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I would have loved to have you in my bedroom, the bed made up and prepared for you, covered in blankets, towels neatly stacked on the side. I would have loved to see you as nervous as you were in my car after the breakfast where we met up. I would love to have undressed you slowly, unbuttoning your blouse while deeply looking into your eyes, allowing my eyes to steal glimpses of your flesh as I was exposing you slowly to my view.

Sliding the blouse over your shoulders and feel the faint air movement as it fell to the floor, wrapping my arms around you and pulling you closer, kissing you passionately while I undid your bra and let it too, fall to the floor. Move back slightly and look down, my fingers greedily undoing your jeans and sliding my fingers down the back of your loose jeans, pushing them down and using the opportunity to fondle your ass, feeling the material of the black lacy g-string running over the top of your ass cheeks and then feeling the flesh of your warm ass in my hands.

I move down onto my knees and help you out of your jeans and then pull down the black semi see through thong, revealing your smooth flesh, hidden below, my face so close to your smooth flesh, smelling that slightest hint of your excitement starting to fill my senses.

Reaching out with my tongue I gently run it over the tip of your swollen lips covering your clit, hearing you gasp ever so slightly at the gentlest of touches before standing up again. Your face looks disappointed as you see me rise in front of you…

I can see your nervousness standing naked in front of me, we had spoken about this so much, but talking and doing is different… and we both know it. My hands are trembling ever so slightly and you can see the nervousness in my eyes too. I catch your eyes linger on my crotch, my hard cock straining against the material of my jeans.

I take off my t-shirt and feel your hands instinctively dart out and feverishly undo my belt and jeans button and zip. I feel your hands tugged my jeans and underwear down my legs, watching your naked form drop to your knees as your hands help me out of my remaining clothes while your mouth wraps around my swollen throbbing cock.

I gasp at the feeling of your warm mouth on my cock, my fingers running through your hair as you taste the first hints of my excitement on your tongue as you take me into your mouth and I can hear your soft moan as you do so, knowing you are driving me crazy. You let me pop out of your mouth after a minute or so, you look up at me with a innocent smile while your fingers glide gently over my balls.

I pull you to your feet and kiss you deeply before asking you to lay down on the bed, face down. You do as I ask but you can feel my eyes are on your body, taking in the sight of you from head to toe, you know I am engraving this sight into my mind forever.

I tell you to close your eyes and you do, but do it reluctantly, playfully objecting. You feel my oil soaked hands touch your feet, a soft gasp escaping from your lips as you feel my hands touch you at first, slowly spreading oil all over you as I gently massage my way from your feet, up your legs.

I feel you relax as I massage your calves but tense a little as I get to your thighs, my hands constantly adding more oil, slowly running it up your inner thighs, I can feel how you ever so gently spread your legs, giving me more access. I hear you moaning softly into the pillow as I build your excitement.

By the time my hands get to the bottom of your ass your most intimate parts are exposed, your pussy lips are slightly spread, I can see the glistening of them even though I have not touched them yet, even though there is no oil on them yet. I massage slowly from the outside of your ass cheeks towards the inside, slow arching motions, sweeping down to your inner thighs, moving ever closer to where I can sense you want my hands to explore.

I eventually slide my hands between your thighs and let them run up, stroking over your now very wet and kocaeli escort swollen pussy lips and over up, over your asshole, letting my fingers gently massage both your exposed orifices, especially your little asshole, teasing the sensitive area and feel you tense ever so slightly and moan in pleasure into the pillow as I gently slide a finger inside of you.

I move up further and massage your entire back, make you relax, slow your breathing and let you come down from the teasing I had just done, letting you forget about all your nervousness.

I massage all the way to your neck and down your arms before asking you to turn over. I notice you see me staring at your breasts as you do, your eyes on mine as I stare intently at your nipples, already hard from the gentle teasing of earlier, get even harder as the cooler air of the room make them react after being pressed against the warmth of the bed against your skin.

As much as my eyes are on you, I can feel your eyes on me, especially now on my cock, still thick, hard and throbbing, a clear trail of pre-cum dangling from the tip. I know your hand wants to reach out and take me into it, but you also know I will stop you… I am far from done and you know that for now you were in my hands.

