Fate’s Calling (Chapter 1)

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My eyelids slightly opened, and I saw tall green trees. They towered above the insignificant shrubs, reaching for the bright blue sky. The clouds slowly shifted like the clear water running down a stream beside me. A squirrel scuttered over to me, unafraid, and I attempted to lift my arm to shoo it away, but I had no control over my limb. After a few seconds, it lost interest and left as quickly as it had come. In my dream-like state, I felt a sharp pain coming from my abdomen, but it was more of a warm, numbing feeling. My eyelids drooped, and I fell back into my slumber.

A young girl was strolling through the forest, collecting berries and leaves from certain plants. The lady had long black that fell below her shoulders, and a sharp, beautiful face with striking black eyes. She was medium height and had a curvy body. On her upper half she wore a thin layer of red fabric that exposed her cleavage, and on her long legs was a short black skirt. In one hand she held a basket that contained some berries and leaves she had picked, and the other hung at her side. The girl hummed a melodious tune that sounded through the forest, and birds chirped along with her.

After half an hour of walking, she came upon a young man passed out, lying in a bed of blood-stained flowers. He donned used scratched armor. Next to him was a rusty iron sword that looked too worn to actually be used. She knelt down and placed her hand over his chest. The girl was relieved when she felt a slight, slow beating. She looked up and noticed his handsome face and short, black hair. After looking around and memorizing the area for a minute, the girl ran back in the direction she came from, clutching onto the sides of her basket with both hands so the contents would not spill. Birds and critters fled out of her path as she rushed home. About twenty minutes later, she reappeared, panting and dragging a small wagon. The girl used all her strength to lift the man into the wagon, then laid the sword next to its owner and headed home.

I woke up under a blanket on a soft mattress, groaning. The first thing I noticed was the pain in my abdomen. The only thing I was wearing was a pair of briefs. I sat up, using my hands to steady myself. I was in a small wood hut. Light poured in from two windows on opposite walls. A door, which was just a flap of hanging fabric, was on one wall. There was not much in the room except a set of armor and a sword next to the mattress, and a little furniture.

A mirror was lying on the floor. I bent over and picked it up, and looked at my reflection. I had short, black hair and dark eyes. I stood up and looked down at myself. My body was well built with little fat, and I was tall, but not a giant.

There was a fire living the center, providing warmth. A pot was cooking next to it. The sizzling and occasional cracks of the fire comforted me, and laid the mirror down and I moved to the edge of the mattress to warm my hands over it.

Another jab of pain coursed my body, originating from the scar. I looked down at it. There was a piece of fabric covering it, so I gently removed and to get a look. The wound started at the left of my abdomen and rose in a slant to the right side. I placed the covering back, and wondered why I was here. I could find no memories in my brain. It was as if I had been born ten minutes ago.

A girl walked through the door. She wears a red shirt that exposes her cleavage and a short black skirt. Upon noticing me, she immediately put on a smile and said, “You’re awake.” I opened my mouth to reply, but no sound came out, so I dumbly nodded in response. “I found you lying in a forest nearby, so I brought you here. You have been unconscious since yesterday morning gaziantep escort kızlar when I found you. It’s pretty late in the evening right now. Your belongings are next to the bed.”

The armor and sword were mine, apparently. I must have been a knight or something. I tried my voice again. “Thank you,” the words came out in a hoarse croak. Hearing this, she handed me a bowl filled with water. It was made out of a coconut husk. I did not realize I was thirsty until I saw the water. I drank slowly, rolling the tasteless liquid over my tongue and moistening my lips with it before swallowing. Eventually I emptied it, and my thirst was quenched.

I handed the bowl back to the girl, who set it on the ground and sat down in a chair beside me. I noticed her attractive features, but tried not to stare. My member, however, had different ideas and hardened a little. She seemed not to notice, though. “What is your name?” the beautiful lady asked.

I was about to answer when I realized I didn’t even know my own name. I thought for a moment, looking down when I glanced at the black outline of myself staring back for me. “Hello, I’m Shadow.” I attempted to smile, but my cheek muscles barely moved.

“Pleasure to meet you Shadow. I’m Erida.” After a moment of awkwardness, she started talking again. “I live here by myself. I used to live in a town five hours walk away with my parents until the king’s men took them for supposed treason. I travel back there once in a while to buy supplies. I don’t see many other humans around here. What’s your story?” she asked.

