Fantasy Crossroads Pt. 05

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“Are you hungry yet?” I ask Erin. We have just poured the last of our first bottle of champagne into two cheap plastic flutes and are basking in the glow from one of the most sensuous experiences of our lives.

With our husband’s support, Erin and I are enjoying the first of two nights in a cottage on Martha’s Vineyard. We had been immediately attracted to each other on Saturday night, just before our incredible shared bondage experience in a room at the Densmere Hotel.

My husband Max and I had been matched up with Erin and Craig by a computer program that belongs to an organization we joined several months ago; one that links consenting adults who have unfulfilled sexual desires.

For nearly two hours, Erin and I were constrained and fucked in a variety of ways, mostly by each other’s husband; Max doing the honors for Erin and Craig devoting his attention to me. Only for the finale, when butt plugs were employed for the first time in our lives, were we fucked senseless by our own husbands. Neither of us could obtain an accurate count of the orgasms we achieved.

I realized I was physically attracted to Erin within a few minutes of meeting her in the hotel bar before our husbands summoned us up to the room. It was the first time in my life I had been sexually attracted to another woman.

Later, after our bondage session reached its sensational conclusion, the four of us returned to the hotel bar for late night pub food. At some point, Erin managed to slip a note into my purse telling me to call her. I didn’t discover the note until the next morning.

The fact that she used a note, rather than just telling me what was on her mind, told me that our conversation needed to be private.

Circumstances ultimately dictated that I had to wait until Monday morning to call. I was highly agitated for the remainder of the weekend, uncertain about what might be on Erin’s mind. Fortunately, Max helped me relieve the stress in some very satisfactory ways.

I called her on Monday morning and we ended up in the food court of our local mall where Erin admitted to being sexually attracted to me as well. And, like me, it was a first for her.

After confessing our mutual attraction to Max and Craig, and the desire to act on that attraction, they both enthusiastically encouraged us to explore this new and unexpected facet of our sexuality. At Max’s suggestion, we decided to go somewhere private for a couple of days and chose Martha’s Vineyard for our getaway, arriving late this morning.

After a late lunch in Edgartown, and some shopping for life’s essentials, we arrived at the cabin to unpack our belongings and then take a long walk on the beach, holding hands the entire time. When we returned, we opened a bottle of champagne and snuggled close together under a comforter on the porch swing to watch the sunset. A few minutes later we shared our first passionate kiss. Before long, we left the porch in favor of the fireplace inside and were soon making out like teenagers.

That led to a shower where we spent a long time exploring each other’s body, using soap suds as an excuse, until Erin suggested that we shave each other’s legs. Both of us found that to be unexpectedly sensual. A few minutes later, Erin gave me one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced by skillfully fingering my pussy and clit. Soon after, I returned the favor just before the hot water ran out.

Laughing with glee at the sudden change in temperature, we dried each other off, donned the luxurious bathrobes supplied with the cottage, and returned to the fire with towels wrapped around our heads.

“I’m not very hungry,” she replies, “but I’m a bit tipsy so we ought to eat a little something. How about the Ramen noodles?”

“As I recall,” I counter with a grin, “you were quite dismissive of the noodles when I tossed them in our shopping cart.”

“I’ll change my mind if you’ll to do the cooking,” she answers with a grin of her own.

“I can manage that. I’m off to start the water boiling.” Boiling water is pretty near the top of my list of culinary skills. Max and I order in or eat out a lot.

“Open some wine too,” she orders. “White will do just fine.”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” I respond and Erin gets an attack of the giggles. “But if you get drunk, I’ll have my way with you later on.”

“Oh, no, Haley! Not that!” she answers and then her giggles turn into all-out laughter. I briefly join in but then quickly fall silent, suddenly struck by the knowledge that we are going to sleep in the same bed for the next two nights. And have sex, probably different kinds of sex, and hopefully lots of it.

“Is something wrong,” Erin asks, obviously noticing that I have become pensive.

“Nothing at all,” I respond with a smile. “I was just suddenly a bit overcome by the knowledge that we’re going to have sex again tonight.”

“We certainly are,” she declares with a matching smile. “And tomorrow. And tomorrow night. And maybe a quickie before we fly home on Friday.”

“How do two gaziantep escortları women have quickies?” I ask with raised eyebrows.

