Female Erotic Police Squad Pt. 06

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For the last few weeks the Female Erotic Police Squad has been preparing for a big event, they were supposed to protect. It was the largest trade show of the erotic industry called SEXPO. All the porn producers and pornstars were there and so were the manufacturers of sex toys and fetish gear with their latest products.

Athena was in the command center with three other police officers, a bunch of monitors and a radio. She was dressed slightly different, than usual, because the organizers of the event requested the police, if they could dress even sexier. Of course, Nicole the commissioner was happy to oblige. The captain was dressed in a black bodystocking with a spidery theme. Her whole body was covered in nylon spider webs and two cute spiders “sat” on her nipples. That was the only thing that hid her breasts, since she was not wearing a bra, as was her custom. Athena had a leather corset, that made her slim waist even thinner, strappy sandals on fifteen centimeter, stiletto heels and a thong. She decided, that if they wanted her to look sexy, she could skip the skirt completely. Too bad she was going to spend most of the time in this room, where no-one could see her.

The other policewomen wore uniforms that were significantly altered. Instead of tank top they had only blue, see-through, bandeau bras. Their skirts were a lot shorter and now covered only half of the buttocks. The pantyhose were sheer for all, no fishnets and only seven denier, of course crotchless. Instead of lacy panties the girls had thongs. Their heels were also fifteen centimetres high, instead of the usual twelve. All girls had their lips painted bright red. The police force offered not only protection, but also additional decoration.

Nicole, the commissioner, surprised everyone with her outfit, or should it rather be called a costume. She was there as an officer as well as a celebrity, so she had more liberty regarding clothes. She came dressed as a slutty schoolgirl. She wore a white shirt, cropped to reveal her flat belly, a plaid skirt, that exposed a centimeter of her firm buttocks and a glimpse of her red panties, white stockings, and Mary Jane’s in bimbo version with fifteen centimeters heels Her blonde hair were tied into pigtails. Even with a push-up bra, that gave her the illusion of bigger breasts she still looked fifteen years younger. She even had a lollipop, albeit a penis-shaped one.

The commissioner would later be a part of a performance and currently was talking with someone, who introduced herself as Victoria and worked for one of the main manufacturers, who had and exposition at the markets.

Victoria looked… uniquely, even for this particular event. She was 185 centimetres tall and wore high heeled boots with insane platforms, that added another twenty two centimetres to her height. She towered over petite Nicole almost comically. The woman was wearing a pink, full body, latex suit. It included a hood, that revealed only eyes and lips. Victoria’s lips were large, presumably enhanced and painted bright red. The woman had an almost cartoonish hour-glass figure, enhanced by a tight corset and huge, J-cup breasts.

The women made small talk and discussed some of the toys presented on the Sexpo, before they split up and both went to their jobs.

The main attraction of the whole event was the premier of the latest full-body suits, known better as the doll-suits. They used the newest high-tech fabrics and pushed the miniaturization to its limits. Three prototypes were made: male, female and male-to-female. There was a female-to-male extension available for the female version. They were currently in three different colours, that provided only a slight adjustment of shade, but developments were still being made, to allow each suit a wide variety of colours. Currently the male was black, female was white and male-to-female was olive, each resembling the colour of a skin of an appropriate person.

Being currently one of a kind, they also received names. The male one was called Moog, the female – Brooke and the male-to-female – Sheridan. Knowing the developers, they have spent much too much time on creating the names, than it was worth.

All three suits were made of the same material. It was extremely thin, but endurable. It provided mild protection against cold and heat and felt same as human skin under the touch. The suits were flexible and allowed people of significantly different heights and sizes to wear them.

