Felicity Becomes Aware

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Felicity lazed around the house; her body still ached pleasurably from the intense sexual activity that she had experienced a couple of days ago. Her husband had returned on the Sunday and as usual they had gone to his church and as she met with the rest of the church leaders, she wondered if they could see any difference in her.

Now on the Monday morning she was trying to work out how her stepson Robert had managed to obtain the photographs that he had used, to blackmail her into a sexual orgy, with him. She heard the phone ring and was pleasantly surprised to hear Robert’s voice.

“How do you fancy another good fucking.?” He said

Immediately she felt a rush of sensual lust shoot through her body,

“ Oh yes please” she said, “I can’t wait to feel you prick ploughing into my cunt and arse again”

Bobby chuckled and said that he was pleased to hear that she had remembered his lesson and that he would be in the hotel that evening if she wanted a nice surprise.

Felicity realised that she could get away that evening as she had arranged to go shopping in the city that afternoon and had told her husband that she would have dinner in the city before driving home.

Eagerly she told Bobby that she would be there and that she wanted to know how he had got old of the photographs, he told her that all would be revealed that night.

Felicity quickly got dressed, (in her usual plain vicar’s wife’s clothes that hid her magnificent body so well) and left for the city. She was going shopping and one of the shops that she intended visiting was a boutique that, according to their ads, sold sexy lingerie and clothing.

Felicity drove to the hotel, parked her car and took a taxi to the shopping centre. She quickly bought the household items that would allay her husband’s suspicions and made her way to the advertised boutique. She walked past the shop a couple of times plucking up the courage to enter, after all this was one of the shops that she and her fellow church ladies had condemned as being immoral.

Eventually konuşanlar izle she persuaded herself to enter, a young female assistant, who had noticed her nervousness, came over to her immediately and invited her to go into a private dressing room which was there for first time buyers like herself, she was handed a magazine which had photographs and descriptions of all of the boutiques wares and she was invited to make her choice in the seclusion of the room.

Felicity looked through the catalogue and selected a couple black mini skirts, a sheer white blouse and a red satin camisole top, 3 lacy bra and panty sets in black, some garter belts, black and red nylon stockings and a black basque with a half-cup bra. The shop assistant though surprised at her choices, brought the items and then asked Felicity if she wanted to try on the clothes and if she required any help in fitting the brassieres, explaining that the flimsy type that Felicity had purchased were not like standard ones.

Felicity was a little embarrassed, explaining that she had never undressed in front of another woman before, the assistant introduced herself as Lucy and assured Felicity that there was no need for any embarrassment and to treat Lucy like a nurse in a hospital.

Felicity finally agreed and began to remove her day clothes, Lucy noted that though plain they were expensive and clean and folded them and put them into a bag, thinking she’ll not want to wear these again if those outfits are anything to go by


Felicity in the meantime had put on one of the pairs of lacy panties and had picked up the matching bra, and stood waiting. Lucy turned around and let out a low whistle of approval as she saw Felicity’s lovely figure.

Lucy started to help Felicity with the bra and in the process glanced down at her lace panties and saw that Felicity had a clean-shaven mons veneris, this woman has hidden talents she thought and deliberately let her hand run across Felicity’s bare breast.

She kulüp izle was delighted when Felicity gasped and Lucy saw her nipples harden. Lucy apologised and said that in fitting the cups properly she would have to touch Felicity’s breasts especially with the basque. Felicity who had felt what she thought was an electric shock when Lucy had touched her, remembered what Robert had said about her breasts sensitivity nodded her assent, her mouth was too dry to speak.

Lucy who was experienced at seducing customers lost no time in arousing Felicity even more by touching and caressing Felicity’s bare tits whenever she got near them.

Finally it came time to fit the basque, Lucy insisted that it was best done with no panties on, by this time Felicity who found herself more and more aroused and was even wet between her legs had realised what Lucy was doing and was only thinking of the lovely sexy feelings running through her body.

When in fitting the garment Lucy actually ran her fingers along the lips of her vagina, Felicity looked at Lucy smiled and said,

“I have never been touched by a woman before but I would love you to finish what you have started and bring me off”.

Without saying another word, Lucy placed Felicity on the divan in the room and dived between Felicity’s legs, her mouth and tongue quickly going to work on Felicity’s vagina, Felicity pulled Lucy’s head further into her groin and whispered,

“That’s it lick my cunt, put your fingers in, make me cum”.

Lucy lost no time in following these instructions and inserted three of her fingers and worked them in and out of Felicity’s cunt causing Felicity’s vaginal fluids to flow even more and then inserted the fourth. Felicity had never felt such pleasure coursing through her body before and began to moan in time to Lucy’s thrusting hand. Lucy then placed her thumb alongside her fingers and pushed until her hand was in up to her wrist, she then made a fist and plunged it rapidly in and out of Felicity’s wide open lady voyeur izle cunt.

Felicity was mewing with pleasure as Lucy’s tonguing and though not aware of the term, fisting brought her to a glorious climax. Felicity could hardly believe that her rarely used vagina could have engulfed a woman’s fist and she said as much to Lucy.

Lucy laughed and said,

“ If a baby’s head can come out, something as small as my fist can certainly go in.”

Felicity laughed in agreement, stopped Lucy’s ministrations and stood up, kissed Lucy on her lips, she then laid her onto the divan, Felicity lifted Lucy’s dress up and pulled her panties down, Felicity’s tongue quickly delved into the warm moist cunt on display to her and though a virgin as far as this was concerned proved that she was a quick learner by repeating Lucy’s action and bringing Lucy to an equally satisfying orgasm.

Both of them licked the juices off their fingers, kissed each other and Felicity dressed herself in one of the outfits that she had just bought, ordered a taxi and made her way to the hotel to meet Robert.

On the way she marvelled at her boldness, from being such a prude only last week, she had been fucked rigid by her stepson and today had made love, no she thought remembering Robert’s words, I had sex, I was fucked by and did fuck another woman.

And I want more of it too she thought.

She looked up into the taxi’s mirror, aware that the driver could see right up her mini skirt and was looking at her lace-covered cunt. She decided to give him a bigger thrill and opened her legs as wide as the skirt permitted, she then placed a finger under the lacy edge and pulled it aside. The car lurched and she knew that he was watching.

“Don’t expect another tip on top of that.” She said smiling innocently and

grinning into the mirror at his startled look.

On reaching the hotel the driver, who was as black as coal looked at Felicity and said,

“ If you let me finger that bare pussy there will be no charge lady.”

Felicity smiled and replied.

“ I would love you to finger my cunt but I’m afraid that it wouldn’t stop there and I’m late for my date as it is, perhaps we may meet again.”

She left the bemused taxi driver clutching his money and went into the hotel

…….continued in Felicity Comes of Age

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