Fantasy in Math Class

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*NOTE: Both characters are 18*

Aiden scribbled in his notebook, pretending to write notes about the lecture. He was good at math, so he wouldn’t miss much by spacing out. His mind wandered to Kitty, the girl sitting in front of him. She was incredibly sweet–everyone was friends with her, and she offered pencils and gum whenever you asked–but fuck if he couldn’t help imagining a darker side to her: a side that threw that nice-girl persona out the window and turned her into a vicious dominatrix.

He’d invite her… No, she’d invite him over to watch Netflix. She’d fret over whether to bake cookies or cupcakes, or what kind of pizza to order. But they’d both know it wouldn’t matter. They’d get about half an hour into the movie (some boring, cheesy romance or something) and Kitty would put her hand on their knee. She’d start sighing about how boring the movie was.

“Mister Hernandez.” He blinked and looked up as the teacher interrupted his fantasy. “Could you tell me the definition of a secant line?”

“A line that touches two points on a curve,” he droned. The teacher frowned, clearly disappointed that he was actually paying attention.

“Good. Now, the secant line crosses–” Amazon prime izle Aiden went back to his daydream, doodling little flowers in the margin of his notes.

Kitty would be complaining about the movie, slowly sliding her hand up his thigh. She’d say, ‘I have an idea of something fun we could do.’ Aiden would grin and swing his arm over her shoulders. He’d lean in for a kiss and she would slap him.

‘What do you think you’re doing?’ she’d ask. ‘You don’t get to be in charge.’

He would nod and she’d start kissing him, slowly running a hand up his neck. She’d swing her legs over, straddling his lap. And then she’d be kissing him harder and biting his lip and shoving her tongue into his mouth. She’d taste like blueberry muffins, probably. She always had one on hand, so it made sense.

She’d practically tear his shirt off, running her hands up and down and all over his body. She would know exactly where to touch him. She’d pull his hair, twist his nipples, call him a slut. She’d tell him to beg.

‘Please, Kitty, I’ll do anything,’ he’d moan. ‘Anything, please. Just fuck me.’

She’d get this hungry look in her eyes and she’d make him crawl blutv izle to her bedroom. She would get a strap-on, a monstrous dildo that couldn’t possibly fit in his ass, and she’d make him get on the bed and wait. She’d take off her jeans, going agonizingly slow just to tease him. The strap would fit her like it was her natural cock.

She would lube it up, running her hand slowly up and down the entire length. Aiden would be rock-hard at this point, barely able to get his pants off fast enough. Kitty wouldn’t go slow, no, she’d slam the entire thing into his ass on the first stroke.

He would scream in pain, and she would only thrust harder. Her sharp nails would leave bright red marks on his hips and he’d be bruised from the force of her thrusting. She wouldn’t let him cum right away. She’d make him hold it as she slammed the dildo against his prostate over and over and over again until he was howling.

‘Cum for me, slut!’ she’d yell. And he would. He would cum harder than he ever had, moaning and shouting her name. He would–

“Aiden!” someone hissed. He jerked awake, not realizing he’d fallen asleep. Everyone was staring at him and the teacher looked incredibly beIN CONNECT izle annoyed.

“Thank you for paying attention in class, Mister Hernandez.”

“Sorry,” he mumbled. The teacher went back to the lecture and Aiden became aware of his raging hard-on. Kitty looked over her shoulder at him and smiled kindly.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered. “Math makes me want to fall asleep, too.”

He nervously smiled and nodded, and she turned back to the front. He took a few deep breaths, trying to get rid of the bright-red flush across his face. But his fantasy came back full-force.

Kitty would be watching his gasp and whine as she pulled the strap-on out of his ass. He’d barely have time to catch his breath before she’d flip him onto his back, sitting on his face. She’d order him to eat her out and he would eagerly obey.

He’d lick desperately at her pussy, lapping up the salty pussy juices. She’d grind against his face, suffocating him as he pleasured her. His nose would be against her clit, stimulating her as his tongue did the rest of the work.

She would cum on his face, squeezing her thighs around his head. He’d be forced to keep licking as she held them in place. And when she finally got off his face, she’d make him keep her cum until it dried onto his face. And she’d take pictures. Oh, she would humiliate him and call him a filthy cum-slut and she’d threaten to send the pictures to everyone if he didn’t obey her.

And he’d obey her.

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