Fed Up with Tiny Tom Ch. 04

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BBW and Cuckold Tiny Tom get super Kinky


I never dreamt that two people could fuck and suck all night long, then in the morning go for a ten mile run, but that is what my beautiful wife and her 20 year old Adonis lover are doing now. That left me with a beautiful 275 pound, 5’1″ Linda, who informed me that she was hungry and wanted some breakfast.

Although I was seven inches taller than Linda, and about 220 pounds, Linda’s beauty and large frame intimidated me. Her arms were solid and massive along with her thighs and calves, and the only part of her that jiggled was her large round stomach. I knew she could crush me if she had a mind to, so both of us headed off to the kitchen.

I began pulling pans out as I became more and more self conscious of her looking at my out of shape body, and my tiny shriveled penis.

“Before you start breakfast little man, why don’t we get to know each other a little better.”

I looked at her and shrugged, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, I want you to compare my body to Shannon’s and tell me how I stack up. Let’s start with my hair on my armpits. I assume you’ve noticed that I don’t shave there and am quite a hairy woman.”

Raising her right arm, she showed me the thick black patch of hair and ran her hand up and down.

“What do you think Tiny? Like your wife’s clean cut look or my wild natural growth?”

“Um.. Your hair is quite thick, and though many might find it offensive, especially in the US, I prefer it to my wife’s shaven pits and pussy.”

“Good answer little stud. Now lift up your arm and let’s compare.”

I raised my arm and both of us looked and studied each other arm pit hair, but I came out on the short end, as her beautiful full hair was much thicker and denser than mine.

“Whose is better Tiny?”

I knew it was no contest and whispered, “Yours is better.”

“Now let’s compare crotch hair my little man.”

She bornova escort pulled at my sparsely covered crotch hairs, but once again I felt inadequate as her thick bush put me to shame. I just stared at the ground as I mumbled that she beat me once again.

“I just wanted to prove a point with those little tests. I am twice the man you are Tiny, yet I am 100% woman. I can beat you at comparison or contest we take part in. I’m smarter, stronger, bigger, and better than you in whatever you name.”

I was feeling lower than low and just wanted to escape, mainly because I knew she was right. I wanted to change the subject back to breakfast, but I had to pee first.

I don’t know why, but for some reason I felt the need to ask permission from Linda to use the bathroom.

“Before I start breakfast, can I go relieve myself? If I don’t pee, I am going to explode.”

Linda said, “Hold on a second, I have an idea,” and left the kitchen.

She returned holding her watch, then reached in the cabinet for a large drinking glass.

“Here’s the deal short stuff. I want you to pee in the glass and I am going to time you. Are you sure you really need to go?”

“I don’t feel like I can hold it for another 10 seconds.”

“Okay. When I say go, you start peeing in the glass and I will time you to see how long it takes you to finish.”

I never heard of a stranger request, but I knew it was not my place to argue, so I grabbed the glass, positioned it below my meager cock, and when Linda said go, I began a slow tinkle which for me was a strong stream. The relief was incredible and my dribble continued for 33 seconds according to Linda.

“That was frigging pathetic.” Holding up the glass, she pointed out that on a full bladder, I was only able to fill the glass a third of the way full.

“Take the damned watch and time me little man. I don’t even need to go, but let’s just compare.”

She grabbed another glass from the cabinet and placed it below her hairy bostancı escort pussy with her thick legs spread wide. When I whimpered Go, she shot a thick stream of dark yellow pee into the glass. The force was twice as strong as my dribble and the strong scent filled the air. She easily passed my 33 seconds without any sign of slowing down, and I felt total humiliation as she continued for a minute and a half, and only stopped because the glass was completely full. Once again I fell short in comparison to this big intimidating woman.

“Now for the taste test. Each of us take a sip from each glass, and we have to decide whose pee is tastier, stronger, more aromatic and overall better.

I sampled my almost clear and odorless pee, then drew Linda’s warm glass of strong yellow liquid to my nose and mouth and there was no comparison. Where my piss was weak and bitter, with an offensive meek odor, hers was strong, salty and tangy with a hypnotic intoxicating odor. Once again, I knew I was beaten and hung my head admitting defeat.

“Awww, don’t look so down little man. I am a very competitive person, and there are many men who have come up against me and gone down in defeat. Tell you what… to raise your spirits, how ’bout we have a quickie fuck before breakfast. Shannon probably hasn’t given you any sex in months, and I’m curious as to what you can do with your tiny tool.”

Linda was right that Shannon hadn’t given me any sex in six months and watching the three of them fuck each others brains out last night made me horny as hell, so I agreed, and followed her into the living room.

It was the first time I had a clear view of her big round ass, and it was incredible. Whereas Shannon’s ass was small, tight and muscular, Linda’s was huge, round, and made you just want to dive in and get lost in the smells and soft bouncing flesh.

She parked her big beautiful full body on the couch and beckoned me to join her, so I tentatively moved to her, my buca escort cock reaching its full hard 3 inches. We locked our lips, and her kisses were divine and I could see how Shannon had become lost in them.

After 45 seconds of heavy kissing, my idea of extreme foreplay, I took my hard little dick between my thumb and forefinger and slowly put it in her. I assumed that because she had been stretched my David’s massive 9 inches, that she wouldn’t be able to suck me in, but how wrong I was. Her pussy muscles were incredibly tight, and sucked me in like Shannon never had.

Within 5 seconds, I felt my head spinning and began to lose all control. I couldn’t stop pumping my little dick into her as she clung and grasped with her furry lips. We weren’t 10 seconds into it when my heart was pounding and my breathing was coming in gasps. Linda knew I was on the verge of cumming and sternly gave my ass a slap and threatened, “Don’t you even think of cumming yet you little dweeb!”

I did everything I could, but the feeling was too intense and I was totally out of control as I screamed out and shot my load into her hot warm pussy.

“You fucking dipshit! I told you not to cum. Now you’re going to pay.”

She roughly twisted me around so I was laying face down on her lap. I was correct in my previous estimation of this large woman’s strength and power. She held me totally immobilized with her left hand as she began delivering hard spanks with her right hand. The pain was incredible as I thought my ass was on fire and I pleaded with her to stop.

When she reached 25, I was crying like a baby, and heard the door open and David and Shannon return.

Shannon gave a little laugh and said, “My my. Looks like playtime for somebody. Don’t let us interrupt.”

Linda, disgusted, tossed me on the floor. “You have my sympathy Shannon. This husband of yours is pathetic. He stuck his little dinkie in me and with 20 seconds….20 seconds mind you, he shot his load. He is pitiful with a capital Pit.”

“Hey girl. What do you think we have David for? Guess you had to learn for yourself.”

Never had I felt more like a broken humiliated man…if I could still be called a man. I was just a shell of what I had formerly been, and I dreaded to think of the ways my three tormenters would use me in the future.

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