“I…I don’t know,” answers a now clearly puzzled Erin.

“Me neither, but we have plenty of time to think about it,” I reply, then let out a startled yelp as the tea kettle I’m using to boil the water suddenly burps a slug of hot water onto the stovetop. “Shit!”

“Need help?” asks Erin, rising to her feet.

“I’ve got this,” I tell her as I snatch the kettle away from the flame. “Make yourself useful and find some music on the stereo while I slave away here in the kitchen.”

“I’m afraid to leave you alone in there. Turn off the gas before you set your robe on fire,” she suggests as she moves over to the stereo and briefly studies its controls.

Moments later, I’ve managed to pour hot water into the waiting Styrofoam noodle cups without further incident as soft classical-sounding music begins to fill the room.

“Dinner is ready. Prepare yourself for a feast.” I announce as I put the cups of hot soup, two spoons, and a couple of paper towels to be used as napkins on the breakfast bar. “I like the music,” I add as I root around in the cupboards for wine glasses. Finding a pair, I set them beside the soup with the open bottle of chardonnay.

“Looks yummy,” Erin quips. “However did you find the time?”

“It’s a gift,” I answer with a straight face as I pour each of us a generous amount of wine.

“Dig in.”

“Hmmm,” Erin murmurs, “this is much better than I remember from college. Probably because my roommate and I were both poor back then and we had to eat stuff like this.”

“It’s more likely due to the company you are keeping now,” I offer.

“That must be it. You are good company.”

“So are you. I find it easy to forget that we’ve been in each other’s presence for less than twenty-four hours. Total.”

“Yeah, but think about what we’ve already done,” she responds with a wicked grin.

“I have been thinking about it. Lots,” I assure her, and then notice that her grin has been replaced by a more sober expression.

“What’s wrong?” I ask her.

“Well, the shower thing was sort of spontaneous. I mean, we both knew we were going to fool around a little, but nothing was planned. Suddenly I’m a little nervous.”


“Because we are going to go to bed later and I know we’re going to have sex, But I don’t have a clue about how to start,” she answers with a frown and then takes a sip of her wine.

“I think I know how to begin, so don’t worry about it. Everything will work out just fine. Let’s finish these gourmet noodles, listen to the music, enjoy the wine, and relax until bedtime.”

“So tell me what we’re going to do when we go to bed.”

“Nope. Leave everything to me,” I tell the beautiful redhead as I stare at her over the rim of my glass.


“Dibs on the bathroom,” Erin declares much later after the wine is gone. We have both removed the towels from our still-damp hair and she is combing her fingers through her thick mane. It is ten o’clock and I have butterflies in my stomach. We will be having sex soon and my emotions are bouncing back and forth between anticipation and apprehension. I told her I would take care of everything and soon I will have to deliver.

“I’ll only be a few minutes,” she continues. “Then you can have it.”

I smile up at her as she rises to her feet. She smiles back and then bends down to kiss me.

“See you in a few,” she tells me as she strokes my cheek with her fingertips and my butterflies begin to retreat.

I remain seated in front of the fire with my legs curled under my robe as I listen to Erin blow dry her hair. Then, deciding to employ one of the techniques Max uses on me, I rise from my seat and stride purposefully into the bedroom. It takes only a few seconds for me to remove a twin-bullet vibrator from my Vera Bradley bag and set it in full view on one of the bedside tables. Erin’s blow dryer is still running when I reclaim my seat on the sofa.

“All yours,” she announces moments later, getting my attention as she enters the room. Erin is stunning. Her hair has been brushed to a beautiful sheen and she is wearing a green baby doll nightgown and matching, but miniscule, lace panties. The filmy top, held together at her throat with a single delicate ribbon tied in a bow, falls just below her breasts, leaving her midriff bare.

“God, you are beautiful,” I whisper as I stand to face her and get a dazzling smile in return.

“Thank you,” she responds with a little curtsy. “Now go get ready.”

I don’t need to be told twice. Stopping in front of the dresser in our bedroom, I select my own lingerie for the evening. I choose a short gauzy black top with spaghetti straps and black lace panties that are so tiny they just barely qualify as a legitimate garment.

Moments later I have hung my robe on a hook beside Erin’s and I begin preparing myself for sex exactly as I do at home with Max. When my hair is dry and I’ve dabbed perfume in all the right places, I examine myself in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. I look good and I smell good. I am ready.

