Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 04

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Richard introduced Sally to an international rugby player that he knew who was only too happy to go out with Sally. Richard continued to fuck Sally on a daily basis and to take her on trips but he was pleased to hear that Martin had met her new guy and had assumed this was the guy who fucked her on the phone.

Martin called Kim to tell her how stupid he had been to doubt his father and that the new man in Sally’s life was this sportsman. Kim sounded pleased for Martin that he trusted his father again and arranged to meet him that evening.

Kim turned up wearing a tight jumper which strained its way over her firm tits and jeans that clung to her amazing bubble shaped arse. Martin was spellbound by her body and had to go to the bathroom to cum so that he did not have an accident in his trousers whilst talking to her.

Kim was only too well aware of the effect she was having on her friend. She turned the conversation to Sally and why Martin had thought it may have been his father cheating on him, a thought Martin now had reassured himself was nonsense.

Martin was annoyed that Kim was so persistent about this topic as it was humiliating for him to discuss what Sally had said about cock size. He admitted to Kim that he had been puzzled why his father had a much larger penis than him and then told her a story about his first girlfriend Fiona.

He had been going out with her when they were both 19 and he was excited because she was so fit and he had waited so long to lose his virginity. She wasn’t nearly as good looking as Kim but she had firm tits that were nearly as big as Kim’s and long legs. He hadn’t yet had sex with her when they went on a family holiday with his parents.

The first night Fiona had pulled down Martin’s boxer shorts she had laughed in his face and that moment still hurt him now. Kim heard this part of the story and could see that Martin was upset and gave him a long cuddle pressing her tits into his chest and her long hair into his face. She said innocently:

“How big is yours, show me and I bet I don’t laugh. Size really doesn’t matter if you love each other.”

She thought to herself I have never had a stud with a cock smaller than 8 inches so this should be interesting.

He pulled out his throbbing 4 inch cock and Kim smiled at him and said:

“Is that for me, I’m flattered.”

She pushed her huge tits together with her elbows and bent forward to take a closer look. Martin couldn’t believe how amazing her tits locked inside the jumper and with one pull on his tiny cock he came, not a torrent like his father but a mere dribble.

Kim smiled at him:

“I never knew you felt this way, maybe we should consider going out together but first I want to hear about Fiona. I hope you dumped her for laughing at you.”

Martin was delighted, his dream woman was offering to go out with him. He told Kim how he had not seen Fiona for much of the week’s holiday. What he did not know was that after that first night Fiona has given up on her boyfriend and had been in a terrible mood the next morning. Martin and his Antep Escort Bayan mother had gone for a swim and so it was just Fiona and Richard at the apartment.

“How are things with Martin” Richard asked.

“I always thought he was really great but lacked confidence, now I know why. His dick is tiny, it is a mere stub. Sorry I shouldn’t have mentioned it, he probably inherited it from you” she said smiling arrogantly.

Ricard replied:

“I think you will find that he inherited that characteristic from my wife’s family, the men all have tiny dicks and it is a dominant gene I’m afraid. Look Fiona I can prove it.”

He pulled out his huge cock and waved it at her as it swung obscenely and grew harder and longer.

“How big is it” she asked quietly. “I have never seen anything like it. He certainly didn’t inherit that.”

“Bigger than Martin’s then? He doesn’t have 15 inches to offer you.”

Fiona had never seen one half this big.

“I thought this week was going to be a waste of time but now … can I touch it, it is throbbing, God it’s huge!!”

“Funny, I never thought this week was going to be anything other than fantastic. My son finally gets a girlfriend who has endless legs and huge tits and unfortunately he inherited a useless dick from my wife’s family. You’re going to enjoy being fucked by this” he said as he walked up to her, mauled her tits and pressed his monster through her lips.”

Martin knew nothing of any of this.

She had only managed to take 8 inches but after 20 minutes she was still slobbering over it and trying to eat his huge balls. “This is how much I cum and you better get used to it this week” he said. He pulled his monster from her mouth and pointed it at her face. The look of desire and expectancy on her face transformed to one of shock within seconds. He had picked up the phone and dialled his son’s number and waited for him to answer.

He was wanking himself on her face when Martin said: “Hi dad, what are you and Fiona doing? Mum and I will be back in 5 minutes. I need a chat with Fiona.”

“Don’t worry son, Fiona is about to have a drink and a shower, she is feeling much better about the holiday now. She is just having a drink now or I would get her to come to the phone.”

Whilst Martin replied his father put the phone down, pointed his cock at his son’s girlfriend’s mouth and erupted. For ten seconds, whilst he could vaguely hear his son droning on about enjoying swimming he covered Fiona’s face in cum and fired huge quantities into her mouth. He reached for the phone and interrupted Martin: “Is your mum there, I need a quick word.” He pressed his cock back down Fiona’s throat and started cumming uncontrollably. He told his wife that he planned to go on a cycle ride today with Martin and Fiona who was a keen cyclist whilst his wife could relax in the department. His wife didn’t suspect a thing as he pulled his dick out and pressed it against Fiona’s t shirt which struggled to contain her tits. He covered her t shirt in cum within seconds before wrapping his dick in her hair and cumming steam after stream into her silky hair. As he ended the call he pushed his cock back inside her mouth and released what Fiona thought would be the final dregs of his amazing ejaculate but it was 30 seconds until she felt the contant stream slowing down her throat.