Moog, the male suit, was the simplest of the three, just like the men themselves are, especially in regard to their sexual needs. In its basic version it was just a skin tight outfit with an opening in the crotch area and simple stimulation for the nipples. Since it was a “macho” version, it provided no stimulation or penetration of the anus. But there were significant additions for the penis. It was a condom of a sort, that was attached to the open-crotch area and tightly covered both the penis and the testicles. Çankaya Escort The fabric was even thinner, than that of a condom and numbed the sense of touch even less. But what it did not was less important, than what it did. It obviously was flexible enough to accommodate genitals of any size and felt equally comfortable for all. The addition provided significant stimulation for the testicles and for the underbelly area. It had an option for the stimulation of the penis as well. Vibrations, changes of pressure and gentle electric impulses were the effect of combining the knowledge from the fields of medicine and engineering. But it could also be used with great effect during an intercourse, since thanks to all the stimulation it could delay the ejaculation significantly. The semen was drained and stored in a container, that was located around the testicles.

The suit could be worn by men of height between 165 and 200 centimetres and builds from thin to muscular. There was a bad news for the bigger bodybuilders – they would not fit inside.

Brooke, the female suit, was much more complex. Even its basic version was more, that just an outfit. But miniaturization or not, the devices needed some space. They were located in the breast area. Of course, that did not mean, that they restricted the touch sense on the breasts in any degree. The material of the outside felt exactly like natural breasts, including its warmth and the touch was relayed to the skin of the wearer. The suit was designed, so that every women with breasts smaller than D-cup, would get that cup, while wearing it. If her breasts were bigger, they would look one size bigger on the outside, because of the devices hidden in that part of the suit.

But the breast part not only relayed the external touches, it provided sophisticated stimulation as well. It was similar to the technology used on the penis in Moog. It used vibration, changing pressure and electrical impulses all over the breasts and more intensely on the nipples. It could be used together with the relaying of the external impulses.

The basic version also had stimulation of inner thighs and buttocks. It was not as elaborate as the one of the breasts, but they could both be used during an intercourse.

In case of a lack of a man, the female wearer of Brooke could use special “panties”, that provided several new features. The panties had two built-in dildos, both eight centimetres long and two centimetres thick in the default state. They could both be inflated up to thirty centimetres in length and eighth in diameter. There was also an option for them to have irregular shape, with several patterns to choose from. The inflation-deflation could be dynamical, so the dildos could simulate penetration. They also had the option of vibrations and electrical stimulation, both with wide range of intensity. There was additional stimulation of the clitoris, that could be used independently of the dildos.

The suit could be worn by women of height between 150 and 185 centimetres and, like with men, only the biggest of females could not fit into it.

The top part of the Sheridan, the male-to-female suit, was identical to Brooke. It gave the wearer as well as the spectators the realistic impression of breasts, only this time they were E-cup to better fit the wider chest of men. The bottom part was in some ways completely different from both other suits. Unlike them, this one was not crotchless in the basic version. The penis of the wearer was tucked and immobilized under the suit. It was safe and comfortable, but restricted from getting erect.The penis would be stimulated, though. The impulses would be coming from the artificial female genitals, that were located in the appropriate place. Since there was no place in the male body to fit the vagina inside of it, the penetration of it might have looked awkward at first, although there were some, who found that attractive. The artificial vagina was located on the underbelly, so its penetration caused a slight bulge to be created on that part of the body. The suit was made in such way, as to visually dissolve it, but it was impossible to get rid of it completely.

The impulses from the vagina were transferred to the penis and the testicles, so that they would create the best possible impression of penetration in the male brain. The stimulation of inner thighs, buttocks and the rest of the crotch area was executed in a similar way as in Brooke.

Yet stimulation was not everything. After all the wearer wanted not only to feel like a woman, but also look as one. The suit took care of that as well. The breasts were already mentioned. The waist of a wearer was narrowed in a corset-like way and the level of tightness was regulated. The hips and buttocks were rounded, but of course it was not just a simple padding, but the same mechanism as with breasts, that felt real on the outside and relayed the touch to the inside. Again, the Cebeci Escort level of body volume gain could be regulated.

There was one more item, that could be added to the suit. It looked like a ornamental collar, but was a device, that could modulate the wearer’s voice to make it sound higher. It was not necessarily the most seductive of voices, but sounded feminine enough and was not funny, which was the main worry of the developers.