Erin has folded the bedclothes down over the foot of the bed to give us plenty of unencumbered room on the king-sized mattress. Only one small lamp illuminates the surface where we will soon be having sex. All but one of the pillows has been tossed into a corner of the room. She is lying on her side in the middle of the bed with her head on the pillow. Smiling, she points to the vibrator.

“Are you planning to use that thing on me?”

“Maybe,” I tell her with a grin as I join her on the bed.

“Now lie back and allow me to make love to you,” I continue as I gently roll her onto her back, cradle her head in the crook of my elbow, and brush my fingertips along her jawline. Erin lets out a sigh of contentment and looks me in the eye.

“Kiss me,” she murmurs.

Our lips meet, our tongues entwine, and my heart begins to race with excitement. I slip my other arm around her waist and pull her into a tight embrace. As our kiss deepens, I can feel her heart beating rapidly against my own and her breathing accelerate to match mine.

Eventually, we break away from the kiss and Erin shivers with delight as I gently trace the outline of her breasts. Her eyelids flutter open and I look deeply into her eyes while I slowly release the little bow that holds her top together, pulling the delicate material aside to reveal perfect pink-tipped breasts.

As I cup a firm breast in the palm of my hand and bend down to draw its prominent nipple into my mouth, she lets out a small sound of pleasure. Encouraged by her response, I grasp her more firmly and use my lips and tongue with greater purpose.

“Oh God,” she breathes and gently pulls my face closer. “Oh, Lord.”

I continue what I’m doing for a few moments but then abandon her breast in favor of another lengthy kiss while I use my free hand to explore the rest of her body, lightly stroking her ribcage and then her stomach.

Erin knows where my hand will eventually end up so she opens her legs suggestively, trying to send me a silent message. I understand what she wants but ignore her and continue to run my fingers lightly up and down her torso. She begins to squirm a little and opens her legs wider. Finally, I relent and slip my hand just inside the waistband of her panties.

“Oh…oh yes,” she whispers into the side of my neck as she slides one hand up inside the top of my nightgown to take possession of one of my breasts. As she brushes a thumb across its nipple, it is my turn to vocalize the pleasurable sensations.

“Ohhhhhh God,” I moan and then ease my hand further down into Erin’s panties to brush my fingers through the silky hair between her thighs. Instinctively, she rocks her hips upward to encourage firmer contact and then draws her knees back slightly to give me better access.

I do not respond to her gesture so she releases my breast, places her hand on top of mine, and presses my fingers hard against her pussy.

“Want more?” I whisper into her ear.

“Oh, God yes!” she cries as she increases the pressure of her hand on mine and rotates her hips emphatically upward.

“Oh…oh…oh…,” she whimpers as I begin to manipulate the sensitive and heavily lubricating flesh, taking care to avoid her clitoris. Erin is now on fire and begins to rhythmically move her hips in time with the motion of my hand.

After a minute or two I stop, withdrawing my hand and rolling to my knees so I can face her.

“What?…what?…what are you doing?” she cries, desperation evident in her voice.

My answer is to grasp the waistband of her panties and begin to work them down toward her knees. Instantly she raises her hips and then her legs so I can remove the lacy garment and toss it aside. While her legs are still in the air, I grasp one ankle, duck underneath, and slide into position between her thighs.

“Open your legs wider,” I order. When she complies, I lower my face into the soft fur and run my tongue up her slit. Erin let out a series of unintelligible cries in response.

I am barely aware of the passage of time as I slowly stimulate her pussy with my lips and tongue, trying to emulate what Max has done to me hundreds, perhaps thousands, of times. I am a rookie at this but I must be doing something right because Erin is responding exactly as I had hoped. Her cries fill the room as she races up the slope toward what I believe is going to be a crushing orgasm.

She does not disappoint me. With a high-pitched wail, her body convulses several times as she goes over the top into climactic free fall. I keep massaging her clit with my tongue until I’m certain her orgasm has run its course and then pull back to lick the insides of her thighs. Eventually, her body stops trembling and finally lies at rest.

“Oh. My. God,” Erin whispers.

“Oh. My. God,” she repeats, one forearm draped across her eyes.

I move up beside her, gather her into my arms, and hold her close for a little while. Just when I think she has drifted off into sleep, she begins to stir. Before I realize what is happening, she slips a hand between my thighs.

