend request and it was accepted soon after, we started chatting and in just a few days…she changed her name to match with my surname and now she was my online wife. We behave like normal married couples… Loving, caring as well as lusty.

After a few months of chatting, as God wanted, we had a chance to meet. I was alone in my house as my wife had gone to her parents place with my daughter in summer vacations and she had to come near to my city (alone) for some marriage function. She came to my place on some pretext and we had a few hours – the best of our lives at our disposal. When I saw her, I lost my senses and became a statue. She was simply beautiful, draped in a light pink chiffon saree with a lightly embroidered blouse. The diamond necklace and short hangings were sparkling. Her height (5’5″) and figure (36-26-34) were a perfect blend. I kept on watching her… I came to senses when after a minute she said, “Let’s go”.

I picked her luggage (a small bag) went upto the parking lot, opened the car door, made her sit comfortably, made her pallu in the car, closed the door, sat in drivers seat, offered her water and off we drove to my place. During the short drive, we made ourselves comfortable by routine chat about well-being and her journey. After we reached home, I asked her to wait in the car and went inside and came out after a few minutes. I opened the door for her and she came out of the car and I put a few drops of mustard oil on both sides of the door, then I lighted the diya, tilak her forehead, had her aarti, put some rose petals on her head, gave her a sweet ladoo to eat and gifted her a gold coin.

I asked to remove the sandals, she did that. I put some rose petals on the floor and she put her feet on them… I was ahead of her putting the petals and she followed… upto the bedroom. The room was decorated to welcome the “bride” with candles and fresh flower bouquets with awesome fragrance. The AC was already ON, the room was cool and light music was playing. In short, the room had awesome fragrance of fresh flowers, dim light of candles and light music – a perfect ambience.

I opened my small refrigerator and helped her with a glass of soft drink while making her comfortable, lifted the tray cover to unveil dry fruits and light snacks. She enjoyed the soft drink with some light snacks and we chatted over general issues. When she was a bit relaxed, I got up and changed the music. Asked for her hand and we started a slow dance, hand in hand, hugging… The fragrance of her light French perfume and the love was a turn on for me. I too was wearing a light perfume purchased from England during my recent visit. We danced to the tune for a few minutes before we were ready for the “real” action.

I opened the refrigerator and took out a chocolate bar, unwrapped it and we started to eat it from both ends together. It was a slow nibbling and we had to ensure that it does not fall down. Once we reached the middle of the chocolate bar, our lips met… just touched each other. This was enough for a small shock as a current passed our bodies from lips to brain and down to toes with a brief stopover in our privates. This sparked off an urge to kiss further… and we did so. The kiss became a bit passionate, lips on lips, tongue rolling in each other’s mouth one by one making the hug tighter. We started caressing each other’s hair and were in a different world altogether.

The kiss lasted a few minutes… We parted…saw each other in the eyes…the eyes said that lips want more… we complied and started to kiss again… with the same passion… the taste of chocolate and saliva of each other was indeed intoxicating. The second lasted a bit longer than the first but it was enough to turn us ON and was indicative of things to follow.

I made her sit on the bed, helped her to remove her sandals and she found her breath back after a few minute after the intense kissing. I helped her remove the saree pin and dropped her pallu. The size of blouse neck was perfect – it did not cover the assets fully like old fashioned ladies, it was a bit sexy to suggest the cleavage but not reveal it which would have made it vulgar.

I too climbed the bed and started worshipping her body. I kissed her forehead in the centre, just above her bindi and then on the sides. Came a bit down to kiss her eyelids in a soft manner – but her breath became heavy. The action came down to the cheeks and I planted a kiss on each of them. I purposely avoided gaziantep escortları the lips as they were still not out of fatigue and if touched would invite the wrath of rest of body. From the cheeks, my lips moved to the neck and I started kissing the neck…in fact nibbled it a bit driving her crazy… and finally the ear lobes were in for bites. She was intentionally wearing just small diamond studs as hangings would not have let the ear lobes kissed and bit as they were being at the moment.