The suit could be worn by men of height between 155 and 190 centimetres and with penises not bigger than twelve centimetres, when flaccid.

The female-to-male was not a suit in itself, but an additional item to Brooke. It worked in a similar way, as a strapless dildo, but was far more sophisticated. The penis had a regulated size in the same way, as the dildos, that were used in the additional panties for the female suit. This dildo was not just a simple toy. It not only felt almost as a real penis, it also had numerous sensors on its surface. These sensors collected the impulses from the outside and relayed them to the internal dildo, that went into the vagina. That part did a similar thing to the woman’s love hole as the MTF suit did to the penis of its male wearer. It stimulated the vagina, basing the level on the data collected by the external dildo and resemble the feeling of possession of an actual penis by the female wearer.

There was a moderately complicated, but intuitive remote for all the suits and an application for all types of devices, watches and phones included.

The suits were not only showed and their features announced. There was, of course, a live presentation planned, with each suit being modeled by a celebrity.

Moog was being modeled by a famous porn actor known mostly under his stage name The Stud. He was tall and muscular, with his bulk being described as the borderline of what would fit into the suit. The Stud’s skin was dark brown, slightly lighter than the suit, but that was the level of colour adjustment, the items were capable of at this stage of development. The pornstar had a huge penis, that was twenty six centimetres long and six centimetres thick. It could, of course, fit into the condom.

The Stud was known not only for his size, but also for will and stamina. Whenever it was required he could postpone the ejaculation for a long time. The presentation would show how much that time could be stretched with the use of the Male Suit. The pornstar would be lying comfortably on his back, while a woman after woman would ride him. The queue was already forming. Each female participant would get three minutes. While the orgy was taking place, the presentation of the Male-To-Female suit had begun.

Sheridan suit was being modeled not by a pornstar, but by an actual model. Flavio was a arguably the most well known of male models and that was something big, since the others were as recognizable, as the lighting director at the shows. That was somewhat surprising, since while he was undeniably handsome, he was by no means the most attractive of men. At 180 centimetres he could have been considered short for a male model. His mixed ancestry gave him nice, tanned skin, but his facial features were not overly masculine. Flavio’s body was athletic, but in a slim way. The size of his erected penis was unknown, but flaccid it barely fit into the suit.

The model kept his hair long, they were brown, wavy and an object of envy of many women around the world. With the addition of make-up and thirteen centimetres heels he made an incredibly sexy woman. The sight was really impressive, but there were still features of the suit to be exhibited.

Similarly to the presentation of Moog, there were men from the audience, that would be having sex with the model. But in the case of Sheridan, they were carefully picked before the show. Quality was more important, than quantity in this case, since the endurance of the wearer was not a feature to be exhibited. Also women attending the Sexpo seemed to be in better shape in general, than the men. And no-one wanted to see fat, hairy men on the stage after all.

Flavio, completely feminized, with cameras and microphones aimed at him, laid on his back on a bed, as a young, athletic man approach him. The entrepreneur introduced him as “Mike”, but nobody paid attention to that. They wanted to see how well the suit emulated the actual female.

Mike got between Flavio’s or should it rather be said Sheridan’s legs and shoved his penis into the artificial vagina. Flavio/Sheridan issued a soft moan, that sounded feminine thanks to the collar. The man had a decent pace, not too fast, though, it was an exhibition not a race after all. Flavio/Sheridan was moaning audibly and it sounded truly genuine.

Mike turned out to have a really decent stamina and managed to make “the lady” reach her climax first. Flavio/Sheridan issued a long, loud cry as she curled her toes and arched her back. The man did Çukurambar Escort not stop as his lover’s body trembled with and orgasm. Finally he could not hold back any longer and he shot his load deep inside the artificial vagina. As he went away, the entrepreneur announced:

– We’ll spice things up for the next round and turn on additional stimulation for both parties involved. Let’s see, how long they can last.