“This afternoon I am going to fuck you so that you can’t walk for a week Fiona. You better have a shower now.”

That afternoon the 3 of them started the bike ride. Fiona was much happier and Martin was hopeful they could get back on track after her hurtful laughing last night. They were riding for 20 minutes when they reached the first of 4 big hills. Martin was working much harder now. Richard had made sure they all knew the route and had encouraged Fiona to challenge him that he was too old to get over the hills. He turned to them both and said: “See if you 2 youngsters can cope with my speed. He accelerated away and Fiona tried to respond. Martin called for her to wait for him, Fiona turned and shouted:

“Surely you can keep up with your father.”

As she accelerated away to catch Richard, Martin thought he heard her say something about him not inheriting his father’s abilities and thought it was cruel of his father and her to laugh at his lack of cycling ability.

Very quickly Richard and Fiona were miles ahead as Martin laboured and stopped on the first hill. They were racing quickly but not in competition but in order to get as far ahead as possible so that they could stop and fuck for as long as possible. Fiona was desperate to be fucked by the monster she had tried to swallow this morning. They stopped at the top of the third hill. There was no-one around for miles and Martin was probably labouring an hour behind them. She bent forward and pulled her top off –

“Don’t you feel bad that you are going to fuck your son’s girlfriend?”

“Not as bad as you would feel if I put this away” he said waving his huge hard dick in her face.

“You arrogant bastard” she said grabbing his cock and sucking it desperately into her mouth before he could withdraw his offering. For 20 minutes he simply fucked her head with his huge knob. She desperately wanted to feel his huge balls explode in her mouth again but he controlled himself. She was pretty and busty but he had enjoyed better cocksuckers than the inexperienced Fiona and his main turn on was the fact that he was cheating on his son and stamping his dominance over him. He eventually pulled it out of Fiona’s mouth to protests from her

“But I want you to cum like this morning” she pleaded.

“Oh I will honey, but first I am going to reshape your pussy.”

Her fear and pain as he put his monster in her turned to constant orgasms over the next half hour as Richard lived up to his promise and fucked her so that she wouldn’t walk properly again that week.

“If I cum in you, you will be pregnant. Are you on the pill.”

“Yes, I need you to cum in me. Don’t you dare pull out” she screamed.

He pressed his monster deep inside her and said: “Do you think Martin could reach up there with practice?”.

She laughed and he did too.

“Not even half way, now stop bragging and empty those balls into me.”

Richard smiled down at her and complied with her demand. In 3 huge thrusts he was cumming an endless stream of hot cum into her. Two minutes later Fiona looked like she had been fucked half to death but she had a strange smile on her face as he pulled his still hard monster out.

“We have 15 minutes I reckon before Martin gets here so there is time for me to fill your throat with my cum as promised” Richard said.

“Do you never stop or go soft?” she asked in amazement.

He grabbed his balls and said: “I will safe this load for my wife then, should I” and Richard started to put it away.

“That would be a waste” she said wickedly and grabbed his huge cock and wanked it lewdly in front of her face licking it. “Your wife is such a nice person, why would she marry a shit like you. But then again your wife doesn’t have a pair like these to make your cock constantly hard does she?”

Fiona pressed her large tits together and slid the angry looking weapon between them.

Richard replied:

“She is a plain woman who gets this dick every so often so she is grateful. I provide her with all the money she could ever need and of course she doesn’t know that I tend to fuck any woman I want.”

“Including her beloved son’s girlfriend.”

“Exactly” he said pressing his dick down her throat as he watched his son wind his way up the hill towards them. “He will be here in 5 minutes so you better clean this off fast” he said and just minutes after he had emptied his balls into her he pointed his cock at her face and erupted. He painted her face with as much cum as he had deposited this morning and she marvelled at his virility as his pungent thick cum continued to fill her face and shoot into her hair.

With Martin about to come round the final bend Fiona went to the nearby brook to wash the cum out of her hair and of her face and hands. Richard smiled and popped his weapon inside his shorts – but not for long. Like so many woman he had met Fiona had become obsessed by his cock and would take big risks to be fucked by it or just to hold it. Every free 5 minutes they had he fucked her or she blew him off. She explained to Martin that she couldn’t walk properly for a few days because of saddle sore keeping up with his father.

Only recently had this holiday caused any concern for Martin after what had happened to Sally. Fiona had dumped him on her return from holiday without ever fucking him but she said she wanted to stay friends and keep in touch with his family.

Kim heard Martin’s edited version of that holiday and realised that Martin’s father has almost certainly replaced him in Fiona’s bed that week and subsequently. This man needs brought down a peg or two she thought to herself and she stroked Martin’s hair and pressed her tits into his face. Oh Kim, she heard him say as Martin released himself into his trousers again.

Kim said lovingly: “You can’t fuck me until you learn self control Martin” she said “but it is nice to know you like me soooo much” she said with a smile pushing her jumper bound tits firmer into his face.

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