With every kiss and bite in the unexpected places and ways… she would shiver and moan driving me crazy and a bit wild. After the earlobes, I again came to the neck and the chest on the exposed portion of the body. Now it was the time to make her feel light…one…two…three…four… five… the hooks of her blouse were opened exposing her red lacy designer brassiere. I lifted her up a bit to help her remove the blouse which was flung on the floor.

I started kissing her right hand, moving up a bit upto the elbow, the upper part of the arms and now the arm pit…kissing and nibbling…from the right arm pit to the neck again and now left arm pit…kissing and nibbling… to the upper portion of left arm, elbow and back of left hand. The journey of lips was enough to drive her crazy and she was constantly moaning with eyes closed.

The kisses now shifted to the stomach and navel, but the saree was proving to be a hurdle. I helped her remove the saree and threw on the floor, it landed near the blouse. An end of the petticoat drawstring was exposed, I took it between my teeth and moved away. The petticoat got opened and I helped her remove it. Now there lay a real Venus in my bed, perfect figure, fair complexion garnished by red designer lacy lingerie. I was spell bound when I saw her in this pose and my skipped a beat. I kept appreciating her beauty by being still, speechless but our eyes were doing the naughty talking.

Now she got up our lips locked again with her hands unbuttoning my shirt…one…two…three…four…five…shirt opened and she removed it. Her hands moved a bit down and hid in my vest lifting it slowly. Her soft hands on my body were indeed driving me crazy… my eyes opened wide when she started playing with my nipples by teasing and pinching them.

Our lips were separated for a split second to allow my vest go over my head and she started caressing my chest once again along with the kiss. A few minutes later her hands moved south and she started opening my belt, hook of trousers, zip and allowed it to fall on my feet. I stepped out of it and now we were both in our undies. The hug and the kiss were a bit intense now as body skin was touching and caressing each other.

We released each other and I made her lie on the bed. I came near her feet (on my knees) and lifted her feet. I started kissing and biting her toes at random…left foot…right foot… thumb…finger… she wriggled at each bite… with moans. I could see her panty was wet with love juice oozing out. The fragrance of love juice was also spreading in the room and it was at a war with the fragrance of fresh flowers.

Enjoying both the fragrances, we were excited to be in each other as our dreams and fantasies were being realized. I released her feet and went up… again started kissing her body from the top… centre of forehead, both eyelids – one by one, cheeks, neck, ear lobes and chest. Now it was her brassiere which was coming in my way and so it was opened with my mouth…it was a single front hook brassiere (I had seen it for first time). I lifted her a bit to help her remove it.

Now her assets were free and were inviting my lips. I went near the right nipple and kissed it softly… giving her a wave of light shock. The tip of my tongue started teasing it and rolled around it. The focus then shifted to the left nipple and it was pampered in a similar way. After teasing both nipples with the tip of my tongue did the lips and teeth come into action. I started sucking and biting the nipples… her hands were caressing my hair drawing my head towards and making sure that I do not leave. As I was sucking and biting both the erect nipples one by one she wanted more and more and more and…

Slowly one nipple was in my mouth and other in my hand… frequently they were being interchanged so that none is angry with me. She was constantly moaning…yessss…yessss … More… moreee… suck hard… pinch me hard… Ooooooo…aaaaahhhhhh… driving me more crazy. The fragrance of her love juice was now winning the war over that of flowers and it was time to shift the action down south.

I helped her remove the panty and put it in my neck as a garland. She was surprised at the act as she had never imagined it. The sight of light pubic hair on a fair complexioned body was indeed a big turn on. She had carefully managed her pubic hair… it was there only in the triangle but not around the “love hole”. This makes the looks erotic but does not interfere with cunnilingus. I took a wet tissue and cleaned the love juice… wanted to extract fresh one. I went between her legs, made her comfortable by allowing her to rest her feet on my back. The view and fragrance of the love hole were intoxicating, but I kept my cool. I kissed the pussy lips softly… could feel the shiver in her body and the moan.