Flavio was prepared for multiple orgasms and expected to be sore afterwards. What he did not expected, was the intensity of said orgasms and the feeling they would produce not only for his genitals, but for the entire body.

Many people had expected Brooke to be modelled by an actress, a pornstar or a supermodel. They were to be surprised. A different kind of celebrity would be trying on the suit in front of the audience. It would be the commissioner of the police of the biggest city – Nicole. It was a good choice on many levels. Nicole was well known throughout the whole country, she never used spokesmen and was often a guest of many TV stations. The commissioner was sexually attractive and always wore clothes to emphasize and show off her assets (although, never as revealing as the one at SEXPO). Her modelling the suit was beneficial not only for the organizers, but for the FEPS as well. The police needed good public relations just like everyone else and there was hardly a better way to achieve it. As for Nicole herself – she liked sex and had an exhibitionist streak, so she would kill two birds with one stone.

Nicole got on the stage in her slutty schoolgirl outfit, which obviously would have to be taken off. But instead of simply getting rid of the clothes, the commissioner decided to put on a little show. Her stripping routine was, out of necessity, short, but sexy and exhibited Nicole’s exquisite suppleness. The crowd was whooping and clapping, which was a well enough proof, that the commissioner made a good job with the striptease.

She did not stay naked for too long, since there was a suit to be exhibited.

Brooke changed Nicole’s shape quite significantly. Although, the suit clung to commissioner’s body tightly, it also gave her D-cup breasts. Nicole was demurely gifted with breasts, so such a change was incredibly noticeable. And it made her look like a real sex bomb. A pair of fifteen centimetres heels completed the sexy look.

Having sex with a man, while wearing the suit was considered boring by the organizers. They wanted to exhibit the features and make it entertaining at the same time. But the “dildo-panties”, once put on, could not be seen by the audience. What could be observed, was the reaction of the wearer.

Nicole would be performing a sexy dance, while wearing the “panties”. The entrepreneur would be controlling the level of stimulation and announcing it to the audience. The commissioner was also equipped with microphone. Not to talk, though, but to allow her moans to be heard by everyone present. And she was a real screamer, when it came to sex. Another microphone was located at her crotch, so the audience could hear the humming of the sex toys as a background noise.

Nicole began the dance slowly, with motions that were an erotic version of a belly dance. Both dildos were inflated to sixteen centimetres and turned to mild vibrations. The commissioner gasped at first, but then proceeded with the dance. A minute later, when Nicole had quickened the pace of her dance, the dildos again rose, up to twenty five centimetres now. That combined with the increased level of vibration made the commissioner break the routine of her dance. She moaned loudly and moved her hands towards her crotch, but quickly resumed composure and continued the dance. But she could not stop an occasional moans or gasps escaping her mouth now. Not that she would want to stop them. The entertainment of the audience was the goal after all. Her own entertainment would be just a by product.

When both of the dildos were inflated to thirty centimetres and the speed of the vibrations increased even more, Nicole could no longer keep to her dance routine. The huge toys stretching her holes were constricting her movements and the vibrations were causing her to cry out in pleasure. The commissioner still stood on her legs and tried to move, but it was no longer a dance. Unless someone wanted to coin a term like “dance of ecstasy”. The audience enjoyed the spectacle greatly.

It was when the dildos began to change their size dynamically, when Nicole dropped to her knees with a loud cry of pleasure. She grabbed her crotch with both hands, as she continued to moan and scream. Then the speed of the inflations/deflations increased, the commissioner dropped to all fours and the volume of her moans increased.

During the next three minutes the entrepreneur evenly increased the speed of the dildos. He did not even hit the maximum, when Nicole reached violent orgasm. She dropped to the floor and turned on her back. She cried out loudly in ecstasy as her body trembled with pleasure. The commissioner arched her back high and screamed so loud, that it could have been heard almost throughout the entire Sexpo. The entrepreneur did not stop the stimulation until Nicole’s orgasm subsided.

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