Father/ Daughter Dance

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Big Tits

He watched her come down the stairs to him. Her black hair in pigtails reaching her shoulders. The blue and yellow dress she wore stopped a good bit above her knees. The neckline of the sleeveless dress dropping seductively, luring the eyes to her high and firm 34Ds. His eyes tracked down her lovely legs to the light blue heels she wore.

“You look amazingly beautiful baby girl” he said to her.

“Thank you, daddy,”, she replied with a coy smile he knew was only for show.

“I’m so excited for tonight”, she said.

The look in her eyes causing a mix of excitement and arousal in him. She had been his since the day she was born eighteen years ago, but recently she had shown him just how much she belonged to him. He pulled her to him in a hug, giving her a light kiss on the lips, his hand moving down to her lovely ass, feeling that there were no panties under her dress. He gave her a knowing smile, and she responded in kind.

He grew excited, the blood rushing up in him, but he retrained himself. He knew that she was so longing for tonight. The dance would start soon, and he knew if they lingered much longer, they would never leave the house. So, with mild disappointment, he let go of her and escorted her to the car. They drove to the high school building, a big banner across the front proclaimed, “Daddy-Daughter Dance of 2022!” The crowd outside of similarly dressed fathers in suits and daughters in dresses, slowly flowed into the large building. His eyes swept over the crowd, there were many girls there, none were the equal of his daughter though. He looked over at her in his passenger seat, admiring her beauty, and thought about leaving and going back home. The excitement in her eyes was bright though, she wanted this, so he pulled the car into the lot, and they joined the throng of people waiting to enter.

She chatted with some other girls as they moved inside. He noticed, with amusement, the eyes of some of the fathers moving over his daughter, the lust in their eyes plain to see. It excited him, knowing what each one of them was thinking of doing to her. Inside the gymnasium was decorated with streamers and signs, balloons, and a bubble machine mixed with the thumping music, and lights, from the DJ booth. The dance floor was quite popular with most of the crowd gathering out there, the rest were scattered around the room at tables with snacks and drinks.

She pulled him out onto the dance floor, the song was something he didn’t know, but it was lively, and all the girls seemed to be greatly enjoying it. Their bodies swaying and moving to the rhythm. His Bolu Escort own daughter moved close to him and gave him a sultry look as she pressed into him, grinding up and down to the beat. It was electrifying the effect her body pressed against him, he grew hard immediately, knowing that she could feel him pressed against her. She eased away and then back to him, playing with him, teasing him. As she bent down in front of him her dress rode up giving just a hint of bare ass check to him and the others around him before she came back to him. They stayed out there for a few more songs, including a slow dance where she had practically attached herself to him at the hip. As the song ended and they pulled apart slowly, the look on her face sorely tempted him to reach down and kiss her.

He knew that eyes were on them though, her dancing had been nearly a bit too much for this crowd and he knew he wasn’t the only father there with a hard on. They moved to a table with some open chairs, and he went to get them drinks. At the drink table he was approached by a man who he had seen earlier, his daughter was a cute one, skinny and blond with amazing eyes and an athletic frame, if a bit mousey. “Hello, I’m Gary” he said. “Your daughter is lovely, is she graduating this year as well?” I shook my head yes, my eyes tracking back to my daughter sitting at the table. Another father had come over to her and they were chatting, I noticed he had left his own daughter on the dance floor. Gary spoke again bringing my attention back to him.

“My Amelia is too, she’s going to state next year. Has yours decided what she wants to do after this? I work at the state university, teaching intro to philosophy. She would fit in nicely there. I would love to have her in my class.” Garry’s’ eyes tracked over to her at the table as he said this. He knew what Gary would love to teach his daughter all too well. His cock rising in his pants. But he smiled and said that she was still looking at her options. Thankfully Gary’s’ daughter came to retrieve him, she smiled at him as she pulled her father back to their table.

He returned to the table overhearing the father there talking to his daughter about a lake house he owned. He handed her a drink and sat next to the other man. This caused the conversation to cease, and the man left with a quick, “give me a call if you want to come up sometime.” He looked at his daughter, she laughed as the man walked away, “he is scared of you I think daddy.”

“More like jealous” he said to her.

He was so turned on from all the attention she was receiving, Bolu Escort Bayan and the teasing she gave him on the dance floor. He knew he could wait no more, he needed her now. As she finished her drink, he pulled her to her feet.

