Fantasy Island

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The waves lapped incessantly against the soft sandy beach. Ann gazed out to the horizon, like she did yesterday, the day before that and every day that she had been marooned on the island. She squinted to protect her eyes from the glare of the sun light off the water. But no matter how she scanned the horizon, there was no sign of a ship, a plane or rescue of any kind.

Ann sighed and scuffed her feet against the soft, warm sand. She had been here for three weeks but it seemed like three years. Fear was soon replaced by loneliness and a sense of isolation. Would she ever be rescued? Would she ever see other people again?

She went back to the hut that she had made to protect her from the noonday sun. It was made from palm fronds, and in other circumstances would have been impossibly romantic. But here, with no one else to enjoy her island paradise, Ann felt like a prisoner in her own private hell.

She lay on the hammock that she had rigged between two palm trees, and dozed gently in the gentle tropical breeze. The waves sounded softly in the distance, as she cast her mind back to when she was with other people, and gradual she dozed into the realms where sleep and reality are exchanged.

She remembered men, Men with their strange ways, the strange attraction that she had for them, and she remembered the times she had given herself to them and felt the full pleasure of a man’s body. As she dozed, Ann gently slid her hand down her body and slid her fingers onto her pussy.

She remembered her first fumblings and the thrill of ecstasy and as she remembered, she weaved little circles with her fingers, teasing her own pussy and sliding her finger casually over her clitoris

The sun gently kissed her bronzed skin and the wind rocked her gently as she played with herself, and slowly drifted in and out of sleep, her hand working methodically to build her pleasure up to a plateau of excitement,

Her breaths got quicker now, as he became more excited and her heart raced as she stroked herself more urgently now. Faster and faster her fingers worked, until eventually


She dozed in the sun, while the tropical jungle seemed to holds its breath as she drifted off into a deep sleep of ecstasy.

It was cooler when she awoke.

It seemed she had slept for hours, fuelled by love and memories. She looked round suspiciously. The sun had moved across the sky and there was only an hour or two of daylight left. Ann felt that she was been watched. She couldn’t describe why; she had searched every day for sight of a human presence in hope, but now her intuition told her that she was not alone. She went down to the beach to look for tracks or a boat- there was nothing.

She casually walked along the waterline trailing her long skirt in the warm water. The innocence of the setting had been replaced by a sense of fear of imminent danger. She realised that the jungle was quiet.

Ann ran for the jungle, a headlong helter skelter panic of a run, with no destination in mind, just flight, running way from it, etimesgut escort them or whatever it was. She ran through branches and thorns, which tore at her and scratched her skin, her skirt caught on a branch and was ripped but she raced on regardless.

Suddenly she stopped

She found herself in a clearing a space which had been cleared of trees by human hand. Or hands. Because there in the circle were three men, looking as startled to see her as she was to see them. There was an instant of shock, as the two groups eyed each other as if time stood still, and then , Ann turned on her heels and headed back the way that she had came.

But she was tired, and their legs were fresh, and they caught her up in no time, and man-handled her back to their camp. They smelt of drink, they were unshaven, and they pushed her roughly. All this time she had sought human company, and now she had found it, she wanted nothing more than escape!

They bundled her into the clearing and made her sit against a large chest, then they tied her hands behind her back and knotted the rope tightly to the case. Delighted with their catch, they jabbered away in some foreign tongue. Ann couldn’t make out what they were saying, but she could guess. They laughed as they looked at her long legs showing through her torn skirt and they poked at her while they drank more beer.

Ann was frightened. She feared the worse, and she had no prospect of being saved. He faces of the men grew more ugly as they drank more and as the sun set, the shadows from the flames of the camp fire gave them a manic character as if they were monsters. Ann’s mind raced as she imagined how she might escape. Her wrists were tightly bound, and the rope bit into her skin. She knew that she could not out run them, she would have to subdue them. She decided it was best to co-operate with them and avoid provoking them.

She might be able to slip away when they were sleeping……..

Eventually the men approached her, and began to untie her bonds. It was dark now and the embers of the glowing fire gave an eerie red glow to their faces. She looked them full in the eye determined to survive the ordeal. As the first one approached her, she stared at him out of pity. He pushed her roughly backwards so she fell on the floor and he fell on top of her. She could smell his beery breath as he fumbled under blouse. He was dirty and needed to wash. His drunken fumblings made no impression, and Ann did not resist as he dragged her blouse down over her shoulders.

He grunted like a pig but it soon became clear that for all his thrusting, the drink had got to him, and he could not have sex with her. The other men taunted him, and laughed at him which made him angry. He promptly rose up and slapped Ann full across the face. She yelped with the pain, and started to cry. Her sobs were interrupted by more shouting. Her would-be assailant had leapt up and attacked his two friends, who were bent double laughing at him. Fuelled by anger and by drink, he lashed etlik escort out wildly at his friends, catching one full on the jaw. He fell in a crumpled heap, knocked spark out by the blow.