I wondered if I should tell her the truth or make one up. I decided that the truth would be best, as I owe her my life. “I don’t remember. I have no memory past today.”

“Amnesia, I suppose,” she shrugged. “It’s not too uncommon. That cut of yours is quite painful looking. You may want to find a doctor in my hometown, as it might get infected and I have no medicine.”

“That’s probably a good idea. I don’t have anywhere to go anyways.” I looked for something to break the silence. “Tell me about this king.”

“Of course. King Moros was just another commoner, but he amassed a fortune and became a nobleman. He became close with the old king, and secretly plotted the assassinations of his son and nephews. With nobody left in line when the king died, Moros took the throne and became king, as he was the old ruler’s supposed best friend. Some people found out about his crimes a year after he was coronated.”

“He’s a bad ruler, right?” I asked. I found this man despicable yet interesting.

“As bad as corrupt rulers get. If you even try to speak against him, you’ll be hung without trial. Commoners and noblemen alike live in fear of him. If you see him, kneel or you’re a dead man.”

“Where does this asshole live? In some grand castle far away where he has giant feasts and orders servants to do everything, including wiping his ass?”

“Not to far off actually, but his castle isn’t exactly grand. It’s supposed to be dark and spooky, so that nobody goes in. The few brave souls who enter to challenge him never return. There is a rumor that he’s a sorcerer and his servants are all skeletons of the previous king’s servants that he killed, but personally I don’t believe in all that voodoo nonsense. I believe King Moros started that rumor to scare people so they won’t rebel.”

I thought about this corrupt king as I stared into the fire, my mind lost in the flames reaching towards the ceiling, but never able to touch it. What do I do from here on? I have no home to go to or job to work. My stomach grumbled, and I realized I was starving.

“Supper’s about ready,” Erida said, gesturing towards the pot cooking next to the fire. She stooped over to pick it up with one hand and the coconut husk bowl with the other. Erida poured some stew from the pot into the husk, filling it. She carefully handed it to me and said, “Rabbit stew,” she explained. “ It might be a little hot.”

“Thanks,” I said, and raised the bowl to my lips and took a sip. It was warm and delicious. I tried to remain civilize and not drink it all quickly, but in a few minutes I found it was empty.

Erida noticed I had finished my stew. “Here,” she said, taking my bowl and refilling it. “Have some more.” She handed the refilled bowl to me and I protested, saying that she hadn’t had any yet, but she insisted, saying I had not eaten anything in at least a day. Reluctantly, I accepted the coconut husk, this time slowly savoring the flavor.

After finishing it, I accidentally dropped the bowl and it fell on the floor. Erida bent over to pick it up, and I could not help but notice her magnificent cleavage. I tried to tear my eyes away from the sight, but they remained unmoved.

“You like what you see?” she asked, smiling. “Because there’s more of this waiting for you,” she said, gesturing to her meagerly dressed body. My eyes widened hearing this and I sat there at a loss of words. Erida set the bowl on the floor and knelt in front of me.

The seductress kneaded my hardening member through my briefs, squeezing and stroking gently. I softly moaned in pleasure from the experience Erida was giving me. I looked down into her black eyes and sexy smile, lost in the beauty of her face as she played with my cock through my briefs.

Erida reached under and pulled out my hardened member. “Wow, that’s a pretty big tool you have,” she said, surprised. It stood at 8 inches erect, and was very thick. Erida looked into my eyes and gently nibbled the underside of my cock, causing me to involuntarily moan in pleasure. Then, she took a breath and enclosed my member in her mouth, keeping eye contact with me. Erida slowly bobbed her head up and down my huge cock, never going beyond the top half. I ran my fingers through her long black hair. It was fine as silk, and just as beautiful.

The seductress took a deep breath and went down on my shaft, somehow managing to fit all 8 inches in her throat. While my cock was still in her mouth, she ran her tongue along the underside. My eyes closed as I shuddered in ecstasy, my hands unconsciously holding her head down. After a few seconds, Erida started to choke on my long shaft, and I released my hold on her head.

“Shit I’m sorry, I didn’t realize,” I tried to apologize.