The tongue now swung into action… going up and down the pussy lips with moderate pressure. The tongue was making merry…going up…down…right…left…in …out…up…down…left…right…making her moan and her hands in my hair used to pull them. As my hands were free, I made use of them by holding the boobs and playing with nipples. My tongue was enjoying the hot and humid weather down south whereas the hands were enjoying the hill tops in north.

She was constantly moaning and moving her body while enjoying her first session outside marriage. During chats she used to appreciate my style but thought it to be more theoretical instead of practical. The action now shifted to the clit and I pampered it like a third nipple. The tip of my tongue teased it, rolled around it and giving a surprise… teeth bit it… releasing a stream of love juice.

I varied the intensity of my pussy licking …slow, medium, wild… With unexpected bites. A bite on clit used to be combined with the pinch on both nipples together driving her crazy and on cloud 9. After enjoying for a few minutes, she intended to show her skills. I released her and after getting her breath she stripped me off mu undie.

My tool sprang out and she started caressing it. It was wet with the pre-cum ooze and she too took a wet tissue and cleaned it off. The foreskin was lowered and she kissed the tip softly. She rolled the tongue on the glans giving a pleasing sensation all over my body. Then she licked the full 7 in rod from top to bottom and back and all around. Not even a spot was left out which was spared by her tongue.

Her tongue was busy licking it and hands in playing with the balls. She intelligently played with the hanging balls and even took them in mouth. The lick turned into suck and she started sucking my tool … first slowly and increased the speed to make it wild. She took the full tool in the mouth… deep throat action and my tool tip felt the back walls of her throat.

After a few minutes of sucking, she started rubbing the glans with her nipples…one by one. The sight was awesome… 7 inch cock tip playing with erect nipples of 36 C boobs. She took the cock between the boobs and gave a boob fuck taking the glans upto her mouth for kiss and suck for a couple of minutes. After a few minutes of sucking, we were in 69 position with she on my top.

She was swaying her hips teasing my mouth and was in charge of both her pussy and my cock. She mixed all – slow, fast and wild at both ends. The feeling was – WOW… as she was showing her talent of giving and receiving oral sex. A few minutes later, it was time for the real action.

I requested her to get up, but she insisted on something very unusual. She asked me to wipe off all the love juice from her pussy from outside and inside. She wanted to have the experience of first time love making as ours was the first meeting. I obliged by wiping her love hole as well as my tool with a wet tissue and then a soft towel.

She was lying on the bed, opened her legs and lifted them. I came between the legs and placed the head of my tool on the door of her love tunnel. She gave me a flying kiss and I pushed hard… she cried in pain as the mushroom went in. A few pushes later… I gave a very hard push and full 7 inches were lost in the tunnel. The pain she suffered was both real as well as ecstatic.

The pain was as if we both had lost our virginity in the shot… hard to go and painful. Tears rolled from her eyes but she was smiling. This combo of tears and smile was enough for me to bend and kiss her juicy lips. My strokes became a bit fast… and hard… with fresh lubrication facilitating it. Her panty was still in my neck and the fragrance of her pussy juice on the panty was also driving me wild. The strokes became hard and fast. She responded with some moans and pinching my nipples in a very erotic way.

She wanted me to be a bit wild and I responded by slapping her boobs and pulling them by the nipples. She enjoyed every slap and pull due to the pleasure she was getting in the act. The strokes continued for a few minutes and our eyes communicated that it was time for a change of position.

Now I lay down and she rode over me by taking my tool inside her. She gave me lots and lots of pleasure as she varied her moves…up…down…back and forth… caressing my chest and pinching my nipples in between. To add to the pleasure she offered her juicy lips and erect nipples for kiss and suck in between to add to the pleasure. She varied the speed and had a intuition when I was at peak. Mid way she bent a bit backwards and started up…down …up…down… movements exposing her clit. I got the chance to tease and pinch the clit making her wild like tigress. She used to stop in between so that I can prolong the act. It is still an enigma how she got such talent.

