Feelin’ Frisky

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Oh shit. Not again. I didn’t need this hassle today. I glanced in the rearview mirror again and sure enough, the patrol car was following me and the flashers were on. It was late in the evening and I was finally on my way home. The day had been long and stressful. All I really wanted was to kick off my shoes, have a drink, and stretch the knots out of my muscles.

The latest project I had been working on was finally wrapped up and on its way to my publisher. It was one of those intensely personal stories that was a bitch to write because it so closely mirrored my life. And now, when I should have been going home to celebrate, I was pulling over on the side of a deserted road to hopefully talk my way out of the ticket I probably deserved.

The tires of my car crunched on gravel on the shoulder of the road and I watched as the patrol car pulled in behind me, slightly at an angle as they always seem to do. I rolled down my window and waited for the inevitable. I heard the door of the patrol car open and listened to the sound of boots striding across the gravel. I sighed deeply, fidgeting with the hem on my miniskirt and wishing I was dressed more conservatively. Oh well, too late now.

“I need to see your drivers license and registration, ma’am,” growled a voice from outside my window. I jumped slightly at the sound, and realized that I probably wasn’t going to be able to talk my way out of this ticket. It really didn’t matter, I hadn’t had a ticket in years, I just didn’t want to deal with the hassle of getting pulled over. “Of course, just let me get my registration for you,” I told him as I leaned across the car and opened the glove compartment. He was shining a flashlight down into the car, so I couldn’t see his features at all, just a shadowy figure outside my window. Unfortunately, as I was leaning across the passenger seat, I could feel the hem of my skirt rising further and further up my thighs. I was incredibly embarrassed, knowing that if he bothered to look, he was certain to get an eyeful of skin. Yet at the same time, I was excited by that very thought. I mentally rolled my eyes at myself – silly girl, having a sex fantasy about a stranger who is going to give you a ticket. I knew that I had always had a weakness for uniforms, but this was beyond ridiculous.

I straightened back up and turned to hand him the registration and my drivers license, which I had dug out of my purse. As I did, I realized that he wasn’t shining the flashlight on my face anymore, it was focused on my body, slowly traveling from my chest to my legs. I was surprised and curious at the boldness, and admittedly I felt a small thrill race through my body. I glanced quickly up, trying to catch a glimpse of the person behind the flashlight, and was astonished when the light suddenly clicked off. I sat in my car, blinking and trying to adjust my eyes to the growing darkness. “Ma’am, please step out of the car,” that voice in the darkness growled again.

“Is there a problem?” I asked, with a growing sense of nervousness. I was in the middle of nowhere, a pleasure and a burden for living in the country. I had a mental flash of all the horror stories of women being attacked by men posing as law enforcement. “Please step out of the car, ma’am,” he said again, opening my door and stepping back as if he sensed my nervousness. “My name is Officer ___________, and my badge number is _________. I understand your nervousness, but I need you to step out of the car,” he insisted.

Reluctantly, I swung my legs out the door, futilely trying to keep my skirt from rising up to my hips. I was also cursing the stiletto heels that I had on as the gravel shifted beneath my feet. He gripped my elbow and asked me to step back to his car. I was utterly baffled, still nervous, and I didn’t have a clue what was going on. All I knew was that I hoped ortaköy escort the gravel wouldn’t cause me to twist an ankle because of those damn heels. If it did, I just knew I would be in for a sobriety test too! Unfortunately, a mental picture of that popped into my head and I started giggling. I felt his arm tighten on my elbow when I laughed, and it shocked me back to reality. We reached the front of his car, and I finally got the opportunity to see what Officer ___________ looked like.

I don’t really know what I had expected, but it certainly wasn’t what I saw standing next to me. He was tan and trim, and filled out the uniform in a way that should have been illegal. His hair was perfect for running fingers through and my hands twitched with the desire to touch him and trace his jawline, but that wasn’t what captured my attention. His eyes were captivating. He looked predatory and soulful at the same time and it took me a few moments to realize he was speaking to me again.

