Fated Love

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She lay completely nude on the bed, unaware that I was watching her. Her eyes were closed and she looked so peaceful, so sweet. Her firm full breasts rose and fell softly with each breath. Her nipples were puffy but not erect. Her skin looked like the finest satin and my eyes were drawn down her taut stomach to the small patch of dark hair above her sex.

Her legs were together and her most intimate parts were withheld from me. Her thighs looked strong and toned even in their relaxed state and her calves curved sweetly down to her feminine feet with the toenails painted pink. Her arms were crossed above her head and her long blonde streaked hair was tousled around her.

I wanted so badly to touch her, to caress her soft skin, to kiss her cupid bow mouth, to have her ache for me as I did for her. I knew that she would no longer long to feel me inside of her, that soft secret smile that she reserved for only the most intimate moments would never again be turned towards me.

I once again felt the hard knot of pain well up within me and I turned away and shut her door softly. I walked back to the guest room which had become mine until I could move out. The apartment that I was going to be renting would be ready in a week. I didn’t want to leave but I knew that I had to. I had committed the ultimate transgression, after 10 years of marriage I had taken another to my bed.

It had been the biggest mistake of my life and I still wasn’t sure why I had done it. I loved my wife more than anything. I had been on a business trip that lasted for 3 weeks. It had been my job to get a new division up and running in a different state. I missed Karen and the kids and I went out and got drunk the beginning of the third week.

The hotel waitress had helped me to my room and had followed me in. It had been mechanical and the entire time I had pictured Karen. The waitress looked so much like she had when we had married. It was a drunken mistake, but one that I took full responsibility for. The moment I walked in the house when I returned home she had known. That night, before I confessed, she practically raped me, riding me long and hard and cumming with tears running down her face.

Afterward we lay together on the bed her back to me not touching as I recounted my crime. We both cried and she told me that I would have to leave, she could no longer be with me. I didn’t fight I knew that if she let me stay it wouldn’t be the same and it would be hell for her. We told our 3 kids that we loved them and still loved each other but I was going to live somewhere else. We worked hard to keep things semi normal for them. Day to day we had lived together for the last month without really being together.

I sighed and slid out of my clothes and under the sheets. Tomorrow was Saturday and I had to go furniture shopping. We were all going as a family and I dreaded it.


I knew that Jake had been watching me sleep, yet I wasn’t really sleeping, as soon as he’d cracked open the door I had awoke. That’s the way it was with us, we had a deep almost psychic connection.

That is why I had truly believed that we would always be together. The last month had been the hardest of my life. Manisa Escort The man I loved more than anything had betrayed me, himself, and our children. I still yearned for him to fill the hole that had wormed it’s way inside of me.

At night I dreamed of him and the way that it used to be but when I woke up I pictured him with the woman that had replaced me for a night. I knew in my heart that it had meant nothing to him but I also knew that I wasn’t prepared to spend my life worried that this would happen again.

The last weeks had been hard but they had also provided me with some time to step back and really analyze our relationship. Jake had been the model husband every day except for that night. Even now when I knew his pain was phenomenal he stayed strong for me and the kids. I had done a lot of thinking and praying and was sure that the decision I had come to was the right one. Now I had to put my plan in motion.

I slid out of bed and looked at the clock, it was a little after 2am. Jake should be sound asleep by now it had been several hours since he had been looking at me. I slid on my silk robe and fluffed my hair. I applied a bit of perfume on my wrists and behind my ears and went into the attached bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth.

I looked at myself in the mirror, for some reason my heart was beating so fast. I liked what was reflected back at me though admittedly not as much as I once had.

I worked out daily and my body was sleek and toned. The years though had taken their toll in other ways. My breasts sagged and faint stretch marks had etched their way onto my stomach, thighs, and breasts from 3 pregnancies. Jake had always loved to trace them as we lay in bed and he had told me over and over that they were a sign of our love, of our family.

I turned out the light and padded quietly down the hallway to Jake’s room. I could hear him snoring steadily and smiled to myself. I had missed him so much. I knew that no matter the transgression we would be able to work through it. He was my soul mate and I was his. I could not imagine being with anyone else. It hurt so much that he had been but it hurt worse thinking about us not being together.

I took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

**In my dream Karen slid into my bed pressing herself against me and laying her head on my chest. “I love you,” she whispered softly and kissed my neck. I could feel her tears burn hot against my skin. I inhaled her fragrance and reveled in having her with me.

Tears filled my own eyes as my arms surrounded her and pulled her tight to me. I slowly realized that I wasn’t dreaming at all. My beautiful perfect wife, WAS laying against me crying softly.

“Baby, oh God don’t cry,” I whispered brokenly tears spilling down my cheeks. I stroked her silken hair and held her trembling body as sobs broke forth from me as well.

We lay like that for a long time entwined together letting out our hurt, fears, and anger. Never in my life had I felt closer to Karen, it was almost a spiritual experience. “Baby I am so sorry, I can’t let you go and I swear that you are the only one that I want, the only one that I will ever want.”

She Manisa Escort Bayan placed a hand against my mouth. “Shh, I know, I know everything. We are always going to be together and nothing will break us. You hurt me but only you can heal me. Together we will heal each other.” She lifted my hand and placed it over her heart, I could feel it beating strongly through her firm breast.