The second man was more cunning, and wrestled his attacker to the ground, where they rolled in a seething mass of writhing arms and legs, grunting and shouting and biting and poking. Ann saw her chance.

She crawled away on all fours, so as not to attract attention from the fighting men, though they were too preoccupied to pay her any attention. When she was in the shadows, she rose from her knees and ran like the wind.

At first she could hear the jungle rushing past her ears, then the sound of her breaths, panting deep lungfuls of oxygen to keep her going, then when finally she had no more energy, she could hear her own heart pounding like a drum. She turned round, expecting o see the men in pursuit, but there was silence,

The evening air was quiet and still, except for the ever present cicadas. The moon, too, conspired to hide behind a cloud so that Ann could make good her escape. She decided to head for the beach to get her bearings, then thought better of it as that would make her visible against the horizon. She followed path after path, trails she had never seen before and picked her way as far from the camp as she could go.

Suddenly, she could make out the sound of running water, and she followed the sound to find a waterfall and a silver stream running clear out of cleft in the rock. Ann drew great draughts of cold fresh water into her mouth, and drank it like the finest wine. She wiped her mouth and was overcome by the greatest fatigue of her life. How long had she run for? Minutes? Hours? She didn’t know. What she did know I that she was so tired she could hardly keep her eyes open.

With that , she found a mossy spot, lay down, and fell promptly fast asleep

The water tasted sweet on her lips

Like wine, she remembered. But this was daylight, and the water was running on her cheek!

Ann sat bolt upright to see a man bending over her. She feared the worse! Oh why had she given in to sleep?

But the man smiled at her, and made no attempt to stop her retreating. He offered her a bowl with fresh water and she reached out and took it. He was still smiling at her, and she eyed him nervously. Did he plan to assault her as well?

The man turned on his heels and gestured for Ann to follow him. She let him go on a few steps, then followed his path as he led her down beside the steam, until they came to a small water pool. He smiled at her again and jumped in, the silver water welcoming him with a splash.

Ann watched for a few moments as he played in the water, washing his hair in the clear water, and diving under the surface to impress her. Her caution gave way to curiosity. If he had wanted to assault her, he could have done it while she was asleep. So she slipped off her blouse, stepped out of her skirt and slipped into the cool, welcoming waters eve gelen escort of the pool.

The water seemed to wash away the dust of he camp and the memories of the men, and her spirits lightened, she felt her breasts bobbing in the water and blushed fully when she saw her new partner glancing at them shyly. She immersed herself under the water felt its caress and let the touch of the water absolve her of guilt.

When she broke the surface, he was there. Still smiling he was closer now. She reached around his neck and pulled him closer. She felt the surrender as his arms encircled her and clutched her close to him. And she felt the passion as his body reacted to her touch and he became stiff.

Ann led him out of the water and lay down of the grassy bank, shaded by the ferns. Slowly he lay down beside her and took some moss and gently dried her body. It was warmer now, and the sun was heating the air, but the moss dried her legs, her arms and her breasts. Gently, he followed each pat of the moss, with a soft and tender kiss, until her whole body was dry and he had kissed every part of her. She looked down at him, and saw him smile at her, as his lips slid down between her legs and his tongue parted the lips of her pussy. She felt the rough edge of his tongue glide in-between her lips and his finger slip in and out slowly between her lips. She squeezed her own nipples until they were hard, and soon his mouth enveloped each nipple in turn, softly circling each one, gently at fort then with playful bites.

Then, his mouth met hers, and they shared a long slow lingering kiss

She could feel his heart pounding, so she flipped him over and straddled his body. His cock bobbed free standing hard and proud. She caressed it like a flower, before gliding it gently into her moist pussy.

Oh! That felt good! He twitched with pleasure as she developed a slow rhythm working his cock deeper and deeper inside her. Ann fingered her own nipples, then clenched his hands to her own breasts to show him what to do. Ann arched her back with pleasure as she felt the passion rising within her. She lent backwards as far as she could so that his cock teased her clit as it slid in, felt that tingling as he thrust inside her.

In an instant he stood up and pushed her onto all fours, before kneeling behind her and sliding his throbbing cock into her moist pussy. He was rougher now, pumping away and she could feel his balls bang against her with each jolt of his cock. His breaths grew shorter and Ann felt her own excitement rising until suddenly she could not stand it any more and she felt wave after wave of joy race through here body like she had been connected to the mains electricity.

She moaned out loud and startled him, who had not yet come, so she knelt in front of him and gestured for him to stand up, before taking his cock in her lips, kissing the tip and teasing him before sliding the whole head into her mouth and sucking hard and wet on the glistening shaft.

He moaned as the hot wetness of her mouth brought him closer, until suddenly he withdrew and spurted a long arc of hot white cum into the cool green freshness of the ferns.

They collapsed together panting, breathless, hearts pounding, united in sexual ecstasy. He held her hand, still smiling at her, as she enjoyed the mellow moments wash over her.

What’s your name? She asked of her lover.


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