“Don’t be sorry, I like it rough,” was her response. Erida led me to the bed and laid me down. She took off her shirt, allowing me an unrestricted view of her gorgeous body. “Just lay back and let me do the work,” she said. “You’re hurt.” I complied and relaxed my muscles in anticipation of what was about to happen. Erida faced me and straddled my cock in a cowgirl position, my shaft going under her short skirt. “It’s been so long since I’ve been with a man,” she said. I looked at her beautiful face and she looked back, pausing a moment before carefully lowering herself onto my massive shaft. I could feel my engorged tip spread her pussy lips as she went down on my cock. Her cunt was extremely tight and warm. I could feel myself stretching her vaginal walls to the limit. The sensation could be described with only one word: heaven.

After a long time, the dark-haired beauty was fully speared on my cock, and it was a magnificent sight. She rested on my shaft for a minute, then pushed herself until my member almost came out, and slowly lowered herself again. Erida repeated the motion, speeding up a little each time. Before long, she was riding enormous cock with quick motions, her perfect breasts bouncing wildly. I reached my hands out and grabbed them, twisting and kneading her perky nipples. Erida moaned in pleasure, and I increased my efforts. Without warning, I removed one hand from her breast and slapped her across the ass. She yelped in surprise, and I smirked and said, “I thought you liked it rough.”

“Please…” Erida mumbled something inaudible after that.

“Please what?” I asked.

“Please fuck me, abuse me, use me!” she shouted. I was surprised at first, but then I gripped her arms to stop her movements. I lifted Erida off of me, then stood up and bent her over the edge of the mattress. It was not tall enough however, and her head was pressed down on the bed while her ass stuck high in the air, calling towards me. I flipped her skirt up and positioned myself behind her. With one swift thrust, the head of my cock penetrated her cunt and I gave her the fucking the whore craved for. I mercilessly pounded her, my balls slapping her pussy with each thrust. Erida was continuously moaning like a bitch, and I could feel a tightening in my balls. However, I was not planning to come before her. I kept up the pace, continuously ramming into her forcefully.

Erida shouted, “I’m going to cum!” I sped up, fucking her with renewed vigour. After a few thrusts, her walls tightened around my shaft. This sent me over the edge, and I began spurting stream after stream of seed into the depths of her cunt, moaning with my lover the whole time. My thrusts did not slow down, and I kept pounding her pussy like no tomorrow while its walls milked me of my cum. An eternity later, the waves of ecstasy subsided and we rested there, my shaft remaining in her abused cunt.

Minutes later, I pulled my member out of her. It was still hard, and coated by our slick juices. I positioned the head at her tender rosebud. “Please go slow. I’ve never had any man take me there before,” Erida pleaded. I nodded in confirmation, although she was facing away and didn’t see it. I pressed my cock against her anal entrance, and the tip went in. I continued forcing my shaft into her ass. It was extremely tight, even more so than her pussy, and the resistance slowed my efforts. The hot walls of her ass gripped my cock like a clamp, and it felt amazing. Eventually, my entire 8 inches was in her ass, and my balls rested on her pussy.

I allowed her to accomodate my size for a few moments before sliding out and slowly pushing back in. With every thrust I increased the speed, my cock giving her ass a vigorous pounding. The sound of my balls slapping her pussy combined with her moaning spurred me on, and soon I was ramming into her ass at blinding speeds. Occasionally I would spank her luscious ass, leaving a red mark. I continued to hammer her no longer virgin hole for a long time, occasionally grunting at the effort while she moaned like a whore.

“Yes, give it to me! Fuck my ass harder!” Erida shouted as I fucked her from behind. I obeyed her command, giving her ass a hard slap and hammering away with more force. The sounds of my ball slapping her pussy echoed throughout the room, accompanying the sizzling and crackling of the never-dying fire.

Her anal walls began tightening in pulses, and I knew she was coming. Erida’s moans died out as she collapsed, spent. I was not yet finished, and I held her ass up and continued pounding it. My balls started tightening, and waves of pleasure overcame my mind accompanied by strands of my cum shooting into her ass.

I lifted Erida into the bed and under the covers, then climbed beside her. I discovered my wound had reopened, but at the moment, all that mattered was the beauty lying next to me. I wrapped my arm around her and we drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

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