“We share a soul,” she laid her hand over my heart and brought her lips to mine. Never had I tasted anything sweeter. Her lips pressed against mine with all the promises of forever laced into them. I greedily accepted and focused all of my energy on this amazing woman. My hands moved to stroke up and down her back as we kissed hungrily.

Magic and fate entwined in the air above us weaving a tapestry of our future that was endless and perfect. That moment was the pinnacle of all I had ever hoped for. Karen’s flesh against mine, her mouth, her hair swirling about us filled me with her presence. I wanted her like I had never wanted anything else.

Her small smooth hands glided over my chest and arms kneading and soothing as they went, inflaming me further. Our bare bodies pressed against each other with need, desire, and love. Her nipples were so hard I could feel them press against me, twin nubs that topped her perfect breasts, breasts that were all the more beautiful as time went on. They had given suckle to our children, and remained strong and proud to incite passion in me.

I gently rolled her over onto her back and moved over her. I gazed down at her perfect body bathed in moonlight, her eyes looked at me round and slightly glazed with desire. I lowered my head to hers and claimed her lips sucking and licking at her, teasing her with my tongue. As I plunged myself into her mouth I was bathed in the hot sweetness that was Her. I held her head in my hands and marveled at her beauty.

I kissed my way from her swollen lips to her neck, nibbling gently on her sensitive areas, I then moved to her tender earlobes and breathed gently onto them as I whispered, “I love you more than anything,” before dropping my head to one engorged nipple. At the first touch of my mouth to her hardened flesh she moaned and closed her eyes. Her hands pulled my head to her.

I eagerly sucked her into my mouth twirling my tongue around her nub as I kneaded and caressed her other breast. I kissed the under side of each breast nuzzling my head gently against her before I took the twin nip into my mouth. Her hips were now bucking against me slowly and I could feel her dampness on me. I wanted to taste her most private place, feel her hot juices on my tongue.

I trailed loving kisses over her abdomen and down to the mound of her pussy. I dropped a sweet soft kiss on her little clit that was standing proudly at attention filled with arousal. “Oh God Jake,” she moaned, “Please lick me there.”

I happily obliged and licked from her clit all the way down to her hot center and back, letting my tongue delve deep into her groove. Her hands were now tangled in my hair as she held me to her. I buried my face into her twat reveling in the scent and heady taste of her.

Her Escort Manisa creamy juices filled my mouth and intoxicated my mind. I began to lick and tease every inch of her womanhood. I thrust my tongue inside of her tight hole and felt a shiver wrack her body. She was so wet and hot on the inside, I dutifully licked her and fucked my tongue in and out of her in short quick strokes that soon had her legs trembling.

I gently spread her lips apart like petals and pressed my nose and mouth into her ,stroking her essence with my mouth as I let two fingers diddle her clit. Her hips were bucking against my head faster and faster and all at once she clasped me to her so tightly and came with a sharp cry.

Her woman cum flowed from her in a small stream, creamy and wonderful. I hurriedly licked it up cleaning her quim with my tongue and relishing every moment.

** My orgasm was amazing, it was so much more than just physical pleasure, it was the melding of our spirits once again into unity. I felt his love wash over me as he paid homage to every part of me. His mouth against me felt like heaven and all the more so with the energy that filled the room, it was like our hearts had finally found port after a storm. Everything fit, everything was perfect.

After I came I wanted him inside of me more than I ever had. I urged him up to me pulling him close. He brought his head to mine and pressed a kiss on the side of my mouth. I could smell my scent on him and it was amazing. I kissed him full on the mouth letting my tongue lick and suck all of my jism off of him. I could tell that this turned him on even more, as it did me.

I locked my eyes with his, what I saw reflected there was different. There was a new depth there, not only did I see his love and lust for me but I saw respect, reverence. It was as if he was seeing me as a completely different woman, stronger and more complete. “I want you inside of me now.”

I gasped as his shaft penetrated me in a smooth, swift stroke. He lay there with his dick inside of me, filling me and brought his mouth to mine. I held his head in my hands as he began to stroke slowly in and out of my tightness. I could feel every inch of his hardness as he delved into me. There was something in our lovemaking that had never been there before, it was as if he was surrendering to me, giving me every part of him.

Tears filled my eyes and spilled down my cheeks, mingling with our saliva as we kissed. I realized that he too was crying. His arms went around me and mine around him. We were so close together, our bodies pressing tightly to one another as he pumped in and out of me faster and faster. A new plane of existence had opened up between us and we were both eager to move to it.

I felt another orgasm winding it’s way up inside of me. His breathing was faster and more shallow, I knew that he was getting ready to cum. “Yes, Jake,” I moaned against his mouth, “Cum inside of me, fill me with you.”

He dove into me once more and his orgasm shuddered through his body. I felt his seed spill into me washing my insides with his essence. The feel of his hot cum sent me over the edge and I cried out my climax as wave after wave of ecstasy flowed over me.

Our bodies were melded together through love, pain, and fate. He rolled to his side without withdrawing from me and held me close to him stroking my hair. I felt completely sated and safe within the strength of his embrace. This is where I belonged; this was my home.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32