When I realized what he said, I was filled with confusion. I did as he directed, facing the hood of his car, spreading my legs as much as my skirt and heels would allow, and placing my hands on the back of my head. I was humiliated and furious. He still had not given me a reason for stopping me and while I was trying to cooperate, I knew my anger was beginning to show. He asked if I had any weapons or sharp objects on my body, and I responded that I did not. His voice seemed to come from right beside my ear as he softly told me that he was going to frisk me to make sure. Then his hands were on my wrists, and his touch was like electricity careening through my body. How could I be so angry and so turned on at the same time?

His fingers traced lightly over my skin, tantalizingly slow, as if he knew I was trembling, not from fear, but from desire. I could feel his breath on my neck and wondered if he could see how my pulse was racing. As he moved his hands slowly down my bare arms, I once again tried to regain my equilibrium. What was he doing? What the hell was I doing? I was leaning against the hood of a patrol car being frisked for weapons, and I was so intoxicatingly aroused that I couldn’t wait for him to feel the heat from between my thighs. I felt his touch skim down to my hips, as gentle and intimate as a caress. His hands settled on my waist for a moment, lingering just a bit as he seemed to appreciate the curve of my hips. One hand held my waist, and he lifted the other and cupped the back of my neck in his hand. His fingertips strayed up into my hair and I instinctively leaned my head back to feel more of his touch, a small sigh escaping my lips.

I heard him mutter “Damn” under his breath and felt him move closer to me, close enough to feel the heat from his body and the rustle of his uniform as it brushed against me.

The lights from the patrol car were still strobing across our bodies, lending a surreal feel to the night. I was shivering from all the sensations rocketing through my body and I knew my nipples were straining against the thin t-shirt I was wearing. I felt his hand travel down my spine to my lower back, leaving a trail of devastating awareness in its wake. For the briefest of moments, I felt his entire body pressed along mine and i felt the ghost of a kiss on my bare neck. Then he was squatting behind me, his hands on my ankles, and those damn fingers again tantalizing my skin. His fingertips were barely grazing my skin, slowly and thoroughly covering every inch of my exposed legs. I was growing more and more certain that this was not normal procedure and that knowledge thrilled me more than I wanted to admit. My skin was on fire from his touch, my body trembling with anticipation as his fingers traveled up my thighs. I knew he was on face level with the hem of my miniskirt, and otele gelen escort I wondered what his next move would be.

I was completely unprepared when his hands stopped their exploration on the insides of my thighs. He stood abruptly, reached up and brought my hands down behind my back. I felt the cool chill of metal on my wrists as he slipped handcuffs on me. My confidence in the situation quickly evaporated and my anger returned. I started struggling against him, trying to turn and face him. As I did, my body pressed along his and I felt his solid strength and a rock hard cock pressing through his uniform. I stopped struggling, my anger evaporated into the night air, and I turned my head as far as I could to look at him. His hand strayed once again to my neck and up into my hair. He allowed me to turn slightly, then pulled my head back and traced a line down my neck with his other hand. I closed my eyes and sighed softly, then felt warm breath and kisses replace his hand. This man knew my weaknesses better than I did. He left kisses up my neck and captured my lips with his, plundering my mouth thoroughly, exploring and claiming me as his territory. Then he pulled away, leaving me weak and wanting more.

He turned me away from him again, pushing me face down onto the hood of his car. My hands were cuffed behind my back, my legs were still spread, and I was struggling to regain my composure. In this position, it was rather hard to stay composed, especially since my skirt was short enough that I knew I was exposed, and today of all days was one where I had chosen to skip the underwear and be daring. I heard movement behind me, but I couldn’t shift my position to see what he was doing. Then I felt his hands on me again, a firmer touch this time, sliding down my waist to my hips and thighs. He was rubbing my legs, moving his hands higher with each caress, his fingers brushing gently against my pussy. Without a saying a word, he leaned forward and licked me, rubbing his thumb against my clit as he did so. My knees almost buckled as I felt his tongue working me. I was struggling again, but this time I was struggling to spread my legs wider, moaning softly with pleasure as he flicked his fingers and tongue against me. I was pressing my pussy back against his face, wanting more when I heard him chuckle and then he was sliding his fingers inside me. He stood up again, and began working his fingers in and out of my dripping cunt. His other hand was wrapped around me, rubbing my clit and teasing me. I could feel his granite body behind me, could feel him leaning down over me as he played. His voice rumbled from his chest, asking me what I wanted, demanding that I answer him. I could only moan my answer as my body reached its breaking point and waves of pleasure blasted through me. I cried out as I came, my pussy clenching hard against his hand, my hips bucking against his body.

