Fara and Sharifah’s First Time Ch. 02

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Sharifah held Fara by the hand and opened the door to her bedroom. Sharifah led her in to her small and cosy room. Both Sharifah and Fara stared into each other’s eyes and then to Sharifah’s bed by the window.

“Hmmm Sharifah, I want you for so much longer!” Fara said as she led Sharifah towards the bed.

Fara started to get out from the trackpants she was wearing. Now all she had on were her blue thong and her white tee. Sharifah stared lovingly at her friend, slowly examining Fara’s tanned malay body from head to toe. They had similar body types, but Sharifah was slightly taller, standing at 1.69 metres. Fara had long, slightly bronzed hair flowing to the nape of her back. Now Fara’s nipples stood erect, and made her breasts seemed full. Sharifah longed to cup Fara’s breasts and taste her hard nipples against her tongue.

Fara stared down at Sharifah’s wet grey panties that she was munching on just a few moments ago. Fara then looked past Sharifah’s panties to see her long silky smooth legs. Both of them were still in their teens, and had known each other since secondary one when they were 13. They had many sleepovers together since then but none of which that led to this scene right here. Somehow both of them felt more excited than guilty, a feeling that surprised Sharifah and assured her that this feeling was natural and right.

The sight of Sharifah’s juices dripping from her wet panties turned Fara on even more.

“I’ve always wanted to have another malay girl go down on me..” Fara thought, the feeling almost unbearable.

She had never thought this would be possible as malays were generally thought to be a more conservative society in an already conservative Singapore. Most malay girls’ bodies were built voluptuously and they normally would save themselves for when they were married, so malay girl and girl relationships were almost unheard of. But as Fara and Sharifah were from a premier secondary school in Singapore, both of them were much more open minded and had already seen some perverse action in secondary school.

“Come here beside me on your bed, Sharifah”, Fara started.

Sharifah didn’t need to be asked twice.

“Mmmmm that felt so good just now, Fara. Will you do that to me again?” Sharifah pleaded.

” Ummm yes Sharifah baby.. but now you’re gonna feel something much much better!” Fara promised.

“Aahh… I feel so horny right now, Fara… do what you want. I’ve never done this before but it feels so good now..” Sharifah surrendered.

Fara touched Sharifah’s shoulder with her palm and pushed her back onto casino oyna the wall. Fara slowly removed Sharifah’s white tank top over her head to reveal Sharifah’s firm yet supple breasts, nipples proudly erect. Sharifah quivered slightly from the breeze, her chest heaving in anticipation.

“Ohhh Faraaaaa.. I feel so naked.” Sharifah said.

They kissed and both Fara and Sharifah sat comfortably on the bed. Fara took off her white tee so now both Fara and Sharifah’s breasts were exposed to each other. Fara held out her arms and sat on Sharifah’s lap, hugging her so both their breasts came together. Sharifah felt warm and she could almost feel Fara’s heart beating against her skin.

Fara’s fingers started to Sharifah’s elbows and Fara raised Sharifah’s arms to the air. Fara stared deep into Sharifah’s deep amber eyes and kissed her full on the lips. Sharifah’s malay lips felt supple and soft. Fara then slowly moved her lips to the side of Sharifah’s body and rested on Sharifah’s armpits.

Slowly, Fara began to part her lips and stick her tongue out to feel Sharifah’s moist armpits. Fara’s started to sniff rapidly, taking in Sharifah’s armpit smell. Fara then licked Sharifah’s armpits slowly, making it wet with her saliva. Sharifah’s left armpit first, then moving on to her right.

“Oohh Fara.. that’s so dirty… but it feels so good..” Sharifah declared.

“Mmmm.. Sharifahhhhh.. you smell so good, doesn’t matter which part of your body.” Fara said, getting more turned on.

The truth was both Sharifah and Fara had not taken a bath since the afternoon and in the Singapore heat and humidity, they had started to sweat since watching the blue movie previously. Fara was so lost and so focused in having Sharifah with her that to Fara, Sharifah smelled wonderful.

“Mmmmm Sharifah sayang.. I need you to be on all fours baby…” Fara ordered.

Sharifah was stunned slightly but she did was she was told. Fara removed Sharifah’s grey panties in one sweep motion and now Sharifah was totally naked, her legs spread and with Fara in between. Fara paused for a moment, taking in what she was seeing, a beautiful malay pussy, trimmed hair and already wet with pre-cum just waiting to be teased and licked.

“Uugghh Sharifah, you have to tell me how you trim yours so nicely..” Fara complimented.

“Hmm.. maybe I’ll show you someday. Or I can maybe do it for you!” suggested Sharifah.

Fara went to Sharifah’s hips and turned her around so that now Sharifah was on all fours.

“Just relax eh, Sharifah..” Fara whispered.

Slowly, Fara’s lips began slot oyna to trace Sharifah’s back until Fara got to her backside. Fara closed her eyes and then started to part Sharifah’s ass cheeks with her fingers and pushed her tongue in to reach Sharifah’s dry butt hole.