Well! It was not the time to count trees… it was time to enjoy the mangoes. After a few minutes on me, the position was again changed to doggy. Without wasting even a single minute, I entered into her love tunnel and started slow pushes. Slowly my strokes became fast with spanking of the bum. The soft ass cheeks became red but she was enjoying each and every hit with a moan and uttering…love u…love u. The other hole nearby was desperate as it was being ignored.

I took out my tool and placed it at the tip of the ass hole… she asked me what I was upto? I told her that her other hole is requesting me something… in a naughty way. She nodded with a combination of fear (pain) and excitement (losing anal cherry). I pushed it in a bit and the mushroom went in, she screamed a bit. Another push and half of it was in… a few pushes later, full 7 inches were lost in the tunnel. Her screams were a bit loud as I took her anal cherry. I could see a couple of tears rolling down her cheeks up to the bed sheet.

I comforted her by making slow movements till she was used to it and then increased the pace. A few spanks on the bum later, she was enjoying the maiden anal fuck. Her real life hubby had the privilege of breaking her hymen and the online hubby (me) had the anal cherry. The pain had now turned into pleasure and I made sure that she enjoys the love making. I surprised her by switching the holes at random…a few strokes in ass…another few in the pussy… a few in ass… lots in pussy… lots in ass… a few in pussy. The random selection of hole and pace was driving her crazy and so were my unexpected spanks on the bum.

For the last few strokes, she requested to be again in missionary as we could see each other, kiss the lips, pinch the nipples etc. She lay down, opened and lifted her legs exposing the pussy and I came between the legs. Immediately I set off to work and inserted the tool. I removed the panty from my neck as it had dried out. I continued my strokes and she obliged by squeezing her pussy muscles.

We were both about to come and on cloud 9… my stokes were fast and hard, her love tunnel muscles squeezed to the maximum, kisses on lips, moans… everything was there on the bed and the room was witness to it. Finally after a long time… I came inside her love hole, released my “love juice” and fell besides her life less. For a few minutes, both were breathing heavy and had lost the senses.

Around 5 to 7 minutes later, we again cuddled and kissed. We both got up from the bed and intended to proceed towards the bath room. I was leading, she was behind me…requested me to stop. I looked at her; she inserted two fingers in her love hole and took out some combo of our love juices. I could not make out why she was doing it. She put the mixture in the partition of her head (traditionally Indian ladies put vermilion – a red powder there as an indication of being married with an alive hubby) and bent down to touch my feet. I was moved and now tears rolled down my cheeks as I hugged her and caressed her back and hair.

We went to the bathroom together wherein I had made all the preparations for a bath. She went near the commode with an urge to pee but I had different thoughts in mind. I requested her to come to the shower area, she followed. I sat on the floor with my mouth open and requested her to pee in my mouth and body. She was baffled but reluctantly agreed. The love combo was flowing upto her ankles but there was still a bit near the pee hole. She opened her legs and a stream of warm pee filled my mouth and bathed my body.

She was excited as well as embarrassed on the act as she had never ever done it before. Now I made her sit on the floor and I pissed in her mouth and bathed her body. Now she was a bit relaxed and satisfied. She got up and I turned the shower. We bathed in fresh water, helped soap each other with just a bit of body to body soap massage. We cleaned the privates and were as fresh as morning dew. We dried ourselves with towels and came in the room.

We dressed up and saw that it was time for her to leave as her train was to come soon and we barely had time for lunch. I opened the almirah and took out a box and gifted it to her. She was a bit surprised to open it – a Swarovski crystal necklace. She was thankful to me and fished out a small box from her purse. She gifted it to me… I opened it… wow…Mont Blanc cufflinks – my favorite. We hugged and kissed each other softly. She got ready by giving finishing touches to her light make up and I too got ready.

We went to a nearby restaurant (had already ordered her favorite dishes to save time) and had a quick lunch. During the lunch she said that next time she would prefer a BDSM session as it was her long standing fantasy. I promised to do some research on it. After lunch we went to the railway station – her train came, she boarded and off she went. She kept standing in the window and we were waiving with moist eyes till we were out of sight…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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