I take my hands and add more oil to them and slowly start massaging your breasts, working my way painfully slowly from the outer edge of them, in a circular motion, moving closer and closer to your ever hardening nipples. By the time my hands touch them, you are aching for them to be touched as gently as I have been touching the rest of your body and you know I would not disappoint as you feel me touching them, pinching them softly, even letting them slide into my mouth as I suck on them.

All this time you are looking at me, watching me, and in part, feeling embarrassed, I know you would want your breasts to be bigger, but you also know I would not want them any other way! After a while, of thoroughly exploring your breasts I let my hands slide down your stomach, tracing gently over every scar, bump and inch of your flesh while watching you ever so intensely. Watching your every movement, listening to your every moan and gasp, learning and taking in all that is you!

I run my hands over your hip bones and down your legs, all the way to your feet before working my way back up your legs, this time focusing on the inside of your legs, my gaze still as intense as ever.

I slowly push your legs apart before taking a towel and asking you to lift your hips, slide the towel under your ass and let you settle down and relax while guiding your legs up, bringing your feet a bit closer to your ass so your knees are bent and your legs are parted.

I look into your eyes, see your reaction, you are completely exposed to me right now. I take the oil and slowly cover your pussy in a thick sheen of oil as my fingers gently spread your pussy lips, exposing you even more to my view and to the tips of my fingers.

Slowly I start running my fingers over the lips of your pussy, feel how your juices merge with the oil I have just covered your pussy with as I gently run the tip of my index finger over your clit, I see your body buck under the initial sensation and I smile in delight. My cock is aching, constantly reminding me of my desire for your naked body, I want almost nothing more than to be inside you but the day is long and I don’t want to rush anything.

I slowly work a finger inside your pussy, I would feel you clamp down on me but not resist my intruding finger as my other hand continues playing with your clit, now starting to escape it’s little hood and getting more and more swollen.

I slide in a second and a third finger, slowly finger fucking you while my other hand continues its relentless gentle assault on your clit. I see you moaning, gasping for air, hearing your plea for me to stop and not stop, your hips riding up and down to match my fingers sliding ever easier into your wet pussy.

I watch your fingers clench the kocaeli escort bayan blankets, your body starting to spasm and feel your hand grabbing my hand whose fingers are inside of you and pull it out as you say you can’t anymore, you beg me to please stop and then I do something you are not expecting! I take my other hand and start spanking your pussy, not too hard but hard enough to drive you over the edge, the sting of the spanking on your clit driving you crazy. I watch in delight as you coat my spanking hand in your juices as you squirt for me.

I watch you rolling on the bed, your hands not knowing what to do with themselves and hear your screams as your orgasm rocks you, not to mention you calling me a “little shit” between gritted teeth.

I let you calm down and my still hand covering your pussy, smelling your excitement strong in the air, my other hand on your stomach, all the time gently pressing down to intensify the orgasm you just had.

When you calm down I smile at you and take some more oil and gently rub it all over your pussy, your lips are so swollen. I slowly spread them to re-insert 3 fingers inside of you before slowly starting to finger fuck you again, this time without the stimulation to your clit.

I let you get use to the gentle, slow, rhythmical finger fucking sensation while slowly stretching you without you even noticing until I can slide in a fourth finger, continuing to slowly finger fuck you. When I feel how you clamp down on me as you get close to another orgasm I stop moving and let you ride through the build up and then start again until I feel you were loose enough to slowly slide my thumb inside you as well, gently pushing in all my fingers inside of you, slowly work my whole hand inside of you.

Your eyes are closed, enjoying the feeling and not really noticing what I am doing as I am doing it so slowly, I gently ask you to open your eyes. I look deep into your eyes and tell you I am fisting you, watching your surprise as you look down and see my wrist sticking out of your pussy. You almost immediately contract on my hand and as you do I continue to slowly move and let you cum all over my hand inside of you until you calm down again.

I slowly and gently slide my hand out of your pussy and bring my fingers to your mouth, allowing you to taste yourself on my entire hand. Your eyes are huge in disbelief that you just had this very fist inside of you.

I get up and walk to the bathroom to switch on the shower. As I do I see the disappointment in your eyes, you are looking intently at my cock which is even more swollen and dripping pre-cum beyond what even I have ever experienced. I return and come and help you up, give you something to drink and help you into the shower and slowly and thoroughly clean all of the oil off of your skin, letting the hot water run all over you as I use the luffa to clean you up from our play time.