“Your panties are sopping wet,” she informs me. “Now it’s my turn,” she adds as she pushes me over onto my back and gets to her knees. Just as I had done earlier, Erin removes my panties and tosses them on the floor.

“Open your legs,” she tells me.

“More,” she urges.

Apparently satisfied with the position of my widely splayed legs, Erin claims the space in the bed that I had recently occupied and wastes little time.

“Oh fuck!” I cry as her tongue immediately finds my clit. I know I won’t last long. Already highly aroused from making her cum, I am on my way in a matter of seconds toward what I know will be a sensational orgasm. I have cum this way countless times, but there is something unexpectedly different about what Erin is doing to me. My cries fill the room as she licks and sucks all the right parts of me.

An orgasm of monumental proportions starts deep in my core and radiates outward. Pre-orgasmic tremors quickly transition into violent spasms as Erin forces my legs to remain open while she continues to rapidly tongue my clit. I arch my back and scream into the night as I go over the top and then collapse, hyperventilating, back onto the mattress.

Erin kisses the insides of my thighs while I try to get control of my breathing. Within a minute or two I am recovered enough to try sitting up.

“Don’t move!” orders Erin as she keeps my legs forced wide apart.


“Don’t talk either,” she murmurs as she once again runs her tongue up and down my slit.

“Oh…oh…oh,” I moan. “I don’t think…”

“Hush,” she tells me and then runs the tip of her tongue around my hyper-sensitive clit.

I can no longer form words, so I comply with her order, but that doesn’t stop me from beginning a series of moans, yelps, and high-pitched cries as Erin drives me quickly upward toward another thunderous orgasm. In less than a minute I am teetering on the brink.

As my body begins to tremble, Erin sucks my clit in between her lips and rapidly flicks the tip of her tongue across the magic little button. I let out a piercing shriek that reverberates off the bedroom walls. Mercifully, she disengages while my body continues to vibrate with post-orgasmic aftershocks.

In a surprise move, she slowly crawls up my body to lie on top of me, pressing me into the mattress. A moment later, her lips meet mine and I can taste our combined nectar. It is one of the most intimate sensations I’ve ever experienced.

When the kiss ends, Erin rolls off to lie by my side.

“I…I…I don’t know what to say,” I murmur.

“Me neither,” she whispers back.

We remain silent for a little longer and then something occurs to me.

“I’ve had two of the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever experienced,” I tell her.

“Good,” Erin replies with a smile.

“But you’ve only had one.”

“Yeah, but it was phenomenal.”

“I’m glad, but don’t go anywhere,” I tell her as I roll over to retrieve the dual bullet vibrator I had placed on the bedside table. When I have it in hand, I turn over and sit up in bed.

My panties, and Erin’s, were long since discarded but we are still wearing our tops. I quickly strip mine off over my head and toss it on the floor. Erin looks at me for a moment and then sits up as well. Her tiny top has been open since early in our encounter and her breasts are fully exposed but she senses what I want and removes hers. We are now both fully naked for the first time since our shower earlier in the evening.

After studying her remarkable beauty for a few moments, I turn, grasp her by the shoulders, and push her gently back down onto her back.

“Open your legs for me,” I urge, lying on my side next to her with the vibrator close at hand. When she complies, I slip one arm under her neck and then bend to press my lips against hers. When the long kiss ends, I am unable to resist sucking a perfect nipple into my mouth as I slide my free hand down between her open thighs.

Releasing her nipple, I turn my attention to her pussy, spend the next few minutes gently fingering her, and listening to her cries of pleasure as her arousal grows more intense.

When I have her where I want her, I briefly stop to retrieve the vibrator.

“Don’t stop,” she whispers.

“Shhhh,” I whisper back as I slip one of the bullets deep inside her pussy, retain the other one, and start the vibrations at low intensity using the controller that lies on the mattress near my other hand.

“Oh God,” Erin breathes in reaction to the vibrations. And then…

“Oh fuck!” she yelps as I begin to move the other bullet slowly around her pussy, parting her labia but carefully avoiding her clit.

I am an expert at using this little machine. It is my favorite type of vibrator and I’ve worn out several of them over the years. This one is almost new and the batteries are fresh. Erin is in for a treat.

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