The feeling was explosive. Almost immediately, Sharifah felt the sensation and arched her back, her hair tossed rapidly.

“Aaarrghhhh! UUUuuuuhhh… MMMMmmmm.. Faraaaaaa!” Sharifah almost screamed.

Fara managed a wide smile while at the same time squeezing her tongue in Sharifah’s tight ass cheeks to try to reach deep inside Sharifah’s ass. Fara poked her tongue in as rapidly as she could, feeling Sharifah’s tanned, malay butt hole against her moist tongue. Sharifah’s ass was beginning to get wetter now from Fara’s saliva and now it was easy for Fara start licking Sharifah’s ass hole up and down.

“Oh Faraaa.. you’re so dirty… I’ve never felt this before luv… please don’t stop Fara..” Sharifah encouraged.

Fara had no intention of stopping, but had wanted to increase Sharifah’s pleasure. Fara was such a thoughtful lover, she had planned for Sharifah to cum and all she expected in return was to have taste on Sharifah’s cum in her mouth.

“OOOoohh… Sharifah.. don’t worry baby.. I won’t stop till you tell me to ok..” Fara assured her.

Fara started to retreat from Sharifah’s ass hole, now wet and dripping with Fara’s saliva but Sharifah reached to the back of Fara’s head with her palm and shoved Fara’s face back into place. Fara chuckled and was more than happy to comply with Sharifah’s unsaid request.

“Oh Sharifah… you taste so good back here honeeyyy..” Fara said breathlessly, inhaling deeply the smell of Sharifah’s sweet and wet hole. Fara opened her eyes slightly and now finally saw what she had been licking and tasting all this while. Sharifah’s small opening had Fara’s saliva all over it and the beads of Sharifah’s ass juices were over Fara’s cheeks. Fara licked her lips and swallowed Sharifah’s ass juices, her thirst quenched.

Sharifah was on her palms and knees on her bed, getting her ass hole licked and sucked by her malay friend, Fara. Her back arched, she was enjoying the feeling of Fara’s tongue in her anus. She put her head down and saw through her breasts, jiggling in the rhythm of Fara’s tongue going in and out of her back hole. She looked past her boobs and saw that Fara was sitting down, her buttocks on the bed, Fara’s legs spread out and at each side of Sharifah. Fara’s hands were on Sharifah’s back and from her angle, Sharifah could see Fara hairy canlı casino siteleri pussy in the middle. Fara had already gotten out of her panties and was starting to move one hand towards her crotch and started fingering herself while at the same time, licking Sharifah’s ass.

“OOoohhh Faraaa.. I see what you’re doing babyyee… why don’t you bring that over to me so I can do the same for you..” Sharifah suggested.

Fara was waiting for this since the first time she met Sharifah 4 years ago. Fara couldn’t wait to get her pussy eaten by Sharifah, Fara had fantasized of only tasting Sharifah but now Sharifah herself wanted to taste her. Fara was excited at the prospect of having her cunt eaten by her long time malay classmate, Sharifah and quickly but smoothly slid her legs underneath Sharifah’s hot, heaving body until Fara was lying on her back on the bed while Sharifah was still on all fours above Fara.

“Oh Sharifahhh.. I’ve never been in this 69 position before..” Fara admitted.

“Uhuumm… I saw it in the video just now Faraaa.. So that’s what this is called.. I can see you great from here, Fara..” Sharifah said.

At the bottom, Fara lips never left Sharifah’s fair skinned butt and Fara was now waiting for the feeling of Sharifah’s moist long tongue on her own pussy. Sharifah was apprehensive at first; she had never done this before, and never even felt the taste of someone’s pussy. Sharifah was wondering what to expect, but she had gotten so hot and horny that she felt like jamming her whole face into Fara’s pussy.

Sharifah spread Fara’s legs apart and looked down towards Fara’s crotch area. Fara had more hair down there than she had and Sharifah could smell the aroma of Fara’s cunt from where she was. Immediately, Sharifah took a deep breath and lunged her face straight to Fara’s pussy, her tongue out and licking Fara’s pubic hair to make Fara’s area wetter with Sharifah’s own saliva.

Fara felt Sharifah’s sharp tongue jabbing into her wet hairy pussy, “Hmmm.. Sharifahhh.. slowly baby..”

“Uuuurrggmmm.. aahhhhhh..” was all Sharifah could muster while taking in the awesome taste and smell of Fara’s cunt.

Sharifah started to lick her lips and began to move to the inside of Fara’s thighs, tasting Fara’s tanned and muscular quadriceps. Sharifah came up for air and inhaled deeply and could smell the aftertaste of Fara’s hot malay juices on her face.

“Aarrrggghhh Sharifahhhh… don’t stop honey….! It feels so good you licking my pussy..” Fara pleaded.

The two slim malay girls on the bed were in the 69 position for the first time in their lives. Sharifah’s parents’ in their bedroom, sleeping. That turned Fara on even more, to think that someone could walk in to the room to see the two of them enjoying each other’s pinkish, sweaty bodies.

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