“Come with me” he said to her.

They walked out of the gym and into the school hallways.

The halls echoed from the music in the gym but were devoid of people. They walked hand in hand as they started to come to classrooms he would try the door, the first two were locked. The third opened to his relief, the room was mostly quiet and dark, it was a math class it seemed by the writing on the board and the signs on the walls.

“Oh daddy, I’m having such a lovely time” she exclaimed.

“All those men, feeling their eyes on me, wanting me for themselves, did it excite you too daddy?” she asked him.

“Oh yes baby girl” he said pulled her to him and kissed her passionately, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths, their hands running wild over each other. As he pulled back, he pushed her to down to her knees.

“Come see how much it excited me”

She reached for his zipper, pulling down slowly as he gazed into her eyes. The hunger there evident, her need as desperate as his. As she pulled down his pants his cock sprang up to meet her, she instantly took it into her mouth. Sliding him in and out of her wet, warm hole. She moaned with pleasure as she sucked him deep into her throat. The feeling of her suction driving him nearly wild with pleasure as she continued to slobber on his cock.

“Oh, baby girl you have no idea how hard it was, to not take you right there on the dance floor in front of all of them.”

He slid her dress top down exposing her breasts as she continued to drool on his dick, the spit splashing down onto her lovely breasts. He reached down to one, taking it into his hand and squeezing lightly, she moaned onto his cock in response to his touch. He rubbed the saliva around her breast moistening it as he felt her nipple engorge and straighten into his palm as he continued to play with her breast. He pulled at her nipple, twisting it as she moaned harder onto him. She slid him out of her mouth and looked into his eyes.

“Please, take me daddy. Take me right here, I need you inside me.”

He stood her up, pulling her dress up to her waist, exposing her bare bottom. Her pussy shined in the moonlight coming through the windows. He turned her around to face the desk, and she bent to it, placing her hands on the teacher’s desk. Raising her ass to her father, knowing he would Escort Bolu soon enter her, soon be part of her.

“Please?!?” she called again to him. Please fuck me daddy, I need you so bad.”

He slid fully into her, and she came with a shriek. The building sensation from the night of teasing, culminating in one amazing orgasm as he entered her. Her legs trembled, and she moaned deeply as he started to pump into her.

“Oh, God, Daddy! You feel so good inside me”

He continued to pump into her as he felt her orgasm subside, the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her tight, young pussy driving him into a fervor. Her orgasm had caused her to flood, and the wet slapping sounds of their sex, he was sure, echoed down the empty halls. He started to pump her harder and faster as he raised his hand.

“You have been very naughty tonight baby girl, teasing me, teasing all those men, making them want your sopping wet cunt.”

“I should let them all use you, let them fuck you like I am, let them fill all your holes, would you like that baby girl?”

“Oh please daddy, I want that so much, but I am yours, I will always be yours daddy.”

His hand dropped in a flash and the sound of it hitting her ass check, more than the sensation itself caused her to scream in pleasure. He struck her ass again, continuing to do so with each inward stroke. Hard and fast, he pelted her ass as he plunged deep into her pussy. He felt the cum rising in him, knowing that soon he would explode into her.

“I’m so close baby girl.”

“Oh Daddy, please fill me up with your cum, I need it so bad.”

“Fill my pussy with your cum, please daddy!”

He started to lay into her hard and fast, his balls smacking into her ass with an audible slap as he fucked her. Knowing that she was his to screw whenever and wherever he wished. Knowing that she was his now and forever, that she would do anything he wanted. He spit onto her ass rubbing the saliva onto her asshole. He slid his finger deep into her tight asshole as he pounded her, causing her to shudder and cum again.

“Oh, daddy your finger in my little asshole, its so good, daddy, I’m cumming on your dick. I’m cumming daddy!”

This exclamation drove him over the edge, and he exploded into her pussy, his cum filling her to the point it started to leak out down her legs. He kept pumping her as he came, her pussy milking every drop out of his cock.

“Oh, baby girl I love you so.”

“I’m love you too daddy, I am yours. I always have been, and I always will be” she said to him.

He slid out of her with a sigh from both of them; he pulled up his pants and helped her fix her dress.

“Should I go clean up daddy?” she asked.

“No, I want you like this. Let’s head back to the dance baby girl, I think there are a few more fathers out there for you to tease yet.”

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