This is the time I know I would lose control, and I am not wrong as you start to take matters into your own hands to return the favour. You start scrubbing me clean, you slowly drop to your knees, kissing over my chest before taking me into your mouth and suck on my aching cock, your mouth not letting go at all, sucking my cock to make me explode in your mouth, to savour my taste but what else you do I am not expecting.

As you feel my balls starting to clench I feel your finger press against my asshole, and without any resistance you push inside of me, giving me a feeling I have never experienced before. I moan loudly and explode in your mouth, you suck and take every drop from my cock as you massage my prostate and you don’t stop, you suck on me and keep me as hard as I have been all this time.

I lift you up to your feet and while switching off the shower, pick you up and carry your naked, wet body back to the bed and place you on it. You can see an animalistic look in my eyes as I flip you around and kneeling behind you, I slide my hard aching cock into your wet pussy without any consideration izmit escort for anything but my own pleasure.

I can hear you moaning, screaming my name and thrusting back to meet my every thrust as I pound in and out of you, my hands firmly on your hips, your ass slapping hard against my pelvis, your ass cheeks starting to get red from the constant hard pounding, my balls slapping loudly against your clit as I feel you clamp down on me forcefully, feeling the warmth of you squirting against my balls as you burry your face into the pillow and scream as you cum all over my cock but I don’t stop pounding you, you shake, your body is convulsing and I keep on pounding you until you collapse on the bed, forcing my cock to slip out of you.

You surprise me again, reaching back with the oil you tell me out of breath to take your ass. I am lost in the passion, I can’t think of anything but having you, so without saying a word I slowly take oil soaked fingers and gently work it into your ass, and when your ass easily takes three of my fingers I pull out and coat my cock with the oil.

It is glistening with a combination of your juices and the oil as I slowly slide it inside of your ass, you feel so tight but so wonderful and I slowly start stroking in and out of you, moving faster and faster until we are both reveling in pleasure as we both cum together.

I pull out of you and roll over onto the bed. You look at me with a naughty smile after a few minutes and get up and go back to the bathroom. You come back with a face cloth and start cleaning me up, not saying a word and being very thorough. You then toss the wash cloth onto the floor and take my now limp cock into your mouth and start sucking me hard once more. While doing this you take the oil and slowly start working it over my asshole, taking your time before popping a finger inside of me again.

I regain some of my senses and try to stop you but you let my cock slide out of your mouth and laugh, simply saying I had my turn, now it is yours. Your exploring finger gets joined by a second and then later by a third. You are still sucking on me and once again I am as hard as ever, the sensation of your fingers in my ass and my cock in your mouth feels heavenly, even if a small voice in the back of my head says this is not supposed to feel so good and this is wrong…

You slide your fingers out of my ass as you let my cock pop out of your mouth and stand up and walk over to your handbag. You open it up and pull out a strap on dildo with two shafts, on either side of the straps; you step into it and slide the one side into your pussy, I can hear you moan in pleasure as you do.

My eyes must be huge when you turn to look at me but you start to smile warmly and it starts to melt any concerns I have. I don’t know how to react, part of me says I should not do this, but the other part is curious and I want to try it. My thoughts do not have time to finalise when I feel you push my legs back and apart and before I can say a word your fake cock is sliding inside of me. The feeling is incredible, and I immediately moan in pleasure.

I am shocked at my own reaction to the feelings I am experiencing as I feel your hand wrap around my hard cock. You start a slow rhythmical fuck of my ass while you stroke my cock with your hand.

It is not long before you bring me to the edge of what I can only describe as an orgasm beyond all orgasms and you do to me what I did to you, you stop and let me get over the peak of my pleasure before starting again, doing this again and again until I don’t know where my pleasure starts or ends. You finally let me explode in your hand, my streams of cum seem to be endless and I see you close your eyes and grip my cock even harder as you give the final few thrusts, your own orgasm hitting you as intensely as mine just has.

When you stop convulsing you slowly pull your cock out of my ass and pick up the face cloth off the floor and clean up both of us. I am unable to move, I am lost in the moment. You laugh and ask if I enjoyed it, I simply grunt and nod before you lay next to me and we fall asleep… I would have loved to play with you, I would have loved to explore you, I would have loved to have been yours!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32