He stilled his fingers for a few minutes, letting me catch my breath and enjoying the aftershocks that trembled through me. He was still leaning over me and I could feel his hard cock pressing up against me. I couldn’t resist, I had to grind my hips back against him and when I did, his fingers began teasing my clit again. He slipped his fingers out of me, and I heard the rasp of his zipper. My body seemed to move on its’ own as I pushed back against him. Desire had driven all other thoughts from my head, all I wanted was this man, right now. I felt his hard, thick cock slide inside me and he settled his body into a comfortable stance behind me. He was slowly teasing me, pulling almost all the way out, leaving my pussy aching for him, then moving forward and filling me completely, grinding his body into mine. His slow thrusts began to quicken, his fingers digging into my hips and holding me as he moved within me. He was incredibly otele gelen escort gentle and rough at the same time, that tantalizing mixture that so very few men could master.

With every thrust against me, I was pushing back against him and rocking my hips. He knew my body was aching for his touch and he reached forward and teased my clit again while he was pumping inside me. Another orgasm rocked my body as he hammered his cock inside me while his fingers stroked my clit. He arched his body into mine and let out a deep groan. I could feel him explode inside me, and I felt him shudder as he came. He didn’t move for several moments, just stayed buried inside my pussy, letting both our bodies drift back to reality.

He finally pulled away from me, leaving me feeling empty but satisfied. I was still leaning forward over the hood of the car, my miniskirt completely up around my waist and I had only one thought running through my head. I had to taste this man. After what we had just done, you would think I would be content. Instead, all I wanted was more. I’m certain he was ready for me to walk quickly away as he silently unlocked the handcuffs and helped me to stand up. I’m certain he expected me to be embarrassed or possibly even indignant. I’m sure he never expected me to turn and face him, reach up and run my fingers across his lips and say thank you. And I’m absolutely positive that he never expected me to drop to my knees and slide his semi hard cock into my mouth.

He tasted better than he looked, and he looked like a tray full of sinful, decadant desserts. I let my tongue run up and down his shaft, feeling the silkiness of his skin and tasting the mixture of his cum and my own juices. I could already feel him getting hard again, his cock thickening and growing as I slid my tongue around the tip. I wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and let my other hand explore his body, wanting to feel the hard muscles beneath his uniform. My lips wrapped fully around his cock, I slid my mouth down on him, taking as much of him down as I could. I could feel his body twitch against me and his hands strayed to my hair, making me moan in my throat. Patience was never a strong point for me, and I had enough teasing to last me for a lifetime, so I simply did what I wanted. I licked and sucked and nibbled on his cock until I had him moaning and thrusting into my face. Then I gathered my courage, looked up at him and asked him to let me taste his cum. He lost all composure and control at that point. He simply nodded and slipped his cock between my lips again. I continued to look up at him, watching him as he watched me. I saw his eyes close and felt his body tighten. He groaned and told me he was going to cum and then I could taste his hot seed filling my mouth. I sucked and licked and swallowed a river of sweet cum from his cock. His body was trembling and his hands were shaking as he forced me to relinquish his shaft from my mouth.

I slowly stood and brushed the gravel from my knees, adjusted my miniskirt, then leaned back on the hood of his car. He regained his composure and zipped himself shut. Then he gave me a long, intense, measuring look and handed my drivers license and registration papers back to me. I took them and started walking towards my car, but only made it four steps before I felt his grip on my arm again. He turned me towards him and melted me with his gaze. I knew I was in trouble the minute I looked into those eyes again. He told me that he was escorting me home and that he didn’t want to hear any arguments. I shrugged my shoulders, as if it made no difference to me. He opened my car door and made sure I was buckled in before striding back to his vehicle.

I waited until he turned off his flashers before I pulled back onto the road and headed towards home. I had to smile to myself, musing at the strange turns that fate can take. I knew that Officer ____________ had no intentions of leaving me at home alone that night, and I was more than prepared to make sure that he intended to stay for a very, very long time…. And I wouldn’t need the handcuffs to make sure it happened, either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32